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Duncan smiled, "Well don't just stand here! Come in come in!" he couldn't keep him out there. The boy shook his head, "No sorry. It'd be rude without the owners permission." he said. "Don't be silly come-" with just a look Tori was cut off. Duncan laughed, "Your still the same. Hey Xanthee can he come in!" he called through the doorway.

6/26/2008 #2,881
Graveside Rose

Xanthee just waved her hand. "My flats already being over run, whats one more?"

6/26/2008 #2,882
Grape Icies

Pez pestered Curasis, "Have you kissed Viola yet? Huh? Huh?"

"Actually, I have."

6/26/2008 #2,883

The boy walked in still hideing his face, "Thank you." he said bowing slightly and came in and sat down. "I can't believe he's here. I expected to find everyone else before we found him!" Tori said. Duncan nodded in agreement. Both sat on each side of him.

6/26/2008 #2,884
Graveside Rose

Xanthee walked over and bent down infront of the new comer, extending her hand she smiled. "I'm Xanthee, a witch. You are?"

6/26/2008 #2,885

"I am Hector. Spirit of Water. Head of the Spirit's. Pleasure to meet you." he said to her and shook her hand. He kept his face hidden still. He didn't like removeing his hood.

6/26/2008 #2,886
Graveside Rose

Sighing, Xanthee removed his hood.

6/26/2008 #2,887
Grape Icies

"Earthly spirits," Curasis corrected. "Hope would not appreciate you taking her title as well."

6/26/2008 #2,888

"Nice try." he was standing behind her and his hood was still on. What was before her was nothing but a block of ice. It vanished into the air, "But no one see's my human form without permission. Sorry. I've had to keep it that way. I'm too...Noticeable." He looked over, "...Hmmm. Nice try. But...Well we'll see in the long run." he told the other Spirit.

6/26/2008 . Edited 6/26/2008 #2,889
Graveside Rose

Xanthee shurgged and sat back. "Whatever."

6/26/2008 #2,890

He yawned, "I'm tired." he said, "Is there anywhere I may sleep?"

6/26/2008 #2,891
Graveside Rose

"For gods sake, are you guys always tired?" Xanthee asked.

6/26/2008 #2,892
Grape Icies

((Gah! Quote time... I love this one...

"Is that so?" He smirked, "Well I must say, your ass is lovely to gaze at." ))

6/26/2008 #2,893

"Hey I just had to force my way from the dinosaur age to modern day today. You'd be tired too." he muttered, "But to answer your question yes. We are. It takes alot of energy to suppress a Spirit. Naturaly we're all tired."

6/26/2008 #2,894
Graveside Rose

Sighing, the witch pointed to the couch.

6/26/2008 #2,895
Grape Icies

Pez was climbing the walls.

Curasis looked up. "I think Pez begs to differ..."

6/26/2008 #2,896

"Well that's his decision. not my own. Let him live how he wishes." he laid down, "And I thank you...." he told Xanthee and soon his breathing became softer.

"I can't believe he's here....It's just...Amazeing." Tori said.

6/26/2008 #2,897
Graveside Rose

"Your finding your friends, well done." The witch said, almost bitterly as she stood up and walked into the kitchen

6/26/2008 #2,898

Duncan looked over confused. He followed her, "Hey what's wrong?"

6/26/2008 #2,899
Grape Icies

Pez hung upside down, looking around curiously.

6/26/2008 #2,900
Graveside Rose

"Nothings wrong, why should anything be wrong?" Xanthee asked, as she began to put the dishes away. "I see no reason why anything Is wrong. Your finding your friends, which is making you happy. And when my friends are happy I am."

6/26/2008 #2,901

He shook his head, "Something is wrong...You can tell me. What is it?" he asked her softly.

6/26/2008 #2,902
Graveside Rose

"Theres nothing wrong. God can't you people be happy with a simple answer?" She asked, turning around.

6/26/2008 #2,903
Grape Icies

Pez yelped when Xanthee's ring slipped from its place around his neck and dove for it. He hit his head with a loud THUMP! and yelled out in pain.

6/26/2008 #2,904

"Because I know you better. I know something is wrong. Why won't you tell me?"

6/26/2008 #2,905

Tori looked at Pez, "Idiot..."

6/26/2008 #2,906
Graveside Rose

"You don't know me. Don't pretend to ok. We don't know each other long enough. But its nice to know you care." Xanthee petted his chest.

6/26/2008 #2,907
Grape Icies

He held his head tightly. "Oww....."

6/26/2008 #2,908

He siged, "I may not know your history...but i know your emmotions. when you want to talk...I'll be waiting." he muttered looking down and walked out of the kitchen.

Tori siged and walked over, "Need a hand?"

6/26/2008 . Edited 6/26/2008 #2,909
Grape Icies

Pez rubbed his head and flipped the ring in his hand before clutching it and slipping it back into its place. "And it's safe!"

6/26/2008 #2,910
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