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Axel Scott

Sweet, I love being the evil mastermind. I'll go with that. But NOOOOO!!! It's all bout Aeris/Cloud and Yuffie/Vincent HA! Sephiroth and anyone seems to be out of character. Unless.... it's Zack or Genesis. He was still kinda normal back then....

7/12/2008 #31
Graveside Rose

Zack and cloud is cute.

But Zack and Aeris is the only true pairing.

7/12/2008 #32
Axel Scott

Pffft, whichever. BOOOO!!!!! Zack is, like, dead. And Aeris like, forgot about him in FFVII. But.... I also like the cloud/tifa though.... so I yield.

7/12/2008 #33
Bob Da Peach

gah no ways tifa's a pedo stalker.

Cloud and Sephiroth have so much history! If you knew the full story!!

grrr *sulks*

Vincent Yuffie is good is Cid Vincent...dnt was a side pairing in a story i was reading and i thought it was cyute

7/12/2008 #34
Jasion Drake

*sits in corner*

Sigh. I hate FF nerds.

7/13/2008 #35
Axel Scott

I do know most of the full story. Crisis Core. Genesis, and Angeal and Zack have a lot more history with Sephiroth than Cloud.

*sticks out tongue* but how the hell did we get to talking about this from from.... but Cid is a compulsive maniac abouyt the Highwind.

7/13/2008 #36
Graveside Rose

Join us Jason.

Its Bliss.

7/13/2008 #37
Axel Scott
is anyone here?
7/15/2008 #38
Graveside Rose

I am. Jason and Ellie are still asleep.

7/15/2008 #39
Axel Scott

i really wish i could sleep that late, what, elleven, twelve, w/o ma waking me up at like.... six. was just checking my MYSPACE! which is NOT evil!!!! haahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

7/15/2008 #40
Graveside Rose

.... Go stand in the corner

7/15/2008 #41
Bob Da Peach

Feck you's i was up til 6 in the morning!!!


7/15/2008 #42
Bob Da Peach

She kept ME up till 6 in the accursed morning too! So screw you!

((This is Jason, Ellie forgot to log out from my computer. Hehehehehe.))


7/16/2008 . Edited 7/16/2008 #43
Bob Da Peach

omg lol jason get off my acount!!!


7/16/2008 #44
Axel Scott


(i am soooo bored, and I am not a morning person. So i try my hardest to skip it altogether.)

7/16/2008 #45
Graveside Rose

You sound like Jason.

7/16/2008 #46
Bob Da Peach

now how the hell does that sound like jason?


7/17/2008 #47
Graveside Rose

The I'm not a morning person part FOOL!

Now reply in a topic!

7/17/2008 #48
Bob Da Peach

Lol jess that could be anyone in the group!

There posted...happy?

7/17/2008 #49
Graveside Rose

Jason will be.

Now... I can either wait for others to post. Or do a little time skip. Or have Selena in trouble for allowing one to escape.

7/17/2008 #50
Bob Da Peach

naw wait for jas... if he wants our characters can have a run in here...otherwise if not go ahead!


7/17/2008 #51
Graveside Rose


Will do.

7/17/2008 #52
Axel Scott

I am sooo not wierd. Yaller just jealous. Question~! What do you tink of if ya tink of America?

7/17/2008 #53
Graveside Rose

What do we think of America?

7/17/2008 #54
Axel Scott

yeah. don't worry bout offending me or anything, i'm just curious.

7/17/2008 #55
Graveside Rose

I don't like 'em. Not everyone from America just... majority.

7/17/2008 #56
Axel Scott

didn't think America was that popular. we're a buncha fat, lazy, whiners. But, we're the best whiners in the world, so thats okay.

7/17/2008 #57
Graveside Rose

And australias the fattest contrey in the world.

7/17/2008 #58
Axel Scott

Damnit! I thought we still had that title.... must eat more bacon!!! *rolling with laughter on the inside about how odd this conversation must sound*

7/17/2008 #59
Graveside Rose

EAT IT!!!!!!!!!!

7/17/2008 #60
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