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Jasion Drake

Right then. One is not amused at the somewhat romantic antics going on in the other forum.

Not that there is anything wrong with that.

It's just occasionally I like to have a conversation with somebody and then not have it swallowed by 20 pages of conversational innuendo. Which I'm sure is vastly amusing to those involved, but I get grumpy.

So, in any case. This forum is different.

ONE character only.

Self explanatory

Character must fit world guidelines

See below post.

Conversations should be kept to no more than 2 pages

If you are going to talk to somebody, do not talk for an eternity. You should wait until everyone in the forum has posted at least once before starting another lengthy conversation. This ensures that nobody drowns in dialogue simply because they have not been on in a few days.

Important Developments in plot should be announced as such.

If your character just got cursed or just communed with God or is succuming to demonic corruption, announce it at the top of the post, in bold letters, that you are doing something important and that we should all take heed. (Example: PLOT DEVELOPMENT!)

Keep It Fresh

Character gets old? They can leave. And a new one can come in. But make sure everyone knows that this character is now gone.

Most importantly, make sure that everyone is up to date with posts before you yourself post. It makes things much simpler for me, at any rate. And by no means ditch the other RP thread. It's going quite nicely. This one is writing as an art form, not as a distraction. Not that I'm saying the other thread is for nothing more than a distraction. Oh, never mind.


P.S I will be editing Jess's grammar, at least. If anyone else wants the same service, just ask me.

7/1/2008 . Edited 7/1/2008 #1
Jasion Drake

And focus...

See here, a world. Like most worlds, steeped in magic. Elementals wander the vast plains, high mountains, and deepest oceans. They guide nature mindlessly, and are a common sight amongst the denizens of this world.

Ah yes, the denizens...

The skies are home to the moonfolk, blue-skinned humanoids with tapering ears and flowing robes. They are mysterious, and spend as much time plotting against each other as they do spying on the surface folk. Their magics are powerful, but they rely mainly on deceit to reach their ends. A moonfolk is generally a compulsive liar.

The flamekin follow the elementals, seeking the secrets they possess. They are comprised of fire, and follow the spiritual way known as the Walk of Flame. Through meditation and focus, the flamekin can harness the power of their own fiery souls to work great feats of magic. They are brash, and powerful, but unconcerned with anything beyond their own freedom and the path the elementals follow.

On the shores and in the oceans live the merrow. The river merrow are friendly traders, masters of speechcraft and diplomacy. They navigate the treacherous rivers and the calm lakes with equal skill, and are a common sight across the world. Capable of travelling on land thanks to magic which allows the water to come with them, they are in no way limited by their tails in travelling the world. Their cousins, the sea merrow, are capricious and cruel. They care nothing for other races, only coming ashore to hunt and steal. They are a feared enemy along the coast.

In the deep forests live the elves. The elves set great store by beauty. They horde beautiful things, and social status is dependant on beauty. They are led by the perfects, those deemed so beautiful no improvement could be made. They devote their entire lives to the study of aesthetics and the search of new wonders. A scarred, imperfect elf is an outcast, and can never be accepted amongst their society.

On the plains and shores live the halflings. Xenophobic in the extreme, halflings will not trust anyone who is of a different race. They lock themselves behind their enchanted walls, and are quick to form mobs and lynch anybody suspicious. They are linked to one another by a mysterious psychic power, present in all their kind. It allows them to sense what any other halfling is feeling, forming an unbreakable bond between individuals.

And in the cities are the ever-present human. Humans are as diverse and chaotic as they are on any world. Dabbling in all kinds of magic, they each seek their own ends. Who is to say what a human is up to?

There are others, of course. Goblins in the high passes, slumbering giants in the deeps, mindless, playful shapechangers. Faeries, centaur, treefolk, all walk the world, and all have a part to play.

And now, we see events as they unfold, on this world....

7/1/2008 . Edited 7/1/2008 #2
Bob Da Peach

The thick green foliage swished and swayed slightly as a dark shape moved amongst them.

Disturbed from their slumber many small creatures let out piteously small noises of protest before falling back into their nighttime slumber, letting dreams of bountiful piles of small foods fill their dreams once again.

Pausing for a moment the shadow shifted slightly on an exceptionally large tree branch, gazing at its surrounding, searching for a sign of danger or discovery. Finding no such thing it dropped to the thick leaf-covered ground before padding to the edge of a large clearing, once again stopping to listen for danger.

A few minutes passed before it moved into the glade and started pawing through a certain pile of leaves. Suddenly the creature rose holding a large lumpy shape between its topmost limbs. A shifting of the clouds let a small sliver of moonlight into the clearing, only to reveal a grinning teen girl holding an overly stuffed rucksack.

A few whispered words were left to the breeze before once again, the creature disappeared into the darkness. It left no a trace of its presence behind.

7/1/2008 . Edited 7/1/2008 #3
Graveside Rose

The trees are said to have a life of their own and within their splendor, races do thrive, more then countable.

The fey are not like those told in the humans stories, they do not grant wishes. They do not fly, they have no wings. They look perfectly human save for the fact they never seem to age. Ageless beings, their youth is not kept by their own magic but in fact, the magic of their realm, their world.

Keeping to themselves most of the time they hardly show their faces and when they do the occasion is rare. Ever seen someone beautiful standing a little way off at market, or in a pub? The occasion is rare when you see someone truly beautiful. When you do you can be sure that what your gazing upon isn't human.

To be taken by a fey means to forever be one of them, to dance, to sing, to learn right up until the day you die.

There are two different classes to the faeries, The Fae, the royals and the fey, those below them. Within Faerie the Fae are not seen much, confined by their title they try to hide and only appear when they see fit. The Fey however are those who love laughter and all things joyous, parties, dancing, songs. Anything that can make people smile. Though beautiful, the Fey are deadly, going from their happy, beautiful exterior to a much darker inside. One filled with Sin, hatred. They would not hesitate to kill, murder, harm, humiliate.

But the fey are not strangers to love. Though it is rare to be able to conceive a child with another member of the fey, it is not hard to conceive with a human. Often, while pursuing fabulous game, a knight or hunter would be lead to a place where a fey would wait for him. Using all her charm, she makes the human fall in love and marry her. But, even while he loves his faerie wife, if he breaks one rule she will leave him and take her children back to Avalon.

One of these is never call a faerie by their real name. Another is remind them of their faerie origins. Reveal their existence to others, use certain words or phrases in their presence, beat them, take them on water or touch them with metal objects, and they will abandon you, at the least.

If you ever have the misfortune to be taken to Faerie and do not wish to stay, never eat or drink any of the offering served to you for one bite of Fey food means you can never leave.

The fey are cruel at times, but at others they are kind. Above all, ever let one get angry, it could mean the end of your life, or worse.

Beauty and cruelty is a given to the Fey, that's how they all grow up with that single understanding.

The trees seem to laugh as those hidden within their trees preform a graceful dance of weaving. The fey cast their magic on those who enter their rings.

Laughter, then a soft voice. Thats the way it always goes when capturing a human.

7/1/2008 . Edited by Jasion Drake, 7/1/2008 #4
Axel Scott

There is a beautiful world suspended high above the clouds. A beautiful city, but horrible people. The moonfolk are masters of deception, masters of what humans call politics. These beings are cold-hearted, but rarely dirty their own hands, thats what the harpies are for. Moonfolk will lie, cheat, steal, kill, anything to gain their own power. However, they do have guidelines. Family is sacred, and to dishonor one's family means death.

They are absolutists, if one is not with them, then they are against them. Proud and spiteful enough that if you ever harm them or their pride, you'll end up dead. Maybe not today, or tommorow, but within two years, your life will be at it's end. Most moonfolk acknowledge to themselves that they are greedy folk. But one didn't. Instead, he saw himself as justice.

7/1/2008 #5
Jasion Drake

Trees towered, mighty and magnificent. Their green leaves shaded the forest floor endlessly. Amongst these giant oaks, woven bridges and dwellings, sculpted from the living wood. And in the tallest tree, in the most magnificent dwelling...

The perfect scowled, but perfectly. Her ivory horns swept back, gracefully rippled. Her face was a vision of elvish beauty, eyes perfectly slanted and ears pointed finely. Her lips were full, and they conveyed her displeasure. She was dressed simply, and wore no adornment. Her face and form were enough.

"Where has the immaculate run off too?" she said, in a musical voice.

The elf before her bowed deeply. He was merely a handsome, and was lucky to be in her presence, even to carry news. "Perfect, he has left the forest. He is beyond our reach now."

The perfect tapped manicured fingers against her chin. "Why?"

The elf bowed again, averting his gaze, as was proper. "Perfect, he claims to have seen an elemental with a wonderous hide that shifts in colours. He wants to claim it for his own."

The perfect's scowl deepened. "Foolishness. I assume you have sent packmasters after him. We cannot afford to lose even one immaculate."

The handsome bowed a third time, with finality. "Your word is beauty, perfect. Beauty is all."


Far away, a lone elf crouched in a dip in the land and listened as the howls of the wolves died away.

He grinned to himself, and was away.

7/1/2008 #6
Graveside Rose

His breathing came slow as he looked around him, were he was was unknown. The knight jumped as laughter was heard behind him, turning he was able to see a beautiful face disappearing behind a tree.

Spinning again at another laugh he watched as a figure danced and once again disappeared into the foliage. Breathing deep he began to sweat his eyes once again scanning the area.

"Lost?" Came a soft voice from behind him he spun to come face to face with a face that held such soft and natural beauty it made the knights heart stop, whose voice made his breathing shallow and smile made any thought impossible. "Ahh... Yeah."

Laughing, the girl walked forward. "The trees seem to move don't they, its difficult to find your way out but when you know how to get them to speak, they will show you the way." She mumbled as she ran her hand over the bark, casting him a sly grin.

The knight gulped, he was finding it hard to think straight, her green eyes, her shining blond hair, full lips which would be perfect for kissing were just crying out to him. The way she was dressed was simple, a white and brown presents dress, but it made him want to just rip it right off her frame then and there. "Ahhh..." He said, unsure of what to say.

"Night is falling, the forest is not safe when the moon rises, come stay the night with me, we'll be sure to cater to your every need."

The knight jumped, when had she moved? the girl now stood in front of him, her soft delicate fingers now dancing in his shirt. "We will dance." She began. "Drink and when they've become enough we will retire. My names Jasmine by the way."The perfect girl whispered onto his lips.

"Nice to me-met you." He stuttered, blusing hard.

"Come with me, you'll leave all your worries and fears behind, one night and everything will be gone." The words she spoke were beautiful and full of such sweet promise the man simply nodded. Taking his hand, Jasmine lead him away.

The night was full of music and wine, fine foods for those who's hunger bugged them Men danced with woman, all seeming to have the same story if they could be bothered to tell it. The knight had never had such a grand night and he knew it could only get better the moment the one who had found him lead him away.

Pushing him down onto the bed Jasmine straddled him and he couldn't stop the smile that appeared to his lips. the knight finally took over and flipped them, the one under him however grinned and pulled him down for a kiss as she wrapped her legs around is waist.

Her legs sqeezed harder as she again flipped them and bit his tongue. The knights eyes widened as he fought against her, unable to breath and beginning to drown in his own blood.


A fair and beautiful young girl sat within the branches of a tree in the realm of man, having gotten tired of the screams and cries of anguish coming from within the land of Faeries.

Her name was Selena, her hair was brown and eyes a stunning green. Her clothes were that of every other fey, simple. The Fae got the grand clothes and those below all stayed the same unless they were summoned.

As a growing young faerie, Selena was expected to follow the others, every morning go to the world of man and pick one by charming their game or horse into bringing the hunter or knight to the awaiting young girl. Then, that knight after living the life of a king they would be murdered and their very life taken from them.

She grinned from atop the trees as a few people passed below her, they did not know it but tonight, would be their last.

7/1/2008 #7
Axel Scott

Erzo walked out of the courthouse, having been deemed not guilty as to the murder of his family. The poor idiotic fools. They had no idea. He smirked and began walking towards his new manor... the one that used to belong to his family. He soon arrived and dropped off his stuff. He then turned around and walked to the forbidden temple. The one that surprisingly had no guards. It was humerous.... and he came everyday to vow that he would someday be the one to usurp the gods rule....

7/3/2008 #8
Graveside Rose

A sadistic grin covered blood stained lips. Green eyes looked down upon deformed humanswhos throats had been torn out. Selena grinned as she whipped the crimson liquid from her full mouth and cracked her neck. The fey walked off, leaving the poor, dead humans behind. Two humans were enough to fill her stomach for tonight but the hunger within her was never sated. Craving, forever craving for more.

Dancing was adequate and the drink were nice while sex was pleasurable but nothing compared to taking the mortality of the humans. They knew nothing of the Fey, they were beautiful yes but they did not take Husbands and rarely decided to bare children. The fey enjoyed the screams and blood of those who pass through their territory.

Only those deemed worthy could live and that was rare.

Selena walked behind a tree and Lent against it, letting the blood drip from her arm before jumping to the leaves of the tree behind her.

No-one expected beauty to be able to commit such a crime.

7/3/2008 #9
Axel Scott

Upon reaching the forbidden temple, he saw a harpie out of the corner of his eye. His harpie.

"Frez, take the troops. I need this city dead. Now," he ordered. The harpie nodded and flew off. Erzo sat down enjoying the scenary. It was beautiful.... and soon, it would be all his.

7/3/2008 . Edited by Graveside Rose, 7/3/2008 #10
Bob Da Peach

Quiet chatter filled the streets, as travellers bearing over burdening loads passed by, Woman chattered and giggled on street corners as young muscly men watched their every move.

Strong scents filled the wind with aroma's of cooking meats, both human and animal wastage, the strage smell that was specific to humans and artificial smelling perfumes the pompous ladies thought made them irresistible.

Pulling the hood lower to shadow the features of her face, and obscure the strange horns that protruded from her head Musouka smiled softly at the frivolity of human life. Beings that would live only years could enjoy the world so fully, knowing that they only had that small time to enjoy it, where-as other beings, the ones born with magic in their veins were forced to watch and act as carers. Never truly allowed to let themselves be free in the world they served. They had all the time in the world to have fun, but somehow never truly allowed to.

Slaves to the world, Slaves to beauty. Such is the life of an elf.

7/3/2008 #11
Jasion Drake

"Never a slave," the elf muttered as he slipped through the trees. "Never again."

The moon was full and shone brightly upon the forest. Eidren inhaled deeply, savouring the scent of the soil. His new-found freedom made it smell even better.

And soon, he knew, he would find the beast, and kill it. Then the hide would be his, and he would be a perfect. He would take command of the elves, and then...whatever he wanted.

A distant howl reminded him that he was still being hounded. He turned and faded into the forest once more.

7/4/2008 #12
Bob Da Peach

Walking down an empty lane way Musouka raised a gloved hand to softly pinch the bridge of her nose. Some smells were stronger here than out on the open streets. Especially the smell of wastage.

It seemed to enter every fibre of her body, seeping in through her skin and down her throat until the young elf found it hard to breath. Coughing slightly Musouka's eyes darted around looking for an escape from this dreadful smell. The light seemed to open up and expand further down the alley, and the teen found herself jogging slightly to reach what she hoped was open air.

What greeted her made Musouka gasp. A human created beauty right here, in the middle of a city. Towering evergreen tree's, expanses of flowers, small bird filled bushes and children laughing and playing everywhere while their mothers sat on intricately carved stone benches with their sowing.

Nothing could have made the elf believe these rough rowdy creatures would have the care and patience to create such a beautiful and peaceful place.

Musouka was startled from her wonder, when a small human child with a pug nose ran past her, brushing through the thick cloak she hid her identity with, laughing giddily as a redheaded boy of an age with her gave chase.

"Beauty without perfection..." She whispered softly to herself in slight disbelief as her gaze followed the two giggling children.

7/5/2008 #13
Axel Scott

Erzo walked down the deserted streets to in front of his house, where he had all of the town gathered to await execution. He grinned at them. He walked over to a harpie.

"Kill all of them," he said loudly enough for them all to hear. He turned and walked away as he heard women and children cry. A moment later all was quiet. He walked to the library. Knowledge was power, after all.

7/5/2008 #14
Graveside Rose

The fey sat on a rock, her breath coming in slow sharp rasps as she let her knife dance across her skin creating crimson lines of pain and torture. She grinned as the wounds she created healed up almost instantly.

Selena's head snapped up as another grin spread across her features, the smell of blood. At lest this time free food was near. Jumping into the trees, the Faerie sped off.

7/5/2008 #15
Jasion Drake

Eidren crossed through a moonlit meadow. The trail was getting warmer. The creature had very distinctive footprints.

He looked up at the overbearing clouds. He disliked being in the open, where the moonfolk could see. Especially on a night like tonight. Scowling, he made for the woods once again.

7/8/2008 #16
Graveside Rose

Blood dripped from her pointed teeth as Selena looked up. Dropping the body of the poor creature that happened to make itself known the Faerie stood up. Cracking her neck her eyes again became their deep green and her teeth again perfect and shielded behind perfect lips. Subconsciously wiping away the blood that still rested upon her chin, Selena jumped into the trees and using their cover the fey began to make her way to the new intruder that just so happened to make their way into her part of the forest.

7/9/2008 #17
Bob Da Peach

Sitting in the hollow of a large oak tree Musouka hummed as she watched a small squirrel family collect their stores for the winter, chittering to each over all the while.

Looking through the boughs of the tree the young elf frowned as she gazed upon the moon, it seemed just that little bit distorted around one of the edges.

Writing it off as moon folk troubles Musouka smiled softly as one of the small animals seemed top presenting her with a chestnut.

7/10/2008 #18
Axel Scott

Erzo had read all of the tomes that were off limits to him, and was dissapointed. They portrayed marvelous spells... but all of them being used by the higher magi of the moonfolk order. He could tolerate it for a little while longer, however. That was one of his long time goals. He had already procured his first objective... turn this moonfolk city into one for his harpies. Next, he would do the same to another, and another, and another. But not for several weeks. Erzo was rather bored. After he gave the order for the harpies to make this city theirs, and he was crowned king, he decided that the harpies would not suffice. After all, his reign would establish absolute peace and justice throughout the entire world. Racism would not do... he would need the support of other races. Or rather, he would ask them and if they refused kill them, but there must be some sensible races out there. All he had to do was find them...

7/10/2008 . Edited by Jasion Drake, 8/29/2008 #19
Jasion Drake

Eidren stiffened. The trees sung to him, and there was a note of discord.

There was a fey nearby.

He looked around cautiously. Now that he was aware, it was unlikely the creature would be able to ensnare him. Still, it paid to be cautious.

Eidren shook his head. Every second he tarried, the quarry gained ground. He started forward.

7/11/2008 #20
Graveside Rose

Selena grinned from behind the tree as she watched a young elf seemingly having a silent battle deep within. smirking she allowed herself to drift from tree to tree, her feet never leaving the dirt. The fey began to sing her voice soft and sweet, almost luring as she allowed the young elf to catch glimpse of her.

7/11/2008 #21
Jasion Drake

Damn, Eidren thought, the clouds overhead pressing in on him. She was stalking him now. He burst into a sprint, making for the treeline at an angle away from the fey. Speed was the only option now. He had no desire to fall into the clutches of a fey.

7/11/2008 #22
Graveside Rose

Other fey began to appear, never face your prey alone. They showed themselves, stopping off any exit be it the tree tops, the little gaps between the trees or even the skies.

Selena walked out, her hair covering her face as she looked up. "Lost traveller?"

7/11/2008 . Edited 7/11/2008 #23
Jasion Drake

Eidren broke into a sweat, but his voice was courteous. You must never be rude to a fey, he knew that. It was one of the first things you learnt. Fey would use a veneer of politeness to toy with you. Drop that veneer, and they were pure hunger. It was the only thing that would keep you alive.

He bowed deeply, knowing that the fey could smell his fear. "Greetings, Lady. I was simply passing through these lands, in pursuit of prey."

7/11/2008 #24
Graveside Rose

She nodded and walked, careful to not to come too close to him but still allowing her hands to drift over the trunks of the trees. "Seems prey is the thing on everyone's mind this fine night." The fey smiled sweetly up at him.

The fey surrounding however laughed a little. A musical and joyful sound only silencing when Selena, who seemed to be leading, glanced at them.

7/11/2008 . Edited by Jasion Drake, 7/11/2008 #25
Jasion Drake

Eidren shivered at that glance. It broadcasted bloody murder. He fought to keep his voice calm.

"Well, if you fey are out on the hunt, perhaps you spied my prey? It was heading in this direction. An elemental, with a wonderous hide. I seek it for its beauty. Have you seen it, my Lady?"

7/11/2008 #26
Graveside Rose

"Well." She paused and took a step closer. "It seems our prey is different. Yours has yet to be found and mine..." Again, Selena paused as if trying to find the right words. "Has already been caught."

7/11/2008 #27
Jasion Drake

Eidren looked at the fey. He felt defeated. The clouds were not the only thing pressing in on him now. He looked at the laughing, mocking fey.

"What happens now?" he asked, numbly.

7/11/2008 #28
Graveside Rose

The fey surrounding them again laughed, except this time it was almost poisonous.

Selena smiled and took another step closer, her movments almost timid. "Well.," she began, letting her hands fall to her sides. "What should be done with prey once it's caught?"

7/11/2008 . Edited by Jasion Drake, 7/11/2008 #29
Jasion Drake

Eidren looked back at the fey, and saw his death fast approaching. He bolted, giving in to animal survival instincts, releasing sporadic waves of his druidic magic into the forest as he sped. He saw the fey closing in...

There was a shrill cry and Eidren saw the trees themselves swipe at the attackers. Several had faces. He sighed in relief to himself. His druidic power had awakened slumbering treefolk, and they did not take kindly to the mischievous fey. He made good his escape quickly, while the fey were in disarray. He knew he had had a lucky break this time.

7/11/2008 . Edited 7/11/2008 #30
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