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Graveside Rose

((Soz for the late reply. Mum took over.))

"Yeah. I was shocked." Kazza said.


"What should I do?" Grace asks.

8/5/2008 #61
Axel Scott

(s' fine.)

"Alchemy is very powerful."


"It's your choice, child."

8/5/2008 #62
Graveside Rose

"Seemed like you were misusing your pwer." Kazza admits.


"Should I?" She asked, looking into his eyes.

8/5/2008 #63
Axel Scott

"Uh uh. I provided a sleeping space for a human. That makes it go~od." iris called.


"Again, it's up to you. I offered you the choice because Iris's thing is you set out, and don't stop until it's done."

8/5/2008 #64
Graveside Rose

"Human... who si human now days." Kazza muttered, playing with his shoe.


"Can I go home now?" grace asks.

8/5/2008 #65
Axel Scott

Iris giggled, and drained the rest of the sulphur.


Faestus raised an eyebrow.

"Your old home, or the tree house?"

8/5/2008 #66
Graveside Rose

Kazza exited his room.


"My home." Grace said.

8/5/2008 #67
Axel Scott

"I repeat the question. I don't know what you think of as your home." Faestus replied.


"Need something?" Iris asked.

8/5/2008 #68
Graveside Rose

"My home... is my home. My place, somehwere that doesn't belong to other people. Its my home." Grace said.


"A drink? Got any hard liqure?"

8/5/2008 #69
Axel Scott

"Do you know where it is?" Faestus asked.


Iris frowned.

"No. Minors can't drink. It's a rule."

8/5/2008 #70
Graveside Rose

"Of course. I'll be going now." Grace said, standing.


"Oh come on." Kazza begged.

8/5/2008 #71
Axel Scott

"You know where we are. If anything happens... well, here," he said, plucking a feather from his wing, "If anything happens, wave that and I'll know. The enemy may come for you." he said solemnly, " and one last thing. Be back tommorrow to continue. Refrane from practicing on your own,"


"No. No./ and no. It's a rule. How bout hard apple cider?"

8/5/2008 #72
Graveside Rose

"Sometimes it goes out of control." Grace says, putting the feather behind her ear.


"Fuck it. I'll get it myself." Kazza says, jumping down te tree.

8/5/2008 #73
Axel Scott

"As long as it doesn't atract bad juju." Faestus said seriously.


Iris clapped her hands and the earth around Kazza turned to steel and trapped his legs. She walked to the window.


8/5/2008 #74
Graveside Rose

"Whatever that is." Grace walked off.


He struggled, trying to get his legs out. "Let go of me you witch!"

8/5/2008 #75
Axel Scott

"Okay, see ya tommorrow." Faestus said He walked back over to the tree house to find Kazza stuck, and Iris shaking her finger at him

"That wasn't nice. And you can't drink. You're underage."

8/5/2008 #76
Graveside Rose

"I can make myself look older!" kazza insisted. "Fuck this. If this is the way I'm gonna be treated I quit."

8/5/2008 #77
Axel Scott

Faestus sighed.

"Just let the boy go. Here, i'll take you, okay?"

8/5/2008 #78
Graveside Rose

"Let go of me you witch!" Kazza snarled.

8/5/2008 #79
Axel Scott

"Fine. He's under your watch, Faestus." she clapped her hands and the steel turned back into earth. faestus walked over.

"Come with me, and i'll get you whatever drink you want."

8/5/2008 #80
Graveside Rose

"Whatever." Kazza mumbled, walking off.

8/5/2008 #81
Axel Scott

Faestus sighed and walked towards the spring, not really caring if the boy was following him. He needed something with caffeine himself.

8/5/2008 #82
Graveside Rose

Kazza however didn't. he walked down the street to the liqure store. His first mistake.

Kazza was dragged into an allyway by someone who held no face for it was covered by a cloak. "Made up your mind boy?"

8/5/2008 #83
Axel Scott

Fasestus stopped in mid step. he had forgotten to give the boy a feather. He immdiantly ran back to the tree house.

"Hey Iris! Where's the boy?!" he called.

"He was in your charge. i don't know."

8/5/2008 #84
Graveside Rose

Kazza groaned as his head hit the back of the wall. "Y-Yeah..."

"And your choice is?" The cloaked man asked.

"My side."

8/5/2008 #85
Axel Scott

Faestus ran towards the town. He couldn't sense anything. That could only mean one thing. They were already here. He quickened his pace.

8/5/2008 #86
Graveside Rose

"The side you choose will be the one you will stay on. Choose the side who will not chain you down."The claked man growled, placing his hand around Kazzas neck.

Kazza began to hold a soft glow to him. His eyes poped open... His life force... it was fading.

"Make the right choice."

8/5/2008 #87
Axel Scott

"Stop. Demon." Faestus said, finally finding the boy near the liquor store.

8/5/2008 #88
Graveside Rose

The cloak man turned and growled with who he saw. "You just don't die do you?"

8/5/2008 #89
Axel Scott

"I don't recall ever meeting you." Faestus replied coldly.

8/5/2008 #90
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