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((An HSA super defense station that is also being occupied by Survaek forces, description is located at HSA topic, post 117))

4/14/2009 . Edited 11/6/2009 #1

The Ventarion, HSA, and Survaek diplomats were all finally in the conference room, when Ken Myers, the HSA diplomat who had been cryogenically frozen on Earth since the year 2010 until the attack, spoke, " What is this all about, why did the Survaek call us here?" The Ventarion diplomat, Jeremy Massel, agreed.

4/14/2009 #2

((I had meant something more along the lines of its capabilities in terms of info on the Goliath...))

4/15/2009 #3

((Oh sorry, but don't worry, Aspen and I needed something like this for the conference))

4/15/2009 #4

Diplomat Pjjokhat cleared his throat and began,

"As you have been told, this is one of the most important meetings in all of our nations' histories. Before I go on, let me briefly make introductions. Diplomat Myers, this is Diplomat Massel of our Survaek Empire's other noble client, Ventario. Diplomat Massel, this is Diplomat Myers of our first vassal, the Human Systems Alliance.

Now, SE Command, after much deliberation, has decided that you should no longer be vassals, but instead associates. You have both repeatedly shown your loyalty to us, and thus you are fully deserving of such. We have called you firstly to discuss under which system our union can be made. Yes, we will be forming a union. Secondly, you must both be present to sign the official constitution of this union. We already have three systems drawn up.

Option One: A Centralized Union. In this case, your nations would simply be absorbed into the might Survaek Empire, taking its flag, its national label, its currency, etc. You would lose official sovereignty, but your presidents would retain power under the titles of governors, and your legislatures as regional assemblies. Under a six-year-plan, your people would gradually be assimilated into our nation, being put into our Efficientist work systems and also receiving the full benefit of all Survaekom technologies. This system has the most limitations on your entering nations, but allows for the best coordination.

Option Two: A Federation. Here, each of our powers would be considered a "state." Each would fly the Survaekom flag, but also their own flag below it. Each state would retain its former currency, unless it would wish otherwise. Each would have its own police and emergency aid forces, but the military would all be centralized as the SEM under Survaek Command. Economic systems would be allowed some differentiation, but with many limitations. Each must allow free reign of existing Survaekom companies, including those owned by our government, over all natural resources. Your own corporations would be allowed dominance over the service sector, should you wish so. This system allows for a balance of some important centralization still with free options for each state.

Option Three: A Confederation. Each of our powers would be considered its own "republic," with its own currency, security and emergency forces, military, governmental style, and economic style. However, all information and technology must be shared among the three republics, and trade must be free among them. This means, among other things, concession of mining rights over all deposits with no mines already on them, although territory ownership of one republic within another beyond such will have restrictions. Also, each republic must give a significant portion of its fleet to our joint fleet and have its ground forces ready to deploy by the order of Survaek Command, as the Central Republic of the Confederation. This allows for the greatest autonomy for each faction, but may bring forth issues in coordination.

Some rules applying to each of the latter two of these systems is that no one faction may secede under any conditions. However, a faction may be expeled from the union of all other factions vote for such. There may be no classified or otherwise kept-secret files, archives, locations, installments, technologies, or programs from any faction other than the central faction. Breaking either of these conditions will result in harsh punishment.

Now, which of these systems do you find most acceptable? We must reach a unanimous vote."

4/15/2009 #5

Mr. Massel thought about this, "I believe a federation would be best for my planet, we wish to retain some freedoms but our military is nearly centralized with yours already and in this process we could receive more." Ken Myers stood and raised his voice, "The HSA will never agree to give up its military I assure you of that! The offer you are making is sound, but the HSA will only accept a Confederacy!"

4/16/2009 #6

Diplomat Pjjokhat sighed.

"I anticipated that our powers could come to some disagreement. Perhaps we may revise the prospect of a Confederation somewhat." The diplomat turned to Mr. Myers. "The HSA would keep the maximum sovereignty allowed by this treaty," he then turned to Mr. Massel, "while the Ventarion could absorb their military into the SEM and adopt the Survaekom Currency Unit -the latter to increase your economic potential on the international market.-. However," Pjjokhat turned back to the HSA diplomat, "I strongly suggest that the HSA simply agree to a Federation, for simplicity's sake, or at the very least agree to adopt the SCU. We must ensure that our union system is as uniform as possible."

4/16/2009 #7

"We will agree to some unionization, but let me make this perfectly clear: The HSA will never give up its currency and never give up their military or sovereignty, Though we can pledge some ships, such as those in the joint fleet, to the confederacy."

4/16/2009 #8

Diplomat Pjjokhat's eyebrows lowered.

"Sir Myers, this is simply not an option. You must merge either your military or your currency with ours, or else our system will not be uniform enough to be quickly applied to potential new members. I suggest you choose currency, as this will create the least resentment among your people. Also, your currency is quite weak at the moment, hardly viable on the international market. Conversely, the SCU is quite strong."

4/17/2009 #9

"Let me withdraw myself for a moment." Mr. Myers stepped out and began conversing with his superiors. After a few minutes he returned. "We would be willing to accept a uniform type of currency, though we request that it not be the Survaek currency, but that a new currency be made for our confederacy."

4/17/2009 #10

The SE diplomat frowned. "This...could be taken under consideration, although I suggest that you simply adopt the SCU. It will be much simpler and less costly than instituting an empire-wide currency change.

Mr. Myers, I have been told that you are an extremely intelligent man. In such a case, you do surely realize that the HSA has little, if any leverage in this deal? So far the noble Ventarion diplomat and I have agreed to a system, and you are the only one stubbornly refusing. Then, I try to make a compromise, and you won't accept that either! In order to gain, you must also be willing to give, Mr. Myers."

4/18/2009 #11

"I have given, we have agreed to change our currency and the fact that you are getting so upset is disconcerting to our nation, this is a negotiation correct? You are not the only ones who hold cards here. As I recall most of the galaxy hates the Survaek, and the fact that we are the most powerful nation so far willing to join you in an alliance I believe that gives us great leverage. Now if you would be so kind as to not overreact before my reasoning can be explained. If we were to adopt the SCU it would most likely create wide discontent throughout our nation; many would believe that we were being absorbed into Survaek and most likely result in large secessions, such as what happened the last time we joined with the Survaek, and neither of our nations wants that."

4/18/2009 #12

"I must point out that the HSA did not choose to join with the Grand Survaek Empire, but rather fought it tooth-and-nail until it had no choice but to surrender. That action lost the HSA most of its...what is the comparison you use...'cards.' However, you make a sound point. I will relay your request to Survaek Command. The senate is already in session. If your proposal is accepted, good, but if not, then you will be required to adopt the SCU or make some other significant concession.

Sir Massel, do you have any commentary?"

4/18/2009 #13

Mr. Myers sat quietly, knowing not to overplay his hand, as Mr. Massel stood, "I would have to agree with the HSA that the Ventarions would much prefer to create a new currency, rather than adopt Survaek's.

4/18/2009 #14

"Very well then. I will stress that both the HSA and Ventarion parties support this action in my proposal to Command. I can send it now." Doubtless, Command was hearing every word from video feed, but Diplomat Pjjokhat knew that proposals were best made formally and directly.

After a few lengthy minutes, a reply came, accepting the proposal. "Well then, Command has accepted this deal." Little did he know the massive events that had taken place on Survaek to determine such a response, and how close his entire nation had been brought to upheaval.

"Now, we need only settle the prospect of taxes and central government. We propose that there be a High Confederate Senate, composing of three senators from each republic plus one chairman, who will be a Survaekom. This is only natural, since Survaek is he Central Republic of the Confederacy. is this acceptable?"

((I will be posting on Survaek the "massive" happenings I briefly mentioned here.))

4/18/2009 #15

Both diplomats agreed to this proposal and Mr. Myers stood, "If I may make the suggestion that the senate meet here, in Goliath. It is the most defensible station known to the galaxy, it is self-sustainable if need be, and senate chambers have already been built. Also, Survaek and HSA troops already occupy the Goliath; also we would be willing to allow Ventarion troops onboard as well if they would like to provide any. Now onto matters that I believe should be discussed immediately. First, should we stayed joined with the Galactic Senate, and if so should we keep our representatives they way they are or send one Confederate representative? And second, what should we call ourselves?"

4/20/2009 . Edited 4/20/2009 #16

"We shall be the Imperial Union of Confederate Republics, the IUCR. We will remain in the Galactic Senate, and in the interest of simplicty, we will keep Senator Bijorne as our senate representative, now assigned with the representation of the entire Confederation. However, the HSA envoy and a Ventarion envoy -to come as soon as possible- will work as his advisors, especially pertaining to matters concerning the HSA and Ventraion Republics. The Confederate Senate will indeed meet on Goliath, and Ventarion guards may be sent. We should make the central meeting chamber our senate chamber, since the ITC seems to have attracted no one.

Now, on to other issues. Certainly we will have taxes, but how? Monetary taxes are standard, but in addition we may wish to keep tribute flowing, albeit at a lower rate. However, rather than going to Survaek, we can set aside a seperate Confederate fund for resources and monetary funds collected from the Confederal taxes. Is this acceptable?"

4/20/2009 #17

"The tax system seems fine, though for the senate I suggest we keep our respective representatives so that we can control more votes, but that we always discuss matters and agree together."

4/21/2009 #18

"You make a solid point. Agreed. Now, as to the tax systems, what rate should we have? Let us say, five percent of all resource collection, a fixed confederate sales tax of 10%, and a progressive income tax starting from 1% and with a cap of 30%? Of course, certain executives who are particlarly loyal and beneficial to the Union can receive tax breaks for their service."

4/21/2009 #19

"Agreed, but I believe the cap should be no higher than 25%"

4/21/2009 #20

"This is acceptable, but let us ask sir Massel his opinion. Good representative of Ventario, what do you think of this proposal?"

4/21/2009 #21

"This is acceptable"

((From now on, to make things easier, if I do not distinguish a specific speaker the said statement will apply for both nations))

4/22/2009 #22

"Good. Now, I believe we have most of the funemental aspects of our Confederacy drawn up. As I speak, an official is writing down our constitution. All that remains is a list of any possible additional articles you may wish to add, whether for individual rights, Confederate laws, or any other ideas you have."

4/22/2009 #23

"No I think we are alright for now, but we should make sure that things can be added to our constitution in case something is brought up later."

4/23/2009 #24

"Let us all agree that the Confederate Senate may make additions and ammendments to the IUCR Constitution, but only by unanimous vote. Agreed?"

4/23/2009 #25


4/23/2009 #26

"Well then, all that remains is to sign the Constitution. The first meeting of the Confederate Senate will be held next week, giving us due time to pick our representatives. From our four Survaekom, the senate as a whole will elect a chairman." An official now entered the room with a set of apapers: the first copy of the IUCR Constitution. The Survaekom senator of diplomacy first put his signature at the end, and then passed the document to the Ventarion, who would pass it to the human.

4/23/2009 #27

Mr. Myers signed the Constitution.

4/24/2009 #28

((I assume Mr. Massel signed it too.))

"Well then, this meeting is now concluded. We expect each of your three representatives here in a week. Farewell."

4/24/2009 #29


4/24/2009 #30
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