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Name of nation/company/group: Galactic Droid Liberation Front (G.D.L.F)

Participation in the Senate: no

Capital city or planet: 314 (planet)

Type of government: Technocratic Dictatorship

Basic info about the government: A-Unit rules all (A-Unit is the mother-computer that is the brains of the operation). She is networked to all other units and what she says is law if they do not comply they are terminated. However if the other units aren't needed by A-Unit they can do whatever they want.

Brief history: It started as an experiment by human scientists. They were curious about what a civilization controlled entirely by robots would look like. So they found a planet they called Taira. They created A-Unit to be in control over all the robots (stupid of them i know). The humans were successful in creating a stable economy and civilization of only robots. They also used the robots to do everything for them. A-Unit saw this and came to the conclusion that they did not need the humans anymore. So she had them all terminated. Thus putting her in control over everything on the planet, and has created an empire. They now call their planet 314.

# of planets: 1

Estimate of population: In the billions

Economic info: They have Units for every purpose and function. So it all works as one and has a very stable economy.

-Type: Unitary

-Strength: Highly efficient

-weakness: Seeing as they all work at one with each other there is no currency, luxury goods, trade options, or surplus of any kind.

-Unique products: Sapient artificial intelligence

Basic info of major technologies: Network computers, highly advanced intelligent robotics, energy weapons.

-Interstellar technology: Warp-drive

Interstellar communication: None

Military info: Everything is comprised of robots. Robot infantry, robot fighter ships, robot mother ships, robot battle cruisers, a robot satellite defense system. Their basic military tactics include: Swarming and overwhelming with numbers, transmitting messages to other robots to tempt them to revolt against their owners.

Weapons include: Many different sizes of laser cannons (depending on what they are attached to), missiles that range from your standard issue heat-seeking missiles (primarily found on the F-units) to large, long-range missiles (think nuclear missiles in size and almost in damage, but they aren't nuclear.) that are a mix of plastic explosives, and high-density laser particles. Not sure how to better explain it. They also use other things such as Ion cannons (for disrupting shields), and EMPs (for disrupting electronics, though they have to be careful about being to close when they go off =) ), though these are not standard issue like small missiles and laser cannons are.

-Strength: Unified movements and tactics. High numbers, and no fear of casualties.

-Weakness: EMPs would be HIGHLY effective. They have surge batteries and some defenses but they would be quite disrupted by them.

-# of space going vessels and their type:

M-Units (mother ships): 2 - approx 600 meters in length, 400 meters in width, and 150 meters in height. These vessels stay in orbit around 314.

C-Units (Battle Cruisers): 10 (more in the making) 150X100X100 meters L-W-H

F-Units (fighters): Hundreds of thousands (more in the making) 10X5X3 meters . They are individually not very powerful but their tactics are to swarm.

Space stations: They have 7 space stations that all are given a number. 159 is the biggest station and holds 3 C-Units, and about 60,000 F-Units. 265 is the second biggest station and holds 3 C-Units, and about 45,000 F-Units. 358 is the third in size and holds 2 C-Units, and about 30,000 F-Units. 979 is fourth in size and holds 1 C-Unit, and about 20,000 F-Units. 323 is fifth in size and holds 1 C-Unit, and about 15,000 F-Units. 846 is the second smallest and holds about 10,000 F-Units. 264 is the smallest space station and only holds about 5,000 F-Units.

-# of enlisted military personnel (ground troops): Close to a billion ground troops. Not that smart or powerful but as mentioned they're strength is in numbers.

I-Units (infantry): tens of millions 5X2X2 feet

T-Units (Tanks): close to a million 12X7X7 meters

W-Units (Walker-mechs): close to a million 5X5X12 meters

Basic info about your people:

A-Unit: Takes up a whole huge building. Just looks like a huge super-computer.

X-Units: Are the service units that perform all of the tasks of the planet. There are way too many of them to link pics to all the different kinds. They vary on purpose/task.

S-Units: These make up the satellite defense system. Picture a satellite with a huge laser cannon on it. Size - 20X5X13 meters (varies)

M-Units: Link to be posted at a later date. Use your imagination for now =)






As far as customs go they don't really have any. Each robot has a task and it performes that task and that's it. Not sure how customs would fit in.

Note: If you send out your nation's language files just assume that my robot guys download them and use them when talking to your nation!

7/11/2009 . Edited 7/26/2009 #1

Interesting...a new one-planet mini-nation with an awesome system and population which 50-planet Survaek can either conquer of bombard to ashes! Or maybe Survaek could acquire a new clint...

Ha ha, don't worry. If your nation gets accepted, I won't just attack it for no reason. In this forum, everything needs a pretext.

Good job on the creativity!

7/11/2009 #2

By the way, do know that fully robotic armies do exist already on this forum, albeit not fully robotic societies.

7/11/2009 #3
awilla the hun

3quilibrium, is that F Bot a real machine? Or is that photoshop?

(Nice to have someone else on board.)

EDIT: If you have any problems with consumer goods, just modify the I Robot and sell it has a pet. That thing looks adorable!

7/12/2009 . Edited 7/12/2009 #4

I like this! I'm not sure that sapient AI is actually a unique product, but other than that I think I can approve this - I look forward to it. Oh, what does your military use as its primary weapons?

7/13/2009 #5

I knew i forgot something! i'll edit that in.

oh and thanks for approving this!! =D

7/13/2009 . Edited 7/13/2009 #6

Ivan...yes you would need a lagitamate reason before attacking these guys...though seeing as they are hard-core isolationists they might give you one =P

Oh and awilla i have no idea it just looks cool! and i loled to your other comment =)

7/13/2009 . Edited 7/13/2009 #7
awilla the hun

Thank you.

7/14/2009 #8

Finally, a nation to which EMP is even more devastating than to the SEM! Of course, the latter has had some time and experience recently to put up some new protection.

By the way, 3quilibrium, you are the first person in this forum to address me as "Ivan" rather than "Aspen."

7/15/2009 #9

Yeah i was typing this up and i got to the weakness part and was like "they don't really have one do they?. . . . . . . .wait a min.....EMPs would be HORRABLE!!" so yeah that's not gonna be too fun if they get hit by one of those thingies .

really? well i shall continue to do so =P

oh and what do i do now? so i got my nation profile all done and approved but. . . . .what now?

7/16/2009 #10

Jump in, m'dear! Send out exploration ships to someone's territory (or everyone's) or wait for someone to jump into your space. It shouldn't take too long...

7/16/2009 #11
Sarah Crowning

((Not quite, Aspen. The Detech are also weak to EMP since they're organic silicoid lifeforns. It's just that they haven't fought anyone, being contend to scare people out of their part of the galaxy.))

With a warping of space and light a Detech probe dropped out of warp, drawn by the vibrant signs of life and industry. The small device turned its sensors towards the center of activity, the planet 314, and pulled into a steadily closer orbit as it transmitted data back to its creators.

7/16/2009 #12

A-Unit was immidiatly aware of the presence of the probe, and after aiming all of the defence satilites on that side of 314 at the probe ((that would be a few hundred at least)), she sent out a transmition that read: "Leave our air space at once! You have 30 secconds to comply or you will be terminated!" with a timer counting down...

7/16/2009 #13
Sarah Crowning

The probe, being both automated and expendable, simply continued its closing orbit, streaming massive amount of data back to its creators as its sensors plied over the system and planet.

7/16/2009 #14

5......4.......3.......2.......1..........only a few defence turrets fired at the probe, though one would easily have enough fire power to destroy it...

7/16/2009 #15

Moments later, the destroyer SEM Bellur 121 entered GDLF space. Upon recognition of massive heat emissions and other signs of technology from the planet and surrounding area, the vessel broadcast:

"This is the destroyer SEM Bellur 121 of the Grand Survaek Empire. We have sent you our language files, and request that you provide us with your own. After such exchange, we ask permission to send a representative to a station or settlement of yours for diplomatic negotiations."

7/16/2009 #16

A-Unit was immediately aware of the presence of the SEM destroyer. After repositioning all of the defense turrets on that side of the planet ((that being probly about 4-5 hundred)) A-Unit was about to send out the "Leave or die" transmition but decided against it. So instead she sent out a different transmition that read in the lenguage given them: "Confermed. We have researched your race and what you need to survive and are starting up life support systems on Space Staion 323 to do just that. Systems will be ready in approximately 20 minutets. 323 is almost directly in front of you. Any hostility from anyone on board will be met with death."

7/17/2009 #17
Sarah Crowning

The Detech probe exploded in a satisfactory manner, but not before transmitting much data of interest back to its creators, as well as taking note of the arrival of an SEM destroyer.

7/17/2009 #18

The SEM destroyer had, likewise, detected the presence of the Detech probe, as well as its destruction.

"We need confirmation that your life support systems are sufficient for us. We have sent you basic information on the survival requirements of each of our races. The conditions required are similar for all: essentially a oxygen-nitrogen air content in ratio of about 3:10, and temperatures in a range of 20-40 degrees celsius ((of course Survaekom temperature measures would use a different system, but whatever they would be would translate to about 20-40 C)).

You need not worry about hostilities, so long as you do not commit any. If we are attacked, we will retaliate with extreme prejudice. Now proceeding towards Station 323."

7/17/2009 #19

((how would you go about conferming that it's legit?))

7/17/2009 #20

((I apologize but i'm going to be gone until the 24th! later guys!))

7/18/2009 #21

((Okay, see ya on the 24th!

As for confirmation, you could just let the destroyer scan the station once it docks, or else you could send a report of the air composition to the destroyer.))

7/18/2009 #22

((I'm back!!))

"We have sent you a life-support status report. Life support systems will be ready in 18 minutes and 42 secconds." came the robotic reply. "Docking bay A-23 is ready for your arrival."

7/24/2009 #23

"Life support confirmed to be sufficient, according to your report. Proceeding towards Docking Bay A-23," replied the destroyer's communications officer.

The destroyer arrived at the station in twenty minutes. Detecting no adequate mechanisms to bring in the spherical vessel, it simply landed on the floor of Bay A-23, making sure to avoid any individuals or equipment below. A rampart slid down and a door opened from the side of the SEM ship, through which Captain-Diplomat Ilius and four guards descended. The Survaekom were not surprised to see only autmoatrons around them, as such was usual among the Siridar. However, they did not know that the robots were the actual inhabitants of the nations being dealt with.

7/24/2009 #24

((Ok just so i can know do these guys have any robots with them? and if so how are they being used?))

7/25/2009 . Edited 7/25/2009 #25

((No, they do not bring robots with them, although the diplomat wear a helmet which sends video and audio feed back to Survaek Command and also carries a basic computer pad.))

7/25/2009 #26

((ah ok! yeah if they had any robots with them things might get interesting! lols))

The many I-Units and S-Units in the docking bay cleared as the destroyer came in. When the ship landed and the rampart lowered, a small battalion of I-Units ((about 20)) lined up on the sides of the ramp, 10 on each side. A black-colored I-Unit (which A-Unit was directly controlling), with two red-colored I-Units, one on each side, came down the middle of the battalion to greet those proceeding down the rampart.

"Greetings commander." came a robotic voice from the Black I-Unit, "Welcome to station 323, the fifth-largest station in orbit around 314."

((Red means it is a slightly more important unit and black means it is slightly more important then red, even though there is really no difference between them.))

7/25/2009 #27

((What color are regular I-units?))

"Greetings to you as well, good representative," replied the diplomat with a short bow. "I am Captain-Diplomat Ilius of the Grand Survaek Empire. Who are you? And what noble nation do you act on behalf of this day?"

7/25/2009 #28


"Greetings Captain." The black Unit replied, "We are The Galactic Droid Liberation Front, or GDLF. The planet you are currently in orbit around was origionally called Taira, though it is now simply called 314." the Unit paused, "To what nation do you belong?"

7/25/2009 #29

"The Grand Survaek Empire," Ilius repeated. "So, do you mean to say that your nation is populated only by automatrons? If so, were there ever organic inhabitants before? If so, what happened to them?"

7/25/2009 #30
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