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The pirate vessel attempted to escape the barrage of hundreds of missiles, but was was too late. It was torn apart by the immense firepower and soon became a skeleton of a once whole ship. The remains drifted off into space.

"Four of the vessels have been destroyed or severely crippled. One escaped." The second-in-command reported.

"Do we know where it went?" Syvaal asked.

"There are several dozen systems in the direction it left in. Only three have been explored. I assume it went to one we haven't explored yet."

"Ah well, I guess we'll send a fleet looking for it later." Syvaal said.

4/11/2010 #31

((Hey I was wondering. We can add tech, ships and planets and stuff over time right? Sort of like simulating real life where a nation's military, tech level and territory increase. I was wondering because I set up some stuff up where over time it could be improved upon over time through research and because Harvester factory ships are meant to produce Zephyr Battle Drones at regular intervals.))

4/12/2010 #32
Sarah Crowning

"Recall everything." The captain ordered triumphantly as the last enemy vessel exploded into pieces. "Is the ambassador aboard yet?"

"She just reached the airlock ma'am."

"Good, we're leaving as soon as she and the cargo are secure. I don't want to be around if another raid happens."

Hidari gave one last thanks and goodbye at the airlock as a few technicians carried the strange communications device aboard the ship. "Your help in defending the Adahiri was honorable. I assure you that you will hear from my government soon." She assured them.

((Yes, every once in a while most of us will make "update posts" and change a few things. It's most noticeable in the older nations, which have actually advanced quite a bit. Of course, the older technology continues to get used right along the new stuff, since it takes time to phase out obsolete designs and incorporate new ones.))

4/13/2010 . Edited 4/13/2010 #33

((Alright, thanks.))

"Thank you. I hope your next visit will be less violent. And I'm sure the President will be anticipating a call." Pholan said. He and Syvaal then waved goodbye as the door of the airlock began shutting.

4/13/2010 #34

[Destination of the Escaped Pirate Ship]

Through the blackness of deep space drifted slowly the cruiser, an old SEM construction heavily-modified by its current owners: the pirates of the Red Merchants' Guild. One of the editions to the original model was a disproportionately large Command Center, complete with a forty-seat table and over a dozen ten-by-ten meter wall screens in addition to standard stations for captain and crew officers. Currently, only two seats of the enormous table were occupied.

"I expected firepower, I expected a quick response, but I didn't expect anything to this extent," spoke one of the figures, an elderly Belluri woman in an assortment of multinational military regalia. "These Altharon are either on high alert or simply know how to mobilize faster than I've ever seen in my life."

"I suppose," commented the other figure, a young Byrnian man in an archaic airman's uniform, complete even with goggles resting at the rim of his helmet. "So do we cut out the ADE for good now? I'd rather not wait around for those Altharon pirates to return and ask for their second half of the payment if we don't even plan on extending business into here."

"Of course not," the Belluri replied matter-of-factly. "My sources tell me that pirate activity is at all-time highs in Altharon, even against their government's best efforts. Plus, they have something we haven't seen since the Federation of the Stars went isolationist: a liberal democracy with a free market. And that means narcotics sales can go through the roof, protected by 'rights to privacy' and 'due process of law,' much better than back home."

"True, true, I suppose I wasn't thinking of that," the Byrnian admitted. "So then, what's our move, commander?"

"Captain, you just sit here and leave the talking, the acting, the planning all to me. Just be ready to yell your orders if we need to do any shooting."

And so the cruiser stayed, awaiting the arrival of the survivors of the first Altharon clientele of the Red Merchant's Guild.

4/13/2010 #35
Sarah Crowning

((Geez, the ETE doesn't count? Sure they're more of a conservative republic, but they've got the loosest trade policies in the galaxy, excluding the Nebulans of course.))

The Adahiri departed immediately; the captain had kept the engines hot and ready, so there wasn't even any need for preparations. The chance of another pirate strike was likely small, but it was still vital to avoid that tiny chance and get a full report of these events back to Tashar.

4/13/2010 #36

((You're right, I wasn't thinking. Of course, the ETE is clearly smaller than the ADE and does not have the same pirating problem, making it more difficult to infiltrate and especially to raid without attracting unwanted attention. The RMG probably won't go all out into the Tashar Empire, but you might see some drug dealing and other such operations taking place sometime soon. The ADE, on the other hand, makes a much juicier target for a permanent set of extensive operations.))

4/13/2010 #37

((Uhh Aspen I'm not sure what to say in response to your post. As in I'm not sure who I'm speaking as, the lone pirate ship or? Since the pirate ship is of Altharon origin, but not in the ADE.))

((Update: Grokerin (Under: Other races in the ADE) has been updated.))

4/13/2010 . Edited 4/13/2010 #38

((I didn't say it was in the ADE: all I specified was that it was the destination of the pirate ship and in deep space, not an unlikely scenario. And yes, you would be taking the role of the lone pirate ship.))

4/14/2010 #39

((Thanks for the clarification, I wanted to be sure before posting.))

A portal to C-space materialized and the lone surviving Altharon pirate ship emerged. The captain of the heavily-modified heavy destroyer was on the edge of his seat, still filled with adrenaline from the battle several hours earlier. He knew Altharon responses were quick, that was the whole reason why battle drones and defense fleets were invented. Quick responses to any attack made on a system. However, he had never witnessed them mobilize their defenses before. He was astonished by their speed. The target was worth it, however. If they had succeeded, it would seem as if the ADE was weak and not capable of sufficiently defending their planets, not to mention create an outcry from the Tashar.

The captain hailed the cruiser they were meant to meet up with. They would not like outcome.

4/14/2010 #40

"OSC on the line!" shouted the cruiser's communications officer, using common Red Merchant acronym for Only Surviving Client.

"Connect my comm speaker to them and their comm speaker to the room!" the woman in the multinational officers' garb ordered from across the table. The CO followed her orders, and soon the pirates were on the line.

"Hail, good client," the Belluri began. "What was the outcome of your mission?" Of course, the need for a query was feigned: the trackers that had been set on the pirates had revealed the answer already.

4/15/2010 #41

"Well, as you can probably see, we didn't do well at all." Captain Skarjold began, "Their response was quicker than we anticipated. Raiding Kreetaur trade fleets is way easier than this. Though, I can't argue about how important the target was."

4/16/2010 #42

"Indeed," the RMG officer replied. "Now, let's get down to business. You surely want your payment, and we have the gold right here. However, we'll need you to power down your weapons before we can send the dropship over. Secondly, we are going to need a time, preferably soon, and a location to meet with your leader."

4/17/2010 #43

"Power down weapons," Skarjold ordered. The weapons officer grunted, then complied with the order.

"I'm sure we can arrange a time, I will need to get in contact with him." Skarjold continued.

4/17/2010 #44

"Then it would be best if you contacted him now and arranged something, while we conduct the gold drop-off."

A single dropship, a heavily-modified SEM model like the cruiser itself, deployed from the RMG vessel's hangar and proceeded towards the pirate ship, hailing Skarjold's vessel and requesting permission to dock in a hangar or at an airlock.

4/17/2010 #45

"Of course." Skarjold ended the transmission. He then sent a long range transmission to the "Corrupter" as he liked to be called.

"Yes? Captain...Skarjold is it?" Corrupter replied.

"Indeed. Those Red Merchant people wish to meet with you, preferably soon."

"Hmm, I believe I can arrange to meet them soon. I will send you a file containing the time and location." Corrupter said.

"All right." Skarjold terminated the communication.

"The dropship is requesting permission to dock!" an officer yelled.

"Permission granted." The dropship was told to attach to the starboard docking bay.

Several minutes later, the file was received via long range communications. Skajold relayed the file to the RMG ship.

4/17/2010 #46

"File received! Seems like it was relayed to us by Skajold from long distance. Should we try and track the message's origin?"

"Of course," replied the RMG officer, "but first things first: send me the file." The file was promptly uploaded to the officer's digital visor, a thin headset whose back-piece served as a computer and rectangular glass eyepiece served as a screen (as well as a scanner, thermal vision device, and personal combat targeting system when needed). She picked up the digital visor from the table and fixed it on her head. "Ah, so they will meet us soon. Jeyau, order your crew toprepare the warp drive."

Captain Jeyau, the Byrnian in the airman's uniform, quickly complied. "Engine crew, prep generator for warp," he spoke through a comm device.

After the dropship attached to the docking bay, its crew undertook its job of unloading gold bars wordlessly and unceremoniously. Soon, the dropship was off the pirate ship and back into the cruiser.

"Thank you for your services," the officer broadcast to the pirates. "We hope to see you again on such cooperative terms." With that, the RMG cruiser opened a wormhole to the Peovi System and disappeared, leaving the area of space empty except for the single pirate ship.


The next day, the same RMG cruiser, the Power of Commerce, warped to the designated location, at the designated time. This time, it was escorted by ten Runner-class corvettes, manned by the famed Belluri Distance Runners.

"Should we send out a message?" asked Jeyau, sitting comfortably at his seat at the huge command table.

"No. Wait for them to say something," ordered the Belluri woman, standing upright beside him. "We don't trust these people yet, and we don't want to draw unnecessary attention with any sort of broadcast."

4/18/2010 #47

Several minutes later, a single ship emerged out of C-space. It was a heavily modified Monsoon heavy cruiser. Many areas of the ship looked liked it had been repaired several times and some weapons were newer than others. The vessel hailed the Power of Commerce.

4/18/2010 #48

"Heavy cruiser-class vessel has warped nearby," reported the Communications Officer. "It is hailing us."

"Connect my comm to them, them to the room's announcement system," ordered the officer. Once connected, she spoke, "Good-day, Altharon sirs and madames. Am I correct in assuming that you are carrying the leader of the pirate gang from which we received our most recent clientele?"

4/18/2010 #49

"Indeed," Corrupter said, "You may call me Corrupter. What do you wish to discuss?"

4/18/2010 . Edited 4/18/2010 #50

"Good to meet you, Corrupter," the woman replied. "I am best known as The General, but you may simply refer to me as 'officer.'" She smiled; either way, the title would be respectful. "I wish to discuss a business opportunity. If you want to know more, we must meet in person, at a secure location. Can this be arranged?"

4/18/2010 #51

"I am intrigued. Where do you have in mind?" Corrupter asked.

4/18/2010 #52

"Inside this vessel, the Power of Commerce, there is a sound-proof room shielded from all forms of radiation," she offered. "But if you would prefer another arrangement, please tell us where to go."

4/18/2010 #53

"That will be fine. I will be accompanying a dropship that will leave my vessel in a few minutes."

4/18/2010 #54

"Excellent. We await your arrival." With that, The General waved her hand, signalling the communications officer to cut off the transmission.

Later, once the pirate shuttle was on its way, room for its landing was cleared in the hangar bay. A small party of Red Merchants awaited him: The General stood at the front of about a dozen heavily-armed RMG soldiers in heterogeneous gear.

4/20/2010 #55

The shuttle landed in the small space, that was hastily made ready for them, in the vessel's hangar.

Corrupter, clothed in battle armor and a helmet, stepped out of his transport escorted by four heavily armed pirates and a reprogrammed Devastator Heavy Battle Automaton. The 3.5 meter tall robot turned and stood guard just to the side of the doorway to the shuttle.

Corrupter and his escort approached the General, "Shall we?"

4/20/2010 #56

"Indeed," The General replied, scanning over Corrupter and his troops with her eyepiece. "Follow me." The middle-aged Belluri woman began to walk off, her back straight as a rod, a figure in military posture juxtaposed with the relaxed and informal gait of her following soldiers. After traversing several hallways and taking an elevator, a heavy steel door to the Secure Conversation Chamber, another RMG addition to the cruiser, slid open. She entered alone; her guards remained outside.

Inside the chamber was a single, metal table and four metal chairs. Silently, the General took one seat, and motioned for Corrupter to take the one across from her.

4/20/2010 #57

Corrupter walked over and sat down in the chair. It was obviously not made for comfort.

"Well then let's get down to business." he said with slight enthusiasm.

4/20/2010 #58

"Excellent," The General replied. "The fact of the matter is that we need markets. In order to access markets, we must establish a presence. In order to best establish a presence, we need friends in the region. Such friends, of course, would have favored status in terms of our goods and prices." She paused. "Does your organization have anything to offer in this regard?"

4/21/2010 #59

"Hmm, we do capture and plunder trade vessels. Though, a steady stream of goods is not usually possible. Occasionally we ambush small military patrols for ships and weapons. We are also trying to set up a black market on several planets. So far there have been mixed results. There have been plans for other things, though we do not have the funds to consider trying them." Corrupter said.

4/22/2010 #60
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