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Will Sachiksy
Do you have different expectations for works of certain genres or forms? How about professional verses ameteur? I'd like to say I don't have too many differing levels of standards, but I'd being lying if I did. I don't think most romance novels rise about fluff or literary p***, and I'm rarely satisfied by the quality of classic works, and I lower my standards for works I'm reviewing based on the quality I think the writer should be capable of. Try as I might, I haven't been able to get rid of preconceived expectations for works I read. What about you?
2/15/2007 #1
Midnight In Eden
I'm an elitist snob basically. I've never found a story on here that I found worthy of reading since I hate most romance stories, have a lot of things against action/supernatural stories and rarely find any good poetry. Some of the poets here are okay but so stubborn that they won't improve. Most of the writers are wanks who think themselves fantastic when in reality they'll struggle mightily to get published. For the outside world, I read mostly the classics but still dislike a few. I read a lot of contemporary fiction and some of the shockcore stuff I find interesting (Palahniuk, Bret Easton Ellis). Overall, I have high standards for everyone. Improve or give up I think for amateurs. For professionals I either think them worthy of publishing or some editor at Random House thought their manuscript would sell and thus they're pretty s***.
3/3/2007 #2
i guess i hold some standards for the stories i read here. for one, i'd really appreciate it if a story had correct grammar and spelling (a few mistakes is fine, but when there are errors all over, it gets really annoying.) unfortunately on this site, many writers don't see the importance of spelling and grammar. of course, i keep in mind when i'm reading on fictionpress that the writers here are just amateurs (obviously... i mean, we wouldn't be writing here if we could publish, now would we?) and that, for the most part, they all want to improve. (or at least try...) basically, i'll review almost anything i read... that is, if i can get through the first chapter without thinking "this sucks." most of the stories on here, if not good, are at least entertaining. sometimes attempted romance scenes give me a good laugh and some plots keep me reading. maybe i've just got low standards... beats me. i think i hold much higher standards for myself, though. i definitely push myself to write well and to improve. strangely enough, i don't want to be published, but want to improve just so that i can write well for myself. -Lefty
3/5/2007 #3
The Ferrett
Hi lefty and other dude. ok. Other dude, the funky hat is coming off (beats gloves). You crappafed my two favourite worlds. BOOM and AWW. Love and explosions. So I ask of you, if you don't like these sections so much read one of my stories nd give me the most gripey down to the line review and I'll see what can be changed (you must understand that some things can't be changed) but I will try. Are you up for it? Oh yeah and glad you liked the Jack lefty. ::))
3/6/2007 #4
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