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Graveside Rose

This is where you use your created character. If you have no created character... MAKE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

People please try to refrain from talking out of the story on this topic. That is what the 'Talky Talky Place' is for.

That is all.

3/31/2008 . Edited by Bob Da Peach, 4/5/2008 #1
Graveside Rose

The ally was dark as a young girl sat, patting a black cat that sat idly by her side. The only light that reflected in was from a street light outside. The girl leant against the wall and opened a large book across her lap as she patted her cat with the free hand. Brown eyes skimmed the page as the knowledge entered the girls brain, almost like a spounge absorbing water.

4/2/2008 . Edited by Bob Da Peach, 4/7/2008 #2
Jasion Drake
Miles away, a brown haired boy with deep blue eyes looked out over the city before him. He drunk in the silence, knowing that soon he would be in the thick of the bustle and noise. Sighing, he clicked his fingers in boredom, and sparks flew drunkenly through the air. Squaring his jaw in determination, he took a step forward. Thunder roared.
4/2/2008 #3
Graveside Rose

The girl looked up.

It was dark, always dark it seemed. People walked past her, never noticing she was a person, or even that she existed.

The cat beside her let out a small meow and looked up at her, its big gold eyes asking for something more then its usual left overs for dinner.

Sad brown eyes looked down at the pet, her only friend. "I'm sorry." She apologised. "We just don't have the money." The girls eyes traveled back to the book as she tucked a stray hair behind her ear, continuing her read.

4/2/2008 . Edited by Bob Da Peach, 4/7/2008 #4
Jasion Drake
Sniffing the air an eternity away, the boy settled back on the rooftop. It had been the work of a moment to steal onto this building like a thief. Under the cover of darkness it was all too easy. Soon, he told himself. Soon he will have peace. But until then, there was work to be done. Thunder roared again and he grinned at the tempest of wind that followed. Soon.
4/2/2008 #5
Graveside Rose

The girl stood, a small smile on her face as she whispered a few words, a flash of lighting and a thunder clap made the girl smile wider. Rain began to pour down heavily, drenching her and her poor cat, who ran under the closest bin lid meowing to show its dislike.

But the brown eyed girl didn't seem to notice as she closed her book and began to spin, letting the rain soak her clothes and skin.

4/2/2008 . Edited by Bob Da Peach, 4/7/2008 #6
Bob Da Peach

Staring out at the sudden storm another grinned and slammed open her window. Startling her dog. Slowly drifting out into the night air the grin grew wider. Tonight Things would happen.

4/2/2008 . Edited 4/7/2008 #7
Graveside Rose

The cat let out a hiss of Irritation, the girl sighed and stopped spinning.

"Alright, come on." She said with a motion of her head.

The cat nodded and stepped out of the bin and ran under the girls legs. The brown eyed girl picked up the small animal and hid her in her jumper. Protecting the animal from any more water damage.

4/2/2008 . Edited by Bob Da Peach, 4/7/2008 #8
Bob Da Peach

Losing herself in the the gravitational quirks caused by the electricity in the storm the girl slowly rose into the lightning torn clouds. Smiling widely the whole time.

4/2/2008 . Edited 4/7/2008 #9
Graveside Rose

The girl placed her book in her jumper too.

She moved the wet strands of hair out of her face as she looked at the people rushing by, most of them holding newspapers above their heads. She grinned and ran out, it was almost as if no-one could see her as she zig and zagged her way through the people until she arrived at a shop titled. "Practical Magick."

The girl digged through her pockets for the key.

4/2/2008 . Edited by Bob Da Peach, 4/7/2008 #10
Bob Da Peach

Creating small holes and bends in the gravitation Field around herself Kat made sure all lightning was deflected or merely passed around her. Slowly she opened her eyes to better take in her surroundings.

She promptly decided that had been a very bad idea as she saw the ground miles below and felt all the blood rush from her head.

Losing her grip on reality she starting dropping at an alarmingly fast rate. Straight towards a large derelict building. The girl only just was able to get hold of herself and slow her decent slightly before crashing into the roof and knocking herself unconscious.

4/2/2008 . Edited 4/7/2008 #11
Graveside Rose

The brown eyed girl whipped a piece of brown hair out of her face as she unlocked the door and pushed her way in. It was dry and dark, well the dark would need fixing.

The girl flicked on the switch and the room lit up to show row after row of books, candles, jewelery, and anything else you could think of. The girl didn't even looked around, she put her keys on the counter and pulled out her cat and book, placing them beside them on the counter.

A curtain showed the way into the back, it was purple and silky. The girl brushed it to the side and walked in.

"Xanthee?" Came a quiet call.

"I'm here." She replied, walking over to the bed in the corner. "I made it rain! Did you see? I made it rain, they say weather magick is the hardest magick there is and it rained!" The girl couldn't help but grin.

The woman in the bed laughed, lighting up her old features. "Yes, well done."

Xanthee grinned harder at her mentors praise, she turned and pulled a few objects off the shelf, mixing them and grinding them together as she spoke. "I'm getting better hold of my powers, no-one noticed because I chose the right place to practice! Not like before when you had to blow that memory out of the persons mind. But I am getting better, Open."

Xanthee held the bowl up to the old woman's lips, who complied to the request and drank the entire contents of the bowl, Xanthee grinned.

"Now get some more sleep."

The old woman again complied.

Xanthee left the room, smiling at her friend and mentor.

4/2/2008 . Edited by Bob Da Peach, 4/7/2008 #12
Jasion Drake

((Sorry! I'll throw something together before bed! Ermm...))

He lay down on the roof as the rain began to drip onto the bare concrete, softly at first. He lifted his hand and held the thin veil of drops as well as he was able, watching them drizzle onwards down his arm. He sighed in contentment. Rain always cheered him up. The drops grew larger as the storm intensified. Drake lowered his hand. Drops now gathered in his hair, to drip down the back of his neck. Closing his eyes, he lost himself in the moment, a brief respite from the world around him before he was plunged back into the chaos and strife that had plagued him for so long now. He opened his eyes briefly at the precise instant the lightning flashed, and then he was still again.

The storm gathered strength.

4/3/2008 #13
Graveside Rose

The rows of books and objects were like a well known maze to the young witch, twisting and turning with hidden places that could help or trap a young mind. Xanthee looked at the books in her hands as she began to place them in their proper places.

You know shes dying right? Came a quiet voice from her feet. The girl looked down at the owner of the voice, its golden eyes bearing into her soul.

Xanthee sighed.

"I know Shanti, but if I can find the right spell, the right combination of ingredients maybe I could post pone it, maybe halt it all together."

Even as she said the words, Xanthee knew it was hopeless. The old woman was well, Old.

Her time was to an end and, no matter what she did the young witch wouldn't be able to stop death. The cat seemed to show sympathy as it sat, trying to make its master understand.

Death is not something you can change, you need to learn this. Shes dying and nothing we can do can stop it. Nothing.

Xanthee nodded and looked towards the purple curtain. "I know, I know. But.... I'll miss her you know. Shes all I've got."

The cat seemed to nod as it stood back up to nuzzle against its owners leg. Xanthee smiled at her pet as it walked away, maybe she wouldn't be alone after all.

4/3/2008 . Edited by Bob Da Peach, 4/7/2008 #14
Bob Da Peach

Kat groggily sat up, clutching her head in her hands. She had a splitting headache.

Dimly she relised she was soaked to the bone, Her leg also seemed to be bleeding badly.

"Damn!" She cursed.

Looking around the girl soon deduced she was on a warehouse roof, crawling to the edge of the building she cursed again. She did not think she could cliimb down, and that meant she had to use her power to get down. She really didn't think she should be using her powers right now, Kat was pretty damn sure she had a concussion.

Sighing she mustered her strength and concentraed really hard on teleporting to th ground and not, say, that telephone pole two streets over.

Feeling the world shift around her and feeling her feet still on the ground Kat opened her eyes again.

"FUCK!" She snapped before collapsing on the floor of a musty old shop.

4/6/2008 . Edited 4/6/2008 #15
Graveside Rose

Xanthee jumped and dropped all the books in her hand when she heard the swearing. She noticed her pet Shanti had returned and was sitting behing her. "You hear that?" The witch asked her familer, who nodded.

Xanthee poked her head out from behind the book case, after putting the books down on a random shelf of course. The girl looked around, for the source of the racket.

4/6/2008 . Edited by Bob Da Peach, 4/7/2008 #16
Bob Da Peach

Kat was still passed out on the floor

((keep the juices flowing jess im out cold))

4/6/2008 #17
Graveside Rose

There was... a girl?

"Shanti, is that a girl passed out cold by the candles?" Xanthee asked, casting a look at her pet. Shanti nodded, before walking over to the unconscious girl.

"Thought so...." Xanthee mumbled as she walked over to the girl. "Oi!" She said rather loudly. The witch bent down next to the girl and poked her neck.

4/6/2008 . Edited by Bob Da Peach, 4/7/2008 #18
Grape Icies

((Sorry to come in so abruptly.))

Viola looked around. She knew nothing but her name and her age. "Where am I...?"

4/6/2008 #19
Bob Da Peach

The world was black and all sound was muffled. kat could vagely feel a sensation in her head and arm that reminded her somewhat of pain, but could not focus on that feeling. Instead she focused on opening her eyes.

It was difficult. Nothing wanted to work.

"mmf" she moaned as something prodded her neck. This was not fun.

4/6/2008 #20
Graveside Rose

"WHOOP!" Xanthee said, jumping back when the girl groaned, knocking a few candles off the shelf.

The cat rolled its eyes, Well done smart ass. You just woke her up.

Shanti walked over and licked the girls face.

"What a very.... Cat thing to do." Shanti shot a glare at Xanthee

4/7/2008 . Edited by Bob Da Peach, 4/7/2008 #21
Bob Da Peach

Kat slowly opened her eyes and stared at the shadowy figures above her. One was quite large and slightly further away and the other was small and very close. Infact so close it seemed to be licking her face.

"GARGH!" Kat shreiked as she bolted upright, accidentally throwing the thing off.

4/7/2008 . Edited 4/7/2008 #22
Graveside Rose

Shanti snuffed the girl before walking away. Walking in between Xanthees legs to do so. The witch looked at the girl in shock.

4/7/2008 #23
Bob Da Peach

Kat stared blanky at the girl infront of her.

"Who're you" She mumbled clutching her head in her hands. Noting that she was still bleeding ((Hint Hint))

4/7/2008 . Edited 4/7/2008 #24
Graveside Rose

((I explained this to you.))

Xanthee squinted, the girl was hurt. But still. The girl had broken into her shop. "I think the question is who are you?" The witch asked, turning around and looking for a cloth.

4/7/2008 . Edited by Bob Da Peach, 4/7/2008 #25
Bob Da Peach

"I'm-" She groaned and collapsed back onto her back "Im...Kat" she muttered, eyeing the other warily.

"Where is this? Who are you?" She asked again.

4/7/2008 #26
Graveside Rose

Xanthee looked at the girl before walking over to her and picking her up.

"Xanthee, and you are in my shop." The witch explained as she took the girl called 'Kat' into the back room, past the old woman and into the young witches own room. She sat the injured girl on her bed.

4/7/2008 . Edited by Bob Da Peach, 4/7/2008 #27
Bob Da Peach

"Oh...whoops..." The girl muttered, before sighing and leaning back into the pillows "Sorry"

4/7/2008 #28
Graveside Rose

Xanthee sighed and walked out, stepping back in moments later with a bucket. She dipped the cloth into the water and patted it on the girls wounds.

4/7/2008 #29
Bob Da Peach

Kat smiled sheepishly at the other girl, "Thanks" she hissed as cold water was applied to her cuts.

"means a lot to me"

4/7/2008 #30
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