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Axel Scott

"I wouldn't. Shanti would kill you,"

7/20/2008 #31
Graveside Rose

"Why?" He rose an eyebrow.

7/20/2008 #32
Axel Scott

"Shanti was Xanthee's familiar. He might not care if you used Kryu though... but... he might. I don't know. I didn't hear much of that story."

7/20/2008 #33
Graveside Rose

"They could come in useful..." He mumbled as he began to chnage and took on teh look of Kryu.

7/20/2008 #34
Axel Scott

"You ned to work on that one," Iris said, pointing a dozen tiny flaws, such as the eyes were the wrong shade, he had a hair right here, not there, etc.

7/20/2008 #35
Graveside Rose

Kazza returned to normal. "I still did pretty well."

7/20/2008 #36
Axel Scott

"Yeah.. i guess." she said, still quite proud of being able to tell the real Kryu from a thousand ninja, "Wait, is your mimicry only total, or can it be partial?"

7/20/2008 #37
Graveside Rose

"Partial to."

7/20/2008 #38
Axel Scott

"So you could have bear claws, eagle wings, a jaguar tail, and meercat head, all at the same time, huh?" she asked, feeling random.

7/20/2008 #39
Graveside Rose

He looked at her strangly. "If I wanted."

7/20/2008 #40
Axel Scott

"How bout a penguin that can explode?"

7/20/2008 #41
Graveside Rose

"What ya pitchin?"

7/20/2008 #42
Axel Scott

"An exploding penguin." she repeated.

(ahhh... need sleep..... falling asleep at desk...)

7/20/2008 #43
Graveside Rose

((Awww man.))

Kazza sighed and walked away

7/20/2008 #44
Axel Scott

Iris smiled and walked into the kitchen, drinking three glasses of sulphur.

7/20/2008 #45
Graveside Rose

"OI! Do I have a room or something?!" KAzza yelled after her.


Grace stared at the stone for what was beginning to feel like hours. Still nothing was happening and it was drivivng her inscane!

7/20/2008 #46
Axel Scott

(may have little to no contact with a computer for a about a week and a half)

Iris smiled before clapping her hands to tthe wall. A room grew out of the ground, attatching itself to the amalgam house. A doorway opened by the dining room.


This is taking a while... i'll try this, Faestus thought.

"Wow. You do not want to go back to Iris's method, do you?"

7/21/2008 #47
Graveside Rose

((Wow... Poor you.))

Kazza looked surprised and a little freaked out. "Ahh... Thanks." She entered the doorway.


Grace waved him off. "Shhhhhhh. Crazy person. I'm close to something."

7/21/2008 #48
Jasion Drake

((Jess, if you don't post on Single RP soon, even if it just to pass, I'm going to disembowel you.))

Drake rolled his eyes, even though he tingled a bit at Kat's arms around him. "Be that as it may....surely we could be doing something more important then hurling beverages at one another."

7/26/2008 #49
Axel Scott

"Ask if you need anything in the room," Iris called, sipping the sulfur.


Faestus grew silent, watching the child work.

8/4/2008 #50
Graveside Rose

"Yeah...." He muttered.


grace looked harder and before she knew it. It exploded. She squeeled and covered her face.

8/4/2008 #51
Axel Scott

Iris simply laughed.


"Excellent." he held another pinecone. "Do it again. You're starting to get."

8/4/2008 #52
Graveside Rose

Kazza sat in the room and looked around it.


Grace bit her lip. "It might blow up again."

8/4/2008 #53
Axel Scott

"That;s the point, dear girl." he said firmly.

8/4/2008 #54
Graveside Rose

"I don't want it to blow up.." Grace mumbled.

8/4/2008 #55
Axel Scott

"Then make it move,"

8/4/2008 #56
Graveside Rose

Grace sighs deeply as she focouses on the pinecone.

8/4/2008 #57
Axel Scott

"Ya like it Kazza?" Iris called.

8/4/2008 #58
Graveside Rose

"Why do you care?" Kazza yelled.


The pinecone rose. Grace grinned and it fell. "I did it!"

8/4/2008 #59
Axel Scott

"Teehee. Just wondering. You looked shocked when I made it, that's all." she answered, giggling.


Faestus smiled.

"Good job, child. Would you like to keep going? Or take a break?"

8/4/2008 #60
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