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Bob Da Peach

Musouka merely smirked and sat down to a meal of dried mutton, It would be a while until the thief awoke.

9/12/2008 . Edited by Jasion Drake, 9/20/2008 #61
Axel Scott

Knock! Knock!

Erzo smiled as he heard the knock. he flicked his wrist and the door creaked open. A black winged harpie walked in.

"Sir, reporting for duty." it said obidiently. Erzo's grin widened.

"I do love it when i know my orders will be fulfilled. You are one of the elite. Take this." Erzo said holding out a spherical object, " I want you to fly over the forest to the northwest of here, and find an encampment. There will be two elves and a golden chocobo. Pull this," Erzo pointed to a ring on the object," and release this into their camp. Make sure they do not see you." Erzo said. The harpie saluted, and walked out. Erzo grinned.

Several moments later. The Black Wing had found the camp with the golden chocobo and two elves. One appeared to be resting and the other eating something. It was flying directly overhead, the trees blocking their view of him. it pulled out the ring and hurled it toward the camp. He then turned and flew away, not sure of Lord Erzo's orders. A loud explosion rang out.

9/12/2008 #62
Graveside Rose

Dead. They were dead. Every last one of them.

Blood lay around her feet and yet, for once Selena did not hunger. The look on the elves faces when she slaughtered them, not for food but for a entirely different reason. One should escape, more shall die.

Her features remained nutural as she stepped over the fallen corpses. This was perfect.

The fey walked into the forest, leaving the slaughtered elves in her wake.

Should anyone come across them, they would not find a reason but rather a what.

They would know a Fey had done it. Though the reason why would remain misty.

Don't know, don't ask.

9/12/2008 . Edited 9/14/2008 #63
Bob Da Peach

Eating her mutton happily, Musouka was harshly interupted by the sound of hundreds of birds fleeing the area.

By the time she had located the source of distress the creature, she couldn't identify it at this long distance, was already leaving.

A curious, yet familiar, shriek brought her attention, once again, to the clearing. There attempting to fly away, with a large symmetrical object clutched in its claws, was the very same crow from earlier.

The overburdened creature managed to get about ten metres into the air before a small clink was heard in the eerily silent glade.

The explosion that tore through the clearing in the next instant ripped the poor creature to pieces, sending a stunned Musouka into a nearby tree, unconscious and leaving her poor Chocobo ostrich style in the dirt, missing most its feathers.

(( don't know what happened to Eidren don't really care. *is tired* ))

9/13/2008 #64

Eilatan ran and ran, desperately trying to escape. It was becoming clear that if she didn't find some way to speed up they would soon gain on her.

Seeing the chocobo she turned towards it.

Not having the heart to leave the stranger alone with her followerss and with no means of transport, she quickly hefted her and her unconcious partner onto the creatures back, which she noticed was scorched and missing several feathers.

Behind her, they were dangerously close now, screaming at her though their scaly mouths. Eilatan pulled herself up onto the chocobo, hoping that it wasn't too much weight for the poor thing.

It wasn't, and soon she was riding off into the distance, sighing with relief as she thought to herself. That mission was dangerous.

A grin broke out on her face. another job all nicely wrapped up...well... after I find out who the hell this is.

9/14/2008 . Edited by Jasion Drake, 9/23/2008 #65
Jasion Drake


You buggered off on the chocobo and left me to be eaten what, exactly?

I need more information before I post. Thank you in advance.

Welcome, by the way. Requesting permission to edit your post for spelling mistakes.))

9/20/2008 #66
Bob Da Peach

(( lolz she took boths of us she told me but i deleted the bad))

9/20/2008 #67


(((Really sorry about that. I was in a rush, I'm not normally that bad at spelling. Yes, you have permission to edit out mistakes. I've only just worked out how to edit myself. Sad isn't it? It's only 'cos I'm a newcomer, I suppose I'll have it all sorted soon. Sorry for the misunderstanding.)))

9/22/2008 #68
Jasion Drake

((No problemo. Nice ta metcha. I'll delete all these OOC posts once I've finished my little monologue spiel and posted it.))

9/23/2008 #69
Jasion Drake

Eidren drifted, unconscious.

Before him stood another elf. A proud, arrogant male, turned away. He reached out, and the male turned to face him. He recoiled as he saw that the male was hideously scarred, burnt down the side of his face.

"Desecrator!" the elf spat at him. "You did this to me! You destroyed me! Monster!"

"I'm sorry," Eidren sobbed in horror. "I'm sorry."

The elf raises his arms, and there were thorns there, brambles curved around his arms. "You know, for a scarred elf, there is nothing! No choice but death or...the vines. And now, I will return your blessing upon yourself."

The vines leapt for Eidren's eyes.

Eidren murmured and shook, gripped tight in the depths of his memories.

9/23/2008 #70

Eilatan sighed as she sat down in her camp by the crackling fire. It had been hours since she had took the Chocobo and she looked at the beings that had spent most of their unconsciousness slung over the creature's back.They were going to be feeling rough in the morning.

Now her problem was what to do with the two elves that lay before her. She couldn't leave them here and go and find another place to camp; it was too late for that and she needed to rest. She shouldn't have taken the pair in the first place. She had been scolded by her superiors in the gang for doing similar things in the past, but these looked like they had been in trouble (judging by the mess that they had been laid in) and she couldn't leave them for the goblins. She shuddered at the thought of them. Terrifying, scaly and viscious creatures, goblins, if a little stupid.

Settling with her back against one of the trees that were dotted around, she opened her bag and looked at the loot inside.

She had managed to get the priceless glass model of a Dragon that the Boss had wanted her to bring, but that was just a low priority mission. Something that wasn't compulsary, but she had taken on the task anyway because their were no others and she needing something to do.

Her eyes wandered over to the Chocobo that was sat still near the girl. It was eyeing her suspiciously. At first it hadn't wanted to let her ride and had only allowed it when the female was on the it's back."Those feathers must be worth something", she thought, but then thought better of it after realising that it would probably peck her face off if she tried anything now. She would have to wait for a better oppertunity.

The male was mumbling now, but too quietly for Eilatan to make out. She abandoned her thought and decided that she would wait until the two awoke. There was nothing else she could do.

9/24/2008 . Edited 9/24/2008 #71
Graveside Rose

Selena twitched. She felt it; someone. No, someones had entered her territory.

This time two elves and one human. Two were unknown but one, one held a energy that haunted this fey's dreams.

The elf that got away.

9/27/2008 #72
Bob Da Peach

Eyes closed, Musouka listened.

That happless male was still sleeping, Karet was aware of her wakefulness and kept nudging her with its beak.

There was another in the clearing with her. Quiet with her movements, but loud with her actions.


Unsure of the danger the stranger posed, the young elf took her time easing her blade out of the many folds of her now burnt cloak.

'Patience' her panicked mind eased, 'patience and clarity of mind. Rash decisions leave only guilt and sorrow.'

9/28/2008 #73

Eilatan stayed sat upright. It wouldn't do to let her guard down now, or at any time for that matter.

She had been sat there for a while now. Just waiting and watching, only moving occasionally to take a drink or shift her position slightly.

She felt a strange electricity in the air, the type she felt just before an exciting mission. Something here was amiss and she could tell.

Eilatan scanned her surroundings for the source of the disturbance in the air. Her sixth sense was on red alert and her sharp eyes wide.

Then something caught her attention and she knew immediatly what was out of place. It was the female elf. Eilatan could tell by the rise and fall of her chest that she was no longer unconscious, she was breathing too quickly to be relaxed.

Keeping one eye on the Elf, Eilatan settled back into her thoughts, though she didn't meditate as deeply as she had done a moment ago. In fact she wasn't meditating at all, just giving that impression. She didn't know if that girl was an enemy or not, she would have to keep her wits about her

She waited to see what the Elf did first. To Eilatan it didn't look as if the stanger was doing anything at the moment. Wrong, Dead wrong, and dead wrong is not a good thing to be in a situation like this.

9/29/2008 #74
Graveside Rose

This would be like any other hunt. Only the outcome would not be food but rather, a death toll. Selenas Hunger was no longer as it used to be but rather, she had none.

Her only hunger was that of blood but not for food, but in fact for it to be spilt.

This was not the fey's way but rather her own. It was almost as if Selena had abandoned all she had been taught in search of her own ways. Ways that are of hunt, blood and death.

Selena began to move. Her target being in her forest, not a wise choice but a rather good one for Selena. She would hunt out their little camp and when she found them.

None would survive.

9/29/2008 #75
Bob Da Peach

The other, the human, had noticed her wakefulness. it had frozen for that split instant before falling into relaxation.

It could have been an ant or strange noise but Musouka would not bet on it. This human gave off the impression of being quick witted, not a buffoon like the majority of her race.

Deciding that if, by now, she still hadn't been attacked the human was safe. To a point.

The young elf stretched languidly, presumably setting the human on edge, before scratching her poor mount just behind his scorched head plumage.

9/30/2008 #76

Finally, Thought Eilatan silently. The male was still out cold, if stirring a little, however the female had moved rather obviously.

She cleared her throat loudly, tired of waiting, and decided to ask some questions. "I know of your consciousness Elf." She stated standing slowly and putting her hand to one of the many blades in her vast collection. The blade she held in it's seath happend to hang around her waist, and so she concealed it with her cloak, though she doubted something like this would fool the stanger.

"My name is Eilatan Reldif," she continued in a cold voice, "would you care to tell me yours? I would much appreciate it." Even though these words were kind, they sounded much more threatening than they should have done. As she said this she took a step forward and scowled. Elves could be stubborn and were almost always pompous. Those were the Elves she didn't like. Especially the Perfects, the Immaculates. They believed they were above all others.

With these two, it looked like they could have been Immaculate before the explosion, but she couldn't be sure. Eilatan took another step forwards.


((Feel free to correct anything that is out of place or doesn't fit in with the story lines. Just incase I got something wrong. (: ))

9/30/2008 #77
Bob Da Peach

(( *ninja poof* I BEITH ALIIIIVE!!! and back in canberra...jason you suck, bringingthe Tash incident up every time I ask you to forgive me IS NOT FORGIVING ME ABOUT IT!!! loooooooooooove you ))

Musouka rolled her eyes "I don't know how you could have everguessed I was awake mortal, but I would appreciate it if you ceased to commune with me as that explosion has left me with a large and unforgiving headache."

Giving the human girl a once over the elf abruptly announced her name and procured a brush from one of her packs. Instead of brushing her own blast tangled hair she immediately started grooming her chocobo, murmuring sweet nothings into its ear.

((wow lazy ass post by Ellie *bows* ))

10/4/2008 #78

Eilatan scowled. So far this girl seemed to be just like the rest of them. She hadn't liked the venomous way the word "mortal" had come from the Elf's mouth. Eilatan didn't care about being mortal. She wanted to be mortal. She souldn't stand the thought of an endless life, where's the fun in dangerous things, without knowing that you could die at any second. She knew that elves could die, but, the extremely long life, to her, would be boring.

Eilatan also didn't care about the girl's headache and so took ignored Musouka's request and continued to ask questions.

Glaring at her Eilatan spoke again, "And I would appreciate it if you spoke to me without the hatred in your voice. If I hadn't took you from that place you would almost certainly have died. What were you doing at the camp I took you from? And who is this lump here?" Pointing to the male who was still unconscious, she frowned, he should have woken by now.

She turned back to Musouka and looked at her impatiently, waiting for the answers she wanted.

10/9/2008 #79
Bob Da Peach

Finding that the beginnings of a new coat of plumage was already beginning to grow on Karat Musouka smiled softly, but that quickly turned to a frown as the human kept talking.

"All I have found of your kind so far has been death and destruction, wit one single exception. Excuse me if I don't find you humans grate on my nerves." Musouka scowled "As for the lout...I have no idea."

10/18/2008 . Edited 10/18/2008 #80
Graveside Rose

She watched, silently, stelthly. The shadows concelling her. Not even the best of hearing could hear her, not even the one who held the greates sight would be able to see her.

She knew this forest, she knew its every move. Its every thought. She wouldn't allow another mishap like she had with that Elf before hand.

Speaking of which, he lay sleeping while the two females slept. Deciding now, now would be the perfect time. She set herself into action.

Looking across at the other side of the trees she tilted her head. The leaves rustled. It seemed the tree's cought hold of her plans. One after another, almost as if in a wave the leaves ruffles. Around and around, in circles they went getting faster and faster with time until they just stopped.

No movement being allowed. It was still, everything was still.

10/19/2008 #81
Bob Da Peach

Musouka had failed to notice that they were in the middle of a forest, still exhausted from the explosion she had presumed they were in a glade of some sort.

Now when all the trees started moving of their own accord startling nearby owls, Musouka froze.

She knew trees had their own life, and like her affinity for the winged beasts of the world, some could commune with and even control plant life to a point. The unconscious elf was prime example.

Something disturbed the peace of the forest and Musouka doubted it was a kind spirit.

Turning to her human companion, the teen hissed angrily "Fool! Have you no common sense!? The forest is no time to dwell at night, it is the time the Fae hunt!"

10/19/2008 #82

Eilatan felt like she had been slapped in the face and kicked in the stomach at the same time. She had heard of the Fae. She knew what they did, yet she had never come across one. It had not occurred to her that the Fae might be close to their camp, she had simply chosen the most convenient spot. How could she have been so stupid?

She pushed down the panic that was rising in her gut and immediately started to remove traces of their presence, dousing the fire and covering up the fact it had been there. She was hurriedly packing everything into her bag when the seriousness of the situation began to sink in. She had never actually seen trees move before, or seen the Fae. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath to calm down, while trying to reassure her self that they could get out of this unscathed.

Snapping her head up to look at the Elf she said, "Your Chocobo can still travel can't it? It doesn't look too hurt, and it carried us here. Can it carry us away?"

Even as she said this Eilatan doubted that the creature would be fit for another journey carrying three people. It hadn't been in great shape when she had first taken it from the flaming and charred remains of the last camp. She looked to the still sleeping male and wondered why he was still unconscious. He hadn't been hurt much more that the girl and yet he was still out cold.

Telling herself that this was not the time to worry about that, she looked to Musouka, and waited for an answer.

10/19/2008 #83
Graveside Rose

A musical laughter filled the air, but its origin was unknown. Female, yes but the place it began could be questioned as it echoed all around. "You want to leave so soon?" She spoke, but did not appear. "But we havn't even played yet."

10/19/2008 #84
Jasion Drake

Eidren shot upright with a bloodcurdling screech. He recognised that voice.

He looked around frantically. A human, the chocobo, and the elf. Where was the enemy? He stood to flee.

10/19/2008 #85
Bob Da Peach

Musouka scowled angrilly as the voice floated through the clearing.

enemy the owls hooted danger...loner...hunger...rage

"What business does a single Fae have with three travellers?" She called "Where are the rest of your companions?"

10/19/2008 #86
Graveside Rose

Another laugh rang out. "I see you do remember me." She spoke to the elf, not asking the questions but rather trying to flee. "Why do you flee? The elf that is forever fearless. You fear something as beautiful as I?" Selena began to move, her hands sinking in and out of the shadows, only showing her finger tips at every one time.

However, it seemed as if she never stayed in one place at a time. "They are here, my companions. Followers almost, they hide. Silently within the leaves. Can you see them?"

10/20/2008 . Edited 10/20/2008 #87
Bob Da Peach

"Liar" Musouka scoffed, she showed not a hint of the fear she felt. "You are alone. Did your companions leave you? Surely you arn't that horrendous to look upon?"

A slow grin spread across the elfs face, "Maybe those shadows in which you dwell hide a scarred beauty? Forever exiled by her kin?"

10/20/2008 #88
Graveside Rose

She laughed once more, continuing to circle slowly. "You may taunt, but I do not fret. They hide, quietly, silently. I walk, quietly but not silently."

A laughter rang through the leaves above.

10/20/2008 #89
Bob Da Peach

Chuckling lightly Musouka rolled her wrists in a full circle, blades slipping into her palms.

"I think not" She called, "my friends know their home and all that enter it".

10/20/2008 #90
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