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Graveside Rose

"Yeah, yeah. Now be quiet and let me assess the damage...." Xanthee mumbled as she looked at Kats arm. "You got it good, its pretty deep."

The young witch grabbed her book and flipped through until she found the right page. "Vigoratus is incidere ex telum infractus, Vigoratus is vulnus ex vicis captus. Sinus tergum quod ventus viscus, Addo is una quod planto is mesh. Meus mos is fio, Beatus exsisto."

Xanthee looked up from the book, Her hand touched the arm gently, the blood stopped and the skin healed, only a scar was left.

((real Latin!))

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Bob Da Peach

kat stared dazedly at her arm, then at Xanthee.

"So you can do stuff too..." She muttered before promptly passing out from bloodloss.

4/7/2008 #32
Graveside Rose

((Real Latin that... well as close as I could get to real Latin... Toook forever!))

Xanthee was confused, was this girl a witch too. Like a real witch, with power and stuff? Well, the questions would be answered when the girl awoke.

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Bob Da Peach

Strange dreams filled Kats head the moment her eyes closed and her head smacked the pillow.

Dreams filled with lightning and fire, water and earth. Weaves of spirit and air. And powers behond anything the mind could ever comprehend.

There were faces that came and went, Kat could only reconise two. Herself and Xanthee. The others were strangers, but she knew she'd reconise them the moment they met.

Battles waged, and friendships were formed. And under it all came an overwhelming sense of dread, an forecoming bleakness.

Only when Kat will awake she will remember nothing of the dream. Only the feeling of dread, and a need to find something.

4/7/2008 #34
Graveside Rose

Xanthee looked at the girl strangly, wondering what strange dreams filled the girls head, But since the girl was asleep, Xanthee had a few things to do.

The witch stood up and grabbed a few items, and of course her book. Stepping out the girl looked around, what a mess. She would need to clean that, great.... More work.

Sighing Xanthee walked up to the roof. The rain had stopped and the city was cleary seen, it was breath takingly beautiful. Like little stars in every ones window. Different colours and shapes, it was just... beautiful.

Xanthee took out her candles and lay them in a circle around herself. A bowl was placed in front of her filled with water as she sat, incense on her left and a jar of dirt on her right. Looking at the candles Xanthee only thought one thing. "Fire." And they burst into life.

"Alright water. Tell me what I want to know." The witch said, looking into the water.

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Bob Da Peach

Kat bolted upright, sweating and gasping for breathe.

"What...what was that" she whispered to herself.

Waiting a few minutes to get control of herself again, Kat sighed and climbed out of the bed. Xanthee had said she was in a shop, but it didn't look like any shop she'd seen before. Actually it looked quite occult. Kat grinned.


4/7/2008 #36
Graveside Rose

Images swpet through Xanthees mind, Her shop, the old woman... Only the woman was... dead? Yes dead, Anger filled Xanthees heart.

The image changed, a funeral... The old womans. Kat stood beside her, trying to comfort her, help her. But Xanthee didn't care, she would kill the men who did this. She stormed away

She saw herself, she had grown, gained more control of her power, she also saw... Kat? Yes Kat, They were talking to... Obviously someone she hadn't met yet, and they stood somewhere she hadn't been before for those Images where not seen.

The pictures changed, crimson, Black and red. Blood, burning and fires. Villages, cities town. All going up in flames. The pictures collapsed into one, a smirking face and bright red eyes.


Xanthee knocked the bowl over, spashing herself as she did so. Breathing deeply she looked at the water. The future was known to lie right?

4/7/2008 . Edited by Bob Da Peach, 4/8/2008 #37
Bob Da Peach

Kat stared down at the large tomb before her. ((book 'tomb' not grave 'tomb' ))

It was a large book filled with occult magics, she doubted any of them really worked, but it was an interesting read nonetheless. The shop was filled with book like this, as well as other things; herbs, candles, statuetes.

Anything a magic user could hope for. 'Which' Kat thought to herself 'is what Xanthee seems to be'.

Rising from the slightly dusty chair she had cleared for herself, she continued to wander throught the shop, stopping to look at the things that happened to catch her interest, and passing by the things that didn't.

Soon she crossed paths with a small bell, it was a pale siver and completely unadorned.

Kat couldn't help but pick it up, it seemed to glow a second and Kat yelped as it burn't her hand, dropping it.

Scowling she bent to pick it up, only to come face to face with a very old woman.

4/7/2008 . Edited 4/8/2008 #38
Graveside Rose

The old woman looked down and grabbed onto Kats arm.

"Touching it will only make it burn more." She said in a raspy voice, her eyes widened and she turned the youngers hand over, running her fingers over the gilrs palm.

"You have many dangers ahead of you, many people who pretend to be your friend when their not... Danger, and blood. So much blood." She rambled.

4/7/2008 . Edited by Bob Da Peach, 4/8/2008 #39
Bob Da Peach

Kat gasped and jerked her hand away from the woman.

"Wha-what!?" She gasped "What do you mean?"

4/7/2008 #40
Graveside Rose

The womans eyes grew wider.

"Death, so much death. But love and friendship will bloom. Take it, take it!" Grabbing a cleaning cloth the old lady picked up the bell.

"Look after it. Never let it off your person." She warned, looking at the bell before her head snapped to the upstairs door.

Xanthee stepped out but didn't look down as she locked the door. The old witch went back into her room.

4/7/2008 . Edited by Bob Da Peach, 4/8/2008 #41
Bob Da Peach

Kat stared after the woman, eyes as wide as saucers.

'What was that all about'

Looking behind her to the other girl, A grin bloomed across her face.

"MORNING SUNSHINE!" She called in a singsong voice, before prancing over to Xanthee. The old woman obviously didn't want her to know she had been up, so she wasn't going to draw attention to it.

4/7/2008 #42
Graveside Rose

"Yeah... Morning." Xanthee mumbled, walking down the stairs to put her objects back. She walked past the case the bell had been in. "Wheres the bell?"

4/7/2008 . Edited by Bob Da Peach, 4/8/2008 #43
Bob Da Peach

Sighing, Kat launched into an explanation about the woman. Shame she couldn't think of a lie, she was usually quite good at creating false tales.

After finnishing her story Kat showed Xanthee the bell.

4/7/2008 #44
Graveside Rose

Xanthee broke out in laughter.

"Shes been imbobile for years. So it wasn't her, it would have been something else... Keep it close. Its very powerful. It will only chime when those that have bad intentions towards you are near. It will also grow hot when Magic is being preformed."

4/7/2008 . Edited by Bob Da Peach, 4/8/2008 #45
Bob Da Peach

Kat smiled up at the other girl. She was tired. Very tired.

"If you don't mind...I'm gonna borrow your bed" With that she stumbled back into the other room and collapsed...again.

4/7/2008 #46
Graveside Rose

Xanthee watched the girl go opened mouthed.

That was just rude.

4/7/2008 . Edited by Bob Da Peach, 4/8/2008 #47
Grape Icies

Viola looked around as she wandered the streets.

She sighed and climbed the side of a fence to get to an abandoned house. Finding an empty room she settled on one of the beds and fell asleep.

4/7/2008 . Edited by Bob Da Peach, 4/8/2008 #48
Grape Icies

The next morning Viola woke with a start. She slicked her hair back, breathing heavily as she tried to recollect the memories of the dream that had come to her. Yellow eyes. Bright yellow eyes. She had seen them. It was chilling, but she had seen them before. She was sure of it!

4/8/2008 #49
Bob Da Peach

Snuggling deep into the comforter, Kat mumbled something completely incoherent into the pillow, This seemed to wake her up. For about 3 seconds she suddenly sat bolt upright.

"Crap!" She cried. Under the circumstances of the u night she had completely forgotten to call her mum to tell her she wouldn't be home. Running out into the main section of the shop she frantically tried to find a phone. Her mobile had mysteriously disapeared, she had probably left it at her house.

4/8/2008 . Edited 4/8/2008 #50
Graveside Rose

Not looking up from her book Xanthee held out the phone

4/8/2008 #51
Grape Icies

Viola sighed and shook the memory away. She would know sooner or later... hopefully sooner. The girl stood and shook the fatigue out of her system before walking out and climbing over the fence once more.

4/8/2008 #52
Bob Da Peach

Kat scowled at the other girl.

"Stupid No-it-all" She hissed under her breathe. She really wasn't a very good morning person.

Dialling her home phone number, Kat held the receiver up to her ear.

"Hello?" Came the answer

"Hey mum It's Kat"

"Kat? Where have you been!? I've been calling around everywhere for you. Not even telling your friends where you were! I was so worried! Where are you now? I'm coming to get you!"

Kat grimaced. "No It's fine mum, I'll catch the bus. I'm just in the city, I'm at Xanthee' place. I told you about her, we're doing our english assignment for school together".

Praying her mum would buy it Kat crossed her fingers, Her mum was the only one who could ever pick through her lies.

"I don't remember you telling me that"

"I'm sure I did"

"Well anyways, be home by lunchtime. I am not happy about this."

"ok mum, bye."


Kat sighed as she hung up the phone. Resting it on the ground beside her.

Wait. Thats not the ground... Crap!

Kat was sitting on the roof, she must have wandered up there without thinking.

"Damn". That was when she noticed Xanthee's puzzled look. "Double damn"

4/8/2008 . Edited 4/8/2008 #53
Graveside Rose

"Well, You know where the door is." Xanthee said, still looking at her strangely. "Feel free to come again."

4/8/2008 . Edited by Bob Da Peach, 4/8/2008 #54
Bob Da Peach

((HEY!!! when did joo get here?))

Kat nodded once, stood up, and was suddenly standing next to Xanthee.

"A secret for a secret" She smiled before hugging the girl and running out the door.

4/8/2008 . Edited 4/8/2008 #55
Graveside Rose

"A secret for a secre... Oh gods no." Xanthee said. Sitting down and holding her heart.

"She doesn't know about me right? I mean obviously I'm a witch but a real witch? Could she be one too.... No... I've only seen her teleport and even with those skills it would take at least a few words.."

4/8/2008 . Edited by Bob Da Peach, 4/8/2008 #56
Grape Icies

Viola looked around, clutching a cheap city map she found on the ground. Boy was she lost.

4/8/2008 #57
Bob Da Peach

Kat stared at the busy streets in front of her. The traffic was terrible, there was no way in hell she'd make it home by lunch.

Atleast no way if she caught the bus like she told her mum she would.

Smiling widely Kat ducked into a small alley, teleported to the nearest roof, and started leap-frogging accross the buildings. Teleporting, running, levitating and jumping all the way back home.

4/8/2008 #58
Grape Icies

The brunette looked around, confused. "Oh God..."

4/8/2008 #59
Graveside Rose

Xanthee looked around her shop. Empty. But soon goths, goths and more goths would come in. God she was sick of the steriotype

4/8/2008 . Edited by Bob Da Peach, 4/8/2008 #60
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