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Graveside Rose


7/19/2008 . Edited 7/19/2008 #1
Graveside Rose

"Why isn't it doing anything?!" She yelled in frustration as the stone flew out of the mans hand and hit a tree.

7/19/2008 #2
Axel Scott

"Frusteration. Anger. Just like fire. But a wildfire devours everything in it's path. Control your temper, and the power is yours to command.

7/19/2008 #3
Graveside Rose

"I need a hairtie." Grace said, looking around./

7/19/2008 #4
Axel Scott

"Gimme a minute." Faestus said, flyng towards to house. He came out a moment later with several different ones, "I like being prepared."

7/19/2008 #5
Graveside Rose

"Thanks. I nly needed one through." She said, blushinjg slightly as she took it and tied bac her red hair.

7/19/2008 #6
Axel Scott

"I enjoy my job, are you almost ready to try again?" the angel stated with an air of arrogance.

7/19/2008 #7
Graveside Rose

"AM I ready? No."

7/19/2008 #8
Axel Scott

"Okay," he said leaning against a tree. "I'm ready when you are."

7/19/2008 #9
Graveside Rose

Grace began to breath deeply. Trying to focus everything she had onto it.

((I g2g soon. Work. But only 4 hours))

7/19/2008 #10
Axel Scott

(again, I'll be on for awhile.)

7/19/2008 #11
Graveside Rose

((I have like 10 minutes left. Also leave grace alone for awhile.))

7/19/2008 #12
Axel Scott

(got ya. have the boy... greed... i forget his name... walk into the house.)

Iris sat kneeled by the fireplace, eyes closed and hands over her heart.

7/19/2008 #13
Graveside Rose

Kazza walked into the house, finding outside to be boring.

((I'm doing the whole she'll try and try and try then realize the less power she uses the more effective it is.))

7/19/2008 #14
Axel Scott

(do you watch Naruto?)

Iris murmured as she prayed.

7/19/2008 #15
Graveside Rose


Kazza rose his eyebrow. What was she doing?

7/19/2008 #16
Axel Scott

Iris's eyes sudden;ly opened, to reveal that they where entirely brown and glossy looking. She stood up and pulled her hands apart. Her eyes returned to normal, and she turned to kazza.


7/19/2008 #17
Graveside Rose

"Ahh.. Whta are you doing?" He asked.

((g2g. Be back in 4-5 hours))

7/19/2008 #18
Axel Scott


"Repenting. Anything on your mind?" she asked sounding as if she had just woken up.

7/19/2008 #19
Jasion Drake

((When you guys reach the 5th page or so, I think you should delete the original RP place and Jess should rename this one. Should make things a bit neater))

7/19/2008 #20
Axel Scott

(laughs maniacally. I NEED TO SEE THE DARK KNIGHT!!!!!!!)

7/19/2008 #21
Graveside Rose

Kazza laughed. "Got any photos around here?"

((Did't do much for me))

7/20/2008 #22
Axel Scott

(sorry, the email thing didn't get sent, but you saw it!!! how was Joker?)

"No. Photos are a human thing, we demons use the third eye."

7/20/2008 #23
Graveside Rose

((Damn email things out of wack. Hope your still on. The jokers ok.))

"I wanna see these pople I keep hearing about. Kryu. Xanthee. The spirits. What their relationships were together."

7/20/2008 #24
Axel Scott

(yeah i'm on i heard Keith Leger was awesom)

"Well thats not how the third eye works," she said.

7/20/2008 #25
Graveside Rose

((I'm so sad he's dead.))

Kazza walked over to her. "Can I see?"

7/20/2008 #26
Axel Scott

"Fine, it's mental pistures. I can show you Kryu and Xanthee, but that's all i've seen," she replied, placing a hand on the boys head. the sillouette of an eye opened in her shadow, and Kazza was given three visuals, one of just Kryu, one of just Xanthee, and the one with gim pulling her leg out of the building.

7/20/2008 #27
Graveside Rose

Kazza nodded. "What do you know of their relationships?"

7/20/2008 #28
Axel Scott

"They were close. Kryu died saving her, and he also talked very highly of her. But that's all I know," Iris said, holding back one tiny srap of knowledge. The boy need not know everything, after all.

7/20/2008 #29
Graveside Rose

Kazza nodded. "I could use their looks."

7/20/2008 #30
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