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This should be seperate from the info dump, since this is not just "extra" information, but rather directly important in international relations.

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Survaekom Culture

Survaekom "Pure":

-Hold to "Mountain" philosophy with varied devotion, from merely philosophical to firm religious standing.

-Strong respect for elders and leaders.

-The giving of one's word, whether directly or indirectly, is extremely solemn. The breaking of one's word to another is considered an official crime in some Survaekom communities.

-Eating is CASUAL. The conduction of business during mealtime is frowned upon.

-Shoes, hats, and coats are seldom, if ever worn inside, except in formal military settings

-Robes are the accepted form of dress for both sexes


-Kinship with all fellow citizens and allies.

-Hospitality seen as a required duty, as well as a joy.

-Very high religious diversity.

-Generous kinship bounds + hospitality + religious diversity = high tolerance of foreign cultures (so long as friendly)

-Strong sense of justice

-No well-defined regulations on eating habits or clothing


-Very strong and often fanatical loyalty to a well-defined leadership

-Extremely strict hygiene laws, especially in washing of hands and feet (uncleanliness can merit corporal punishment)

-Gloves and closed-top shoes are very rare, and never worn inside

-Women wear robes, men shirts and leggings

-Tendency towards athletic competitons, many institutionalized

-Unified religion, albeit under many names, is plytheistic and stresses prayer to gods and earthly leaders (who are their representatives, of course)

-Strong extended family ties

-The only officially male-dominant culture in the Survaek Empire; most non-farming women work only at housekeeping, while men take true occupations


-Not technically one culture, but split into several groups based mostly on the division between farmers, city dwellers, and nomadic pastoralists

-One shared aspect is the maintaining of extended family

-High religious diversity, but all religions are some form of animism or polytheism

-Nomads: hold individual identity primarily by kinship, clan, and tribe rather than one's own name; strongest ties among extended family; within a kin/clan group, power is shared relatively equally, but tribes almost always have a leading group or individual; often agressive and very suspicious of foreigners; generally prejudiced against settled groups; predominantly animist

-Farmers: extended family important, but not essential; have nuclear family names as well as extended family names; identify with a village of origin; among themselves, status is more or less egalitarian; generally peaceful, but apathetic rather than friendly to foreigners; usually prejudiced but not openly violent towards nomads unless atacked; can be resentful or suspicious of city dwellers; mostly animist but some polyhteist (those that were historically subjects of citiy rulers)

-City Dwellers: markedly stratified status hierarchy based on occupation (laborers-artisans-smiths-merchants-nobles); most willing to accept foreigners and adapt to foreign ways; recognized but not always important extended family structures; identity based on social class and nuclear family; look down upon farmers as either subjects or primitives; hostile towards nomads; almost always polytheist

-In terms of integration into the Survaek Empire, city dwellers and farmers have fit in relatively easily into the existing Survaekom system (with the distinct exception of city merchants), while nomads have been both unable and ardently unwilling to do so

-NO PHYSICAL CONTACT outside of either family or combat

Universal: (excludes most Treikkeians)

-among the higher classes, Survaekom 'pure' culture is adopted

-robes are standard-issue clothing for government employees outside the working class

-strong sense of community among the lower classes (due to tight living quarters), with tendency towards large group activity en lieu of individual or small group activity

-general acceptance of government and a sense of patriotism, although fanatical loyalty is rare outside Belluri circles

-honor and glorification of military

-violence is accepted if not expected in entertainment media, aside from programs and texts targeting youth

-wine is ubiquitious as a drink

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Siridar Culture

Imperial Siridar (General)

-Cultured and urbane by many standards, they hold courtesy and formality in high regard.

-Worship Mirror

-Dinners are formal affairs, and it is uncouth to discuss affairs of business over them.

-However, conducting business over bargaining foods or refreshments is often expected.

-General fashion tends to the elaborate, with flowing overrobes decorated with swirling patterns, swallow-tail surcoats, waistcoats, shirts and cravats. Ties are almost unknown; the cravat is held by a crest pin allowing instant identification of their House.

-Art and music is highly prized; mechanikopera particularly so.

-Food is to be ENJOYED.

-Strong ties to Housekin

House Rose - Orison Kin

-Uninterested in most other Siridar and matters beyond their lands

-Earthier than most of their counterparts, but tend to enjoy the finer things in life; champagnes and sweeties among them

-The good life they have makes them unhurried and deliberate

-Preferred drink is generally pink champagne

-Tend to wear perfumes and enjoy spiced foods

-Polygamy is less frowned-upon in their lands than in others' - probably due to the romps in the endless fields of Rose youths.

-Home base for the Siridar aid organization Nectar.

House Lily - Blessed Kin

-Somewhat abstract people; can be difficult to deal with

-Take offence where none is presented; haughty and irascible


-Talented architects and designers; have a great appreciation for the nicer things in life

-Elaborately courteous

-Concerned with the pleasures of the flesh; their fortunes are built upon it, and upon games of chance.

-Like to gamble; they have a lucky streak

-Given the chance, Lilies are vicious - the Imperium's most effective torturers are all Lilies

-They take slaves, and are avaricious in their pursuit of new ones.

House Delphinion - Song Kin

-Urbane and cultured; they adapt to the customs of others to put them at their ease

-Silver-tongued, masters of twisting words and shifting public opinion. Delphinion PR firms are the best in the Imperium, and some way beyond. Many Delphinions are in the employ of the Diplomatic Service, aboard Rubicon cruisers or otherwise.

-Highly sociable, they are one of the closest-knit Great Houses, and are closely intwined with House Violet.

-They have a mercantile outlook, but unlike House Foxglove they deal in tertiary and quaternary services - data analysis and mining, market predicitions, PR, advertising and so forth.

-From the same stock as House Lily; the pheromone trait that can make them irresistible breeds true in some members of the House, among other things.

House Holly - War Kin

-Martial and warlike, they have little patience for acadaemia

-Athletic; they revel in tourneys and competitions - their Games are the sporting Mecca of the Siridar world.


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Sarah Crowning

Crimson Nebula Culture


-No specific Religion, all kinds accepted

-Strong spirit of Independence

-Competence in mechanics, handling weapons, and using computers is expected

-Everyone carries a weapon.

-Dress is extremely varied between individuals.

-Strict but short collection of rules which individuals are expected not to break on pain of ostricization and probably murder. Tenants of this code include (but are not limited to):

-Never shooting a man in the back, or take hostile action against someone who is assisting you in some way.

-Be polite. Enemies should be able to play a game of cards without knifing each other, or at least have the decency to take it outside first. Gloating over a defeated enemy is considered bad form.

-Nations are run by sadistic children of dogs and should be opposed at every turn to bring freedom

-Keep promises. If you can't keep it, don't make it.

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Sarah Crowning

Tashar Culture

Universal Kanhum:

-Unanimous practice of the Kiron religion worshiping the Empress. Different cults have mildly different philosophies and practices.

-Polyandrous (females can have multiple husbands, but not the other way around)

-Strong emphasis on tradition and familial piety.

-Dress often involves long, loose, patterned dresses and jewelry for females; tunics or robes for males. A veil and/or scarf is always worn in formal dress.

-Slightly misandric, female-dominated culture. Males face a glass ceiling in distinguished jobs.

-Culture is highly ritualistic and symbolic

-"drugs" of all kinds ubiquitous in use, but abuse is restrained by social norms.

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