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Nation Name: Bgham Conglomeration

Participation: NO

Capital: Life

Type of Government: Migatory Hiearchy

Basic info of the Gov: The Bgham Tribe is a migratory nation that moves between stars and deep space nubulas for their needs, trading and salvaging from and with other civilizations. The Bgham Tribe are determined to keep themselves out of other nation's wars.

Brief History: In another universe, bit too far away from the human's universe, there existed a nation of twenty five conglomeration. Then the Deathly Visit was upon them, brought by another people. The conglomerations fought bravely against them but they all died except the Bgham Conglomeration, who ran away from the honorable battle to save their people in one colony ship, and they did. They ran away for so long and so far they lost track of how many generations had died or how many years had passed inside the colony ship. Then a century ago, the conglomeration reached this universe and successfully made a fleet to escort themselves. They now roam the universe with nothing to call home except the fleet.

# of Planets: None, a huge colony ship-size of a juggernaut serves as the homeplanet.

Estimated population: 4.5 million

Economic info: The Bgham Conglomeration is a tribe that roams the universe. They have no need for economy. They trade with whatever civilization they meet to find the things they need. In some cases where metal is needed, they visit a unpopulated solar system and mine asteroids.

Type: Migratory Trading

STR: Everyone is doing something; no jobless or homeless.

Weak: If trading goes not well, it is likely that the conglomeration will suffer by starvation.

Unique Product:

Io-Driuna Sword: The sword is only an accessory for looks and expression, but in dangerous situation, it can serve as a real sword.

Gukugu Hat: The Bgham Conglomeration grows livestocks they brought from the other universe. One of them is Gukugu, a eagle like bird with a lot of feather, which is very strong. The feather is woven into a hat that looks very similar to a basketball cut in half with a feather on top of it. The hat, however, is very...unique and can well serve as a bulletproof helmet.

Basic Info of major technology: Hyper Drive, energy-status data bank, crystal status data bank, organic spacecraft hull

Interstellar Technology: Hyper Drive

Interstellar communication: FTL visual communication

Military Info: The Bgham Conglomeration is itself a fleet. All its ships are equipped with laser turrets and missile launchers.

Str: None really.

Weak: A lot of casualty if war breaks out.

# of space vessels: 527 Frigates, 451 Destroyers, 223, Cruisers, 108 BS, 12 dreadnaughts, and 1 Juggernaut-class colony ship

# of enlisted personal: Every adults who are able to do a job. Which is 2.0 Million of the total population.

Bgham: The Reuiams, the species the Bghams are, are a bear-like creatures that are herviborous. They are sentient-obviously- and are able to stand on two legs. They are leaner yet stronger than the terra bears. They have similar organ systems as a human.

3/20/2010 #1

This nation seems to me to be almost completely acceptable right off the bat. The only question I would raise is as to how a migrant fleet with a populations of just 4.5 million can maintain over 1,000 ships. Are all of these ships in good repair and full functionality?

3/22/2010 #2

All ships are in good repair and functional. They all have full battlion of nanites and repiar drones if repair becomes necessary

3/23/2010 #3

AI also helps with the migration

3/23/2010 #4
Sarah Crowning

Ah yes, another migrant fleet. Go for it, they could be interesting. They're always welcome to run to the Crimson Nebula if they get in trouble. Although I don't know how they'd feel about anarchist pirates.

3/23/2010 #5

Frigate Ttunmillson moved awkwardly as it spun dangerously in space. By look it had received a lot of damage and its hull was breaking apart.

"Mayday, mayday. This is frigate Ttunmillson in critical condition. The engine is damaged beyond repair and we've got fouteen sentients in need of immediate medical needs! The coordinates are attached with this broadcast. Please help us!"

3/30/2010 #6

The Bghamn Conglomeration was harvesting a gas cloud when the broadcast reached them. Surprised, they launched several frigates and a cruiser to save the dying frigate and her crew. The frigates came near the Lakasian frigate, stablized its spin and the cruiser made a airway between the two ship and sent rescue groups to help the crew.

3/31/2010 #7

"Thank you, strangers, for you have saved my life," the Captain of the frigate thanked in private channel.

4/1/2010 #8

"No problem, captain," the lead Bgham said into his communicator attached to his helmet as he cleared away a debris in front of him. "After all, your empire is letting us stay in your territory."

4/1/2010 #9

"You are newcomers to our empire?" the Captain asked aboard his command deck.

4/3/2010 #10

"Yes it is... your empire allowed us to stay in the your soverign space as much as we want," he replied.

4/7/2010 #11

"Ah yes. This is a empire that you will want to stay in. Anyway thanks for the help."

4/7/2010 #12
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