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I felt the need to create this topic in the hopes that people who need it will come here and find help. Anyway, if you have or have had writer's block, you may come here and talk about your experiences with this awful disease OR even ask for help! So, talk away people! Share your knowledge about writer's block with others and spread the good word about how it can be cured! LOL. Note: I don't have writer's block at the moment. Just more like I don't WANT to write right now. :)
11/3/2006 #1
Midnight In Eden
go to wikipedia, take whatever the topic of the day is and force yourself to write about it, even if you think it's s***. then read back over it and edit through until you have something you like. normally works for me.
11/4/2006 #2
Hmmm... sometimes, I just go to the computer and start typing all of my thoughts down. Every single detail and every little thing that is on my mind at the moment. Helps gets the emotions out of me when I feel really angry, sad, happy, etc.
11/4/2006 #3
Does anyone else have any other solutions to writers' block? ...I'm kinda having one now, except I consider it more of a writer's vacation! LOL...
11/21/2006 #4
Okay. That's it. I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! I NEED to write something! ...but I can't think of anything! Does anyone have any ideas on how to get past this stupid writer's block?
12/27/2006 #5
haha, the wikipedia thing sounds like fun. XD really, though, wikipedia is an awesome place to just mosey around. usually i write about things i'm interested in... or anything that just pops into my mind. (problem with that is... sometimes i'm writing three or four stories at a time.) sometimes i'll base a story off of one i've just encountered or a book i just read. if you're really having trouble, go here: basically i just googled "creative writing prompts" XD these look good; some are bound to help. hope this helps. -Lefty
12/29/2006 #6
Anyone want to participate in some writing competitions, go to my forums: They are called The Butcher Shop so find it. Tell anyone you think is interested in writing to come
2/23/2007 #7

If you have writer's block (that is, when you get it), then find GOOD writing prompts. The Writer's Digest website has some pretty good prompts. At least they work for me.

1/1/2009 #8
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