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((It's been a long time, so clearly this event would have happened already, but we should still go through the first meeting of the IUCR Senate.))

On the agreed date, four Survaekom officials arrived on the Goliath for the very first meeting of the IUCR Grand Senate. Each had brought several measures to propose for the confederation, but the first order of business would be to elect the chairman of the senate. Diplomat Pjjokhat, among the four representatives, was the agreed candidate for the position, and with the other three Survaekom senators in favor of him and candidacy open only to Survaekom, his election was sure. The voting process would be a mere formality.

10/30/2009 #31

The HSA arrived as well, and diplomat Ken was already on board to greet them, with a new senator from Ventario, diplomat Jakob, was also welcomed aboard soon after, all the diplomats were shown there lush accommodations near the inner discussion room, it was close to the center of the ship so that an attack on the outside of the station would not immediately kill the diplomats.

10/31/2009 #32

((Remember, each nation sends 3 senators. Survaek sent one extra since one would become chairman.))

"The warmest of greetings to you, good representatives of Ventario and the HSA," one of the Survaekom senators, Sheinae Tuh, began. "Welcome to the first meeting of the Grand Senate of the Imperial Union of Confederate Republics. We have many issues to discuss, but let us not delay the most important matter to be dealt with today: the election of the chairman. We have chosen our candidate, sir Diplomat Pjjokhat, and pledge all of our votes to him. What is the response of our sister republics? Shall you accept or deny this candidate?"

10/31/2009 #33

((alright, assume each has two more, they just will be in the background and not talk))

"We accept this candidate." stated the intrepid Ken Myers, spokesman for the HSA diplomats.

"As do we," added Jakob Tetron, speaking on behalf of the Ventarion diplomats, "Moving on, we would like to bring forth a point requesting aid from Survaek and possibly the HSA in order to help Ventario create production capabilities to build space vessels."

"Yes yes," Mr. Myers interrupted with exceptional social skills, "We would like to first disclose the location of a hidden planet, Maddidus. This planet is in this location," he said inserting a map into the hologram projector in the middle of the large table, demonstrating his familiarity with AP material, "This location has no technology on top of the surface and no space stations, but in the caverns are bustling cities. both of your nations are welcome to use these caverns as a defensible retreat for Generals and leaders and these caverns may also be used as hideouts."

11/2/2009 . Edited 11/2/2009 #34

Now chairman, Pjjokhat seperated himself from his group of fellow Survaekom and sat at the head of the meeting room table. At least in theory, he would speak for the entire IUCR, not the Survaekom. Senator Sheinae Tuh would act as spokeswoman for the Survaek Empire itself. Therefore, it was Pjjokhat who responded to Myers,

"Good representative of the HSA, I extend my thanks, on behalf of our international union, for your forwardness in sharing your republic's secrets with the sister republics of the confederation. This revelation also marks an opportunity to put forth a first proposition. I propose that IUCR archives, both virtual and physical, be constructed for the storage of such information as the coordinates of confederate planets. One physical archive would be on the Goliath, another on Madidus, since these are respectively the best-defended and most secret locations in our territory."

"Permission to speak, sir?" asked Senator Tuh.

"Granted," the chairman replied.

"Firstly, in address to the Ventarion request for aid, Survaek will pledge three fortified orbital shipyard complexes along with sufficient raw materials for spaceship construction, but only upon reception of Ventarion designs for its vessels both military and commercial, so as to properly construct the shipyards to accomodate their assembly and storage.

In address to the proposal for IUCR archives, Survaek proposes that archives also be constructed on Solaria and on one or more Survaekom planets, in order to provide each republic with its own physical copy of IUCR information."

"I find no issue with this proposal in its intent, but security concerns are a problem. Planets like Survaek Prime and Brigiaz would be suitably-defended locations to repel any invasions, but secret operatives would find it much easier to infiltrate a planet bustling with cities than a space station or a planet with nothing on-surface. Solaria is out of the question for archive construction for the same reasons as well as its current lack of extensive anti-space fortifications. The Goliath and Madidus will have Survaekom and Ventarion representatives, facilities, and military presence at hand at these locations in the unlikely case that there is any unforseen issue with the HSA.

Now, who is in favor, and who opposed, to the proposition of archive construction on this station and Madidus?"

The Survaekom senators all responded "In favor" to this question.

11/4/2009 #35

"Agreed," Keny Myers stated.

"If it means you will aid us in our production than we too agree to these archives." stated Jakob, "We have a design that is much like the Rakarskian ships we have already, though we have modified them to shoot more and smaller missiles and also one larger launcher for planetary assault. Also, we would like to design a flagship for our fleet, but would like aid on the specifics of how to do so, perhaps a Survaekom ship designer could aid us in this endeavor?"

11/5/2009 #36

"Excellent. Then let it be recorded that the IUCR Senate, by unanimous vote, has approved the creation of archives, to be stored physically on the HSA Goliath and the planet of Madidus as well as virtually," declared Chairman Pjjokhat.

"In address to the representatives of Ventario, do know that the issue of your aid is seperate from the proposal of archives. Such a proposal should, in fact, be directed to the respective governments of the republics of Survaek and the Human Systems Alliance each, and not to the Confederate Senate. However, our current meeting is indeed an effective opportunity to resolve this issue promptly. Senator Tuh of Survaek, please do respond to the Ventarion statement."

The spokesman senator stood and spoke, "Good sir Jakob, I take it you mean to say that you have replaced Rakarskian nuclear cannons with missile armaments but have otherwise mantained their original designs. These will make a suitable backbone for your military fleet, but an adequate space force will also require fighter-craft, patrol vessels such as destroyers or frigates, either heavy cruiser or carrier-type starships, and capital ships. For this, we will send a team of specialists to work with your engineers in designing your fleet. Once you have a design and we have approved it, we will send supplies for spaceship production."

"If you do not mind," interrupted Pjjokhat, "I believe I have found a most useful method of legitimizing the discussion of this matter at this meeting. I propose that the confederate government form several sub-committees to deal with various departments of the IUCR, including the military. Other departments could include communications and agriculture. Actions taken by our republics would be sent to these committees for review, followed by approval by this Senate. The formation of a warfleet for the Ventarion Republic is a perfect example of such an action. Ventario, with the help of outside specialists, will create fleet designs and submit them to the military sub-comittee of the IUCR. This comittee, composed of starfleet experts from across the confederation, will approve or disapprovae the designs. If approved, the designs will move to the Senate, and we will make the final decision to ratify the fleet's designs.

Of course, each committee's very formation and composition must be individually approved by this Senate itself. Therefore, let me first propose that the IUCR form a Department of the Military, to be headed by a committee of top fleet experts and commanders from our three republics."

"This is acceptable, " spoke Sheinae Tuh, "but only under the condition that the scope of this committee's review be limited to joint-fleet actions and new fleet formation, until further ammendment."

"I find no issue with this."

"Then all of Survaek's delegates pledge in favor of the movement."

"And as for the HSA and Ventario?"

11/5/2009 #37

Both diplomats agreed to this proposal. "Thank you ever so much," Jakob stated, "We promise to aid you in any causes you require aid in after our flee has been created. And back to our ship's design, we have replaced the nuclear cannons with missiles, but they are still nuclear missiles."

11/6/2009 #38

"Understood," replied Senator Tuh. "Our specialists will arrive within the week."

"But what as to the HSA?" asked Chairman Pjjokhat. "Was Ventario's request not also directed at that reppublic? Will the HSA pledge any help to their Ventarion brethren?"

11/6/2009 #39

Mr. Myers stood with the grace one should expect from a true AP student, "Unfortunately all we can pledge is perhaps a small team of specialists, as we are trying to build our own production at the moment, though we can pledge some small protection for such stations if that helps?"

11/6/2009 #40

((Ehr...I think Jakob would be the only one who could answer that question.))

11/6/2009 #41

((Ummm...... You asked the HSA if they would pledge support...))

11/6/2009 #42

((Yeah, but it was in reference to Jakob's request, which addressed both Survaek and the HSA.))

11/6/2009 #43

((But the question was posed to the HSA))

11/6/2009 #44


"I find this acceptable," replied Pjjokhat, "but it is the ruling of Mister Jakob that matters here. Does Ventario accept the HSA offer?"

11/6/2009 #45

"Yes we do."

11/6/2009 #46

"Very good," affirmed the chairman. "Now all that remains is for the three powers of the IUCR to agree to this proposal in treaty. A copy of the proposed arrangement will be sent to the three confederate governments, and if all approve, it will be carried out.

Now, I take it that there are still many proposals to be put forth. Now that we have heard out Ventario on one matter, let the HSA put forth a proposition. Senator Myers, you have the floor."

11/7/2009 #47

"Please, we insist that Survaek be given the floor for their proposals first."

11/7/2009 #48

"That is acceptable," stated the chairman. "The HSA may make its proposals, if any, afterwards. Senator Sheinae Tuh, you have the floor."

"Thank you," replied the senator. "Our primary proposition is that the IUCR undertake a grand campaign to gain influence and new republics throughout the galaxy. This will require multiple measures.

Firstly, another committee be created, a Department of Confederate Expansion, with review over choices of targets for expansion, strategies and tactics involving such targets, and entry of new republics into the IUCR.

Secondly, 10% of income from confederate taxes be pooled into a fund for the backing of potential new-entries into the confederation.

Thirdly, the IUCR Joint Fleet be split into two sections, one for defensive and one for offensive operations. The latter would be involved in whatever military operations are required in our expansion.

Lastly, the IUCR adopt a formal policy of seeking to acquire as many new republics as possible."

"This is a rather heavy proposition," commented Pjjokhat. "However, it seems to be in the best interest of our union. All measures in this proposition receive my vote. What measures will receive the votes of the HSA and Ventario?"

11/7/2009 #49

"We believe this to be in our best interest," stated Jakob.

"We agree to this as well," stated Ken Myers, "As a suggestion, perhaps we should start with the weakened Mirevant League? They have been crushed by war and we have a strong foothold there already. Perhaps the Ventarion section of the joint fleet should be stationed there as well so that we all have military support in the area?"

"We would be willing to pledge what support we can give to this endeavor," Jakob said.

11/7/2009 #50

"A foothold, but a very small one," countered Pjjokhat. "Only two relatively small provinces centered around only two major cities. And they are no longer quite so weakened; intelligence reports that much of their fleet has been rebuilt. In addition, support from the Mirevant people would be nigh impossible. Resentment against Survaek and the HSA still runs high among Mireventians, I am sure. Did we not bombard one of their cities and nearly starve an entire planet to death? The only way to acquire the Mirevant League would be outright conquest followed by brutal repression of all resistance.

No, unless a particularly opportune circumstance arises in the Mirevant League, our efforts should be concentrated in the Crimson Nebula. Gaining a foothold there will be difficult, but once this has been achieved, influence can be exerted swiftly and heavily where needed."

11/7/2009 #51

Jakob sat quietly as Mr. Myers put up a weak argument and easily succumbed to the Survaek idea. He had been reading up on all the planets, but still had little idea of what was happening throughout the universe. "Please gentlemen, will you fill me in on what is happening in the Crimson Nebula?"

11/8/2009 #52

"Of course," replied the chairman. "The SEM first penetrated into the Crimson Nebula in the chase of a fleeing rebel group. The flotilla sent out encountered heavy resistance from pirates and had to be supplemented by multiple waves of reinforcements. The arrival of the huge rebel ship, the Ram, along with a small fleet of rebels necessitated the help of the Joint Fleet. A long battle ensued, involving the rebels and hundreds of Crimson Nebula pirate vessels. Eventually, the Joint Fleet won and sent the surviving rebels fleeing to a nearby station known as Purgatory City, where the other rebel group had fled.

Admiral Yvor attempted to negotiate with the city's mayor, but after a successful meeting, the mayor was exiled by his own people and all rebels escaped. In response, the admiral ordered that all ports on Purgatory City be saturated with our own ships in a protest-blockade until the city gave us compensation through recognition as a nation and a non-aggression pact. This blockade is still in progress. If successful, Purgatory City will make a good starting point for a foothold through trade. If unsuccessful, we will destroy the station as an example to all other anarchists in the Nebula and search for another foothold."

11/8/2009 #53

"Well than that would be an excellent place to begin," Jakob started, "If you give us the coordinates we will send a few ships to patrol and look for escaping rebels from the city."

11/8/2009 #54

"As I said, there are no more rebels in the city," affirmed the chairman. "All have escaped. The issue now is getting these anarchists to agree to a few reasonable terms so that we may trade in Purgatory City. For that, we will require no help from confederate powers, at least not at the moment."

11/8/2009 #55

"Very well than."

11/8/2009 #56

"However, we do call upon the HSA for help in a related matter. We would appreciate a commitment of several spy or scout ships to search out the Nebula for any organized factions the IUCR can support. Is this acceptable?"

11/8/2009 #57

"It is acceptable," Ken Myers started, "But do know that our top spy ships are in the Siridar Imperium, but second best should suffice just fine."

"And perhaps the Ventarions could also use their new fleet to scout fore rebels?" Jakob interjected, obviously eager to have his nations new fleet tested in a true mission.

11/9/2009 #58

"Yes, Ventario may use its ships for scouting out rebels or potential allies in the Nebula," Pjjokhat conceded. "As for the HSA, I recently received a report that your top spy ship, the Yellowbelly, fled from near Hellebore space after releasing probes. I have heard no reports at all of any covert action in Violet space at all. So what are these top spy ships really doing, Mister Myers?"

11/9/2009 #59

((Wait, how would you know that? We haven't reported back yet and it wouldn't be much of a spy ships if you knew about its actions, plus Survaek doesn't even know the name of the ship that went on the spy mission))

11/10/2009 #60
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