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Bob Da Peach

Leaving the city under the blanket of night, Musouka smiled grimly under the shadow of her hood. Even at this ungodly hour there was travellers on the road, and all seemed intent on leering at her pronounced curves.

Yes humans were able to create great beauties, but they were in no sense of the word beautiful themselves.

Shunning the men openly, the young elf pulled her mount, a strange bird like creature with Striking gold plumage called a chocobo, short in front of a crossroads. To the left the path passed by a great forest, not unlike the one she herself had come from, but Musouka was wary of any forest not in the care of the elves. Fey usually lurked there, and often hunted under the moon's fleeting light.

To the right lay the ocean sparkling in the moon's glow, the path stopped at its shores. Merely a distraction for tired city-goers.

Straight ahead led to the mountains, a dangerous trek for any mount but a chocobo, great mountaineers and faster than any horse. Yet expensive and hard to come by.

Frowning at the two more obvious choices, the teen watched as almost all the other travellers trudged down the mountain path road. Making her mind, she turned her mount, Karet, to the left.

"The path less travelled" was the soft whisper that pressed her forwards.

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Graveside Rose

Selena screeched as she fought back against the trees. Never in her life had she ever allowed her chosen prey to escape. If she should ever happen to stumble across the young elf again, he would not find himself so lucky as to find another path to freedom. This she made a vow upon.

The fey scattered, each to their own as they fled. Not trying to confuse the trees but rather trying to protect themselves.

A shrill screech only known as the anger of the Faeries echoed into the night as they disappeared from touch and from sight.

7/11/2008 . Edited 7/11/2008 #32
Axel Scott

It had been an entire week since Erzo and three of his most trusted harpies had decsended to the earth floor. He had even found a few willing humans. He was in a large city called Midgard, and he had sent seven humans to Terittory Zero, his hometown. He walked about in his less formal robes and was busy looking for more pawns, or rather, matrys for the new world.

7/11/2008 #33
Bob Da Peach

Sound shrills could be heard from the forest, sending shivers down the young elfs spine. Something had displeased the fey and Musouka was not keen on straying close enough to the tree's as to discover why.

Keeping Karet to the far right side of the road, she continued down the empty path, soft music spilling from her lips.

7/17/2008 . Edited 7/17/2008 #34
Graveside Rose

The river, a place of beauty, purity and cleansing. The water flowed downstream, ghosting over the rocks that lay beneath the surface. This was a perfect picture of beauty, something you'd hear about in children's stories. But that was not the case here. If this scene was to be told it wouldn't tell of a beautiful princess who hid from her stepmother. This scene would tell of a cruel and vicious fey who came to wash her grievous wounds in the pure waters.

An irritated growl filled the air before the calm water was disturbed. Choosing to sit herself upon a rock beside the river, Selena removed her shoes and hitched up her skirt. The fey cupped the water in her perfect hands before letting it pour down her leg, mingling with the blood that seeped from her torn flesh until the two liguids became one.

"Those who hide me so well. Allow me to take my kill, spill their blood. You just turned against me." She hissed. Standing, she walked over to a towering trunk. Her eyes looked up as her hand moved gracefully over the bark. "Was it the elf's magic? Or was it just the bond that has been between the two of you since the elves first set foot in these lands? The elves..." Selena spoke the name with malice as she made her way back to the water, splashing her reflection.

The fey looked into the river and saw her own face clearly. Touching it tenderly she hissed at the marks that the trees had left. Her once beautiful face had gained wounds in the battle. Even with the magic it would take two days to heal. Her face was what lured her prey. Though these wounds were slight, they could still affect her allure in the hunt.

She slapped the water and looked away, unable to bear the sight of herself. The sight of her weakness and her failure.

Standing Selena let her skirts fall. She forgot all about the remaining wounds that occupied the rest of her body as she entered the water. "The next time we meet, river," the fey said once she had reached the other side, "it will not be my blood you taste. But rather an elf's blood. Until then, you will flow with peace."

A sadistic smirk spread across her face as she turned and left, never once looking back.

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Axel Scott

Erzo sat down in the manor he had just "bought." He walked over to the kitchen and poured a glass of a deep red liquid. He drank it all in one long draught, and picked up his voice transfer stone. It began to glow the instant the clock rang three.

"Speak." he said coldly.

"Sir! Reporting! Your orders have been fulfilled, we sent that elemental into the fae's turf, but the target wasn't terminated,"

"Damn. Oh well, didn't expect him to go that easily. Still, he'll be a problem if this continues." Erzo said, putting his hand to his forehead, as was tradition. He hung up, after saying dismissed. He slumped into a majestic red velvet armchair and began to count his gains. There were the hundred or so humans, the seven thousand harpies, and him..... Overall, he felt he was still on track to becoming what he so eagerly craved to become. A god powerful enough to bring justice to a world that had none. And it was with these thoughts that he fell asleep.

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Jasion Drake

Eidren sat in the bole of a tree, dangling his feet as he prepared to sleep. Unconciously he stroked the bark of the old oak.

He shouldn't be surprised, he knew. He had known that the perfects had been keeping a closer eye on him than usual, and it wasn't just because he had potential. He had seen his parents talking to an arch-druid, and he had felt the power, from time to time. It was just startling to see a manifestation of it, and what's more, it had saved his life.

The forest shook as, far in the distance, an elemental crooned deeply. Eidren heard whispers in that dull moan, voices of nature run rampant and green, verdant power. He fought the impulse to follow the whispers.

No, he told himself, hardening his resolve. I must follow the beast. Once he had that hide.......

He would have to return to the forest. Return to his old life, of watchful eyes and thieving hands. A cage, that held him more tightly than any made of iron.

He settled down to a night of fitful sleep.

7/19/2008 #37
Bob Da Peach

Finding that the sun was rising over the mountain peaks far to her right, Musouka decided it was time to turn in and sleep. She prefered to travel during the night, and sleep in a secluded area during the day to avoid drawing unwanted attention to herself.

There were many people who could find a great deal of profit in capturing an elf, especially a young female like herself. Musouka could take care of herself well enough, but it was easier to avoid all conflict, as she was trying to keep the perfects eyes and ears away from herself as well. A rare golden chocobo brought enough attention in itself.

Changing Karets course to a small game trail off in the direction of the mountains. Musouka kept all her senses alert in case of trouble, and was glad when she reached a secluded grove of tree's after a few minutes with no trouble.

Swinging down from Karets saddle, she unsaddled him quickly, running her hands through his feathers to seperate the clumps in them. The golden bird soon settled down to an early breakfast of greens from his owner, whilst she ate packed bread and cheese.

The sun was well into the sky by the time Karet snuggled slightly into the young elves side, cooing softly and preening her hair, exposed by her fallen hood. Laughing softly Musouka shifted until she was comfortable at her steeds side, under the thin blanket she had picked up in the city, and soon fell asleep, chocobo soon following her lead.

7/21/2008 . Edited by Jasion Drake, 8/29/2008 #38
Jasion Drake

Several miles away, a day later, Eidren straightened from his scrutiny of the game trail. There was a chocobo in the area.

That in itself was not uncommon, but the distinctive tracks of this chocobo revealed that it had the hooked talons that pure-bred chocobos developed. There was someone in the area, and if they could afford a chocobo mount, then they were wealthy.

He considered briefly. It was possible they were after his kill. Possible, but unlikely.

Even so, he quickened his pace as the trees seemed to loom.

8/1/2008 #39
Graveside Rose

Erzo walked into the living room of his manor. He had been living in Midgarde for three weeks now, and now possessed he felt that the corrupt humans had more than enough representation. The vast majority of them were disgusting creatures. They were just as vile as his fellow moonfolk. He sat down at his desk, looking at a design one of his human followers gave to him. The man had described something that stretched imagination. That one could control fire without magic nor flint. That a metal spherical contraption could destroy a building. He called it a "bomb," or something, and the design in front of him was supposedly a rather powerful one. He rolled up the scroll and placed it in his library, for he had no time for fairy tales. He had a new destination in mind. The Sunken City.

"A god... am.... I"

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Bob Da Peach

Flickering beams of afternoon light gently straddled the young elf and her mount, bringing her slowly into the world of wakefulness once again.

Stretching languidly, she let an easy smile drop to her lips as she watched her dozing chocobo, not quite finding the motivation to make the preparations for the day yet.

Feeling all her bones and joints carefully click back into their rightful places after a long mornings sleep, Musouka stood and wandered to the edge of her small grove of trees, listening to the careful rustling of hiding creatures and the soft trickle of water.

Grabbing her canteen from nearby, she followed the sounds of the running water to replenish her supply, soft cooing distracted Musouka from her task and led her back to her chocobos side. The large bird seemed to have sensed an unknown presence nearby with its more honed senses, and was now up and ready to flee in the case of trouble.

8/5/2008 . Edited by Jasion Drake, 8/7/2008 #41
Jasion Drake

Eidren ducked down behind the crown of the tree, greenery fully in bloom. He had seen, for an instant, the flash of chocobo plumage.

Down below, he saw the briefest glimpse of an elf female. He held his shock in check. Had she been sent to track him?

No, he decided, no hunters that he knew of had a rare chocobo like that. She must be here on her own business.

He moved closer.

8/8/2008 #42
Graveside Rose

Night time. The perfect time for a surprise attack.

Humans. Strange creatures. Believing that with the fire light coming from the camp side they are protected. Foolish thoughts. Protected by light?

Have you ever feared the dark? What hides within it? What speaks with such foul breath it takes all you can give? Worse, what doesn't speak? With darkness comes fear. Yet you should also fear the light.

While the dark abyss lies around you and you huddle around that one source of light that holds your pitiful warmth and protection remember:

The light only draws us to you.

Elves, they do not fear. They do not panic. They are calm, cool and composed.

Pain, pain clouding over their composed faces. Screams searing from their lips. Pleas…

"Plea for your life, you pathetic creature. Does your light save you now? Does it protect you as your blood flows, as your flawless skin tears?"

A murderous grin flashed across beautiful lips. Selena stood, bodies lying all around. Dead. Destroyed.

"Scream. Scream for me." The faerie laughed as she arched her back, moving closer to the scrambling elves.

Elves rarely scramble. They are too proud for that. Yet destroy something beautiful and their greatest fears come alive, and they break. Anything their kindred.

"Who'd have thought?" Selena laughed. "A simple fae could cause so much panic."

How should she make this kill, this massacre? This was different from the usual hunt. This was personal. She would make them beg for death, but she would not grant it. She would make them writhe in the dirt and pray for it to end, but she would not relent.

Making them suffer, making them plead. It was even more fun then the kill itself.

Her cold uncaring laugh filled the air, followed by screams. Screams that would fall on no ears save for those who screamed, who would never speak again.

8/12/2008 . Edited 8/12/2008 #43
Bob Da Peach

Musouka gasped loudly, clapping her hands over her ears, as a flock of crows flew overhead, voices mingling and crying out in shock and pain.


Crows were commonly known as the harbingers of death, but were much less known for their hate of ill feelings. When a death was caused by hatred or greed, no crows would be found feasting on the remains. They would instead sing their songs filled with hurt and betrayal. Crows had bad history, and not wanting to repeat the mistakes of their ancestors harbored no ill intentions to others.

The young elf, for as long as she could remember could hear the voices entwined with a birds music, understood their pain and sorrows, joy and confusion. Right now, their cries of outrage, pain and betrayal permeated her very soul and brought her lithe body to it's knees, calling the attention of the crows.

The large mob flocked the clearing, and feeling guilt wash over them for bringing their pain to another being sang. They sang of the open skies, and golden sunsets. Endless oceans, and rocky mountains. The crows sang until their charge was calm, and falling into blissful sleep, before rising and leaving as one. Job completed.

8/18/2008 . Edited 8/18/2008 #44
Jasion Drake

Eidren watched as the crows departed.

That was decidedly odd, he decided.

The female lay in peaceful slumber on the forest floor. Her chocobo squawked, and Eidren grinned. Feathers from that were certainly a beautiful item. He began to make his way around the clearing, keeping out of sight of the chocobo, treading carefully.

8/18/2008 #45
Bob Da Peach

((PLOT DEVELOPMENT)) ((Possibly))

Karat watched indecisively as the crows flew into the distance, leaving his mistress asleep and defenseless.

The chocobo knew the danger of sleep, like any other creature of nature. He also knew his mistress did not like sleeping during the high rising of the sun. She feared the predators of her kind.

So when the large bird sensed another presence approaching, it whirled around, ready for battle to defend itself and its mistress. Making a low throaty noise somewhere between a squawk and a growl Karat puffed its feathers up, looking for that intimidating appearance.


A lone crow watched all with apt interest. One of its large brethren was defending the creature, the one that felt so much like one of its own kind, with a horribly fierce loyalty.

Calling a question down to its large cousin, the lone crow received its answer;

Friend of the wings. Friend of the skies.

Friend of the wings, the one to lift the curse and banish the darkness.

The mistress had come.

A flurry of feathers signaled the crows departure. It had to tell its brethren their saviour had arrived.

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Axel Scott

"Sir." a voice rang out from behind Erzo as he sat in an armchair in a room blanketed by darkness. Erzo closed his eyes.

"Speak," he said coldly. He was enjoying both his wine and his solitude. If this isn't important... my next glass will be his head, he thought.

"A fae sounded like it was massacring elves." Erzo's eyes shot open.

"Of course it did. That's why they have no place in my world. Why tell me something I already know?" Erzo snapped. He was rather irritated at this... messenger. He greatly prefered the old one. Pity it was killed.

"Th-the circumstances were different. It wasn't for hunting. It was odd, sir." the messenger stuttered. Erzo stood and turned around.

"Why would a fae do something like that? They usually follow the precedent. Hmmm. Thank you for your report, and forgive me for my... temper. I normally have a longer fuse." Erzo said, bowing slightly. The messenger harpie apologized multiple times and backed out of the room, leaving Erzo alone. Once he was gone, Erzo's face went into a grimace. He turned his palm to the wall and released a scream of fury as blue lightning slammed against it. How dare his pawns act out against him. But it would be fine, he thought as he breathed in and out, trying to collect himself. He then thought of it.

"Hehehe of course. I'll let them get rid of the fae. It won't take much, for they are a warlike race anyway. All I need is to get the fae to kill a few." he whispered, "It'll be killing two birds with one stone..." He began to search through his library. After a few moments of searching, he found the scroll he seeked. He looked for the name of it's inventor.

8/27/2008 . Edited by Jasion Drake, 8/29/2008 #47
Jasion Drake

Eidren hesitated. The chocobo seemed to be aware of him. Would it attack?

He considered, but the allure of those fat golden feathers was too much for him. He leaned out from behind the tree and saw the chocobo spot him.

8/29/2008 . Edited 8/30/2008 #48
Bob Da Peach

Black wings, furious golden eyes and endless darkness haunted Musouka's dreams as she fitfully slept, a cry of pain left her lips as the ghostly feeling of a blade sunk into her ribs, children wailing for their lost parents were what flung her out of the dream realm.

The cries still reverbrated through her being, they were different now though... cries

Opening bleary eyes, reality once again came crashing down against the young elf, and immediately she was on he feet hissing slightly in warning through clenched teeth.

There was a stranger. An Elven stranger, trying to catch her chocobo.

8/30/2008 . Edited 8/30/2008 #49
Jasion Drake

Uh oh, thought Eidren as he flattened himself against the tree trunk. This is going to get worse before it gets better.

8/30/2008 #50
Bob Da Peach

Rising gracefully from her position on the ground, Musouka locked eyes with the stranger, heading slowly over to him she paused briefly to run her fingers through her chocobo's soft plumage.

"What are you doing here?" She hissed, she cared nothing for the others name, she merely wished to decipher what their reasons for straying into her camp were.

8/30/2008 #51
Jasion Drake

Eidren did not deign to answer. Instead, he climbed the tree.

How the hell am I going to get those feathers?

9/2/2008 #52
Bob Da Peach

Musouka scowled at crouched into an easy stance, eyes never leaving the other elf.

She could stay like this all day, and if the other would either not answer or leave, she would.

9/3/2008 . Edited by Jasion Drake, 9/4/2008 #53
Jasion Drake

Eidren made himself comfortable, disdaining to look at the other elf.

His mind raced fervently, but he was content to wait for her to make a move.

((You're not getting me that easily, me old dinosaur))

9/4/2008 #54
Bob Da Peach

A many an hour later, Musouka sighed in apparent boredom.

"You are quite a stubborn git."

9/10/2008 . Edited by Jasion Drake, 9/20/2008 #55
Jasion Drake

Eidren opened his eyes as the golden chocobo squawked in surprise. The vine he had slowly been coaxing along the ground whipped up to the tree branch, two golden feathers tightly wrapped in the green coils. They dropped into his open palm.

Now, to get out of here...

9/11/2008 #56
Bob Da Peach

Opening her mouth ready to retaliate, Muskouka was interrupted by one of the crows from earlier screeching something that she could closely interpret as 'my shiny!'

Bada Bing Bada boom next thing you know the feathers are gone and there's a crow cackling over it's prize heading for the forest.

9/12/2008 . Edited 9/12/2008 #57
Jasion Drake

The forest prompty reached out and ensnared the crow.

Eidren leapt from his perch and sprinted for the trapped crow, which cawed feebly. He was tired, the burst of energy required to snare the crow having cost him, but he still ran swiftly enough.

9/12/2008 . Edited 9/12/2008 #58
Bob Da Peach

Shaking her head at the others stupidity, Musouka merely kicked him in the gut as he ran past.

9/12/2008 . Edited 9/12/2008 #59
Jasion Drake

Eidren fell, smacked his head on a rock, and lost consciousness in one smooth movement. It was almost graceful.

9/12/2008 . Edited 9/20/2008 #60
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