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Axel Scott

"Our contract is important, for starters. You're well being is important to me, my guilt... need i go on?" he said, managing not to cry.

6/25/2008 #2,671
Graveside Rose

"You ruined my home, my things, my memories.... they were all in there." She said, looking up. Her face stained with tears.

6/25/2008 #2,672
Axel Scott

"I disagree. Your memories can't be destroyed. If they could... I would've given up a long time ago." he whispered.

6/25/2008 #2,673

Duncan looked over. He couldn't say anything...he had a feeling...she was listening more to Kyru then him. And he didn't want to ruin things so he stayed silent. Scared he'd make things worst.

6/25/2008 #2,674
Graveside Rose

"No, they can't. But memories as in possesions, things people gave me before they left!"

6/25/2008 #2,675

Duncan scratched the back of his head, "I said I could help." he said barely above a wisper, "There's a reason i said that...there's more way's to do so then just repair." he said it so low he doubt they'd heard him.

6/25/2008 #2,676
Axel Scott

"What would you do if they could see you now? Hearing that you value worldly possesions just as much as you did them?" he said clearly.

6/25/2008 #2,677
Graveside Rose

"Duncan, you can't repair it." Xanthee told him before turning her gaze to the demon, her eyes hard again. "I value them, their photos. Ways so I don't forget their faces. Things they gave me, the words they spoke as they did so."

6/25/2008 #2,678

"I said there's more the fancy term for time....movement."

6/25/2008 #2,679
Graveside Rose

The witch hugged her knees close, closing her eyes tight.

6/25/2008 #2,680
Axel Scott

"If you want to kill me, do it. I can't stop you, and I owe you my life anyway." he told Xanthee. He resolved to accept his fate either way.

6/25/2008 #2,681
Graveside Rose

The witch slapped him, and hard.

6/25/2008 #2,682
Axel Scott

He fell over, and waited for the next blow.

6/25/2008 #2,683

He looked down, "She won't listen...I am useless." he thought.

6/25/2008 #2,684
Graveside Rose

Right now, the witch needed a hug, her cat.. something familiar whether it be touch, sight or sound.

6/25/2008 #2,685

Duncan looked up and crawled over unsurely. He was still crying. He couldn't control it. He looked at Kryu, "She needs" he sent into his brain.

6/25/2008 #2,686
Axel Scott

Kryu's eyes were closed, his ear pounding. He was wondering if Xanthee went looking for a weapon... but refused to look.

6/25/2008 #2,687
Graveside Rose


Xanthee just closed her eyes and fell back onto her ass, tears fallinga again.

6/25/2008 #2,688
Axel Scott

He spoke, eyes still shut.

"What are you waiting for? Kill me, and the pain goes away. That's the way the world works." he said quietly.

6/25/2008 #2,689
Graveside Rose

"Don't tempt me." She mumbled, getting to her feet.

6/25/2008 #2,690

He glared at him, "She doesn't need that!" he told him and siged. He was scared but went over and hugged her.

(last post night^^)

6/25/2008 . Edited 6/25/2008 #2,691
Graveside Rose

Xanthee hugged him back, holding to him tight as she bit back tears.

6/25/2008 #2,692

"It's ok to cry...I realise that now." he wispered holding her.

(I'm waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to addicted....ok now last post night!!!)

6/25/2008 . Edited 6/25/2008 #2,693
Axel Scott

Kryu cracked his eyes open. He chuckled inside... angels always make things better....

6/25/2008 #2,694
Graveside Rose

((Lols, you know ya wanna stay))

"Not when you have to be strong." She whispered back, opening her eyes now.

6/25/2008 #2,695

"Really....I used to think that to." he told her softly.

(I know!!! Don't tempt me but i'm about to get grounded...night!!!^^For reals!!!:P)

6/25/2008 #2,696
Axel Scott

"It's okay to not be strong all the time. You taught me that," Kryu said weakly.

6/25/2008 #2,697
Graveside Rose

"Yeah, but I never listened to myself." Xanthee told him.

6/25/2008 #2,698
Axel Scott

"You should. You give good advice." he said trying to sit back up.

6/25/2008 #2,699
Graveside Rose

"I give advice not meant for me. I'm the one who remains strong for everyone else.... Fuck..." Tears fell down her face again, "MY fucking store..."

6/25/2008 #2,700
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