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(k bye^^)

She siged, "Come Grace. Please. You helped me out...Sorta but yeah let me at least return the favor.'

8/6/2008 #241
Graveside Rose

"No, no. I'm fine. I really am." Grace grabbed her bags and ran.

8/6/2008 #242

"Hey!" she ran after her.

8/6/2008 #243
Graveside Rose

Grace stopped and turned around. "Why do you keep following me?"

8/6/2008 #244

"Cause I wanna help! And Duncan will kill me if I don't!"

8/6/2008 #245
Graveside Rose

"Why do you want to help me?"

8/6/2008 #246

"Cause I'm kinda grateful to you and I already told you Duncan will kill me if I don't anyway so it's like killing two birds with one stone you know?"

8/6/2008 #247
Graveside Rose

((Soz about the late reply. had to do something.))

"Why would he care?"

8/6/2008 #248

(no worries^^)

"Cause he cares about everyone."

8/7/2008 #249
Graveside Rose

Grace bit her lip and looked away. "I need to get going."

8/7/2008 #250

SHe siged, "Fine...Anyway thanks for helping...And sorry about hitting you."

8/7/2008 #251
Graveside Rose

Grace just turned, her firy weist langth red hair blowing behind her as she walked away.

8/7/2008 #252


8/7/2008 #253
Graveside Rose

Finding a seat in the aprk no-one was occupying Grace sat down, she pulled the feather out of her hair... did she really wanna go there?

8/7/2008 #254

She siged and went looking for Duncan.

8/7/2008 #255
Graveside Rose

Grace sat up, she tied her hair back andput the feather in the p[ony tail. She looked around.


Kazza was walking through the park,, trying different looks.

8/7/2008 #256

(got to go bye^^)

She found Duncan sitting back down and siged, "I apologized happy?" he nodded, "Yeah."

8/7/2008 #257
Graveside Rose

Kazza turned into Xanthee.

8/7/2008 #258

"So what now?" She asked sighing. He shrugged, "I don't know it was your idea to get me up..." she siged and slapped her forhead, "Your useless you know that?"

8/7/2008 #259
Graveside Rose

Kazza walked through a park, tinkering with the little things.


Grace sat in a pakr, pulling out her money and counting how much she had.

8/7/2008 #260

"Wait i got an idea. To the park!"

Tori dragged Duncan to the park with her.

8/7/2008 #261
Graveside Rose

Kazza looked into the fountain at himself, did he look like her?

Grace sighed and looked around, maybe it wasn't the best idea to leave.

8/8/2008 #262
Jasion Drake

((Is this forum going to move at all?))

8/29/2008 #263
Graveside Rose

((I need to do something with Shanti...))

8/29/2008 #264
Graveside Rose

A small tabby like cat stood on a cliff over looking the world below.

Flames. Flames seemed to consume every man woman and child as the building blazed. A fire lit by their own passions. Passions of humans and lives.

Shanti sighed, was this what the world would become? A flaming wreck cuased by the very people who sought shelter within it?

8/29/2008 #265
Jasion Drake

((Eww, what godawful spelling of the word 'caused'. The way you wrote it makes it sound....moist.))

Drake opened his eyes.

His first thought was Oh god, not this again.

His second was to take stock of his body. Arms, limbs, all seemed to be in order.

His third was to have a quick look at his surroundings. Unsurprisingly, he was on a rooftop, and it was raining.

He rolled his eyes, and briefly wondered what had caused it this time.

He also wondered what had happened to Kat. For some reason they had been seperated, clearly, but as always in this situation he couldn't remember the past month or two. The last thing he recalled was having a drink poured on his head, or something.

Sighing, he found the fire escape. Nothing to do but set out again.

8/30/2008 #266
Graveside Rose

of course Shanti grew bored of this and with a simple closing of eyes appeared again in the world of now.

Streets were alive, people were ignoring each other and cats simply could not have an easy time when trying to escape... Or rather walk.

Red haired girls sat in parks counting coins were as crazy named males tried to look older in hopes of buying that bottle of liquor.

8/30/2008 #267
Jasion Drake

((Uh, kay?))

8/31/2008 #268
Bob Da Peach

((is happilly oblivious to everything that has happened so far))

Sitting on a beach, staring out at th setting sun in the distance Kat sighed blissfully.

"Quite...nice" she murmered, sipping her coconut drink.

9/10/2008 #269
Bob Da Peach

(( no-one has answered her quite depressed now... ))

9/12/2008 #270
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