What connection do you have to the water, the trees, or the wind? Are you attached to the earth, or the sky? We understand. And you may have the makings of something great.
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They are warm, alive. They make you feel full. And what most people don't know: They are a dying breed of Wizard.

Leaving by the millions.

4/14/2008 . Edited 4/14/2008 #1
Ventus Shadows

They carry the wind and are attached to the earth, these are the earth itself, our links to nature, however they die easily...

5/22/2008 #2

They are the bridge between the solid earth and the vast, expansive sky.

5/31/2008 #3
Ventus Shadows

They can be felt and are filled with love.

5/31/2008 #4
Amber Laurel

They surround you and give you peace.

6/1/2008 #5
Ventus Shadows

They respect you and give you shelter.

6/1/2008 #6

They are warm and giving, singing out to all who care to listen

6/9/2008 #7

The trees are wiser than we will ever know.

7/30/2008 #8
Dr Chili Pepper

How could we reach the stars but sitting on one of their branches?

8/9/2008 #9

They put our minds to rest, our bodies to peace.

1/19/2009 #10

And they speak to us through songful winds and changing seasons, for thier hearts are on their branches. There for all to see.

7/22/2009 #11

To climb a tree is a funny game.

10/26/2009 #12

they can be a place of hiding when one is scared or they can be a place of hiding when one is playful. during the night as the wind blows through it creates a setting of nightmares but as it blows through the brightness of day it only created harmless lullabys to soothe ones soul

12/11/2009 #13

It is a safe haven, a place with careful embraces that hold you hovering above the ground with no chance of falling. It is safety. It is a home to many. It is the source of life to all.

3/14/2010 #14
Yuki Kuran

Trees are our refuge. They hold the earth's story from the dawn of time. When the wind blows, they whisper sweet stories, and when the storms come, they m*** about darkness, but all good things must come to an end, even something as beautiful as this. So we must whisper back our love, and care for the young of this race, that they might hear from the old, and tell our story to another.

8/20/2010 #15

They call, they reach, yet we push them away. Long ago we abandoned a best friend. Now some are starting to realize how much that friend needs us.

8/16/2012 #16
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