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Midnight In Eden
Does anyone find the "that was great. i loved it." reviews to be completely lacking? i try to give as much concrit in my reviews as possible and more often than not get responses declaring how wrong i was about the piece. um okay, i was just trying to tell you how to use punctuation. if i give a "wow fantastic!" review, i get one back (pretty much worded the same too). so then what is the point of a review anyways? i used to think we could get constructive feedback but now (cynically) i'm realising especially with poetry, people review you a few words then expect something glowing back. which isn't helping anyone be a better writer, more making it a popularity contest. anyone else?
11/2/2006 #1
Don't worry. You're not alone. I find these reviews rather flattering, but not very helpful. I mean, yes, they make me FEEL better, but I don't actually GET much better! I get a lot of these kind of reviews, and when I reply back, I always say for them to leave ANY CC at all if they have any for me! Of course, I don't get much... just the occasional, "Wow... GREAT chappie! I LOVED LOVED it! Update soon! ^_^" or something along those lines. Oh, the popularity contest thing is SOO true! I notice (more on ff than on fp) that the more reviews and praise you get, the more popular you are! But what about the talented authors who DON'T get reviews!? Hmmm? They need some love too! LOL. So, yeah... BTW, thanks for starting this topic! :)
11/3/2006 #2
Another thing, it annoys me when people leave a review at the end of a story or at the latest chapter instead of leaving one for each and pointing what could have improved in that induvidual chappie! Of course, some just don't wanna take the time to do so; but I like leaving tons of reviews! ;)
11/21/2006 . Edited 1/29/2007 #3
Will Sachiksy
Idea: If you really can't think of anything that the writer needs to improve on (a rarity, but it has happened), tell the writer what he/she did right.
1/22/2007 #4
I feed on flattery, so short reviews are good for me. If it's positive, at least I know I did 'something' right--however, short negative ones (example: 'this sux'; 'will you die already'--I've seen these on other people's reviews pages) are completely useless unless you're a writer who's fueled by anger. I tend to do what William suggested, but in poetry I usually just express my first outburst of emotion unless I see something wrong.
1/24/2007 #5
Charming Dice
For a while, the five-word reviews bothered me. Now, though, I've realized that's about all I'll get here anyway, so I'm used to it. Now about this site being a popularity contest, I agree. I know for sure that it is, because I've treated as one since I first came here. I would say that's a bad thing, but life (and the book industry) is often times the same way, so its a good experience if you take the time to learn from it. Some pretty average novels have sold quite a lot over the years because of strong marketing, while better books have sometimes been ignored. If that doesn't scream popularity contest, I don't know what does. I've used this site to hone my advertising skills as much as writing skills, since I want to self-publish at least one novel in my life time (a personal goal). Not that getting reviews is the same as selling a novel, but I think similar tactics can be used to draw readers to your work, regardless. One thing I know, is that it sometimes takes more than a strong product to sell your work. So instead of complaining about what's wrong with this site and the writers here, try turning those negatives into positives. If getting good reviews seems nearly impossible to you, try getting a writing partner to critique your work. I have something of an advisor here, so I don't have to worry so much about what type of reviews I recieve from everyone else. And about giving constructive criticism, I used to do that quite a bit. Rarely does anyone ever appreciate the time I spent doing it, though, so I've pretty much quit doing it for anyone other than writers I know want my honest opinion.
2/6/2007 #6
Midnight In Eden
I've found the same thing so I know do most of my work on However I still dole out as much concrit as I can because I like knowing that I helped someone and I realise they won't do the same back because most of the time I don't have that much up that's recent and what I do have is apparently confusing.
2/6/2007 #7
A appreciate almost all forms of reviews because it means someone stopped by to read. I could complain all day about short reviews, but in honesty, if I didn't put my work up on a site, I wouldn't get any feedback anyway. Something is always better than nothing, even if you're just reminding the writer that someone out in this big bad web is reading their stuff. There are people out there who will tear your work apart, but sometimes you have to find those people (and you can--look in forums and articles or search the web). Sometimes I give hard critique, but it takes time to write those long reviews and go back and look over the parts of a story that were troubling. Unless a reviewer is just spitting out everything in their head, it will probably take them time, too. Not everyone has that kind of time to devote to every story/chapter they read--I can write fan letters to every awesome novelist I read. Most readers would rather be writing their own stuff and devoting their minds to their own works anyhow. Personally, I think you should give back what you get--and if you happen to have a little extra, give that away too.
2/7/2007 #8
Midnight In Eden
Good for you. I'm just saying that I like knowing that I helped someone with something. More often than not I get grateful replies from people thanking me profusely for pointing something out. I don't give out "hard critique" I just point out what they could improve on and that doesn't take that much longer. If you read something where you spot a little mistake or a little thing they could improve on why just say "Great work, keep writing I really enjoyed it" when you could take thirty more seconds to point out that mistake. Make sense?
2/7/2007 #9
lots of people seem to complain about this very thing-- the "great, loved it" reviews, but for some reason, these people don't seem to give them. when people ask for reviews, they often ask for "CC" but don't give it themselves. i think giving CC might get you some, though it is true that the best way to get reviews is to advertise. (giving reviews gets you reviews... though you may have to give 100 to get 10...) ...i'm reading this post over and it's barely making sense, but i'm too lazy to fix it. sorry guys. ^_^;; -Lefty
2/7/2007 #10
Midnight In Eden
Dude. I give out tons of CC but I don't get so much in return. Perhaps for every hundred reviews I give out I get three. Whenever I'm on I review a lot of the "just in" page and the specific poetry categories. There's no tried and true method to getting reviews here on FP, it's just luck of the draw sometimes.
2/7/2007 #11
Not tried and true, no,(it would be so nice if there were. . . *dreams*) but I have met a lot of my good reviewers by giving reviews. Also, forums are good places to do review exchanges. I try to review people who review me (granted, I don't always have time) and that tends to bring readers back and help other writers at the same time.
2/7/2007 #12
i totally agree. giving back reviews really gets them for you. ;) i admit, though, it is hard to do because of time... i think a hooking summary might help (though not as much as advertising.). I know when i'm sifting through the stories on the site, a hooking summary will get me into the story... and if you get me to click on the link, i'll review. also, keeping the first chapter of your story relatively short (maybe 2 - 4 pages at most) helps in reader's interest. people don't usually have time to sit read a lengthy first chapter to see if they'll enjoy the piece. at least... that's me personally and a few others from experience. -Lefty
2/8/2007 #13
Charming Dice
[q]There's no tried and true method to getting reviews here on FP, it's just luck of the draw sometimes.[/q] I actually disagree. I was going to write another long post about how to get reviews, but I decided to just make it an essay. I posted it, hoping to leave a little information behind for everyone when I leave this site. There is a bit of swearing, and a lot of sarcasm, but I think it can help you all.
2/15/2007 #14
I'll have to go check it out.
2/15/2007 #15
Yes. To be perfectly honest, I roll my eyes now when i get those. I would much rather receive a long rant of how bad my work is then a "OMG, I love it!" Not that I look for bad reviews, but I find the long stuff often helps me become a better writer. I try to leave long reviews, myself. Even my glowing reviews have "that was good but this can make it better" kind of advice in it.
2/24/2007 #16
Midnight In Eden
Totally agree. I rarely ever leave a review which doesn't have a suggestion in it. I think I've done it once in the past six months because it was pretty much faultless.
2/24/2007 #17
little smiles
I usually review everything I read, and always try and leave something more than "loved it, great job". I will pick out my favourite parts, or comment of a memory or feeling it evoked in me, so the author knows I really took the time to read it. Plus, I will always return the review favour and try to appreciate the piece of writing... not the fact that they reviewed mine (I hope that makes sense). However, although I would love to recieve it, I very rarely give out strong CC. It is simply because I don't have the confidence in my writing skills. If there is an obvious typing mistake I will point it out; otherwise, I tend to focus purely on the good points.
2/26/2007 #18
The Ferrett
I alterernate between the good (CC) the bad (that chap was gooood) and the psycho (::)) ) but then I try for more of the good. The problem is when you consiously choose well written pieces. The thing I do when I go bad is I add a question, like a guess at what I'd like to see next/
3/6/2007 #19
I try to be nice when I review, but I'm also very honest. I get annoyed when I leave an honest review and get a defensive reply about how I'm wrong, how I just didn't get it, or telling me how many other people liked it. On the receiving end, I don't mind the cookie-cutter 'I loved it!' reviews too much. I get a lot of my nitpicky critiquing done on another site, and I can't deny that I like the ego boost. I -prefer- helpful reviews, but I'm not going to say I dislike someone telling me I'm doing a good job. :P
3/10/2007 #20
Royal Bliss
[q]or telling me how many other people liked it.[/q] Those people are just annoying.
3/10/2007 #21
Midnight In Eden
[q]I get annoyed when I leave an honest review and get a defensive reply about how I'm wrong, how I just didn't get it, or telling me how many other people liked it.[/q] Those people will never ever improve and personally I normally just give up on them right then and there. They're stubborn idiots who will never hone any sort of craft and are just here for attention. To be honest, it's those (poet) kiddies with the "emotion over all" attitude that just irritate the hell out of me. Their emotion is nothing new, their work on the other hand could be.
3/11/2007 #22
Hehe. Anyone ever read Miss Snark's blog? She's a literary agent who occasioanlly has 'crapometers' where people submit their summaries, query letters, and first couple pages. That'll force anyone to build tough skin. If she doesn't like something, she'll rip it to pieces.
3/11/2007 #23
The Ferrett
What's the link. Let me be ripped to shreds - I like being ripped into.
3/11/2007 #24
Narc But she doesn't have a crapometer right now, and when she does, she only takes a percentage of the entries at random. When there isn't a crapometer going on her blog is mostly to answer questions about agents and publishing (very good resource for that). However, the archives are the crapometer are definitely worth reading.
3/11/2007 #25
Onion Ring
I hate the reviews where they tell you that they updated their fic, or respond to your review with something you write in their review. it's so rude. shows no consideration.
3/13/2007 #26
Midnight In Eden
That's why "review replies" are now very handy.
3/13/2007 #27
I don't mind people telling me that they updated their own story when they review my work. There's several people on here who I trade critiques with, so they often do that. Personally, if someone gives a helpful review, I don't mind at all if they ask me to review in return. Doesn't mean I'll read through a 90 chapter novel, but I'll at least look at the first chapter and tell them why I'm not interested in reading on.
3/13/2007 #28
i don't much mind getting a review that says "oh, and thanks for reviewing my story, by the way" as long as that's not the whole review. if it is, it's just annoying, but if it comes after something that indicates that they actually read my story... well, that's fine to me. (cuz then i got someone to read it... ^_^;;) -Lefty
3/13/2007 #29
Sigh. Reviews are...well at least it meant someone has read it. To me, I feel that I'd be happy that someone has read it in the first place, not to mention reviews. I mean if you have a lot of reviews on you then sure you can say that, but not if you don't. It's like when you start having a lot of money, then you might not be picky about the last cent, but when you don't - every bit counts. Oh doesn't want great constructive reviews, but like I said, a review is a review, and someone took the heart to write it to you, even if it was the mere 10 seconds.
7/26/2007 #30
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