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((Well if you haven't reported back, then...))

"You mention your top spy ships' work in the Imperium. What exactly is this work? We have not received any news from HSA Command regarding the mission in the Siridar Imperium since it was first undertaken. A report is due, and you have the opportunity to give it, Mr. Myers."

11/10/2009 #61

"Our ship had an unexpected delay, but probes have been placed in both requested houses and have been spying."

11/10/2009 #62

"And what information have they recovered, good sir?"

11/10/2009 #63

"Not much yet, these people are quite secretive, but it would help to narrow down specific information if you told us what kind of information you seek."

11/11/2009 #64

"For Hellebore, your operations should concentrate on counter-intelligence, with emphasis on discovering their own clandestine operations. For Violet, you should look for any biological experimentation, development, and production, particularly in microogranisms and viruses. However, any information whatsoever that you recover will likely make a good contribution, so do not follow leads in these matters alone, but in any that seem significant."

11/11/2009 #65
" Very well, operations are commencing as we speak, all intelligence is to be and has been relayed to you through this station."
3/4/2010 #66



At the next meeting of the IUCR, Chairman Pjjokhat brought forth a hologram projector to present to the other delegates. From the projector rose a model of the space around Purgatory City. Massive SEM formations surrounded the space station.

"Gentlemen, representatives from all the noble republics of the Imperial Union, the situation in the Crimson Nebula is not good. However, we are ready to implement a quick series of changes, if we can rely on the compliance of you, our confederate allies. The philanthropic approach of Admiral Yvor was excellent in theory, but it simply has not yielded results with these anarchists. We must proceed with military operations. Thus, we have transfered command of the SEM fleet to our Admiral Teukh, who will execute the Survaekom operations with the utmost efficiency.

"As you can tell, our fleet surrounds the anarchist base. We will order it to break this ring and regroup into one formation at the side opposite the station docks at 11:00 am tomorrow, Primus time." As he spoke, the hologram began to display the changes Pjjokhat described. "Just before this, at 10:30, we will have sent an infiltrator team from our destroyers in the docking bay into the city to find and disable the anarchists' main generator, whose location we know due to long-term scanning.

"Now the HSA and Ventarion must come in. The Ventarion duty is simple: you must supply the HSA with high-power, tactical nuclear weapons. The HSA will deploy stealth ships to drop commandos with these nuclear weapons onto the walls of Purgatory City at 11:00 and create as many hull breaches as possible. At 11:01 precisely, the HSA will send a large-scale force of dropships, filled with commandos, from all directions to invade and take all stations surrounding the main anarchist base. It will move each station to the side of Purgatory opposite the SEM fleet, so that we will have a clear line of fire on the city if needed. At the same time, the marines of the SEM destroyers will deal with the anarchists in the docking bay of the main station and hold a line there in case the infiltrators fail and an invasion is necessary to disable the anarchist turrets and shields. If this is the case, the invasion will be undertaken by combined HSA and Survaekom troops at 12:30 from the docks and the hull breaches, after ample planning and preparation time during which time the fleet will fire at enemy turrets. If this also fails or casualties run too high, we will retreat and then bombard the station into submission starting at 4:00 pm.

"Now, are there any comments, suggestions, or questions regarding this plan?"

3/4/2010 . Edited 3/4/2010 #67
The HSA commander stood, "High power nuclear weapons would most likely not be as effective as our new space-mechs. This are only slight variations of our normal mechs, they have highly magnetic fett in order to stick to space stations and can be equipped with high powered cutting and perforation equipment to punch holes in specific sections of the stations. We can explosively decompress sections of the ships this way and insert commandos that can blow safety airlocks and negate a high majority of enemy troops as they move their way through sections of the station. The station itself should not be a problem, it is the surrounding stations I am worried about, if they lend outside support our mechs and commandos are sitting ducks. We suggest a joint strike against the closer stations that could aid, our Heavy Cruisers and Ventarion nukes would be most useful here."
3/7/2010 #68
"Unfortunately, the tactical nuclear weapons with blasting caps will be necessary," Pjjokhat maintained. "The walls of Purgatory City are far too thick to be punctured or cut through by conventional army weapons, even those of your advanced mechs. However, the Imperial Republic of Survaek recognizes the utility of this operation as an opportunity for the HSA to test its new mechas in battle, and suggests that these be employed in attacking the smaller stations. Allow me to reiterate that Purgatory City itself does contain the vast majority of enemy troops, so the HSA should be quite capable of overwhelming the surrounding stations without the direct aid of the SEM. However, the SEM will pledge its support in this part of the operation through long-range support by spacecraft: for example, if the anarchists have a strong defensive position in one section of a station, the SEM fleet can accurately bombard this particular section with lasers, so long as HSA troops remain safely behind another wall to avoid being sucked out by decompression."
3/7/2010 #69
"There are few stations we wish to capture, we would like to completely demolish these stations with our large lasers, Ventarion nukes, and your plasma bombs. As for purgatory city, nuclear weapons should not be used as we cannot storm through the holes than, let the Ventarions save their nukes for the surrounding stations and we will use no-nuclear weapons. If we cut through just the outer layer, which is built to withstand explosions, than we can plant non-nuclear explosions and easily punch through the hull. then we can go room by room, decompressing every room we pass through and negate a large number of enemy troops."
3/7/2010 #70
"We wish to demolish as little as possible in this operation, for this is meant to give us a foothold in the Nebula," Pjjokhat explained. "Anything we do not destroy we can use to our advantage instead of having to rebuild. Thus, we strongly suggest that all surrounding stations be stormed and taken over by the HSA. As for Purgatory City, there is no reason that the breaches made by tactical nuclear weapons cannot be entered by troops. The breaches will be large and irregular, but we can subsequently bore through walls of the rooms on the inside exposed by the blast and attach them to airlocks using airtight-sealed tubes. Even then, these HSA troops will not need to invade unless our infiltrator team fails, and if it does, the assigned planning and preparation time will be more than enough to set these tubes."
3/7/2010 #71
"We find nukes unnecessary, but in order to stop the argument and get on with the mission we concede this point. We find no use in keeping the surrounding stations, the fact is there would be more casualties than are worth."
3/7/2010 #72
"Actually, upon further thought, I find it best to acquiesce with you on the issue of use of nuclear weapons," Pjjokhat conceded. "The radiation from their blasts could harm your soldiers. You may create breaches using conventional explosives or plasma. However, do know that Survaek Command has marked the objective of obtaining all stations possible as imperative to the mission, which is to gain a foothold in the Nebula, as I stated earlier. Now, it appears that the Republic of Ventario is no longer involved in this operation. Does Ventario have any suggestions as to how it can participate?"
3/9/2010 #73
"Well only the larger stations surrounding the main station is necessary to capture, but the smaller, less imperative stations could hurt HSA and Survaek crews while they try to board other stations, perhaps we could use our nukes to destroy some of these smaller stations?"
3/10/2010 #74
"Again, remember that our objective is to capture as many stations as possible, including small ones. And, if it is determined that a station must be destroyed, nukes, unless planted directly on the stations beforehand, will be no more useful than conventional SEM heavy weapons. However, to assert your commitment to military obligations, Survaek does suggest that Ventario send one of its functional vessels primarily for the purpose of observation. This will be an opportunity for Ventario to witness the art of space combat."
3/12/2010 #75
"Very Well, this is to be acceptable, should we beging preparations for the invasion force?"
3/12/2010 #76

"The invasion is scheduled for tomorrow, so preparations must indeed be made immediately," Pjjokhat explained. "We will now send digital briefings of the plan from the Goliath to all forces to be involved. Additional, personal briefings will be administered by SEM officers already knowledgeable in the workings of the plan to Human as well as Survaekom forces: they will arrive in shuttles to your ships tomorrow at 7:00 am, Primus time. Is this in order?"

3/15/2010 #77

"Indeed it is, but perhaps you have other issues to discuss, such as responding to my text and telling me the calculus homework?"

3/15/2010 . Edited 3/15/2010 #78

"The text has been replied to," Chairman Pjjokhat assured the HSA delegate. "However, there are indeed other issues to address. In particular, the Imperial Republic of Survaek calls upon the IUCR Senate to address the issues of what policy our Confederation will adopt in regard to intra-confederate tariff and trade policy and expansion. For the former, Survaek recommends that total free trade be instituted among the Imperial Republics. For the latter, Survaek proposes an acceleration of technology-sharing as well as an extensive program to expand infrastructure, build up industrial power, and boost the economies of all Republics through construction projects, material grants, and financial packages." Although he did not state so directly, Pjjokhat implied a connection between the two matters at hand: essentially, Survaek was willing to pay from its vast reserves of technology, material resources, and capital in return for the guarantee of open markets.

3/15/2010 #79

"Free-Trade would be more beneficial for Survaek than it would for the HSA, what could Survaek compensate us for a policy of open-trade?"

"Indeed, the Ventarions would like to raise this question as well."

3/17/2010 #80

Clearly, the HSA and Ventarion senators had not understood Pjjokhat's subtle hint. He decided to be more forthwright.

"Survaek will benefit more from free trade than the HSA and Ventario; however, the HSA and Ventario will benefit more from full technology-sharing and the economic stimulus I mentioned than Survaek. In fact, Survaek does not plan to direct any of the stimulus to itself. Thus, the program will essentially be a vast increasing of the financial, industrial, and overall economic potential of the two smaller republics of the IUCR. Does this sound acceptable to you?"

3/17/2010 #81

Both the HSA and Ventarion senators agreed that this would be acceptable.

3/17/2010 #82

"Excellent. We shall then institute these acts, to be effective immediately. There is still one question to settle, however. Should each IUCR state be allowed to set its own tariff on foreign, non-IUCR goods? Or should there be one IUCR tariff for all foreign imports?"

3/17/2010 #83

"Well the HSA supports the idea that each individual state sets its own tariff policy. The tariffs must differ based on the demand and supply of the product within our own nations in order to be most effective."

"Ventario does not know if we can support that. We know little about intergalactic trade and policies. If we do decide this we would like to request Survaekom aid in initially setting these tariffs."

3/18/2010 #84

"Perhaps we may institute a plan under which the HSA and Ventario, the latter assisted by Survaek, may set their own, relatively high tariffs on any industries requiring protection until of sufficient strength to adopt a standard IUCR tariff of 5% which will apply to all strong, healthy industries. Does this sound acceptable?"

3/18/2010 #85

"This sounds fairly acceptable to the HSA"

"Ventario agrees to this as well, and we would like to bring up a new point of interest, immigration. Ventario and Survaek have recently had a completely open immigration policy, but some people on Solaria are growing restless on the constant Survaekom expansion on our planet."

3/18/2010 #86

"You raise a very important topic," Pjjokhat admitted. "Survaek is willing to compromise with Ventario: it will restrict immigration to particular zones of control around our current mining complexes as well as sites already-claimed by us for mining. We will not send any immigrants outside of these zones except for a restricted few to act as commercial agents and permanenet ambassadors to your republic.

This issue also applies to the HSA. What immigration policy does the republic of the HSA wish to take towards both of its fellow IUCR members?"

3/18/2010 #87

The Ventarion official nodded in approval.

"The HSA has no problem with immigration, but it fears for the safety of any foreign immigrants, especially Survaek Immigrants. Some of our civilians still hold animosity towards the Survaekom, and we cannot simply put them down. We allow free expression and fear for the safety of any Survaekom immigrants within our state. If we allow immigration onto Primus itself there will surely be riots, but if Survaek would like to immigrate to some of the outer asteroids we will surely have no objections but will require compensation for the cost of protection against mainly Treikkeans but also some humans."

3/20/2010 #88

"We will take serious note of your safety concerns, but we wish nevertheless that immigrants be allowed onto Primus as well as asteroids. You may require certain quotas, paperworks, and prerequisites in terms of skills and education, but to bar immigration completely would not fit in with our roles as sister republics. Surely there will not be riots if immigration is limited."

3/20/2010 #89

"I don't believe you fully understand the situation, after the destruction of earth and siege of Primus our population has become more and more xenophobic. What would start out as a peaceful protest would most likely turn into full fledged rioting. The Survaekom immigrants would have to be located in their own sections on Primus, walled off from the rest of the communities and would cost much more money than they ever could contribute. If we placed them on asteroids nearby they could inhabit the entire asteroid reducing most security risk."

3/21/2010 #90
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