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So, what points of views do you like best when writing? Which is easier for you and why? Which do you hate the most when writing? Is there any advice you can give for writing in certain POVs? Well, I like writing in either first person or third person omniscient because in 1st POV, you can get into what the character is feeling, thinking, doing, etc. You get into their emotions and mind. Plus, once you get the hang of it, the character just sort of sinks into you and you BECOME the character in a way. I also like 3rd Person Omniscient because you get to know everything and what's going to happen. You get to know things that the characters don't know and unlike 1st Person, you're not as limited with what you can write.
11/12/2006 #1
Does anyone here know a story that's actually written in second person by any chance?
11/21/2006 #2
...'cause I don't think I've ever read one written in the 2nd POV before!
11/21/2006 #3
It'd be interesting to see what it'd be like...
11/21/2006 #4
Sorry, I'll stop rambling now... :)
11/21/2006 #5
Gilded Coins
I like first person and third person limited. Hmm. Actually, they are almost the same thing, aren't they? I don't really like omniscient because I like binding with one character, though I find POV shifts to be interesting. I can't really pick which of these is easier for me to write. I enjoy writing both of them almost equally. It really depends on what the story needs. If in doubt, I say go with third person. Too often I've read first-person stories that just don't work because they seem like a person speaking objectively about themselves. There isn't enough put into what the character is thinking and feeling at the moment. The character might go on talking about tragedies and fun moments with no change in tone. One, in my opinion, deadly mistake in writing first person is making believe you are the character or the character is you. Now I know characters are usually based on the author in some way or form (even JKR admit basing Harry on herself), but I see characters are other people, as my children almost, not as extensions of myself or as "wish-fulfilling" characters. In other words, the character should have eir own voice, thoughts, and feelings. If you're interested, I wrote a story in second-person POV. It's called "Balance Broken" and is under my profile. I do like writing second-person but don't do so much because I feel it may be uncomfortable to read: it doesn't seem as natural.
11/28/2006 #6
Oh, cool! Finally! Someone that has written in 2nd POV! I'll be sure to check it out and R&R it! Yeah, I understand your liking to bond with one particular character. Sometimes I feel like that, too. :)
11/29/2006 #7
second person is mostly used in those choose your own adventure stories... and in certain informal writing when you address the reader directly. (i did that in an essay once...) i think the POV depends on the story. if the thoughts of characters other than your main are essential to the story (which often happens) then i think you either have to switch POVs or use 3rd person. anyway, that's my two cents. -Lefty
11/29/2006 #8
Gilded Coins
ChuChu - Thanks ^_^ If you want to read another (and much better) attempt at writing second-person present-tense, I suggest this fan fiction (NOT by me): Even if you don't get into the Final Fantasy VII fandom, I think you'd be able to understand it. Not much backstory is needed. Imalefty - Agreed. Second-person is also used in tutorials and tutorialish writings (e.g., "How to be a Writer" by Lorie Moore). I personally like POV switches rather than third person omniscient though I could be biased. The Bartimaeus Trilogy (fantasy, I highly recommend them) is written from three different points of view. Two are in third person limited and one in first person. The books switch between these POVs every few chapters. Each character is on a different side, so to speak, and has very different views. Character A's actions will be justified in chapters concerning Character A, while in chapters concerning Character B, Character A could just seem like a j***. From Bartimaeus' POV, a convo between himself and Nathaniel: [q]"But we haven't time...." [Nathaniel] I spoke gently to quieten him. "Just watch and listen." I didn't show it, but I was worried myself now. The boy was right: we really had no time.[/q] The same scene from Nathaniel's POV: [q]"But we haven't time—" Nathaniel began. "Just shut up and listen!" The fly [Bartimaeus] was buzzing frantically around their prison. It sounded decidedly panicked.[/q]
11/29/2006 . Edited 11/29/2006 #9
My story has many POVs lol, literally. Its told by different people.
12/4/2006 #10
In reply to Arimaspray's post at the end, that was hysterical! LMAO... XD! Okay, maybe it wasn't that funny, but still...
12/8/2006 #11
Hmm...I like 3rd person omniscient the best for my writing, simply because my story doesn't focus over just one main character. I can understand the 1st person and 3rd person limited POV though.
1/23/2007 #12
I like first person and third person (both omniscient and limited--I often switch between focuses of different characters, like one chapter is focused on one character and another chapter is focused on another character). I go through phases when I'm more in the mood to write in one POV than another. Right now I'm in a third-person phase, which is the one that comes more easily to me usually.
2/16/2007 #13
Jordan A. Masters
I usually work in 1st or Limited 3rd. Omniscient 3rd makes me insane - some of my earlier stories were written that way and I found that trying to get into everyone's head, knowing every single action and thought, made the story kind of...boring. You already knew what was going to happen, so it wasn't as much of a surprise when you got to the climax. I've also found that no matter what POV I work in, it's best not to choose more than 2-3 people to play narrator/focus on. If more than 3 people are all trying to assert their emotions and thoughts in the same story, it tends to get extremely confusing, so if you're going to, you may as well include a Cast of Characters sheet at the beginning of the story - just for people to keep track of who's who. I usually work in (what I call) Past-Tense Limited 3rd, just because it's the easiest. Recently, I've started using Present-Tense 1st and Past-Tense the same story. My series uses both for the first two's kind of startling at first, when I switch tenses, but once you get used to it, it isn't so bad.
8/24/2007 #14
I have written in second person, but only once, and the story was literally (look a pun, lol) meant to be read by a FictionPress reviewer or writer. The other situation in which second person has success is, I think, in Matthew Stover's novelization of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, if anyone happens to have read that. He begins beautiful sections with "This is how it feels to be [character] right now." It depends on teh character I'm writing about, what POV I use. I'm thinking about it, but I guess that's all I can say about that. It's not like I write in first person if the character is the same gender as me, or if they really are "me". I just...they tell me which way they see the world. I'm having some trouble with POV lately, having to decide which to use on a story that's not posted yet (It's called "Across Favor's End", if it ever does happen to be posted).
11/22/2007 #15
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