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Does anyone find that nobody has been reviewing your stuff lately? Or ever? I'm relatively new here, so it's not like I excpect any fans, but I have about three reviews, which doesn't make me feel great. Anyone else need to promote their work? P.S. Check out my new story Greek Angels and Danish Demons, unless you don't like McFly. The title has just about zilch to do with the story.
2/2/2007 #1
Limited Edition
Well I quite much found this whole forum not to work. I reviewed several other peoples work, and I only recieved one in return on the thing I specifically asked not to get a review on (haha yes, very funny). Otherwise it always works to review others...outside this forum XD
2/3/2007 #2
Royal Bliss
[q]Well I quite much found this whole forum not to work.[/q] Hah yeah.
2/4/2007 #3
well, we tried, right? oh well. -Lefty
2/7/2007 #4
give it time, although i have to agree that it isn't working. but things don't happen over night you know.
3/6/2007 #5
The Ferrett
You do realise that people who stumble into here might have met you all before (aka Me.) so I remidied the missing bits and now go Hiiiii. ::))
3/18/2007 #6
Are most people on here not getting reviews? Perhaps the truth/depressing truth is that only "good" stories get reviewed. lol. Please don't take that for sounding as terrible toward you the writer as it sounds. I'm "underappreciated" too, and not going through a particularly nice time in my writing, right now.
11/22/2007 #7
Weird stories get reviews. It's like totally opposite. I see a lot of the more-reviewed ones beeing of a more poor quality.
1/31/2008 #8
I just started writing again yesterday, and I posted two short (<200 word) poem/songs. I seem to have a different problem than some of you - not only do I not have any reviews on them, I also have very few hits.
2/20/2008 #9
Limited Edition
...DUH 1. It's poems, nobody reviews poems. 2. Have you tried reviewing others, like, many, many others? 3. How many have you on author's alert?
2/20/2008 #10
People do read poems.
2/20/2008 #11
Limited Edition
...LOL of the day?!
2/21/2008 #12
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