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Jasion Drake

Talk talk talk talk talk talk talk.

7/1/2008 . Edited 5/9/2009 #1
Jasion Drake

Bloody hell Axel. That was dead on what I thought the moonfolk would be like. Marvellous.

Ellie, us both being elves is gonna be funny as....

And Jess, what on earth is your Fey gonna be up to?


7/1/2008 #2
Axel Scott

Thank you, I hoped that's what ya meant. I'm like that a lot of the time, cept i don't lie to lie.

7/2/2008 #3
Jasion Drake

Hmm...I like to lie. I'm a terrible person.

7/2/2008 #4
Axel Scott

Hehe, don't worry bout it. I love being spiteful. We all have.... quirks. Hahaha....

7/2/2008 #5
Jasion Drake

Jess's quirk is to talk loudly in public.

The most heinous of all crimes...

7/3/2008 #6
Axel Scott

Did you see? Xanthee is evil!

7/3/2008 #7
Jasion Drake

Yus.....I'm a bit worried.

And OMG! OOGIE BOOGIE! That's so awesome.

7/4/2008 #8
Axel Scott

i'm rather happy. i'm a bad guy before all else. with three frags... you may need Drake to pop up again. Storm my dark fortress when i get the fourth shard! Bwahahahaha! And yes. Oogie boogie is awesome, slightly more so than Jack.

7/4/2008 #9
Graveside Rose

Yes, we all love evil Xanthee.

I think.

7/4/2008 #10
Jasion Drake No we don't.

7/4/2008 #11
Axel Scott

i do. i like having more powerful villains than heros. I like being the antihero the most though.... i think that is what Erzo is gonna end up as.

7/4/2008 #12
Graveside Rose

Ouch Jase.

7/5/2008 #13
Jasion Drake

Would it kill you to be nice for a change, Axel? Oh're a moonfolk. Fair call.

And Jess, I hate Xanthee for completely illogical reasons. She just annoys me. Don't ask me why.

7/5/2008 #14
Axel Scott

Yes. I really think it would. kill me to be nice that is.

7/5/2008 #15
Jasion Drake

I'd kill you if you were nice. It would be for the best.

7/5/2008 #16
Axel Scott

thank you. i still wanna be more of an anti-hero though.

7/5/2008 #17
Axel Scott

*raises hand* Question for Mr. Jason! Do moonfolk have wings? I would think they do... but then again I can see them not.... your world, isn't it?

7/10/2008 #18
Jasion Drake

You know, I hardly considered that. I don't think they do. Moonfolk are.....hmm. Hold on, I'll link you to a picture that more or less shows my mental image.

female. Probably not standard. Nice art though.

Male. THIS is what I see when I think moonfolk. This very picture. Go on that, and you're pretty spot on.

A lord. Possibly. It's all fairly open ended.

Of course, I'm open to suggestions. Moonfolk dwell amongst the clouds, so it's reasonable to suggest that they have control over the cloudscape utterly. Or, if they were to have wings, they would probably be of the gauzey, magical variety. But anyway, I appreciate your deference in this to me. It makes me feel.....powerful. :P


(P.S A post from Jess that needed NO editing at all? *cheers* YAY! IT WAS FLAWLESS!)

7/11/2008 #19
Bob Da Peach

lol i brougt chocobo's in *grins* and no i didn't make them up. Tough I prefer not to discose my source if you dont aready know where they are from. They are pretty much a bird in horse form...except they can jump really well and run reeaaally fast.

They warble and coo.

thats right. THats the noise they make.

7/11/2008 #20
Bob Da Peach in bird form...shhh i dnt bother editing this stuff! way to descrbe them is like an emu

7/11/2008 . Edited 7/11/2008 #21
Jasion Drake

"They warble and coo. That's right. That's the noise they make."

I loled water out of my nose. Thanks a lot.

7/11/2008 #22
Jasion Drake

And yes, lol is a verb now.

7/11/2008 #23
Bob Da Peach

*grins evilly*


i think jess is the only one who'll get that...and even then its not funny...

yeh well... that payback for all those random DP's that made me snort milo!!! *Shakes fist in jasons general direction*

7/11/2008 #24
Jasion Drake


7/11/2008 #25
Bob Da Peach


7/11/2008 #26
Axel Scott

My name is Cloud

I have a sword

I fight cactaurs

because I'm bored.

I like to ride

on chocobos

it's better than

having afroes

and when i go

into an inn

fifteen seconds

it's day again

and i will use

a phoenix down

so when i die

i will not frown

because i am cloud

my hairs defies all gravity

and i can't have too many po'shuns

or I might get cavities!

if i can't slice you,

then that's okay.

I'll use magic


I will defeat

that sephiroth

because he's not

David lee Roth!

(the Cloud song is uber.)

7/11/2008 #27
Graveside Rose

I'm meant to ask you something... Ummm....

With your character, the moonfolk guy.

Jason wants you to hint or something that your the one who's like bringing on all these 'coincerdences'.

I think/

7/11/2008 #28
Bob Da Peach


soz... :(

Man I love chocobo's...they is awesome...

Axel...I find the need to freak you out. My favourite pairing in FF VII is Sephiroth Cloud...THEY SO WANT EACHOVER IN DA PANTZ!!!

lol XD

7/12/2008 #29
Graveside Rose

FFVII... Hmmm... I rather enjoy a bit of Sephiroth cloud. They is good.

7/12/2008 #30
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