What connection do you have to the water, the trees, or the wind? Are you attached to the earth, or the sky? We understand. And you may have the makings of something great.
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Feel the rush of the dancing flames, and smile to the raging smoke. It is your comfort. Your happiness...

4/13/2008 #1
Ventus Shadows

It is your soul and your spirit. Let the raging flames be your comfort, for it means life...

5/22/2008 #2

It moves, changes, and you take pride in that. Only one thing can destroy it, and it is your ally...

6/9/2008 #3
Ventus Shadows

It warms you and calms you.

6/9/2008 #4

The flame flickers; hisses; lights the way through unseen troubles.

7/30/2008 #5
Dr Chili Pepper

It builds a raging power both inside and outside you.

8/9/2008 #6

Drawn you are to it's warm embrace.

1/19/2009 #7
Aloysius Knight

Until it engulf you, then slowly, slowly kills you. Something so free, so hot, so full of life, cannot be controled by the likes of me.

8/11/2009 #8

Yet that is really what makes it so great. Soul of fire; free-spirited child. Dance now! Dance to the rhythm within!

10/26/2009 #9

as its beauty is vast as its destructive nature, we re-think the beauty of the dancing light of beauty that takes the lives of the innocent

12/11/2009 #10

Fire is playful as it is wrathfull. It can gently tease and flicker calmly and relaxed... Or burn bright and fierce, with a vengence that gives and shows anger with no voice or gestures, only the racing, speeding dance of spreading flames...

3/14/2010 #11
Yuki Kuran

Oh child, be happy! For fire is a child's soul. Full of excitement and adventure. Energy flows all around it. It is innocent, but not incapable of damage. Look! As it's temper gets hotter so it destroys. You cannot put it out, it must settle down. Be gentle with it and keep it close, it will not burn you if you are unafraid.

8/20/2010 #12
Aloysius Knight

Fire, fire, you can burn so bright.

Please light my way through this cold Winter's night.

Fire, fire I see your light,

But still you manage to stir up fright.

I don't know if either of us will last through this night.

Here I sit, there you burn, it feels right,

but still I yearn,

for something bigger, something brighter,

Something like a real big fire.

But all you are is a shrinking flame,

you can burn no higher.

Nor any brighter.

8/24/2010 #13
Yuki Kuran

Behold, feed the fire and it will grow. To extreme heights and great heats. We come to it from all over, a beacon in the night. Around it we feel comfort, we sing and dance and play, but don't forget its malice, and to not let it stray.

8/24/2010 #14

Bright tongues dancing on rough brown wood. Stare into it, be entranced. It can warm, but if you get too close it will burn. Fire teaches us, if you can just tilt your head a bit.

8/16/2012 #15
Lucy Sterling

Ice is cold, and Fire is warm. Ice is you're rival and Fire is your ally. Fore ranging wars between two of them for years...

1/19/2013 #16

You feel as if the fire inside you burns like the ice one your hands.

Embraced in both warmth and cold, you cannot tell the difference.

Fire and ice, they both burn with intensity.

The fire freezes, the ice melts, then boils.

Fire becomes ice and ice becomes fire.

8/25/2014 #17

Wonderfully said. I live down south where the sun burns bright and strong all year round, yet i work in a freezer in a grocery store at very low temperatures. I've been acclimating to fire and ice very well. Both of their energies can become highly volatile and yet, if fostered with understanding and care, they can become immensely healing.

10/20/2014 #18
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