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"We can provide you with steady funds, supplies, and trade," The General explained. "We can also provide you with a plethora of locations outside of Altharon territory you might find favorable for your raiding operations. In return, we will require your allegiance, your cooperation. Can we work this into a deal?"

4/22/2010 #61

"I believe we can work that out." Corrupter replied.

Edit: ((New info on C-space and how it works under Interstellar tech in the Technology Section.))

4/22/2010 . Edited 4/22/2010 #62

"We will need a contract then," the Belluri stated. "We are merchants, after all. The terms will be rather simple: in return for favored status in trade and access to low-interest loans of capital and equipment, you will pledge allegiance to the Red Merchants' Guild. Do you find these terms acceptable?"

4/23/2010 #63

Corrupter took a moment to think about the proposal then replied, "That seems reasonable, it's a deal."

4/23/2010 #64

"Excellent," The General stated, smiling. "We will have a contract for you to sign tomorrow at this time. We will send you the document and the coordinates to meet us once you have signed it as you leave. So, before we leave the security of this room, are there any other questions or proposals you have to bring up?"

4/24/2010 #65

"Unfortunately no." Corrupter replied, "The Sokarons have all it needs at the moment."

((Just some background info so everyone gets where Sokarons come from: I've created a Altharon language. Althar and sokar are words meaning bright and dark respectively. -os is a suffix meaning one or world depending on the word. -ons is a suffix means ones. So sokarons means dark ones, and altharons literally mean bright ones. When the -ons suffix is applied to a species or something that can also be classified as an individual unit, you take off the "s" and it becomes Altharon or sokaron when it is singular.

Ex: Altharos means "Bright One", or in the case of the Altharon home world "Bright World". Altharons are the "Bright Ones" and an Altharon is a member or sub-unit of the "Bright Ones" which is in effect "Bright One", but it was a part of a larger group. There are several other things within Altharon grammar explaining why it's the Altharon Democratic Empire and not the Altharons Democratic Empire.

I intend to put up more info on Altharon language as well as references to the language and possibly add up a language section in my post. I enjoy going in depth with the Altharons.))

4/24/2010 #66

"Unfortunately, the Red Merchants' Guild does not," the officer interjected. "Whatever our means of making a profit, we are businesspeople: we will need a formal contract. Is this a problem?"

4/26/2010 #67

((Hmm. I'm not sure you got my message, and I think it's because of the way I worded it. Sorry. I meant that he has no questions or proposals and that the Sokarons will be getting all it needs from the agreement. But I guess we have to continue on.))

"It is not," Corrupter said realizing that what he said may have been misinterpreted. He waited to see if that was the case.

4/26/2010 #68

((I now realize my mistake. My apologies.))

"Excellent," The General replied. By Corrupter's tone, she gathered that he had not been addressing the contract proposal in his "no." Refusing to let this dent her formal air, she decided not to address this fact. Rather, she found that her mistake would be useful in emphasizing the RMG's policy. "Now farewell, good luck, and good business, Corrupter." With that, she stood up from her chair, proceeded to the door, and held it open for Corrupter.

4/26/2010 #69

((That's alright. It was sort of my fault as well.))

"Indeed, good luck to you, General." Corrupter walked out of the room and started towards his transport.

4/26/2010 #70

As soon as Corrupter's transport left, the Power of Commerce and its escort ships promptly warped out-of-system. The meeting to sign the contract would take place at one of the RMG's deep space forts in the Crimson Nebula.

4/26/2010 #71

Several hundred kilometers from the rendezvous, 6 ships emerged from C-space. At the heart of the small fleet was the heavy cruiser Incorruptible. An ironic name since it was controlled by pirates. It was the same vessel that Corrupter had used to meet the RMG people earlier.

The Incorruptible hailed the nearby station.

4/27/2010 #72

((I said the meeting would take place in the Crimson Nebula, which is a separate thread, but I suppose we can get the deal done here.))

The RMG's deep space fortress Bastion, a massive Virium sphere from which extended over a dozen arms and arrays, hailed the Sokaron vessels:

"This is the RMG Bastion to incoming fleet. Scans show that you are Sokaron, but we are unaware of your intent: please halt, power down your weapons, and put Corrupter on the line for voice identification."

4/28/2010 #73

((Oh, do you want to move to there then? If so just post in that thread next.))

A moment passed and then someone spoke, "This is Corrupter. We are here for a meeting."

The Sokaron fleet stopped and powered down weapons.

4/28/2010 #74

"Your identity has been confirmed. We are now sending a shuttle," the voice from the Bastion replied flatly.

A few minutes later, a lone shuttle drifted out from the fortress and towards the Sokaron fleet, sending a message requesting docking instructions.

4/29/2010 #75

The shuttle's request was granted and Corrupter, as well as a small security detail, walked down to the shuttle as it docked.

4/29/2010 #76

((I just think MW might want to bust the meeting, which might create some excitement, so YES, in fact, lets move it to the Crimson Nebula thread.))

From the docked shuttle emerged both The General in her military attire and Captain Jeyau in his archaic airman's uniform, escorted by a dozen RMG soldiers, the same that Corrupter had encountered on the Power of Commerce.

"Hello, Corrupter," spoke the Belluri woman. "Good to see matters have proceeded so far without incident. Now, our plans for today are to sign the contract, and then to discuss its most immediate implications. Where may we speak without being overheard?"

4/29/2010 #77

((Okay, posted in Crimson Nebula Thread.))

4/29/2010 #78
Sarah Crowning

The tachyon communication device on the receiving end of the one given to the Enlightened Tashar Empire began ringing in its place.

4/29/2010 #79

Imperial President Ator was at his desk contemplating new ways to get rid of the annoying pirates when the tachyon communications device rang.

Ator walked over to the device next to his desk and read the name of the caller. He was surprised when it was from the Tashar.

"President Ator here." he said as he answered the call.

4/30/2010 . Edited 4/30/2010 #80
Sarah Crowning

"Empress' Blessing, President Ator." The caller, a Tashar woman dressed in an elaborate dress of gold and green, responded. "My name is Karain Saidham, and I work as a secretary to our Councilor of Diplomacy Anera Hkire. Mrs. Hkire has instructed me to express our utmost gratitude for your prompt defense of the Adahiri and to forward a proposal from our Government. I trust this is a good time?"

5/1/2010 #81

"Hello Miss Saidham. It's not the best of times, but it will do." Ator replied.

5/1/2010 #82
Sarah Crowning

"Then I will endeavor to use the time efficiently." Saidham said before plunging into her topic. "My superiors are unanimous in their desire to return the aid which your commanders so readily provided us, and some of our Councilors are substantially incensed at these aggressors. For those reasons we would like, with your consent, to stage a retaliatory strike against the pirates plaguing your systems."

5/1/2010 #83

"That would be most appreciated. We don't know the exact whereabouts of their bases. We know they are in random systems near the edge of our territory. However, getting rid of them is a difficult task. We send in small fleets to find and destroy them and they somehow keep coming back, but we do think their numbers are dwindling." Ator explained.

5/1/2010 #84
Sarah Crowning

"That won't be a problem; the Councilor of War already has a strategy formed. It would be a simple search and destroy mission: our shift-capable fighters will scout out the systems, then the fleet will warp in and destroy the base. The only thing we ask of you is permission to station and operate a small fleet within your space for the duration of the operation, and any useful information you have on the pirates." She explained.

5/1/2010 #85

"Good. You have my permission and we will send you the information shortly. Is there anything else I can do for you?" Ator asked.

5/2/2010 #86
Sarah Crowning

"Thank you, president. Our government is also interested in initiating some agreement to allow trade or travel between our two nations. Tashar's borders are open to any comers who abide by our tariffs and laws, but we do not know the state of Altheron's foreign policy."

5/2/2010 #87

"We are also open to anyone who abides by the laws and pays the tariffs. The tariff is currently at 7%." Ator paused for a split second then continued, "I believe a trade agreement would benefit both of our nations."

5/2/2010 . Edited 5/2/2010 #88
Sarah Crowning

"As do we, Mr. President." Saidham replied politely. "Our only restriction on foreign trade is a seventeen percent tariff on imports. Since there are no formal restrictions by either of our governments trade can commence immediately. However, trade might be less cumbersome were we to have an easy means of management within each-other's territories. Would Altharon be amenable to an exchange of embassies?"

5/3/2010 #89

"Indeed. I was about to ask you the same thing. I'm glad we share the same idea." Ator answered with a smile.

5/4/2010 #90
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