A Sci-fi RP for any body who wants in! Welcome to any and all, welcome to a forum where the only rule is "have fun"!.
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Hey everyone! If you're new to this and are interested, post over here to say what type of character you are. For example, an alien who's the king of a world. Of course, with that comes limitations. Here's the basic rules:

1) ALL characters need approval, but I won't be completely anal. If you post your chara, and none of the mods approve it for a week or so, go ahead and post.

2) There are limitations on what happens. I'm going to post different topics about the world and stuff. remember: the admins are your new gods.

3) NO GOD-MODDING. EVER. This means no taking control of anyone else's characters, simply saying that something has no effect on you because of an item or ability that you never mentioned, or ignoring the effects of something completely.

3)Have fun! that's the main point of this forum!

Live forever, or die trying!! ~TwinDeath

P.S: Language is not a problem here but just don't harass people. Thanks!!

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awilla the hun

((Whilst I do not belong to any steampunk groups, I do own and play Rise of Legends, and like the Vinci very much. I also decided to go over the top without going into sci fi cliche.))

Name: Baron Fitzroy Gerald-Stoker of Uxbridge upon Nigh

Age: It is rude of you to ask, sir. (23.)

Appearance: Often wearing a very smart suit and top hat, albiet dirtied due to his work. Massive, lamb chop sideburns and moustache (brown.)

Bio: Inherited the Stoker foundry due to being the cousin of the first owner, and has since then been trying to improve his company's technology. Of course, as he spends most of his time wondering the galaxy, seeking fame and fortune amongst the stars, he does not work very hard on it. His first talent is that of an inventor, his second is of using inventions, and his third is running a business. After that comes socialising.

Equipment: Large tool box containing various bits of kit he's picked up over the years for helping him to make and modify machinery.

Pipe and tobacco (obviously.) Lighter. Silver Hip Flask. Pocket watch. Binoculars. Monocular with night vision lens. Monocle with aiming crosshairs on it. Microscope. Hand cranked electronic lantern.

And, as for actual weaponry...

-Small, six barelled rocket firing revolver (just for those occasions when he's out and about.)

(The rest is when he is expecting trouble, and all can be packed in one improbably small case. Improbably small meaning one extremely large packing case.)

-Gerald-Stoker's portable cannon of unpercieved, and yet very lethal bereavment (packed up in a suitcase.)

-Whitley and Pratt's hand held explosive devices.

-Enfield and Harvey's Repeating Steam Powered Rifle of Exceptionally Dangerous Capacity. Underslung rocket projector included.

Other stuff that I can think up (involving various steam, clockwork, blackpowder, lens and other such steampunk related gadgets.) And before anyone shouts about rockets, please remember that these are extremely basic things, rather like tiny fireworks. And his arsenal can, and will probably be adjusted by me.

4/14/2008 . Edited 4/14/2008 #2

Okay, quick character before bed!

Name: Tejarcson 'Tej' Mey (Or just Tej-Mey)

Race: Alien race called the Skaheel, evolved from the regular Skanteel of my little alternate dimension (Or ghost fish).

Age: ~35

Height: 230cm, just over average height.

Weight: ~98kg

Physical description: Tall and lithe, common for his race. His body is covered in thin, flexible and shining light blue scales which aren’t that hard to pierce. He has no hair or fur and four thin slits where his nose should be (They are used for breathing underwater) and a large always open hole serves as his mouth. It is usually covered by a mask of some sort. He doesn’t use his mouth for talking, as the structure is rigid and restricts movement. Instead he has a wrist device that translates his thoughts into words. This however is not as good as it people might think it is, as it translates every single thought. This is why he almost always tells the truth, as it is kind of hard not to. Two slightly large black eyes have a thin layer of slime that allows him to see under water. He has claws and slightly webbed feet and hands. He smells through his hands by touch which is why he usually wears gloves. And finally, ears on either side of head, two small holes.

Personality: Lazy, mild mannered, aloof but obedient.

Occupation: Entertainer/acrobat.

Weapons: Claws if need be.

Fighting style: Self defence. Try and hit them where it is going to affect them most.

Abilities: Intelligent, flexible, swift swimmer and runner and awesome listener.

Special Abilities: Swimming!

Weaknesses: Dry climates, dry weather, high-pitched/really loud sounds (he just really hates them and they confuse him easily. He has very sensitive hearing. Spicy food, alcohol and writing. He can’t write.

Other: He loves reading!

4/14/2008 #3
Both are approved, and they look great. I would recomend getting a sort of "spaceport bar" setting going, where our chara's can mingle until further notice...
4/15/2008 #4

Well this is close enough to being finished...

Name: Vyx Fowler

Nickname: ...hmmm.. none so far...

Race: Human, at least once apon a time... now is an android more than anything.

Age: not accurately known

Gender: Female

Height: 5'

belief/religion: none, save for being a realist

Hobby: reading, programming, surfing the web

Eyes: Ice blue eyes

Hair: Blonde hair that barely reachs her shoulders.

Basic desription: before you stands a barely noticable woman, maybe a teenager, that looks pretty but is not exactly beautiful, though her ice blue eyes that seem not to register anything detract somewhat from this.

Zodiac: gemini

Blood type: none

Family Background: Unknown

Birthplace: Unknown

Home: None

History: Very little is known by anyone except for her, especially since all her friends/family are dead. Though she has been involved in various illegal acts, and thankfully was never caught or even implicated in the crimes.

Possessions: mechanical body, a private bank account with a large amount of money that has accumulated over the years

Pets: none

Likes: being alone, the web,

Dislikes: talking to biologicals(they talk soooo slowly!!)

Fears: death

Goals: living for as long as possible

Occupation: freelance programmer/hacker, sometimes works as a stockbroker

Favorite food: none

Least favorite food: none

Prized possessions: her mechanical body


-Physical: Strong, extremely good eyesight, fast, pistol rounds and knives have little effect on her, shifting(changing hair color, length, eye color, facial structure, skin color)

-Psionic: none that are currently known

weaknesses: ... no protection from weapons that are above pistols, repairs can be expensive, not socially adept.

4/15/2008 #5
awilla the hun

Not you again... (I don't mind really.)

4/15/2008 #6

Approved. this should really take off soon, as i will post my chara...

4/15/2008 #7
awilla the hun

This is the character from the strange world devoted to "The Fiction Press."

Name: Hun

Age: Unconfirmed Adolescent

Appearance: (censored.) But it would be funny if your characters were to take guesses and make allusions to it.

Abilities: Writing very poorly.

Role: To die in a spectacular and bloody manner so as everyone can shout "Oh my god! They killed Hun!"

((He will most likely never feature in anything.)

4/19/2008 #8


approved. you're insane, but approved.

4/19/2008 #9

NAME: Meta Were

RACE: Unclassifiable

AGE: 37

HEIGHT: 6' 2"

OCCUPATION: Mercenary, ‘Any Job, Any Time’

APPEARANCE: Meta’s Appearance is constantly changing as he adds or subtracts parts of his DNA or cybernetic implants. Currently, he has a shaved head with a dark complexion. His eyes glow a subtle green thanks to the implants behind them. Also, Meta appears slightly overweight, but this is only due to the reactive armor that was placed under his skin.

OBJECTS IN POSSESSION: Meta’s main weapon is an extremely large, 30 round clip, fully automatic shotgun with an underslung grenade launcher that he refers to occasionally as 'Sasha'. He also has many knives, thieving and hacking tools, several grenades, and a few machine pistols. He wears heavy clothes and armor, typically black with strange designs crossing the fabric.

FIGHTING STYLE: Meta will take any amount of punishment, but prefers to simply blow up anything in his path, often preemptively.

BIO: Meta was an orphan who killed the head of the orphanage when he was ten, after the head attempted to molest him. He has no clue who his parents were, but continues to look for them, having disappeared into thin air after his first murder. He seeks constantly to be the best, and taught himself to be one of the top geneticists and cybernetic technicians in the universe. Whenever he encounters a new alien race or piece of technology, he samples from it, adding any useful sections to himself.

SHIP: Under years of additions and upgrades is the shell of a Pegasus freighter, one that had been altered so much that even the designer of the original could not have recognized it. An engine bank that is large enough to move an asteroid protrudes from the back, the hulking thrusters holding an air of swift and brutal power. Close to twenty gigantic railguns cover the hull, along with several missile systems. No less than five different sensor spike clusters arevisible, spaced evenly around the hull. Scarred armor coats the ship, and eight strange looking cannons are mounted in a ring around the front. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the DarkSteel.

OTHER: FOR HIRE by anyone and anything, for anything.

(If anyone notices any particular problems with him, say so. I realize that he's a bit powerful, but tough. this is my forum, I AM GOD!!!)

4/19/2008 . Edited 5/16/2008 #10

Nawr, I think he looks fun.

4/19/2008 #11

Xeno Squad

Xeno squad is a squad of four soldiers from the planet Araz-Xel. They are under th command of Abinu Nojaba. Other than him the squad consists of Sarah,Brent, and Vester. They are the last survivors of the original company E of Abinu's army that overthrew the government. Once the E company had been almost destroyed they were formed into a elite commando squad. They continued to fight in the war till the bitter end, overthrowing the dictatorship in place. By the end of the war they are practically brothers, though after five years Abinu left the planet, and shortly afterward Xeno Squad decided to come find him. When Everyone else meets Abinu the squad has yet to find him.

NAME:Abinu Nojaba



HEIGHT:6' 3"

OCCUPATION:Mercenary with some morals

APPEARANCE:Normal whiteish tan human, with bright blue hair and eyes. Some what muscular looking.

OBJECTS IN POSSESSION:Main weapon is a laser rifle with scope. He also has a heavy pistol, knives and grenades. He wears medium armor but is covered by a cloak so all of the armor you can see is his boots, gloves and helmet. HIs helmet covers his entire face (what good would it do otherwise) and has targeting and other sensors equipped to it.

Also has a star fighter. To see picture go to

BIO: Abinu lived on a rmote mining planet with his mother and father. They ran a very successful operation witch gave them lots of money and fame. When a rouge group of smugglers/pirates attacked his home, and killed his parents, he had to live in the wilderness for five years. He finally made his way back home and found the government over thrown and his family line hunted. At the age of fifteen he helped over throw the new government and get his money back. Unfortunany his lands were destroyed and all that was left was portable property. Enough property ,though, to finance his way into mercenary work. During the rebellion on his planet the men who killed his parents escaped so Mr. Nojaba would not mind finding them and killing them.


NAME: Vester Ai

RACE: Human

AGE: 24

OCCUPATION: Mercenary with morals

APPEARANCE: Tan male, red hair and red eyes

OBJECTS IN POSSESION: Main weapon is a laser rifle. He also carries a blaster pistol and assorted grenades. Vester is the techy of his squad so his armor has some of the most advanced sensors of the day. In his kit he has slicer and other electronic equipment. He wears armor like Abinu but no cloak and as Abinu’s is blue and black Vesster’s is black and red.

BIO: Vester lived Araz-Xel, The same planet that Abinu lived on. He lived on a farm with his three brothers. When Abinu led the revolt to over throw the government Vester and two of his brothers left. They were separated into different companies and Vester never saw them again. As the war progressed the entire company was destroyed except for Vester and three others, Abinu, Sarah, and Brent. At the end of the war Abinu stayed with Vester, Sarah, and Brent, but after five years had to leave. Recently Sarah has led the group to go join him in his adventures.


NAME: Sarah Lockson

RACE: Human

AGE: 30

OCCUPATION: Mercenary with morals.

APPEARANCE: White male with brown eyes and hair. If you see his face he has a beard.

OBJECTS IN POSSESION: Being the sniper of the group he cares a high-powered laser repeating sniper rifle. His helmet has advanced targeting sensors. He is also the medic so his kit also contains an advanced medical pack and tools. His armor is like the rest of the squad but tinted yellow.

BIO: Sarah grew up on Araz-Xel with only a sister. His family have a very long line of doctors in them so at the age of five Sarah saved his first patient. He is a prodigy in the way of medicine and other medical things. When the war started he joined Abinu’s company and survived the fight that destroyed almost his entire company. He then is always looking out for the well being of his squad.


NAME: Brent Russell

RACE: Human

AGE: 25

OCCUPATION: Mercenary with morals

APPEARANCE: whitish tan male with green hair and eyes. When armor is off looks very muscular.

OBJECTS IN POSSESION: Being the heavy weapons expert Brent carries a load of weapons. His primary weapon is a submachine laser gun. Strapped to his back he has a laser bazooka and laser machine gun. The bazooka has a clip of two deadly shots. The machine gun has a clip of 200 shots. E also carries a load of explosive devices, not just grenades. His armor is like the rest of the squad, tinted green.

BIO: Brent grew up with seven brothers and four sisters. They lived relatively in the middle of nowhere. He was the middle child and competed all the time with his siblings. When the war started he and all but two brothers and one sister went into Abinu’s army. He was split up from his family. His whole family was renound for being a durable family, none of them died. After the war Brent stayed with the squad.

The three of them own a transport with guns. It looks like the ship on the site.

5/4/2008 . Edited by TwinDeath, 5/20/2008 #12

OK, looks good so far, but in the future I would like people to finish their characters before posting them. I'm sorry, but it's just that I get excited that people post a new character, and then IT'S NOT DONE!!! it's like letting a kid see the shiny new PS3 on christmas morning, and then taking it away for a few days.

that's just cruel.

so here's what you need to add (and do it quick, before i send the robo zombie ninja demon monkey squad):

some sort of history, a last name (while not essential, you are somewhat limited by human naming conventions), and i personally would like a bit more on appearance, but again, it's not essential.

So: hurry up and finish, before I throw a tantrum...

5/4/2008 . Edited 5/4/2008 #13

I finished!

5/5/2008 #14

Alright, approved. go ahead and post, and welcome!

5/5/2008 #15

Name - He is called Epsilon. His true name, no one knows. Not sure if he does either.

Race - Humanoid

Age - 20

Stature - Of average height, not overly muscular, but damn quick when he wants to be.

Appearance - Epsilon wears a set of simple, dark-colored clothes reminiscent of off-duty fatigues. A silver sigil is attached to the chest of the shirt, but its meaning is unknown. He wears black boots and utilitarian gauntlets with metal plating on the outward edges. His most distinguishing feature, though, is the fact that he has no face. A mirrored silver mask completely obscures his features. Its smooth surface is broken only by the greek character for his name, laser-etched in black upon it. The symbol is…disturbing, in a way that observers cannot explain. The lines that define it seem to crawl just slightly if they are seen out of the corner of the eyes, but return to normal if looked at directly. In fact, Epsilon himself has a slightly disturbed aura about him that often makes others uneasy.

History – At the age of five, he was put through basic psionic screening and his talent was detected. Immediately thereafter, he was taken into military research facilities to study his powers, enhance them, and train him to become a living weapon for military use. His former identity was destroyed, he became known as Epsilon, part of a group of similar individuals. In the facilities, he was augmented with genetic engineering and tech implants, increasing his already formidable powers. This came with unfortunate side effects for Epsilon. Unable to control his unleashed psionic abilities, he was mentally scarred by the process and the visions he witnessed through raw psychic connection to the universe. After nearly fifteen years in the facility, he orchestrated an escape of the other psionics. Only he made it out, but not before he witnessed the death of every other psionic there. As his ship flew away, he ignited the facility’s reactor and the entire compound was immolated.

Personality – Deeply disturbed by the abuses in the military complex, he is difficult to understand. Epsilon is not a conversationalist, and prefers to speak little. Instead, he uses his psionic senses to analyze the world around him and the people he is interacting with.

Weapons - His main offense and defense is his psionic ability. Despite this, he carries another item for self-defense. A slim silver rod about four feet long, the weapon has a monofilament blade at the tip capable of slicing nearly any material, most definitely including the reactive armor commonly worn by the mercenaries of the galaxy. Even with the edge deactivated, the blade is quite lethal. It’s also retractable, and resembles a lightsaber hilt in said mode. Made for him before his escape, the weapon is unique. Epsilon has since named it ‘Coercion’.

He is also capable of creating a blade of pure psionic energy that can pierce anything but another psionic-force object.

Psionic Ability - This is Epsilon's supreme strength. Ranging from telekineses and levitation to telepathy and pyrokinesis, his attacks are only limited by his imagination, which has a (perhaps unsurprisingly) rather cruel, sardonic twist to it.

Starship - Epsilon's greatest ability, and the goal of the military program he was taken by, is the creation of a starship. The ship, named by Epsilon as the Ekigin, is formed not of metals and glass but of pure psionic power. He weaves a shell of energy around himself, and builds wings and a fuselage from this core. The Ekigin possesses extremely high acceleration, and it's agility is nearly impossible to match. This is fortunate, because though the psionic energy can absorb large amounts of energy-based attacks, concussive forces such as missiles and railgun projectiles can cause severe damage. Epsilon is still able to use all of his offensive psionic abilities while controlling the ship. He can also channel his power through the ship, which acts as a focus to project his power as lethal shield-piercing beams of force. (See link several posts down.)

Though the production of the Ekigin was the main focus of his creation, it is still an incredibly draining process. He must spend hours meditating afterward to recover from the use of his ship. Extremely prolonged use or heavy damage can permanently damage his body and psyche. Too much, and he will die.

Objective – After wandering between systems for a year, he has recently began to hear a sort of…calling through his psionic connection to the universe at large. He cannot determine the source, but he is determined to find its source and discover its meaning.

This guy isn't like anyone I've ever written before. It should be a great adventure.

PERSONALITY EDITED, I want someone a bit more human that a Deathstalker Esper.

5/5/2008 . Edited 5/20/2008 #16

Looks sweet! you're in!

5/5/2008 #17

Thanks. I'll be in the bar in a moment.

5/5/2008 #18
Demon's Touch

Okay, I've never done this Before, so go easy on me? Thanks!

Name: Evana Belling

Age: 26

Height: 5', 7"

Race: Human

Sex: Female

Weight: None Of Your Business! ;p

Hair: Sandy blond with black streaks

Eyes: Blue

Personality: Smart and most definitely sassy. I'm usually willing to be "one of the guys" so long as it means having a true friend. Always armed with a very sharp pointy weapon ;a dagger is standard, and will ocasionally pick up a defeated opponent's sword. Loyal once my trust is gained. Wouldn't mind saving a friend's hide, however, I really don't want to have to do it twice in one week...

Weapons: Usually I'll go with any sword or daggar- just something I can fight with.

Clothing: ALWAYS wearing black- I just feel better in it.... (pants and a semi- low cut shirt... no sleeves... I need room to move while fighting)

Skills: Making small things that can fetch a high price, and quickly at that! Good for when money is needed in a short amount of time. I'm also really good at kicking butt- I've got your back.... unless I'm mad at you..... I am also able to walk/ travel for really long distances

Type of Humor: I love inuendos and really bad puns

History: Born in the open plains but never stayed in one place. My mother died when I was four years old, and I ran away at the age of seven and I don't remember who my father is. On my journies, I have stayed with many families and studied my current skills with the house wives and master swordsmen. I usually travel alone or with one other person, and I hardly stay in one place for long- however- I think I'll stick around here for a while.

5/6/2008 . Edited 5/6/2008 #19
Demon's Touch

Hey! How's it goin'? This place seems to be pretty cool- comfortable- mind if I stay a while?

5/6/2008 . Edited 5/6/2008 #20
awilla the hun

((Edited for sake of accuracy.))

Sounds good. But I can't say whether she is allowed in or not.

5/7/2008 . Edited 5/7/2008 #21
Demon's Touch

I saw that!!!! :(

5/7/2008 #22

Approved! My only thing to mention is that I would prefer posts to be in the third person. Otherwise, welcome!

5/7/2008 #23
Demon's Touch

Thanks- I'll watch the perspective...... headin' over to the bar.

5/7/2008 #24
Andrew Keith

Name: Charlie Bowker


Height: 5', 10"

Race: Human


Weight: ~180 pounds

Hair: Dirty blonde, cropped to about the neck in the back and just past the forehead in the front


Personality: Calm, mellow person. He analyzes each and every situation to suit him and anyone who is working with him. He also enjoys his profession: Sniper.

Weapons: A high-powered, solid-round firing sniper rifle. It comes with a bipod for more relaxed shooting but can be shot without it, though much more difficult. It fires a 20mm round at up to two-miles (but not straight, but he can angle it, and this is at best circumstances). With modifications to the rifle of which he has gained over time, it can also fire through one-foot of solid concrete and continue with enough momentum to still rip a man's arm off.

Clothing: Generally whatever he decides to put up, always civilian clothes unless on a mission of which a certain camo-suit is needed.

Skills: Excellent marksman, trained by his father at a younger age and perfected more through the marines for the eight years he was in, and has since been a mercenary with his current buddies for the past four years.

Type of Humor: Sardonic, especially when it comes to past-kills.

History: Born in a more rural area than most, and grew up hunting with his father. He joined the space-marines as soon as he could at age eighteen, and became a superb marksman through them. After being honorably discharged for service, he joined up with some old buddies and became a mercenary.


Name: Jon "Rat" Raytillo (Pronounced "Rye-Tee-yo")

Age: 30

Height: 5'7

Race: Human

Sex: Male

Weight: ~150 pounds

Hair: Dark brown

Eyes: About even brown

Personality: Enjoys small firefights and doing kill-missions as a mercenary. He is generally the stealth/spy and small-arms specialist of the group considering his small size.

Weapons: A silenced, automatic 9mm pistol. A small, standard-issue carbine with a thermal and night-vision scope, and two small uzis for closer engagements.

Clothing: About the same as Charlie, but loves to wear a leather jacket that he has added folds on the inside to contain his pistol and uzis, so that all someone sees of him is his carbine slung across his back.

Skills: A stealth expert, but also is too fond of firefights, but he is quite skilled with each of his weapons. Another skill he has picked up over the years is basic piloting skills for space craft and land vehicles, but that's where it ends.

History: Met Charlie in the marines and worked with him on a few missions when it required people from different classes of skills and weapons, but was dishonorably discharged for stealing an item from a CO's tent after looting a fight. It was around the same time Charlie left, and they remained in contact for a while. Rat joined a mercenary group first but after losing everyone else but Lewie in a failed mission, he invited Charlie to join them, of which he did.


Name: Lewistovan "Lewie" D'cal

Age: 36

Height: 6'4"

Race: Human

Sex: Male

Weight: ~230 pounds of mostly muscle

Hair: Black

Eyes: Dark, dark brown

Personality: Not much of a talker, almost like a "Hulk-Smash" sort-of character.

Weapons: A standard-issue assault rifle looted from a mission. An alien, plasma assault rifle, another piece of loot. His last looted gun is a needler of-sorts, but the needles are about eight-inches long, emit slight plasma radiation (to within about 1-inch of them, so the handler of the gun is same), and do not lock on. However, the firing-rate is majorly lower, and makes up for it in accuracy. From family inheritance he has two auto-matic, 9mm pistols and a much more modern version of the magnum, but instead the rounds come in a magazine, containing twelve per clip.

Clothing: Lewie wears a solid navy-blue uniform, looking like a standard military uniform but with nothing pointing to any sort of allegiance. His jacket and shirt are not tucked in, and is wear he hides his three pistols. In an acoustic guitar case he carries the needler and plasma rifle, and slung over his shoulder is the military-issue assault rifle.

Skills: Rage in combat, moderate social skills, and determined on objective

History: Grew up in foster care, passed through several families, but not many kept him for long for his violent and bully personality to other children. At sixteen he was admitted to the marines, of which he served until age twenty-three when he was lost after a failed mission and recruited by Rat when he was found alone on a rather barren and war-ruined planet.


The ship that the group owns is much similar to this: Online/f1c63feb.jpg , but that lower-wing is only about twice the width of the main fuselage (the two round-bits at the top). Off the fuselage is two automatic 35mm turrets and along the wing is another four of them. At the end of it is a rocket launcher, which fires rockets about the height of an average cabinet (3-4 feet?), and they carry various types with different warheads (antimatter, nuclear, and explosive.) It has eight cabins inside (for anyone else they may recruit/decide to carry on), and each cabin has a maximum of four cots. The cargohold has the height of an average home-garage, and could fight five cars abreast with one-foot between them and about the length of two.

I know it may be a lot, but it IS three characters, and they are a mercenary group. Yay for loot!

5/15/2008 #25
Demon's Touch

SAWEEET!!! Hey! TwinDeath- you've gotta check this guy out!!!!

5/15/2008 #26
Andrew Keith

Whose? Mine? Or you making a new one?

5/15/2008 #27

Alright, they look great! All are approved!

Oh, and I should have posted this earlier: Meta's ship looks about like this:

5/16/2008 #28
Demon's Touch

TD- I was wondering if you were going to go to Photobucket to find the inside pics of your ship?

5/16/2008 #29
Demon's Touch

Addressed to: AK

No, no. I can't keep up with my one chara as is- no, I was telling TD to check out your chara collection... idk- I'm kind of a nOOb- so three charas is pretty impressive in my opinion...... jus' sayin'...

5/16/2008 #30
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