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Name: Savian Empire

Participation in Senate: No

Capital planet: Save Prime

Type of Government: Empire (kingdom?)

Basic info about government: This government is ruled by one emperor. He makes all the rules, but consults his council. Has ministers such as Minister of Defense. No prime minister. Depends on Navy Grand Admiral for military tactics. Extremely religious.

Brief History: This empire originated from Save Prime. Their religion is a monotheistic with one God. They had another race develop on a neighboring planet in the system but conquered them. Interstellar flight was recently developed.

# of planets: 2 Both of them are in the same system.

Estimate of population: 19 billion

Economic Information: The economy is in a fair state. 10% of everything a person earns goes to the Savian Church. Money is based on a gold-like substance called tyrin.

Type: Humanoids. They live about 210 years on average. Limited regeneration.

Str: none

weakness: no str

Unique Products: Tyrin - a type of metal that can be produced fast and is used for the hull. Golden color

Anti-aging gene injection - you live for a long time...

Basic info about major technologies: They focus on gene technology. Their ships use their genes to activate. They have consols that only turns on if you have their gene. Etc.

Interstellar technology: They use old-fashioned rocket engines for sublight and gravity bursts for interstellar. Because they have to "gather enough gravity" (or use their energy to make artificial gravity to push them away) to use a gravity burst, their interstellar drive takes a long time to use.

Interstellar communications: None

Military info: They depend on their small ships for defense and support. A lot of the technology involves using gravity such as making a gravity ball and shooting it. They arev crusaders. However, they do want to form diplomatic relationships because of their newfound place in the universe. They also use railguns and missiles.

Str: Using gravity helps dent the Shields by a lot

weak: Making a gravity ball takes about 2 minutes.

# of space going vessels and their type: 1 carrier, 3 battleships, 12 cruisers, 67 interceptors

# of enlisted military personnel: 12 million ground troops, 23 million in the Navy

Basic info about people: They are deeply religious. They are humanoids with tails. Anyone in their population who is not faithful to their religion is executed... A lot of the decisions made by the government is influenced by their religion and the laws of their holy book, Save.

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Sarah Crowning

Looks pretty good. I'll give you a thumbs up if no one has any hesitations.

6/3/2010 #2

Thanks. I hope it didn't have any bad stuff besides minor speling errors.

6/5/2010 #3
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