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Graveside Rose

"Ahh yes." Selena stated, smiling slightly. "But who else calls here home? The birds will listen to us. Our of fear, respect or spite I do not know. But they do listen. After all, it is us who holds power over their homes. The mice will remain silent for we are the ones who feed their children. The trees provide solid soil for the worms to feed. We have the animals under our control. They will listen, we treat them kindly and in return they remain silent."

A mummer of agreement sounded over the trees.

"Unless it was maybe the trees, they disobeyed us once. We disciplined them for that. So, it couldn't have been them."

10/20/2008 . Edited 10/20/2008 #91
Bob Da Peach

(( ARGH!! *pulls hair out* ))

10/20/2008 . Edited 10/20/2008 #92
Jasion Drake


Eidren abruptly bolted, every leaf, branch and blade of grass whipping in his wake. His fear leant him strength, and as before, sporadic waves of druidic energy pulsated from him. The forest erupted as the trees whipped themselves into a frenzy and began to uproot themselves.

10/21/2008 #93
Graveside Rose

The fey's in the trees went to move. TO run after the elf that made his get away.

Selena however, thought otherwise. Lifting her hand she told her followers to stop. "Not yet."

10/21/2008 #94

Eilatan stood still, held by fear as a terror began to show on her face. She mentally scolded herself for being so stupid and unprofessional. She had never messed up this much in her life, and now was not the time to just stand and hope for the best to happen.

The male Elf had bolted, it seemed that he knew who the voice belonged to, and judging by the speed he was running, the owner was not to be trifled with. Earlier, she had strained her ears in an attempt to pinpoint the taunting voice, and had realised that this was not possible. Not for a human anyway.

Feeling the fear rise up in her, she acted on instinct, an impulse that told her to just do it, and ran. Acting on impulse is, admittedly, not always the wisest thing to do, and one would rarely catch Eilatan doing such a thing, but this one time, she seemed unable to do anything else.

Keeping ready for drawing weapons, she sped off, much faster than most humans could manage, though she knew it was foolish to think that her exceptional speed would be enough to save her from the surrounding danger.

10/22/2008 #95
Graveside Rose

Selena smiled and for once, made herself known. "Will you be departing to?" She asked the only remaning life form left.

10/22/2008 #96
Bob Da Peach

Flicking her hair over her back, Musouka scoffed.

"I do not find the need to run. You will hunt us down and kill each of us anyway, I rather stand and fight in conditions that I may set."

10/22/2008 #97
Graveside Rose

"Then set them." Selena grinned, leaning against the tree.

10/22/2008 #98
Bob Da Peach

Musouka let out a quick laugh, "No, I don't think I sall, you and your fellows will disregard them anyway, I am merely stating I rather stand and fight rather than be hunted through the forests like mere prey".

10/22/2008 #99
Graveside Rose

"But either way, you will be our pray." Selena stated. "I'm glad to see your smarts have not abadond you. I will allow you the first move."

the surrounding Fey's laughed as each and everyone jumped, creating a circle around the two in the centre.

10/22/2008 #100
Bob Da Peach

"Isee yor kind have not forgotten all honor. For that I am grateful," The elf stated as she guestured at the watching fae.

"but I fear my life may be exchanged for this show of honor."

'Maybe those two twats can escape with heir lives if I can stall long enough' Musouka thought as she raised her blades.

10/22/2008 #101

Running and running, the male elf was in sight now. They had been running mere seconds when she heard a disturbing laugh coming from the direction of the clearing. She knew how stupid her actions had been. Why run? She clearly wouldn't get anything out of it. She would soon just end up in a situation worse than the one she had just left

Her mind strayed back to the priceless artefacts in her bag. Only a couple of hours ago she was feeling the rush of pride that came with a successfully completed mission, and now she was running for her life from the murderous Fae. Things could change a lot in a short time.

The laugh ended, but she didn't need to look back to know that Musouka wasn't following, but others were, and they were travelling far quicker than she ever could. Things were going to get worse.

10/23/2008 #102
Jasion Drake

Eidren whirled, whites of his eyes showing in a frenzy. He gestured wildy, and trees crashed down behind him. He felt their lives snuff out in the verdant forces he wielded at them, and he would have felt guilty if he had any room for anything other than fear. The only thing worse than a Fae was one out for revenge.

10/26/2008 #103
Graveside Rose

Selena twitched and rounded on the now bound elf. "You may not be the elf I wish, but you were with him. And with what he's just done, if your at whatever important to him I will find a way to make him pay.

After a long, and extremly difficult battle, Selena had over powered the female Elf. Her followers now holding her at bay.

"Such a beautiful neck." Selena whispered, running her finger down the elfs neck. "I would love to see the blood flow from it."

10/27/2008 #104
Bob Da Peach

(( woah forgot I said you cold do that lol! ))

Musouka scowled angrilly at her captors.

"Wonderful." She growled, "Just wonderful"

10/27/2008 #105
Graveside Rose

Selena hissed. "The trees have been distoryed and with that a creature from this forest. He was with your group! Tell me his name! Where he is from! Where he was going! How to destory him!"

10/27/2008 #106
Bob Da Peach

Musouka growled softly under her breath.

"I don't even know his name! He intruded upon my camp and tried to take my chocobos fea--Karat!" The young elf broke off mid sentence suddenly panicked.

10/27/2008 . Edited 10/27/2008 #107
Graveside Rose

"None the less. You'll become a wonderful plaything until he returns." Selena hissed, pulling the elfs hair sharply back. "These wounds you gave me will not go unthanked."

Motoning, the Fellow Fey's took the elf away, making the elf one of the few Unfey or Human to ever enter their land.

10/27/2008 #108
Bob Da Peach

Regaining her composure over herself, Musouka turned slightly and whistled sharply, calling Karat to join her.

Not a few minutes into the denser parts of the forest did karat catch up, giving the fae a questioning look, before nuzzling his master and friend.

10/27/2008 #109

Eilatan let out a gasp of pain as she once again tried to pry the fallen trunk off her left leg. After failing to dodge the many falling trees, she had been knocked to the ground and pinned down by the thin, trunk of a Silver Birch. She swore. That thoughtless Elf had just destroyed all the surrounding trees, he had blocked the path to save himself without bothering to let her pass. Scowling, she continued to push on the wood as it released her leg little by little, ripping the fabric of her clothes and scraping off the skin on her leg as she did so.

Finally free, Eilatan grabbed the torn shreds of cloth, twisted them together and wrapped and tied it tightly around her leg, using it as a makeshift bandage. She added some extra fabric torn from her cloak to ensure minimum blood loss. Standing up, Eilatan strained her ears after hearing the voice of the fae once more, but it wasn't directed at her, it was to the female Elf she had left. Musouka. She felt a pang of guilt, she had just left her in the clearing. It would take a long time to get out, seeing as the most convenient path had been blocked, and knowing that, Eilatan made up her mind. Somewhere in the back of her head, she knew that this was another terrible, foolish and possibly life threatening idea, similar to her decision to camp in the forest at night.

However, she didn't listen to the voice that told her not to do it, and made her way, quietly back to the clearing.

10/29/2008 #110
Graveside Rose

The Feys moved back, each hissing but the one sholding onto the elf never let go.

"Call that beast bak." Selena hissed. "Or we will slay you where you stand."

10/29/2008 #111
Bob Da Peach

"No!" Musouka cried, "Karat...Karat listen please stay back...follow if you must but do not bother the Fae..."

Nuzzling her bird slightly the girl sighed.

"I will see you soon...please go now."

The large bird gave her master a slightly forlorn look before carefully backtracking through the angry fae.

10/30/2008 #112
Graveside Rose

Selena stood at her full height. "Take her to our Relem. The queen can decide what to do with this... elf." Her words were filled with such venum, it made even the other Fey shake,

10/31/2008 #113
Axel Scott

( it's been awhile... cloud.)

A shadow darted over the Fey and Elf and Human as the black winged messenger of Erzo flew overhead. He did not know much about Lord Erzo, but he knew that he wanted one of the elves dead. And he would not fail his master. He sliently dived at the elf, claws poised and eager to be introduced to the three's necks. After all, Lord Erzo also said to not be found out.

(miss me, anyone? welcome newbie. are you miss newbie or mister newbie?)

10/31/2008 #114
Jasion Drake

((OMG, YOU! I thought you dropped off the edge of the world or something.))

10/31/2008 #115
Axel Scott

((hehehe i did pretty much. i started high school. and got straight a's again. it's like, so getting old.))

10/31/2008 #116
Graveside Rose

Selena dodged, jumping into the trees behind her.

The other fey's scattered, hopeing to alert their Queen. A fae of true Power.


11/1/2008 #117
Bob Da Peach

(( * is still distracted by that first comment...* DAMN YOU FANGIRL-ISM!!!!))

Musouka cried out in alarm as all the fae around scattered, dropping to the ground just in time to dodge a pair of razor sharp talons. Karat sqawked in alarm from the back of their party and rushed foreward to protect the young elf.

11/1/2008 #118
Axel Scott

~From his lair~

Erzo gaped in mock surprise as he used his orb to watch the extent that his harpie would go to complete his orders. He wasn't worried though. As the holder of the black harpies' souls, if that one should fail... there would be no evidence he ever existed.

~while attacking the elf~

The harpie screeched, sending out an extremely high frequency sound designed to dizzy sentient beings. He dived at the elf again.

((Hehehehehe... so i take that as a yes. anyone else think i was dead?))

11/1/2008 #119

(( Hey there. It's a Miss newbie if that helps. Natalie is the name, unfortunately I am not very gifted in the art of picking a good user name. Hence the far from creative backwards thing I have here. Oh well. You were certainly gone for a long time, even Miss newbie noticed. Hehe.))

Having not been sure what she was going to do when she got back to the clearing, Eilatan was rather stunned when she came back to find a vicious Harpie launching itself at Musouka, while the Fey were scattered and sprawled, running and scrambling helter skelter in confusion.

Quickly grabbing a throwing star from her belt, Eilatan positioned herself and aimed at the Harpie, only to fall after being knocked by a scrambling Fey, and for a moment was lost in the commotion.

11/1/2008 #120
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