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((In any case, even if the initial return only gave a ball park estimate of the location, the continued signal would very quickly make it more accurate over time. If the destroyer couldn't come in a matter of seconds, it would be a matter of minutes at most. And I am skeptical that your Krax researchers would know to take off the commando helmets or otherwise deactivate the SEM technology in that much time. So the destroyer will come, but you might have a few minutes to converse with the soldiers first.))
2/27/2010 #31
Sarah Crowning
((I agree with you in principle, but not in timescale. There's no way they could get a reading that exact in a few minutes. Space is huge, and there are a lot of interfering elements even if the Krax don't know the particulars of Survaekom technology. At the very least, searching the possible areas would require hours, possibly days, not minutes. Note also that Krax civilization is mostly submersible, so the Survaekom would have to do a thorough planetary scan to spot them. If they just warp into a system they wouldn't notice anything out of the ordinary.))
2/28/2010 #32
((I acquiesce: I'll settle on a matter of hours to locate at least the solar system. Enjoy your period of Survaek-as-a-helpless-subject-to-be-toyed-with period while it lasts...muhahahahaha!!! I will edit my former post now.))
2/28/2010 #33
Sarah Crowning
((Quick question, the Survaekom are actively scouting possible systems with ships, correct?))
2/28/2010 #34
((Yes. This will mean that the more accurate the readings on the Krax researchers' location get, the more likely that an SEM destroyer will pop up in their system.))
3/1/2010 #35
Sarah Crowning
"Sir," One of the technicians overlooking the Survaekom soldiers said. "I'm getting some interesting readings from the Survaekom, seems like they do have some knowledge of teleportation technology." - - "What?" /Gik asked, leaning over the technician's shoulder. "It's very primitive, probably only useable for communications, but they're using it for radio transmissions." /Gik did not like to hear that. Chances are, even if they inverted a transhield to block the com portals and used scrambling to jam the transmission, some damage had already been done, and it would be another eight hours before the gate was cycled. His thoughts were interrupted by another technician: "call from central." This one reported. - - Fifteen minutes later, a much annoyed /Gik emerged from the private call chamber (Krax never took calls in public, it was too dangerous) much annoyed and slightly relieved. "Good show people," He told everyone. "Foreign ship showed up in a nearby solar system. We're handing everything over to the confederate government. Send the information up." - - ((Wonder if the Survaekom will use Muryn's communication box before they rush in...))
3/1/2010 #36
((Before I reply, let me ask: Is the solar system the destroyer entered inhabited by any Krax or Krax drones? If not, how was it detected? If so, could the inhabitants be detected by the Survaekom?))
3/1/2010 #37
Sarah Crowning
((The Krax leave stealthed observation devices in nearby solar systems, and it's one of these that detected the Surveakom destroyer. Considering it has stealth technology and is about the size of a shed, I highly doubt the Survaekom are going to find it.))
3/1/2010 #38
((In that case, I will wait for a bit before my ships enter your system. By the way, are you going to reply to my soldiers?))_____From the communications box on Byrnia, held by Federal Officer 6th Class Raekhil, mayor of Neshkanyou Lake City, came a message: "This is the Grand Survaek Empire to foreigners. You have repeatedly sent probes into our territory and have abducted twenty-one citizens of our nation. Are you aware that these are hostile acts? Please state the name and nature of your nation, corporation, collective, confederation, or tribe, and explain yourselves."
3/1/2010 #39
Sarah Crowning

p"Please be patient. Your authorities have been contacted and you will be returned to your point of origin as soon as we are able." The speaker unhelpfully told the soldiers./ppThe office of "Confederate Ambassador to the Aliens" was a position with a history similar to a roller coaster. First created posthaste upon first contact with the Vlak, the first Ambassador had had a few days furious activity, before the Vlak's intentions became ominously clear. Since then it had been little more than a token position, a plum job for old, successful ambassadors to retire to. Perhaps it was lucky that it was so, for although the current office holder was certainly old, he was an accomplished diplomat in his time. VK; had been quite surprised when he received a call stating that he was being put in charge of first contact. The five minutes from his office to the nearest linker port were a flurry of activity as he tried to digest every possible bit of information on the so-called Survaekom./ppWhen VK; reached the gate control room, the technicians were just listening to the transmission from Byrnia. "This is from the communications box?" He asked after having the message replayed./pp"Yes." A technician replied, "we've got a pretty good translation algorithm running, so 2-way communications is enabled."/pp"Give me the controls then." Vk; demanded. "Greetings from the Krax confederacy. We apologize that our attempts at first contact have been perceived as hostile; your men will be returned to you as soon as we are able, but we ask that in the meantime you recall your space vessels attempting to discover our whereabouts."/p

3/15/2010 . Edited 3/15/2010 #40

"And do you have any idea when that will be?" the commander asked in a frustrated tone.


Vk had perhaps given more information than necessary: it was now almost certain that the SEM destroyers searching for the aliens had, in fact, come quite close to these Krax. This was also taken by Raekhil and Command, constantly briefing her through her earpiece, as a concession, a sign that these foreigners might be trustworthy.

"We are willing to comply with this request," Raekhil replied, "but you must first return our soldiers to their land. We will be sure to issue a no-fire order to our police and military forces so that your portal can be opened with no threat to your operators."

3/15/2010 #41
Sarah Crowning

"Unfortunately we cannot return your soldiers immediately due to technical difficulties." Vk; replied, "However they will not be harmed, you already have testimony to our well wishes from one of your people, and I can patch you through to the soldiers at any time if you wish to speak with them. Will that satisfy you?"

3/19/2010 #42

"If you will patch us through to the soldiers and their testimony suggests no excessive wrongdoing nor urgency for return, we will be satisfied," Raekhil answered.

3/19/2010 #43
Sarah Crowning

"One moment then." Vk; said, gesturing a feeler at the technicians. "Your commanding officer wishes to speak with you." The speaker in the airlock said, followed by an audible *click* as the line was transferred.

3/25/2010 #44

"Who is this?" the commando sergeant asked, doubtful of the alien's words.

"This is Federal Officer 6th-class Raekhil, mayor of Neshkanyou Lae City, Byrnia, currently acting as representative of Survaek to the Krax Confederacy," came the reply. "Please give your status."

"Twenty squad members including myself are in the captivity of these aliens -the 'Krax,' I suppose-. No injuries to report; all soldiers are alive and well."

"Have any squad members been the objects of any misconduct on the part of the Krax?"

"Aside from the initial capture, no."

"Thank you, that is all we need. The Krax have promised to return you to Neshkanyou Lake City shortly. I doubt that this requires saying, but do know that you are not to fire upon nor attempt to harm any Krax unless attacked first."

"Understood. We will standby until further orders."


3/25/2010 #45
Sarah Crowning

"As you can tell, your men are unharmed." Vk; told Raekhil through the connection. "Do we have an agreement then?"

3/31/2010 #46

"You have an agreement," Raekhil acquiesced. "Our vessels will cease their exploration efforts in your sector immediately. However, do note that if our men are not returned in less than twelve hours, these efforts will recommence. We also request that we be allowed a permanent radio line with our commandos, so as to ensure their safety until their return. Is this acceptable?"

3/31/2010 #47
Sarah Crowning

"I'm afraid not, your men have already done enough in that regard, have they not? You can communicate with them through this channel at any time. Trust is essential in this: Your men will be returned within your time limit. If they are safe, your worries will have been pointless, if they are not, then why would we bother sparing them?" Vk; reasoned.

3/31/2010 #48

"We are not concerned that you would be so rash as to kill our good personnel," Raekhil explained. "However, we are worried that certain less-than-ethical forms of interrogation may be applied to them. Do you understand?"

3/31/2010 #49
Sarah Crowning

"A legitimate concern," Vk; conceded. "But a disproven one. Had we desired such an interrogation, there are many easier ways it could have been obtained. We have already returned one of your citizens unharmed, and he can testify that we will treat your men well."

4/3/2010 #50

"We are not concerned that you captured our men for the purpose of interrogation. But, you may choose to begin such now that you have them," Raekhil maintained. "Please, we urge that you allow us a line of communication with our soldiers until they are freed. Afterwards, we will be sure not to intrude upon your nation in any way."

((I don't want to swamp you too badly, but do know that I have posts on not only the Crimson Nebula, but Survaek and (more recently) the Tashar Empire that have not been responded to.))

4/3/2010 . Edited 4/3/2010 #51
Sarah Crowning

Seeing the Survaekom's strong desire to stay in contact with their men and never being one to pass up an opportunity when it presented itself, Vk; allowed himself to be persuaded. "Put that proposal into an official form and I will accept. We will be turning on the jamming in ten minutes."

4/4/2010 #52

"Understood." Within seven minutes, a formalized version of Raekhil's request was sent via laser to the Krax by Survaek Command, relayed from station-to-station through micro-wormholes across the empire to avoid being traced. "Now, do we have an agreement?"

4/5/2010 #53
Sarah Crowning

((Just so we're clear, this formalized version includes the "we will not intrude upon your nation in any way" wording, correct?))

4/7/2010 #54

((Yes. I suppose that means that if a trade or even a travel treaty is proposed at some point, it will have to be worded such as that Survaekom entrance is explicitly defined as "non-intrusive."))

4/8/2010 #55
Sarah Crowning

Vk;'s feelers quivered with glee as he read the formal request. This was a good first step, a very good one indeed. "Yes, you will be allowed to remain in contact with your men."

4/8/2010 #56

"Thank you," stated Officer Raekhil, relieved. She let out a sigh, smiled slightly, allowed herself to lean back into her cushioned office chair. With the most critical aspects of the situation dealt with, she could now move to other negotiations. "Now," she began after her pause, "Survaek asks the Krax forthwrightly: Do the Krax have any interest in pursuing diplomatic relations with Survaek?"

4/9/2010 #57
Sarah Crowning

"Before I answer that, I have a question of my own: has Survaek ever had contact with a race known as the Vlak?" Vk; replied as he filed the "agreement" into the Confederacy database, where it would hopefully be safe from roving viruses and spy software. He kept a hard copy on his personal HD chip too, for safekeeping.

4/9/2010 #58

Raekhil paused a moment, awaiting orders from Command. "Yes, we have." Another pause. "They were quite hostile; we fought in one engagement, in which the Vlak attacked Survaekom personnel. A successful counter-attack operation brought Survaek victory in that battle, and since then we have never heard from the Vlak." This recounting was, of course, incomplete, but it would suffice until it was more certain that the Krax could be trusted.

4/9/2010 #59
Sarah Crowning

"I see. To answer your question then: several of our parties have expressed an interest in dealing with Survaek. Therefore, our confederate government wishes to establish a permanent means of contact through which our member states can interact with you. We would like to establish an embassy on one of your planets."

4/9/2010 #60
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