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Grape Icies

Pez said, "The council took away his title, powers, everything except his life and brains."

Viola looked at Pez, "What?"

4/11/2008 #301
Graveside Rose

"And looks obviously."

4/11/2008 #302
Grape Icies

Viola asked, "Is there anywhere he can lie down?"

Curasis groaned again.

4/11/2008 #303
Graveside Rose

"My rooom, come on." She lead them through the backl to her room.

4/11/2008 #304
Grape Icies

Pez and Viola helped Curasis to Xanthee's room.

4/11/2008 #305
Graveside Rose

Xanthee walked out and began to stack books.

4/11/2008 #306
Grape Icies

Curasis fell asleep second they laid him down.

Pez walked out with Viola, "It's so weird to see him so vulnerable..."

"I know what you mean."

"And it's my fault."

4/11/2008 #307
Graveside Rose

Xanthee listend to the conversation as she put the books away

4/11/2008 #308
Grape Icies

"Don't say that Pez. I knew what I was getting into when I first met him. It's more of my fault."

"I shouldn't have squealed on him."

"I shouldn't have let him meet me."

4/11/2008 #309
Graveside Rose

"Maybe, insted of arguing you should figure out where his magick went." Xanthee said, handing them books on objects that can obtain magical power

4/11/2008 #310
Grape Icies

Viola and Pez each took a different book and opened it.

Pez said, "I was allowed two more humans to help us."

4/11/2008 #311
Graveside Rose

"Oh that would be fun, Hope you guys have fun." Xanthee said, walking behind the counter

4/11/2008 #312
Grape Icies

Pez leaned on the counter, "You don't plan on coming?"

4/11/2008 #313
Graveside Rose

"Does it look like I plan on it?" Xanthee asked, raising a delecate eyebrow.

4/11/2008 #314
Grape Icies

"I thought I saw adventure written all over those beautiful eyes of yours. Guess things aren't what they seem to be."

4/11/2008 #315
Graveside Rose

Xanthee narrowed her eyes and lent on the counter, making her face inches from his. "I don't know these people, give me one good reason why I should help."

4/11/2008 #316
Grape Icies

"It'll get your mind off of the old woman. It'll be teh adventure of a life time," He pointed at himself. "Plus. Who doesn't want eye candy like me walking around with them?" Pez asked playfully.

4/11/2008 #317
Graveside Rose

"That old woman was the only person who was even remotly like family and I believe its you who wants a hot peice of ass like me around them." She whispered almost sedcutivly

4/11/2008 #318
Grape Icies

"Is that so?" He smirked, "Well I must say, your ass is lovely to gaze at."

4/11/2008 #319
Graveside Rose

"Thats why its always on show." She flirted before standing back and ducking behind the counter.

4/11/2008 #320
Grape Icies

He leaned over, looking down. "Where'd you go?"

4/11/2008 #321
Graveside Rose

"These are for your brother." Xanthee said, comming back upp with a few bits of jelwery. "They hold power and will help with the weakness par of it all."

4/11/2008 #322
Grape Icies

"So is the pretty witchy helping us?" Pez asked.

4/11/2008 #323
Graveside Rose

"is the popping lad going to stop bagering her?" She mimiked. "Thats the only help your getting out of me."

4/11/2008 #324
Grape Icies

"Oh you're no fun! 'Popping Lad' is disappointed."

4/11/2008 #325
Graveside Rose

"Why does 'Popping lad' want pretty Witchy to join?"

4/11/2008 #326
Grape Icies

"Because 'Popping Lad' thinks 'Pretty Witchy' is very smart. We need smart people."

4/11/2008 #327
Graveside Rose

"Well, 'Pretty Witchy' doesn't see whats in this for her. And she also wonders why should she help people she doesn't know."

4/11/2008 #328
Grape Icies

"Thrill of the adventure?" He popped onto the counter and said, "Come on! It'll be lots of fun!"

4/11/2008 #329
Graveside Rose

Xanthee sighed.

Shanti walked out and jumped onto the counter, galring at the boy

4/11/2008 #330
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