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OK. So this topic is just so you can talk away about ANYTHING at all. You can talk to me, your fellow members/authors, yourself, etc. Just come here and spill your emotions. If you ever need someone to chat to, or a should to cry on, I'll be here! Advice can be given and taken. BTW, just so you know, I'll come here and post things when I feel realy angry, sad, happy, whatever... so, if you don't understand a word that I type, don't worry. You don't need to. :)
11/5/2006 #1
OMG! I swear I totally LOVE Zac Efron! He is SOO HOTT! I just need to get that out, so... ahem... you didn't hear anything.
11/8/2006 #2
loves him
Ahhhh!!! I know he is! =]
11/10/2006 #3
Do you like him, too, "loves him"?
11/12/2006 #4
...because if you do, then I'm with ya all the way baby! ZAC EFRON IS TOTALLY HOTT!!!! So, if anyone here hates him or thinks he's ugly or anything like that, then stay away! (hisses)
11/12/2006 #5
loves him
My friend convinced me to watch High School Musical and the whole time I was thinking 'god, this is gonna be so frikkin gay, i bet you'. But, it turned out to be a really great movie to watch and here I am now, falling in love with yet another hottie. I just can't help it. =]
11/12/2006 #6
Yeah, way back in January when HSM first came out, my friends watched it and instantly became obsessed. I didn't bother watching it because I thought it was just going to be another wannabe movie from the Disney Channel. Then, they showed it again in November, so I decided, "What the hec. Might as well see it." After watching it, I fell in love with the darn movie and I totally am crushing Zac now! ...which is pretty sad, but that's what happens when you watch certain movies with really HOTT guys! :)
11/12/2006 #7
I also LOVE Vanessa Hudgens and her music now!!! She's totally awesome! ...PLUS, she's Fillipino, like ME!!! yay! ...but I live in the United States, not the Philippines, and I don't even HAVE a Fillipino accent. What sucks is that some people think I'm CHINESE! ...which I am NOT! But anyway, I'm jsut going through my little ginormous HSM phase here, which will wear off in a couple weeks. Ya know, they're releasing HSM2 next summer! AND Hairspray, which Zac is in!
11/12/2006 #8
loves him
you're from the Philippines? How cool. =] I watched it last year around April I think. The reason that I was convinced to watch it was cuz my friend who's in choir, was singing the song "Breaking Free" and I fell in love with it. She has a good voice, but still, I really liked the song. And yeah, so when I asked her what the song was and stuff, she told me that it was from HSM and that they had to practive it for their choir class. Anywho, I really like the movie now.
11/13/2006 #9
loves him
Yeah, I love her voice too. It's soft and really melodious. And plus, she's really pretty, but I never would've guessed that she's Fillipino. Hairspray? I've never heard of that.
11/13/2006 #10
Yeah, me neither! I thought she was Mexican or something... but then I found out that she's Fillipino! :) ...and I love her voice! It's AWESOME! I want to be a singer and a writer when I grow up! Maybe an actress, too! ...but that's more of a dream than anything else... You've never heard of Hairspray? Well, it originally started out as a movie DECADES ago. Then, they turned it into a musical, which was a smash hit even to this day. Then, they're re-making it into a movie again and Zac's gonna be in it!!! :)
11/13/2006 #11
(sniffles) I feel completely bummed out right now... My mom expects so much out of me and expects nothing less than all hundreds! WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?!?! ARRRGH! I hate my life at the moment... At school, I feel pretty out of place, too, 'cause I'm the smart freak that everyone thinks is a total weirdo... except for my friends and other peoples, but they don't count. :( I mean, my mom looked at my report card a few hours ago, and was all like, "Mmm-hmmm... mmm-hmmm... (pauses) What happened in science?! (looks at me with accusing eyes that just burn into me and cause me to feel scared because they have an eerie glow in them [ok, maybe I'm exaggerating, BUT...]) I just rolled my eyes and went back to pretending that I was doing my homework. (I was really playing Kingdom Hearts 2. SHHH! Don't tell anyone... ;P) I thought, "What's the big deal? All that happened was that it went from a 97 to a 94! Gosh... the woman expects me to be perfect!"
11/13/2006 #12
YAY! Does anyone else notice that this forum is number SIX out of aabout 150 forums when it comes to how many posts there are!? Isn't that awesome!? Well, I just hope we reach number ONE someday (which will probably take forever because "The Slash Mafia" has over 3100 posts)! So, come on guys! Leave a message! Speak your mind! Type a reply! Post an opinion! Just make sure we get more posts, people! :)
11/13/2006 #13
wow, people must really like slash. O_O that's a lot of posts there. we can beat em... i'm sure people like REVIEWS more than slash!! woot!! lets post away. -Lefty
11/19/2006 #14
Yay! BTW, we're #5 now! (cheers)
11/19/2006 #15
Royal Bliss
[q]wow, people must really like slash[/q] No the slash forum sucks a** it's just 2 - 3 people roleplaying in it and making up b***.
11/19/2006 #16
Oooh... that explains it. But, stil... they're ahead of us! WE MUST BEAT THEM! (produces machine gun) GRR!
11/19/2006 #17
RPing what? slash?! o.o that's only SLIGHTLY frightening. besides, to get that many posts with only 2-3 people... they must be on like... every second. wow. well, at least we beat them... we have REAL conversations. =) -Lefty
11/19/2006 #18
Yeah! Woot for forums and real conversations! We're nowhere NEAR beating them post-wise! ...but if we're talking about real conversation-wise and staying on topic instead of having crazy rantings, then yes, we've beaten them! (holds up the We-Beat-The-Slash-Mafia-Forum Trophy) :)
11/19/2006 #19
OH S***! We're #7 now for some reason! I gotta get more replies... (scurries and gathers army of FP authors to join her forum)
11/21/2006 #20
11/21/2006 #21
hahaha, i don't want to spam or anything, though. but i'll try to post... ummm... as much as possible? -Lefty
11/21/2006 #22
Yeah, that's what I'm trying to do, too...
11/23/2006 #23
Autumn Blaze

Could someone please read and review my; Around the Bend, and/or Fallen Hearts.

Thanks N.M

2/25/2011 #24
Who Is This Girl Anyway

Hello. Is this place still open?

11/4/2011 #25
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