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"She hits everyone take no offence..." Duncan said flatly. Tori gasped, "It speeks!"

8/6/2008 #211
Graveside Rose

"Yeah but I don't know her." Grace said, rubbing the back of her head. "And I don't like being hit."

8/6/2008 #212

He stood up and stretched, "Sorry about that...Guess should've warned you..." he still sounded distant but at least he was up. "Wow...His kindness got him up....Lucky! I'll just hit someone to get him up!"

8/6/2008 #213
Graveside Rose

"I'm going to go now..." Grace said, picking up her bag and turning to walk away.

8/6/2008 #214

"Wait! At least tell us your name! I'm Tori. And my lazy ass brother over here is Duncan."

8/6/2008 #215
Graveside Rose

"I-I'm Grace." She said, looking behind her.

8/6/2008 #216

"Nice...Meeting you grace." Duncan siged. Tori siged again, "Damn him going back to his own world."

8/6/2008 #217
Graveside Rose

Grace smiled slightly. "Same to you." She walked away.

8/6/2008 #218

"Come on lazy butt we're goin' swimmin'!" Tori shouted grabbing his hand and trying to tug him away with little success. BUt she was getting himt o move.

8/6/2008 #219
Graveside Rose

Grace dropped a photo, she turned to pick it up.

(Brb, dinner))

8/6/2008 #220

(Ok but i may not be on)

"Come on!" she yelled and fell over, "Ow..."

8/6/2008 #221
Graveside Rose

((And now I need to go take a shower.))

Grace picked up the photo and shoved it into her pocket before walking back on her original path.

8/6/2008 #222

(ok and now i have to go bye!^^)

SHe stood up, "Why won't you move!" she kicked him in the head and and it sent him flying so far he went over Grace's head and into a near bye tree which knocked it over, "Ow." he said rubbing his head.

8/6/2008 #223
Graveside Rose

Grace began to freak. Maybe these two were part of that cloaked group.

She turned and ran.

8/6/2008 #224

"Oi what's with you?!" Tori said, "Wierd one she is..." "Your one to talk." Duncan grumbled.

(last post night^^)

8/6/2008 . Edited 8/6/2008 #225
Graveside Rose

Grace ran into an allyway and breathed deep. Placing her hand on her chest she turned.

A hand covered her mouth. Silencing her scream as she was dragged further down into the allyway.

8/6/2008 #226

Duncan looked up at Tori, "Apologize." he said flatly, "To you?!" she asked shocked. He shook his head, "No to that girl...Go find her and apologize or I swear not to move from this spot." she siged, "I hate you..." she grumbled and stomped off to go find her curseing under her breath.

8/6/2008 #227
Graveside Rose

A figure grabbed Grace around the neck. The girl began to glow, it was... beautiful to look at. But deadly, her life force was being sucked out.

8/6/2008 #228

"Oi Grace! Where are you baka-girl?!" Tori called looking for her. She felt an odd serge of power near by, "What's this?" she thought and siged, "I don't wanna get involved..." she pouted, "But if someone dies Duncan will blame me..." she headed for the source.

8/6/2008 #229
Graveside Rose

Grace gulped for air, she could feel it leaving her body.

The figure just smirked, if you could see its smirk under the cloak.

8/6/2008 #230

Tori ran into an ally and saw a figure holding Grace up by the throat, "What the Hell?!?!"

8/6/2008 #231
Graveside Rose

Grace struggled against it, clawing it its arm until finally. A bin rolled over, ebverythingin that allyway began to move.

"Your strong." The figure grinned before letting her drop.

8/6/2008 #232

"What the Hell is going on!?! Don't ignore me!"

8/6/2008 #233
Graveside Rose

Grace fell to the ground, gasping for breath.

The figure grinnd and turned. "You know who I am." It rushed forward before, diseapring through her. Giving her a good look at its face.

((Something she knew that was dead. COuld be anyone))

8/6/2008 #234

She ran over to her, "Grace!" she said worried, "Grace come on are you ok?!"

8/6/2008 #235
Graveside Rose

Grace looked up and sqeecked, moving back away from the girl.

8/6/2008 #236

"Grace what's wrong?! Are you hurt?"

8/6/2008 #237
Graveside Rose

"F-f-fine. I'm fine."

8/6/2008 #238

"Come on let me at least Examine you. That wierd guy did something to you. Come here so I can make sure your not poisoned or something."

8/6/2008 #239
Graveside Rose

"I'm-I'm fine!" Grace insisted.

((G2g. Mind maters))

8/6/2008 #240
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