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Name of nation/company/group: Confederation of the Nations under treaties 84, 176, 385, 541, and 11257 in purview over the nations and mega-corporations in the Orion Arm of the Galaxy (Confederation of Nations or CN for short.)

Participation in the Senate: No

Capital city or planet: Confederation capital: Lisetti Space Station, a gigantic space station orbiting the planet Lisetti, this station is easily the size of a small moon.

Type of government: Confederacy

Basic info about the government: It is controlled by a combination of hereditary officials and appointees. Originally all officials were elected by the heads of state of the various nations that were apart of the confederation but as centuries went by less and less interest in the elections led to a revision of the original treaty that step up the Confederation so as the heads of state wouldn't have to bother. Currently there are hundreds of various officials that have been appointed to hereditary positions, each with its own responsibilities. Sadly most do not fulfill there proscribed roles and corruption has become extremely rampant due to and ineffective checks and balance system. Those that do their jobs are few and far between. The Confederation has no legal power to enact any legislation on the various nations save for in the matters of defense from outsiders and pirates, along with some obscure laws prohibiting various substances, such as drugs, enriched uranium, and militarized antimatter, though on the last it is very complicated since antimatter is dangerous no matter how it is used. Due to the above mentioned corruption the budget for just about anything is small, even with the Confederation wide 5% tax on everything bought, sold or traded. Originally this was more than enough, and the money contributed by the nations is very small, especially when compared to the early years. The budget is so low that most Naval Officers and Officials only patrol the trade lanes when they are bribed to do so. The various nations under the confederation have many different kinds of governments ranging from the extreme left of near anarchist nations to the far right with various kinds dictatorships, so called communists, and even several religious states.

Brief history: Originally formed several millennia before during the early stages of space exploration of the people of Lisetti soon after they met the people of Ruola and were confronted by the threat of the already established Visani empire. After a short and very bloody war in which millions died, the Visani agreed to a cease-fire when the lone moon orbiting the Visani peoples home world was occupied. Eventually the ceasefire lead to a peace agreement, then a non aggression pact and finally their induction into the Confederation. Decades past and more nations were met, wars fought, and all were eventually admitted to the Confederation until it grew into what it is today.

AI creation is legal, but only under very strict regulations to prevent any 'programming errors', such as what caused an event in which an AI was created that subsequintly took control of entire infranstructure of Ylass, which then allowed it to systematically slaughter almost the entire population. The CNSF took immediate action once the situation was deemed untenable. The planet was bombarded constantly for a week straight, with anything from Rods from God, to fusion weapons and an organsism that devours all kinds of metals. To this day the planet Ylass is watched over by a network of stations that monitor the planet for any signs of the AI. An assignment to this system is often considered to be the end of anyone's career and it is not unknown for undesirables to be posted here until they can be retired from the service.

# of planets: 72 colonized planets, planetoids, and moons, along with hundreds of colonized asteroids and space stations. Hundreds of un-colonizable planets also lie within borders. These are spread across 48 different systems.

Planets in the process of terra-forming: 1, TreArk prime, the only planet orbiting a small Red Dwarf in the TreArk system is the first ever attempted terra-forming of a dead planet. It is being attempted by the small nation of Isay that is located on the planet Helio, with the help of hundreds of groups, some scientific and some not, across the Confederation. Isay is hoping to move their entire population to the planet due to not only overcrowding but also its many hostile neighbors. If successful, this project will revolutionize the confederation as hundreds worlds once thought un-colonizable could then be terraformed, ending the many great stresses caused by over-population and potentially ushering in a new golden age.

Estimate of population: Confederation databases list the number at around 480 billion, but due to inefficiencies and lack of funding this number hasn't been updated for centuries. The number is currently closer to 910 billion.

Economic info:

-Type of economy: The Confederation itself has no economy, but the nation's economies under it range as much as their governments do, from total free market to rigid state controlled economies.

-Strengths: The widely varying economies create hundreds of thousands of different products and services. Just about anything you could possibly want is made and sold here.

-Weaknesses: Little standardization, 8% unemployment (which, given the large population, is huge figure), dozens of overcrowded planets, and all the problems that come with it, including limited capacity for health care, lack of clean water, food and other necessities which only compound the problems. Due to the overpopulation on many planets most foodstuffs are now a luxury as the small number of farms(relative to the population) cannot keep up with the rising demand.

-Unique products:

A regenerative metal called Rilium, and can be used in just about anything that requires a high strength metal that will last. Sadly it is extremely expensive due to limited supply and extremely high demand. It is stronger than most common metals and alloys but not some of the higher end non regenerative metals.

The original Lisetti type One Power Plant is a device that generates significant amounts of energy with no discernable fuel source. This energy generation device is only crafted on the planet Lisetti under extremely tight security to prevent anyone from stealing the technology and thus ending the Lisetti's near monopoly of the energy generation business, the only effiecent alternative being cold fusion reactors powered by H-3 that is gathered from Gas Giants.

Basic info of major technologies: Plasma Cannons is the most used weapon aboard all military vessels of the Confederation, though there are others, these generally are powerful enough to burn through several meters of metal or organic material relatively easily. Emp weapons are often used to disable pirate vessels so that they can be brought to justice. Tractor beams are used where EMP weapons are ineffective and are used to do essentially the same job, but they don't stop the enemy from firing back, also tractor beams provide the basis for another weapon that repluses as well as pulling the object, causing great structural stress, and generally bypassing shields.

-Artificial humans, aliens, and other creatures have been created, mostly for military applications, but there is an increasing demand for such devices among the commercial and consumer markets. As such they are quickly coming into widespread use across the Confederation for various applications such as receptionists, waiters/waitresses, pets, and, of course, playthings. In some cases people acutally use these are their 'bodies' and control them from home using VR interfaces. In an extreme few cases the artificial body is their only body, either through some freak accident or intetionally.

-Virtual Reality Interfaces are a common device in any household. These are used to play games, watch movies, participate in interactive movies, and other... applications. Many have cybernetic implants to allow them to connect to the Web more easily, either wirelessly or with a hardline, and without the use of headsets used by those that are without the implants. The implants generally provide a more, immersive experience than the headsets but many of the higher-end headsets work basically the same by sending the information directly to the brain. The Headsets themselves range from bulky helmets to small devices that fit around the ear or some similiar appendage.

-Quickports is a bulky device that creates a man sized wormhole between any two quickports in the same solar system. Unlike over interstellar distances, the relatively small distance within a solar system means that Quickports use vastly less energy, enough so that they are now used in place of air travel on most planets. These devices can also be used for travelling across interstellar distances though this requires vastly more power than for it's normal usage. As a saftely procaution and to prevent any 'incidents', all Quickports are restricted to connecting to other Quickports and have various settings that allow it to block incoming or outgoing travel. These are very rarely found in the consumer world due to their high cost, but they are out there.

-Nanomachines are a common device, having made it's way into the consumer marketplace in the form of selfcleaning clothes, clothes that change color and shape, repair devices, medicine, among others. Sometimes these are not actually machines but rather micro-organsisms that preform the same function.

-Holograms are a fairly recent development, which uses nanomachines to project a 3-dimensional image. These are quite rare due to VRs prevalence and the general consensus that VRs are 'better'.

-Artificial Intelligence is something that nearly everyone in the confedertion deals with everyday, but due to an the Ylass incident, which is described in the Brief history section, Sapient AI are expensive enough that they are rarely found in the hands of consumers, rather used mostly for commercial, military, and infranstructural applications. The consumers generally have to make due with mass produced, semi-sentient AI, which, while useful, are not nearly as capable as Sapient AIs. To prevent any more Ylass style incidents, all AI's have a set of 'morals' included in there core programming and cannot be changed or erased by anyone.

-Diverter shields are a defensive device that, rather than absorbing the impact of a hit, deflects it which sends it into a different direction and only absorbing a small portion of the energy allowing it to take many more hits compared to other shield designs.

-(yet to come up with name) are a defensive system that uses tractor and repulsor beams to hold and manuever armor plates around the ship to be used to protect the ship. This system allows the armor to be more easily replaced, and often Confederacy vessels have several spare plates in storage on board the ship.

Interstellar technology: Extremely efficient subspace drives that lower travel times between stars to only one minute per light-year, this drive is the cheapest form of travel but there is one that is faster, and costs vastly more in not only energy consumption but also the price tag of the equipment needed to make wormholes large enough to accomodate vessels of anysize. Some of the wealthier nations use these for faster travel between planets but is too expensive for most nations, so only a few have these.

Interstellar communication: Many forms of communication are in use, but the most used forms of communication over long distances include quantum entanglement and sending radio waves through miniature wormholes.

Military info: Consists of only Naval forces, though there are a few marines included to guard prisoners and convicts, but other than that there are no ground forces whatsoever. Is in possession of several antimatter generation facilities orbiting the Lisetti star, though these are unmanned, and essentially decomissioned. Unbeknowest to the Confederate authority, at least officially, some of the more prosperous nations and corporations have set up a few of their own. Most nations have a few vessels each and with some of the wealthier nations, whole navies, but they all vary widely and few could challenge a Confederate vessel one on one and win.

Recently a four juggernaut sized vessels have been constructed, albeit with many bribes along the way, as the test bed for a the new development of unmanned fighters. These could potentially revolutionize the Confederation of Nations Space Forces, since their increased usage of automated controls and the fighters themselves decrease the number of crew needed on the vessel, something that the CNSF currently is extremely lacking in.

Though the CNSF has no legal right to attack the planets of the confederation, they do have many kinds of weapons of mass destruction, ranging from fission and fusion weapons to kinetic impact weapons and bio weapons. All together they could render planets uninhabitable easily, though this is a very last resort seeing as of yet they have no way to terraform planets, though this is changing with Isay's attempt to terraform TreArk prime.

-Str: Huge fleet, powerful weaponry, huge deep space fortresses, regenerative armor, and the inclusion of Lisetti type One powerplants in every single military vessel with some having several.

-Weak: Lack of manpower, absolutely no ground personnel, Lack of combat experience, many ineffective officers, small budget, and the majority of the fleet is mothballed at various nearly abandoned deep space military fortresses. Many active ships also have little more than skeleton crews. Huge amounts of red tape and limited access to supplies. Many vessels are ancient, some dating to the beginning of the Confederation and thusly don't incorporate many of the advances that have been obtained since their creation.

-# of space going vessels and their type:

800 Corvettes: 150 active; 4,400 Frigates: 72 active; 1,500 Destroyers: 15 active; 2,500 Cruisers: 7 active; 3,999 Heavy Cruisers: 44 active; 400 Battlecruisers: 18 Active; 4 Carriers: all active; 500 Battleships: 13 active; 125 Dreadnoughts: 3 active; 62 Juggernauts: none active; 3 Leviathans: none active

455 or so National Naval vessels of various sizes, all active though not under the direct authority of the Confederate Government.

-# of enlisted military personnel (ground troops): Zero. Though most Nations and Mega-Corporations have their own militaries, but once agian, these are not under the authority of the Confederate Government. The Marines aboard the CNSF vessels are not included in this number because they are not trained for ground operations and are not legally allowed to be deployed on the ground.

Basic info about your people: (What they look like, their customs, etc.):

A diverse people that vary in appearance even more than the Humans of Earth do with even more cultures to go along with them and include around a dozen alien species.

Major Nations and Mega-corporations of the Confederation:

Lissetti Commonwealth, Federation

Grand Queendom of Ruola, Constituational Monarchy

Visani Empire, Stratocracy

Aldor Technologies and Subsidiaries, Directorate

Isay, Direct Democracy

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((Interesting...makes me realize how bad Survaek would be if it weren't for the restraints of rigid Survaekom pure culture. Survaek with ineffective rulers=chaotic rebel paradise. *Shudder*))

5/14/2009 #2

((thank you for your compliment.))

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Sarah Crowning

Seems more like a smaller version of the galactic senate than a solid nation. If they get in we'll finally have a nation with more ships than Survaek. Or at least theoretically more ships, although most are discomissioned.

5/15/2009 #4

Yeah, they do have many problems, not the least being they can barely afford to man the ships they do... then there's the fact that if they did try to man them all, they would likely have trouble finding anyone experienced, and then would have to make do with people that have little or none.

Though on the first part, they aren't really a solid nation, If you know of the Confederacy from the United States Civil war, then you generally get the idea of what they are like, since states could refuse to send troops to fight for the COnfederate government, among other things.

5/15/2009 #5

I quite like this...just so long as they don't miraculously manage to reactivate and repair their ships when some form of threat comes along, it should be okay. :)

5/26/2009 #6

thank you, sadly i wont be able to post to often right now, since i have very limited access to the internet.

6/2/2009 #7

As was before, I do quite admire your nation for being one of the most politically realistic in the forum. I find no issue with your new editions, and hope that Marinus and possibly MW and Kross will come back soon enough to allow the Confederation to get a taste of action.

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Admiral Ni'halar unconsciously leaned back in his command chair as his implants activated, opening his mind to the Tacnet that allowed him to 'see' as his fleet slowly inched in perfect formation. By focusing his attention beyond the fleet, he could see a single whitish-blue planet surrounded by not one, but two enormous glittering blue rings. At another time Ni'halar might have noted the beauty of the rings, but, as always with his people, Duty comes first and he saved the image for later. 'Any sign of the pirates?' 'None yet, sir.' His Sensory officer replied. Of course, Ni'halar already knew nothing wouldn't be, not for some time yet, when ladar and radar came into their effective ranges since the gravitic sensors where unreliable so close to a planet. 'I'm logging off, inform me when we get into active sensor range.' 'Yes, sir.' The reply seemed to whisper into his ear just as he dropped from the net.
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((Hey, since the Confederacy and Survaek are both large nations with huge fleets, it seems unlikely that none of their people have had contact with one another. Could we assume that, if the governments are not aware of one another, that pirates from each do enter each other's space. If you agree, could I play the pirates you mentioned?))
3/1/2010 #10
((It wouldn't be what I was planning on but it would probably be better than what I had planned. So no I would not mind at all if you took control of the pirates.))
3/2/2010 #11

Ni'halar opened his eyes and glanced to his right. A tall, wiry Human stood barely five feet away, his eyes focused on his left arm as he slowly traced the intricate black tattoos that laced up his arms and under the sleeveless shirt he wore. Ni'halar couldn't make out what the human muttered under his breathe, but, Ni'halar decided, given their strange customs it was probably some form of ritual. "What is it that you are doing, Liol?"

The human didn't look up as he replied, "It is tradition to recite the Rites of Battle before a battle if it is practical to do so, Fleet Admiral."

"And yet you will not be directly participating in the coming battle," Ni'halar noted as turned to the small holo tube that displayed his fleet as it coasted through space. "And it is even possible that they will run instead of fight."

Liol let his arms drop to his sides as he turned to his attention fully to Ni'halar, "And if they do turn tail, then we shall shoot them in the back as we would from the front. Either way we would earn honor, and repay the Jo'hi that they have accumulated with there dishonorable attacks on those that cannot defend themselves."

"You Humans and your honor." Ni'halar muttered as he shook his head.

3/2/2010 . Edited 3/2/2010 #12
((Before I reply, I need to know: what does this fleet consist of? How many ships? What types?))
3/2/2010 #13

In the holo tube, more than a score of small representations stood in formation, seemingly unmoving even as the ships themselves cruised at nearly .28 c. Of all those in the tube, the ones that drew Ni'halar's eyes were the four largest, including his flagship. Each was a marvel of science and engineering, and also the testbed for the new 'fighters', as the Humans called it. It was still a wonder that anyone could pry the enourmous funds that must have been needed to build them and not only that but also the four destroyers, two cruisers, fifteen heavy cuisers, and not one, but two battleships!

"There are still some that are loyal to the Confederation and not their pockets." Ni'Halar quickly turned back to Liol, as the human continued speaking, "Besides, even those that aren't look on this and see yet another way to reduce the size of the Fleet annd increase the size of their pay checks."

3/3/2010 . Edited 3/3/2010 #14
For a long time, all was calm. The pirates were Survaekom of a group known as the Belluri Distance Runners, a subsidiary of the powerful Red Merchants' Guild (known as much for its wry names as its wealth and arms). Although technically centered in Survaek space, the RMG was known for extending its operations into other nations and was a well-established, although not dominant, force in the Confederation of Nations. The Belluri Distance Runner fleet consisted of one cruiser and three destroyers stolen from the SEM and highly-modified along with thirteen "runners": small, fast, highly-maneuverable pirate ships produced by the RMG itself. Ten of these small vessels together carried the fleet's most powerful weapon: the battered armor frame of a critically-damaged SEM battleship disabled and evacuated in battle, now filled with explosives. These carried the hulk just barely into the line of sight of the Confederate fleet before abandoning the mass and fleeing quickly behind the planet again. Several rocket boosters attached to the hulk then activated, sending it hurling towards the nearest Confederate formation. Meanwhile, the cruiser and destroyers began to retreat at full speed directly away from the planet, leaving the enemy to deal with the three-kilometer long armored bomb.
3/3/2010 #15

'Enemy vessels detected, sir.' Came the whisper, and Ni'halar opened his connection as the voice continued, 'Battleship class vessel and ten frigates.'

By the time the image in his mind clarified, the frigates were gone and the battleship was accelerating at an incredible speed directly towards the fleet. He ordered the fleet to split in half and come around the planet in a pincer movement, even as they began to fire on the rapidly approaching battleship. 'Launch all fighters and send them ahead.' The fighters launched out of the dozens of bays along the broadsides of the carriers and raced across space to the opposite side of the planet.

Ni'Halar then watched the battleship silently as the fleet carried out his orders. The Juhn clearly wasn't moving fast enough to escape the deadly embrace that awaited it, and the crew was jumping ship with dozens of lifeboats were left in it's wake. 'Open a channel to Captain Gan.'

'Channel open, sir.'

'Captain Gan here, sir.' The Ruolan said as an image showed her sitting calmly in the Captain's chair aboard the heavy cruiser Juhn.

'Why are you not in a life boat?' Ni'halar demanded, 'Your vessel will not survive a collision with that pirate vessel.'

'I will embark when my crew is safe.'

3/3/2010 . Edited 3/3/2010 #16

The battleship hulk crashed directly into the Juhn's broadside, transferring its massive momentum into the eemy vessel through its heavy frontal plating. For two seconds it pressed into the enemy hull, sending the outer wall hurling towards the center, crushing rooms, electronics, and whatever unfortunate crewmen remained in these imploding sections of the Confederate ship. Then, suddenly, the entire scene was engulfed by a brilliant explosion thrice the size of the battleship, which sent millions of shards of shrapnel in all directions.

Meanwhile, the cruiser and destroyers continued to distance themselves from the Confederates, while the runners lay in hiding to ambush any ships that followed.

3/4/2010 #17
The Juhn added it's own explosion to the mix as it's powerplant went critical, vaporizing the most of the two vessels and further accelerating the remaining shrapnel to incredible velocities. For the most part the vessels hit by the shrapnel were spared heavy damage by the design of their primary and secondary armors, but one of the cruisers took heavy damage from the impact of a rather large piece of shrapnel.

The fighters arced over north pole of the planet and detected the fleeing pirate vessels as they reached the apex of their flight over the planet.

3/10/2010 #18
As the fighters arced over the planet, the ten pirate runners sprung from their hiding places and briefly opened up with lasers, rockets, and coil (gauss) autocannons on the fighters. They then doubled back as quickly as possible, five rocketing in the direction of the other pirate ships, the other five in an entirely different direction. As they sped off, propelled by their oversized engines, the runners strafed with rear machinegun and pulse laser turrets while leaving a trail of proximity mines.
3/12/2010 #19

The fighters reacted instantly, going into violent and unpredictable evasive manuvers as soon as the runners appeared cuasing most of the rockets and rounds to miss. But, even so, nearly three dozen fighters exploded as lasers peirced thin armor plate and the odd rocket hit. They fired shoals of short ranged missiles in return and then raced after the larger pirate vessels, since the rest of the fleet would easily destroy the runners as soon as they got around the planet.

3/17/2010 #20

The five runners proceeding in the direction of the cruiser and destroyers quickly caught up with the larger ships, continuing to leave proximity mines and strafe with lasers and machineguns until then. One was heavily but not critically damaged by enemy missile fire and warped out of system through a wormhole provided by the cruiser. The others had suffered only lightly from the fighter barrage, their speed and maneuvers having saved them.

Four of the five vessels not following the larger ships, traveling at about a 45 degree to their counterparts, diverted energy from weapons to booster engines and quickly gained distance from the battlefield. One, however, had suffered critical damage from the fighters and had lost main power, and drifted awkwardly sideways. Two escape pods shot from the runner towards the planet, and then the ship's engines exploded, set off by a short-circuit set by the crew, destroying all cargo and sending millions of pieces of shrapnel, including the front end of the ship as a single piece, spinning in all directions.

3/17/2010 #21

((might I ask in which direction is this shrapnel going in? Also I guess I should note that there are about three thousand fighters in the group, minus a few hundred that were destroyed.))

3/25/2010 #22

((The head of the ship was sent roughly in the direction of your main fleet, and the other shrapnel exploded out in all directions. Also, thank you for clarifying your number of fighters.))

When the runners fleeing the enemy fighters caught up with the cruiser and destroyers, the larger ships let loose with point defenses -miniguns and rapid pulse lasers- as well as burst fire (both plasma and flak) from heavy coil cannons and heavy laser arcs which cut across the Confederate fighter formations.

3/25/2010 #23
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