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Duncan hid by her wall. He didn't want them to find him and why would he be there? "It's perfect." he thought and slid down and curled up into a ball. The other two were a ways away looking for him.

6/27/2008 #2,941
Graveside Rose

Xanthee looked under her, there was that boy... in a ball. What was he doing?

6/27/2008 #2,942

He yawned, "This would be easier if I had my complete soul." he mumbled, "I could make a bigger shield and not have to curl up like this."

6/27/2008 #2,943
Graveside Rose

Turning away, and leaving a quick qord with her cat, the witch wlked down stairs and out to where she saw the boy. Kicking his balled body lightly she asked. "What are you doing?"

6/27/2008 #2,944

The ball would've just sent a small shock through her body if she made contact, "Go away you don't give a damn about me." he grumbled.

6/27/2008 #2,945
Graveside Rose

"Ouch." Xanthee said, stepping back. "I just wanted to be left alone for awhile, and you people always seemed to find a way back to me!"

6/27/2008 #2,946

"I'm not here for you!" he snapped, "I'm here cause I'm hideing from the others. And if you wanted to be alone you could've just said so! Instead of going and just slapping me like some dog!"

6/27/2008 #2,947
Graveside Rose

"None of you seemed to get any of my hints! It was... Driving me mad!" Xanthee said. "And stop hiding from your friends, they care about you and want to help you."

6/27/2008 #2,948

"Hm. Knowing Hector he probably plans the Hardening spell...."

6/27/2008 #2,949
Graveside Rose

"And what is this, 'Hardening spell'." Xanthee asked.

6/27/2008 #2,950

"...It makes it so....I can't sad...just the emmotions I'm ment to. Be happy and cheerful. That's all I'll ever know...Maybe I should just let him."

6/27/2008 #2,951
Graveside Rose

Xanthee sighed. "Thats fucking stupid. Why give people emotions if they can't feel them? Jesus, sometimes you make me so irritated. Get a thicker skin, stick up for yourself. Go for what you want and feel what you want to fucking feel."

6/27/2008 #2,952

He dispelled the spell and jumped to his feet, "You want feel what I want to feel?" he said through gritted teeth, "How can I do that if I can't fucking get any feeling in return!?!?" the was the first time he'd ever cussed. You could see in his eyes he was pissed off. They were flashing yellow every few seconds.

6/27/2008 #2,953
Graveside Rose

"And what feeling do you want in return?!" Xanthee snapped. "People care about you, isn't that enough?!"

6/27/2008 #2,954

"If only! I'd like-" he stopped himself and turned around, "Just forget it! It was wrong of me to love! I should just let him do that damn spell! It'd be better then the pain I'm feeling now!" he didn't want her to see but he was crying, "Way better!"

6/27/2008 #2,955
Graveside Rose

She pulled him around sharply. "Pain is there! OK! Pain and sadness! You live through it! Giving up is just a cowards way!"

6/27/2008 #2,956

"A-A coward?! You calling me a coward?!?! Listen I've been through things that's would make you fall to your knees and tremble. Seen things that'd want to make you crawl in a whole and die. Done things that you wouldn't comprehend! Yet this pain i'm feeling is twice as bad! As any of that! It's just...Alien to me!"

6/27/2008 #2,957
Graveside Rose

"And what could possibly be worse then any of that?!" Xanthee snapped once more. "Just because you've been through alot, doesn't mean giving up doesn't make you a coward."

6/27/2008 #2,958

"Shut up! You don't know what I'm going through! "Oh I'm miss all that! I can get any boy I want and just screw with they're feelings when I'm bored or just haveing a bad day!!!" Bah!" he said in a mocking tone and glared at her. That one hit really screwed him up. He was shakeing badly. And crying still but he was holding back the urge not too just run. He was going to go threw with this all the way.

6/27/2008 #2,959
Graveside Rose

"Oh shut up." Xanthee said, fighting back the erdge to slap him. "I don't have to stand here and put up with this." She turned away.

6/27/2008 #2,960

"I didn't ask you!" he said looking down, "You wanted me to leave you alone...I guess you get your wish." he turned around and started to walk away.

6/27/2008 #2,961
Graveside Rose

"You didn't ask me what?!" She snapped, turning around.

6/27/2008 #2,962

"To stand here...I told you to go away...You don't give a damn about me....I see that." he said his voice cold and didn't even sound like Duncan at all. He started to walk away.

6/27/2008 #2,963
Graveside Rose

"Your right! I don't give a damn about you Anymore!" She waved him away before walking back inside.

6/27/2008 #2,964

"And even so...I still love you..." he said barely above a wisper and ran.

6/27/2008 #2,965
Graveside Rose

Xanthee stormed into her flat and through whatever she could down before sitting down, growling in anger.

6/27/2008 #2,966

He stopped and jumped up into a tree, "She'll never love me....I know that.....It's for...The best....She deserves better." he told himself sadly, "Oh well..." he siged.

6/27/2008 #2,967
Graveside Rose

((Seems, songs can change my character. This song demands she does this.))

Xanthee grabbed a vase on the table and threw it at the wall, before she slid to the floor.

6/27/2008 #2,968

He siged and looked up at the sky, "I want to go home...Before I met that stupid spirit...and just be a regular boy...but it's to late going back." he wispered, "I'm a fool for have falling in love....The biggest ever born."

6/27/2008 #2,969
Graveside Rose

Xanthee sighed and walked over to the mess she created, before cleaning it up. She needed to read a few more of her books, find out more about the soul.

6/27/2008 #2,970
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