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Name: Altharon Democratic Empire (ADE)

Participation in Senate: No. (May be willing to join)

Capital City: Althar City, Altharos

Type of Government: Democratic Empire

Info on Government: The Democratic Empire is ruled by an Imperial President. The Imperial President has to be elected by a majority vote from the people. The President is then given a 20 year term where he/she has almost total power. To check this, citizens vote for whether to keep the President in office every four years. If the majority dislikes the President, he/she is taken out of office. Due to Altharon high moral code (which promotes being honest and truthful) many results are extreme towards either side.

Brief History: The Altharons have been peaceful, largely non-religious and more focused on science for most of their history. The most radical change was the creation of the Altharon Democratic Empire after a dispute between the Sau Empire and United Republics of Greater Altharos just after reaching space for the first time. Each side took heavy losses and neither won. The population of Altharos was reduced to a mere 400 million from 3 billion before the war. The two sides met and created the Democratic Empire, incorporating ideals from each other's old governments. After that event, the Altharons expanded greatly until they hit the edge of the solar system. It would be another 50 years until Magneto-Drive was created. The ADE now controls a dozen systems and the population is extremely high.

Number of Planets: 27 (Spread across a dozen systems)(Doesn't include Minor Colonies)

Population: 186 Billion

Economy: Socialist Capitalist


Mechanized Production: Able to produce mass amount of stuff.


Low number of farming worlds, food production is reaching the limit.

Lower quality, but more mass produced items are more favored in the market, due to the population booming.

-Unique Products:

Calyastic: material with an extremely high melting point and is an excellent insulator. Has as many uses as the commonly known material, plastic.

Magneto-Drive: allows transition into C-Space. Only sold to the extremely wealthy.

*Sokatanium: Rare, lightweight and strong metal. Within the ADE it is highly valued and rarely used for anything besides ship construction. Only larger, more important vessels are properly armored with the material. Any excess metal is sold to the highest bidder. Recent advances have allowed for limited production of sokatanium from other materials, however the process is expensive and very inefficient, further research may soon make sokatanium an abundant resource. Research facilities are on the verge of a breakthrough that may increase efficiency by a substantial amount.


-Interstellar tech: Magneto-Drive is a drive created by the Altharons which creates a massive magnetic field to allow a ship to transition into C-Space (Compressed Space) through a portal. C-Space is a highly compressed version of our dimension where one light year is equal to about one thousand normal space light years.

-C-space: One unique thing about C-space is that you only need to transition to it. Normal engines will work there and due to it's compressed nature any distance traveled there will equate to one thousand times that in normal space. Another thing is if you stop in C-space, you will be able to sit there within it for as long as the ship maintains its power, life support and food supplies. This allows ships to wait in ambush in C-space and when given a signal through a portal between C-space and normal space, transition back and attack.

-Interstellar Communications: Tachyon Communications is the most common form of communication in the ADE.


Coil-cannon: Cannon based off of Coil-gun technology that fires heavy metal projectiles (varies, but usually about 1000 kg projectiles) at one-tenth the speed of light causing tremendous amounts of damage.

Fusion Laser: Dish with many high powered lasers placed around it. The dish has a system that automatically focuses the lasers onto a single point located at the target. The combined firepower can easily penetrate armor and most types of shields.

Fusion Missiles/Torpedoes: Missiles/Torpedoes with fusion warheads attached. When detonated, the resulting explosion is intense and destructive. Fusion Missiles are smaller and designed for smaller ships such as destroyers and smaller. Fusion Torpedoes are larger and several times more destructive than Fusion Missiles.

Plasma Cannon: Fires high energy, high temperature plasma encased in a Calyastic shell. Plasma Cannons are effective at ripping through shielding and melting ship armor. Most effective at destroying enemy fighters and corvettes, but sustained fire can penetrate larger ship armor when needed. Mounted on fighters, ships and assault walkers. Light versions can be mounted on heavy battle automatons and are also given to commando and some bodyguard units.

Point-Defense Laser: Small turret with a single high powered laser equipped, effective at destroying enemy missiles, fighters, and corvettes. With combined firepower it is able to take down larger ships.

Kinetic Launcher: Kreetaur-made weapon. Coil-gun firing 10kg slugs up to a speed of 120km/sec at a rate of 90 shots a minute. High armor-piercing capabilities.

*Kinetic Rifle: Kreetaur rifle that fires small slugs at a high speed able to penetrate armor with ease. High accuracy and low fire rate.

*Energy Repeater: Grokerin weapon. Directed energy weapon that fires small blasts of energy at several hundred shots per minute. Extremely effective versus fighters and small ships and concentrated fire can take down large ships with relative ease. Hand-held versions are relatively useless against armored opponents without concentrated fire. Devastating effect on unprotected tissue.

*Plasma Rifle: Lighter version of the altharon light plasma cannon (which is hand-held). Fires plasma bullets (plasma encased in calyastic shells). The bullets explode releasing their payload of superheated plasma on contact with a hard surface (bone, armor, rock etc.). Effective at causing unimaginable amounts of pain as well as destroying tissue and melting armor with ease.

*Plasma Thrower: Short range weapon that shoots streams of superheated plasma at the enemy. Mounted on heavy automatons, some light walkers and some exoskeleton armor systems.


Reflection Shields: Uses an anti-gravity field to reflect projectiles being fired at it. It is an experimental system. Depending on the amount of power diverted to the system it has a 10-30% chance of reflecting a projectile back at the user.

Plasma Shields: System that projects a small field of plasma to defend against most attacks. It has three layers. Cold-Hot-Cold. The two cold plasma layers are effective at absorbing laser blasts. The Hot plasma layer is also effective at absorbing laser blasts, but also effective at melting pretty much anything trying to pass through.

*Energy Shields: Shield system developed by the Kreetaur. Though comparably weaker than plasma shields, it requires less energy to maintain a similar level of protection. Though plasma shields are more effective at absorbing energy weapon hits.

-Other Info on Technology

Much of Altharon technology is based on fusion power as it is a cheap and efficient way of producing energy.

Robotics is one area that Altharons excel in. Much of the Altharon military is made up of machines, most notably the ground forces. Altharon soldiers are still highly prized as most Altharon soldiers are significantly superior to their machine counterparts. However, recent advances in technology now allows limited production of AI smart enough to outwit even the most elite of the Altharon soldiers.

Military Info:

-Strengths: Emphasis on high-power weaponry, precise and accurate shots, somewhat high speed and maneuverability. Large part of military is made up of machines. Emphasis on space vessels.

-Weaknesses: Low armor capabilities (Altharon medium armor is weaker than medium armor of another species. Heavy Armor is sokatanium and as a result provides great protection, however it is very expensive and currently only used on dreadnought or larger vessels). Shields are somewhat strong, but most Altharon ship captains prefer diverting power to weapons to quickly destroy or disable the enemy ships. Relatively small and somewhat weak army for ground forces.

-Space Vessels

Torrent Interceptor-110,000 (AI controlled, Small interceptors armed with twin plasma cannons and a fusion missile launcher. Lightly armored)

*Lancer-class fighter- 1400 (Kreetaur made fighter, equipped with a single kinetic launcher, light armor and light energy shields)

Zephyr Battle Drone-4500 (75m long, AI Drones armed with 3 point defense lasers and a medium fusion laser mounted on the nose of the machine. Protected by medium armor and light plasma shields)

*Zephyr II Battle Drone-0 (In development. Zephyr drones with two upgrades; sokatanium armor and a heavy fusion laser.)

Harvester Factory Ship-58 (800m long, factory ships that sends mining drones to mine materials to construct Zephyr Drones from asteroids. Produces Zephyr drones at 1-2 a week depending on the abundance of materials in the surrounding asteroids. Armed with two dozen point defense lasers. Protected by heavy plasma sheilds)

*Stalker-class Corvette-60 (180m long. Kreetaur ship. Armed with half a dozen kinetic launchers and two ballistic missile launchers. Light armor and light energy shields)

Whirlwind Corvette-880 (200m long, fast corvette, armed with several plasma cannons and point defense lasers and a set of four fusion missile tubes. Protected by light armor and light plasma shields)

Gust-I Destroyer-610 (440m long, Destroyer class vessel, armed with a dozen plasma cannons and point defense lasers, several light fusion lasers and 8 fusion missile tubes, lightly armored and protected by medium plasma shields)

Gust-II Heavy Destroyer-470 (655m long, armed with twenty plasma cannons, a dozen point defense lasers, several medium fusion lasers, and 6 fusion torpedo launchers, equipped with medium armor and medium plasma shields)

Cyclone-I Carrier-110 (1.7km long, carries ground forces, several squadrons of interceptors and a couple Zephyr Drones, protected by several dozen point defense lasers, medium armor, and medium plasma shields)

Cyclone-II Fleet Carrier-45 (2.3 km long, larger carrier that carries ground forces, several squadrons of interceptors and half a dozen Zephyr Drones, protected by several dozen point defense lasers, half a dozen heavy fusion lasers, medium armor and heavy plasma shields)

Cyclone-III Interceptor Carrier-36 (2.1 km long, carrier designed to carry and deploy mass amounts of interceptors. Carries up to 1500 Torrent interceptors and a few Zephyr Drones, protected by several dozen point defense lasers, a few medium fusion lasers, medium armor and medium plasma shields)

*Hunter-class Cruiser-35 (700m long. Kreetaur ship. Armed with three dozen kinetic launchers and a dozen ballistic missile launchers. light armor and heavy energy shields. Carries two dozen Lancer-class fighters.)

Tornado-I Cruiser-401 (970m long, armed with two dozen plasma cannons and point defense lasers, half a dozen medium fusion laser batteries, a single coil-cannon, and 8 fusion torpedo launchers, equipped with medium armor and medium plasma sheilds)

Tornado-II Light Cruiser-411 (910m long, armed with a single-coil cannon, half a dozen medium fusion lasers, 2 dozen point defense lasers, and a dozen fusion torpedo launchers protected by light armor, medium plasma shields and reflection shields)

*Typhoon Cruiser-0 (In development. Designed to be the first non-capital ship fielded with sokatanium armor. The plans are almost done and then the wait is for advances in methods to efficiently create sokatanium.)

Monsoon Heavy Cruiser-163 (1.7km long, armed with 4 coil-cannons, a dozen heavy fusion lasers, several dozen point defense lasers, two dozen fusion torpedo launchers and protected by medium armor, heavy plasma shields and reflection shields)

*Hive Ship-1 (9km diameter. Grokerin ship. Armed with three hundred fifty energy repeaters. Heavily armored, no shields. Carries up to a million Grokerin.)

Hurricane-I Dreadnought-63 (4.1km long, armed with a 10 coil-cannons, two dozen heavy fusion lasers, three dozen fusion torpedo launchers and one hundred defense lasers, protected by heavy armor, heavy plasma shields and reflection shields)

Hurricane-II Flagship-11 (6.2km long, armed with 10 coil-cannons, two dozen heavy fusion lasers, one hundred and forty point defense lasers, and three dozen fusion torpedo launchers, carries a dozen Zephyr Drones, protected by heavy armor, heavy plasma shields and reflection shields)

Hurricane-III Titan-1 (9km long, armed with a dozen coil-cannons, fifty heavy fusion lasers, two hundred point defense lasers, fifty fusion torpedo launchers, carries two dozen Zephyr Drones, protected by heavy armor, heavy plasma shields and reflections shields. Shields are granted their own set of power generators in order to increase survivability)

-Ground Forces: (Only includes Altharon species, Grokerin and Kreetaur ground forces not listed at the moment.)

Active Organic Infantry-710 million

Available Light Battle Automatons-1.5 billion

Available Heavy Battle Automatons-305 million

Available Assault Vehicles-182 million

Available Organic-Controlled Aircraft: 132 million

Available Drone Aircraft: 291 million

-Space Defense Installations

Planetary Ring-400 (Avg. 10 above outer colonies, avg. 22 above inner colonies)(5km diameter, armed with four dozen heavy lasers and two hundred of point defense lasers, protected by heavy armor and heavy plasma shields)

Zephyr Battle Drones-See "Space Vessels" (Zephyr Drones are usually linked to the local defense net)

Other Info on Altharons:

-Home Planet: Altharos

Temperature: -6 °C to 63.7 °C

Length of year: 1 Star Cycle or 475.54 Cycles (1.52 Earth years)

Length of day: 1 Cycle or 50 hours (28 Earth hours)

Gravity: 1.7 G's

Mass: 1.0155 x 10^25 kg

Population: 11,267,600,000

Description: Lush, green, tropical world. 61% of the surface is dominated by vast oceans reaching depths of 12,000 meters. Mountains on Altharos are common, but they do not reach astonishing heights. The tallest mountain on Altharos stands at 6,371 meters. Much of the surface has regrown vegetation from the past civil war. 2 moons orbit Altharos. The larger is named Sankhatos, it has a small atmosphere and can support microbial life. Aeyt is the other and it is an asteroid which got caught in Altharos' gravitational field.

-Physiology: Altharons are classified as mammals, but over time they evolved to no longer grow hair. The average Altharon stands at about 2.2 meters tall. Slightly elongated necks, black/grey colored skin and a four-mandible mouth are some external features. Another feature is that even though Altharons possess five-fingered hands, each hand possesses 2 opposable thumbs. The internal structure of an Altharon is remarkably similar to a Human's. The average lifespan of an Altharon is approximately 79 Star Cycles (120 Earth years). Altharons are physically weak when compared to other species with similar high G home worlds. However, most species that have evolved on low G worlds are still weaker than the average Altharon. Altharons are naturally highly intelligent and are capable of learning materials with ease. It is noted that most Altharons are done with school around the age of 17 (in earth years) when Altharons reach adulthood at the age of 24 (once again in earth years). Altharon eyesight not only covers normal wavelengths that humans can see, it also encompasses the infrared spectrum.

-Philosophy and Religious beliefs: Approximately 57% of the population is non-religious. Due to the government system, which most Altharons regard as the most important part of society, it is illegal to promote religion in public unless it is a public celebration. Altharons are also not allowed to criticize others for their beliefs. They believe everyone is free to believe what they wish as long as it doesn't harm others or hamper the progress of society and science. Violence is discouraged in Altharon society. Altharons believe almost anything can be resolved peacefully. Altharons take security seriously. Though they detest violence, Altharons do recognize that a structured military focused on protecting the people is essential. The military is expected to do what ever it takes to protect the people and destroy the enemy. That is a large reason why all Altharon planets have planetary rings and dozens upon dozens of Zephyr Drones defending them.

-More info on the Political Structure:

Citizen: Any person within the Altharon Democratic Empire is a citizen. This includes implemented species not from Altharos. Any citizen can vote with one exception: If you are not considered an adult (varies with age per species), you cannot participate in the election of an Imperial President. The number people that vote is so high, that an electronic voting system was implemented. It took several voting times to perfect the system, and then it was nearly impossible to cheat. The federal government is not to be tampered with. Any attempt to modify the system is met with execution, cheating on such a level is not tolerated.

Imperial President: The Imperial President is the most powerful person in Altharon society. They are given many powers with few limitations. Term: 20 years. Control: Total Power Checks on power: Citizens vote whether they are satisfied with the Imperial President. If more than 60% of the population dislike the President, then he is removed from office and a new one is elected. It takes place every 4 years.

Imperial Tribune: Tribunes are small rulers that carry out the President's orders. There are usually several that rule on one planet. Term: Infinite, unless taken out of office by the President, sustaining an injury that will render him or her unable to continue to rule, or reaching the age of 110. Control: Near total. Checks on power: Citizens can file for corruption. If the Tribune is proven to be corrupted then they are removed from office.

Imperial Senator: Senators are officials that propose changes in local governments and can control the military. Term: 5 years. Control: Local Government. Military located in the region he or she is controlling. Checks on power: Same as Tribune.

Imperial Consul: Leaders of the military. They have almost total control of the military. Term: Infinite unless being filed for a court martial, retiring, or reaching the age of 110. Control: Almost total control of military. Checks on power: Other officers in the military can file a court martial if he/she uses his/her power unwisely.

-Other races within the ADE(NEW):

Kreetaur: Avian Humanoids. Approximately 1.8 meters tall They come from a .9 G world. Most Kreetaur stay on their homeworld and don't travel to Altharon ships and some worlds due to the high gravity. (Can vote for an Imperial President, most Kreetaur choose not to vote though)

*Kreetaur info: Controls 2 planets. Population last recorded at 2 billion. Fleet strength recorded at 60 corvettes, 35 Cruisers and just over a thousand fighters.

*Recent news on Kreetaur: Kreetaur medical professionals have advanced far recently and have discovered cures for several deadly diseases. Enrollment for transport to the Kreetaur's first colony have increased dramatically. The Kreetaur Navy has expanded dramatically. Trade fleets bound for Altharon worlds are now escorted by several Kreetaur cruisers and corvettes. Occurrences where whole trade fleets are plundered has seen a large decrease.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Grokerin: Large Insectoids. Average 1.5 meters tall. From a 1.4 G world, the Grokerin are a curious species that somehow worked up to space age level even though there was constant war between hives. High tech level, but little tech involving space. Energy weapons are the norm on the Grokerin homeworld. (Most Grokerin do not venture off of their homeworld, those that do are not interested in other species' politics)

*Grokerin info: Controls 2 planet (One is joint control with an Altharon minor colony). Population recorded at 500 million (numbers rise and fall at staggering rates). Fleet strength recorded at 1 Hive ship and several dozen shuttles.

*Recent news on Grokerin: Hive ship completed recently. The ship recently arrived at the designated colony world. 1 million Grokerin now call the planet home. The queen is happy that she controls [almost] a whole world. The remaining queens are outraged and attempting to convince Altharon contractors to help them build ships as well. The contractors understand the situation and are refusing as long as the queens remain locked in an eternal war. The queen on the new colony is trying to transport the remaining 3 million Grokerin in its hive on its homeworld to the colony.


Altharon language is somewhat complex with many intricate uses of prefixes and suffixes. Althar and sokar are words meaning bright and dark respectively. -os is a suffix meaning one or world depending on the word. -ons is a suffix means ones. So sokarons means dark ones, and altharons literally mean bright ones. When the -ons suffix is applied to a species or something that can also be classified as an individual unit, you take off the "s" and it becomes Altharon or sokaron when it is singular.

"Tye raht thael jun Altharos!" (May light shine upon Altharos!)


Recent News:

Dyson Sphere: The Altharons are constructing a Dyson sphere around a suitable star. The star is a G-type star with a mass of .8 solar masses. The station will be several dozen kilometers thick, be .7 AU distance from the star, and will be able to hold billions and billions of people. Altharon contractors have estimated that the combined might of Altharon manufacturing companies will be able to construct the sphere in a reasonable amount of time. The plans have just been completed. The might of the Imperial Navy is guarding the project. Half of all capital ships and nearly a third of the other vessels in the navy are guarding the construction. Estimated completion: October 6th, 2010 (our time, obviously).


READ: Anything labeled with (NEW) next to it was updated in the most recent edit. Anything with * are things in a category that have recently been updated. They tend to remain up longer than the (NEW) label.

4/1/2010 . Edited 6/1/2010 #1
Sarah Crowning

You've got a very interesting nation there. It's almost like American Democracy, only subtly more sinister. Don't see anything I would object to. Your number of ships fits with the number of planets you have, although you have a large number of Juggernaut and Dreadnaught class vessels. Since you're emphasizing space combat and have a smaller ground army to compensate I think it'll be acceptable, if no one else objects.

4/3/2010 #2

Alright thanks.

4/3/2010 #3
Sarah Crowning

A subtle, glasslike distortion warped the starlight in a small patch of Altharon space. All light and space around the pocket shifted violently before snapping back into place in an instant, revealing the Tashar Empire Strike Carrier Adahiri. Immediately the vessel began scans of the surrounding area, bringing up interesting results.

"It's inhabited." The Captain commented gleefully, with a smile that disturbed the sensor officer. "Yes Ma'am, Quite advanced too."

"Call the Ambassador from her quarters, then. FC, launch a standard escort detail, and I want everyone off-duty on their posts immediately. Oh, and send the standard First Contact packet. Move it!"

Officers and spacewomen ran to their posts as the com system blared out alert status. Twenty fighters departed from the ship's hangers and entered a formation around the vessel. Using standard radio communications the vessel sent out a transmission containing all its language protocols and the following message: "Greatings from the Imperial Carrier Adahiri of the Enlightened Tashar Empire in the name of the Empress."

4/3/2010 #4

"Sir, you better look at this." An Altharon officer manning the sensor suite said. "What is it?" The Imperial Consul asked, wondering what could seem so important.

"An unknown vessel has entered the system, it's deploying fighters in a defensive formation. Should I activate the drone defenses and alert the fleet?"

Before the Consul could respond, the communications officer yelled, "We are receiving a transmission from the ship! The AI is attempting to translate." A few moments later the AI spurted out, "This is the transmission we received. 'Greetings from the Imperial Carrier Adahiri of the Enlightened Tashar Empire in the name of the Empress.'"

The Consul paused. They had never run into another species willing to make contact with them. It had always been the other way around and with somewhat primitive civilizations. It seemed today wasn't going to be as boring as most days. "Record this message," the Consul said, "Greetings. This is Imperial Consul Syvaal in command of Altharon Democratic Empire forces in the area. To whom do I have the pleasure of speaking?"

After it had been recorded, the message, along with several language files, were sent back to the Tashar ship.

Syvaal then placed all drones on standby mode and waited for a response.

4/3/2010 . Edited 4/3/2010 #5
Sarah Crowning

Exceedingly intricate analog valves translated the transmission into a small stack of papers, which the communications officer read with some difficulty. "Greetings, This is Imperial Consul Syvaal in command of Altharon Democratic Empire forces in the area. To whom do I have the pleasure of speaking? The rest of it," The officer referred to about a thirty-page stack underneath, "seems to be linguistic information."

"Feed that part into the calculator memory, we should be able to make use of it." The Captain ordered. Standard first-contact protocol technically gave command of the vessel to the ambassador, but the current lady on deck had little experience in foreign affairs and even less in running a ship. "Keep scans up and alert me of any possible threats or possibly relevant information. Your reply, Ambassador?"

"Ah, right. Send this reply: Ambassador Karam Hidari, representing the her Holy Empress Saliri and the Government of the Enlightened Tashar Empire. I request permission to dock and initiate diplomatic contact between our Governments."

4/4/2010 #6

The communications officer relayed the recently received message to Consul Syvaal. "Ambassador Karam Hidari, representing the her Holy Empress Saliri and the Government of the Enlightened Tashar Empire. I request permission to dock and initiate diplomatic contact between our Governments."

"I look forward to meeting you Ambassador Hidari. Permission granted, proceed to Orbital Elevator Station 4, the coordinates are being sent with this message." Syvaal recorded. The message as well as a set of coordinates were sent to the Tashar ship.

"This is Imperial Consul Syvaal to all personnel. We have made contact with a new species. Do not be surprised if you see some new faces, their vessel will be docking soon."

Syvaal, along with several bodyguards, started toward where the Tashar ship would dock.

4/4/2010 #7
Sarah Crowning

"Understood." The Adahiri responded, moving towards the designated coordinates. The small carrier docked seamlessly with the Station's airlock. "Keep the engines warm and the fighters out." The captain ordered as the post-docking check went on.

"I don't see how that's necessary Captain. We are a diplomatic expedition now, we need to show trust." Ambassador Hidari objected.

"We know absolutely nothing about them. I'm not going to risk the ship on a simple gesture. If nothing goes wrong, fine, but if something does I want to be able to escape in a hurry." The captain exhorted. Hidari shrugged, not willing to assert her technical authority over the officer.

Several moments later, the Adahiri's airlock opened with a hydraulic roar. Ambassador Hidari stepped out slowly, dressed in a full ambassadorial dress of shining cloth and polygonal embroidery. Complementing her ambassadorial clothes she wore a veil and sash, both in the deep green that symbolized the Empress. Four spacers in full uniform followed a few steps behind, their hands cautiously on their gas carbines.

((A note to avoid confusion- The Tashar weapons are advanced versions of the light gas guns often used to study micrometeorite impact on objects. They use hydrogen compression to fire, and are essentially equal in power to the more common scifi weapons such as railguns or coilguns.))

4/4/2010 #8

Consul Syvaal, wearing his high quality light armor uniform made of synthesized diamond, walked over to greet the newcomers. The five Altharon bodyguards stood back, brandished their arm-mounted plasma cannons, and eyed the aliens with a watchful gaze, making sure none would get the chance to assassinate the Consul.

"Welcome!" Syvaal said with a smile, then asked, "Would you like to be escorted to a more comforting facility or would you rather speak here?"

4/4/2010 #9
Sarah Crowning

"I would be delighted to accept your invitation, thank you sir." Ambassador Hidari replied, stiff and proper as her lack of practice made her.

4/5/2010 #10

"This way." Syvaal motioned.

As they walked down the hall Syvaal received a call, "Yes?" he said as he answered his personal communicator. "Consul Syvaal." A voice said menacingly. "Oh, uhh, hello Tribune Pholan." Syvaal answered nervously.

Syvaal motioned the group to keep going, being escorted by the Altharon bodyguards. "It was nice of you to begin diplomatic relations without me." Pholan said. "Consul's are trained to handle these situations, sir." Syvaal replied.

"I'm already on my way up the orbital elevator. I assume you are using the meeting room?" Pholan questioned.


"I will meet you there."

Syvaal walked over to the meeting room. The others were already inside. "I regret to inform you that the situation has changed." Syvaal stated with a hint of sadness, "Tribune Pholan will begin negotiations with you Ambassador. He will be arriving shortly."

4/5/2010 #11
Sarah Crowning

"Very well." Hidari replied understandingly. "Your welcome has been appreciated."

4/6/2010 #12

"Thank you ambassador."

Several minutes later the door opened. Tribune Pholan and a single Altharon bodyguard, clad in exoskeleton armor, walked into the room. The other five bodyguards left, leaving Ambassador Hidari, her escort, Consul Syvaal, Tribune Pholan and the lone bodyguard in the room.

"Let's get down to business, shall we?" Pholan said as he sat down.

4/6/2010 . Edited 4/6/2010 #13
Sarah Crowning

Hidari paused for a brief moment, marshaling all of her very limited training and experience for the task at hand. "Yes. I'm sure you already know that I am Ambassador Hidari, a representative of the Enlightened Tashar Empire and the Empress Saliri, and that I have been sent to open up diplomatic relations between our countries. I assume you are Tribune Pholan?"

4/6/2010 #14

"Indeed I am." Pholan replied, "What sort of diplomatic relations do you wish to open? I assume a non-aggression pact and trade agreements are in your interests?"

4/6/2010 #15
Sarah Crowning

"Something similar. As this is a first contact scenario my instructions are to exchange general information and establish a normalized means of contact and travel." Hidari removed a small microfilm roll from some recess of her dress and placed it on the table. "This film holds a general summary the the Tashar Empire. I give it to you now with only the request that you return the favor with a similar summary."

((The information on the film is essentially what's on the ETE's application sheet, so once you have it you can assume that that's the information your guys will get.))

4/7/2010 #16

((Alright thanks for the info, you can assume mine will will do the same.))

"Thank you," Pholan said as he took the film off of the table and placed it in a small pouch located on his belt. He took out his communicator and told the communications officer to compile a file containing general information on their Empire.

Ten minutes later, the officer walked into the room and placed a hologram projector on the table near Hidari. "There you go," he said with a smile (at least what could be considered a smile, Altharons have four mandible mouths), "It contains several documents on our civilization. The projector will display the documents as a two dimensional page."

4/7/2010 #17
Sarah Crowning

"Thank you, your openness is appreciated. I would also like to negotiate some form of treaty for continued travel or contact. Since this is a first contact scenario I do not expect a full trade or open doors agreement. A passport system or simply a means for our governments to contact one another for continued negotiations is all I am instructed to propose." Hidari explained.

4/7/2010 #18

"My pleasure," Pholan replied, "I'm sure that I can arrange something so our governments can contact each other. Perhaps we can give you a tachyon communications device?"

4/7/2010 #19
Sarah Crowning

"That would work, providing it is simple and reliable enough for us to operate." Hidari admitted.

4/8/2010 #20

"It should be," Pholan replied and then took out his communicator and called someone. Several minutes later a technician walked into the room with a rather large device. "This is a tachyon communicator," he explained then pointed to the array of buttons on the front, "The blue button turns on the device, the red turns it off, the green button answers calls and the black button disconnects. The device is already configured to contact Imperial President Ator's communicator so don't touch any of the other buttons."

"Stand in front of the lens here when there is a conversation," he pointed to a lens on the front of the device then to a projector on the side, "the other user will appear as a hologram from the projector on this side of the device. Those are the basics."

4/8/2010 #21
Sarah Crowning

"I see." Hidari said, leaning forward to inspect the device. Its inner workings escaped her, but the operation of it seemed simple enough. "Will your government also be able to use the device to contact us?"

4/8/2010 #22

"Indeed. Though, don't expect too many calls from our end for a while. We are in the midst of dealing with a pirate epidemic now and the President's attention is needed else where." Pholan responded, "We will certainly accept your calls when we receive them."

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Sarah Crowning

"pirate epidemic" brought up a rather amusing image in Hidari's mind, but she quickly pushed that aside and concentrated on the task at hand. "I understand. You've been a great help, and this device will certainly suffice for further contact."

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"Alright then, shall we escort you to your ship?" Pholan asked.

(At the same time in the command center) "Scanners detect 5 ships at the edge of the system, four are known ship configurations." the officer manning the sensors reported, "They aren't transmitting Altharon military or civilian transponders."

"Pirates! But. What are they doing here? This world has nothing of interest, except..." the second in command said, "...the Tashar ambassador! Alert the fleet, the consul and the tribune!"

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Sarah Crowning

"Please." Hidari replied, standing. "The Empress' favor be with you, Tribune."


"ma'am, five ships just entered the system. They have a somewhat unusual trajectory, approaching our location." The sensor officer aboard the Adahiri reported.

"Alert the fighters to be ready for a possible intercept." The captain ordered, "Keep an eye on them, but don't do anything hasty. They could be civilian ships."

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"This way," Pholan motioned.

"Sirs!" a voice said over the loud speakers. Everyone in the room stopped.

"What is it?" Syvaal questioned.

"Five ships are approaching the station, we assume them to be pirates."

"Send all drones to defend the Adahiri. Move the defense fleet to engage." Syvaal ordered then looked over to the Hidari, "Lets get you to your ship."

The five pirate ships accelerated towards the station, only several minutes away from their target. Two dozen Zephyr battle drones formed a perimeter around the Adahiri. Eight Altharon ships moved on an intercept course, powering weapons.

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Sarah Crowning

"Altharons moving to intercept." The sensor officer reported.

"They're hostile then." The captain deduced with a savage smile, as if she relished the opportunity. "Full alert status, scramble everything. Bomber squads to assault nearest target. Fighter platoons 1-4 are to escort, the rest form a defensive perimeter. Weapon control, you may fire at will."

Almost three hundred fighters spewed out of the airlocks on the Adahiri, forming a solid perimeter around the ship as its four laser batteries were trained on the incoming vessels. a platoon of 32 bombers, loaded with hydrogen rockets, peeled off towards the enermy vessels while a screen of escort fighters surrounded them.

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The largest of the pirate ships slowed down and launched several dozen fighters to try and destroy the incoming wave of bombers. It began charging up it's heavy laser batteries.

The other four ships engaged the Altharon fleet. The combined fire from the Adahiri and the defense fleet tore through the first two vessels with ease. One Altharon destroyer was hit by several laser beams and was critically damaged. The third and fourth ships attempted to escape while launching two dozen fusion missiles at the Altharon fleet. The third ship's engines were disabled by a fusion laser beam. The fourth was able to maintain it's shields and escape. More than half of the missiles were destroyed by point-defense lasers before they could reach their destination, but the rest dotted the hull of a heavy destroyer, crippling it.

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Sarah Crowning

The hundred and something fighters escorting the bombers rushed forward, swarming the pirate's fighters and savagely attacking them before they could get near the bombers. Those same bombers altered course slightly, peeling around the melee and unleashing braces of dozens of fusion missiles each as they came into range one after the other.

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