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Graveside Rose

"What eyes?"

4/9/2008 #91
Grape Icies

"Th-they're yellow... Bright yellow. They're intimidating..." Viola shivered, "They follow me everywhere..."

4/9/2008 #92
Graveside Rose

Xanthee was silent

4/9/2008 #93
Grape Icies

"It's all I can remember other than my name and age," Viola told the other girl quietly.

4/9/2008 #94
Graveside Rose

Xanthee nodded. "Be glad you've obtained those few bits of infomation."

4/9/2008 #95
Grape Icies

She nodded, "Thank you..."

4/9/2008 #96
Graveside Rose

"I'm also good with computers. Age and name. Ican find out where you came from, perents... anything."

4/9/2008 #97
Grape Icies

"My name is Viola."

4/9/2008 #98
Graveside Rose

"Viola... got it." Xanthhe says, standing up and running over to the computer. "Age?"

4/9/2008 #99
Grape Icies


4/9/2008 #100
Graveside Rose

She typed the infomation into the engine. Waiting for results.

There were none.

"Wow, its almost like you never existed."

4/9/2008 #101
Grape Icies

Viola sighed.


In the shadows...

A secret figure watched Viola from a distance. His bright golden eyes gleamed against the darkness.

4/9/2008 #102
Graveside Rose

"I mean, look." Xanthee repeated her movments only to find nothing. "Its like you flashed out of thin air and unless your some sort of Mythological creature.... I don't know."

4/9/2008 #103
Grape Icies

Viola cocked her head to the side. For the first time, she revealed her pointed human-like ears. Her violet eyes blinked in confusion, "What are those?"

4/9/2008 #104
Graveside Rose

Xanthee clicked her fingers at the girl, turning her head away in thought. She jumps up. "THATS IT!"

4/9/2008 #105
Grape Icies

"What is what? I'm confused!" She whined.

4/9/2008 #106
Graveside Rose

"Of course you are. You have no memories." Xanthee said like it was obvious. "COme with me."

4/9/2008 #107
Grape Icies

Viola stood and followed Xanthee.

4/9/2008 #108
Graveside Rose

The witches fingers trailed er books. "Ha ha ha!!" She said triumpetly as she pulled out a book.

4/9/2008 #109
Grape Icies

"Hmm?" She blinked.

4/9/2008 #110
Graveside Rose

Xanthee opened the book, letting it fall open to a page titles. "Wood land nympths."

4/9/2008 #111
Grape Icies

Viola looked at the book, "What does that have to do with it?"

4/9/2008 #112
Graveside Rose

"Your ears, eyes. Everything seems to point to this mythical creature! DOn't you see! Every Witch wishes to met one of these but their so hard to find!"

4/9/2008 #113
Grape Icies

"Ah! So that's why I keep seeing these weird flowers popping up in the middle of the night!"

4/9/2008 #114
Graveside Rose

"YEAH! Wow, this is so amazing.."

4/9/2008 #115
Grape Icies

Viola looked around thoughtfully, "So now that's one identity issue down..."

4/9/2008 #116
Graveside Rose

"Ahh yes, good 'ol yellow eyes... Well grab a book and... wait.. you do know how to read right?"

4/9/2008 #117
Grape Icies

"Yeah." She picked up a book.

4/9/2008 #118
Graveside Rose

Xanthee looked like a kid whos brithday had come round as she grabed her stash of books.

4/9/2008 #119
Grape Icies

Viola looked through the pages, trying to find who was it that took her memories.

4/9/2008 #120
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