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madwoman with a box

Name of nation/company/group: Triarchy of Delure

Participation in the Senate: No

Capital city or planet: Delure

Type of government: Democratic Triarchy

Basic info about the government: Run By a group of three officials with monarch like power. They usually serve for life but every two years they it is voted whether or not to remove any of them from office. At the end of their career unless they are voted out, they will train the next officials, who are usually about thirty-forty.

Brief history: Delurans evolved on a very cold and icy planet on the extreme fringes of a solar system with a blue sun. They have been run by a Triarchy since mythical times, when the three benign gods, Death, Time and Fate, ruled. They were briefly invaded by a neighboring planet in their solar system, from whom they learned about space travel several hundred years before they would have created it. They eventually liberated themselves and became very devoted to learning and at one time ran on an information economy. Because of the invasion the are far more advanced than they should be and generally live into their mid two hundreds. Because of their longevity and technology they have been able to conquer other worlds similar to theirs in the same solar system.

# of planets: Six

Estimate of population: 15 billion

Economic info:

-Type: Dirigisme

-Str: Every thing that goes on the market is almost guaranteed to be safe, effective, and properly priced because of the government control over businesses.

-weak: Individuals make less money, and cannot change production without contacting the local government. Meaning that it takes longer for innovations to be to products and business owners are less open to government policies.

-Unique products: Biological weaponry, Therma-weave clothing, and a type of stone that is strong enough to shatter diamond.

Basic info of major technologies: Therma-weave is a type of cloth that helps regulate and normalize body temperature or other various functions and can be set to a specific species or individual. Biological weapons are extremely common on any of the Deluran plants some being so detailed as to be specific to a single person. Cloning is the major form of reproduction and growing food, it allows livestock to be made to grow faster and larger and for children to have specified genes


-Interstellar technology: Lorentz fields(L.F.) allow a ship to vibrate at near light speeds and stay intact allowing them to travel vast distances of space very quickly.

Interstellar communication: Anchronophon (A.P.) Normally when communicating over the distances that Deluran ships travel there would be pause in communications for the sound to travel the A.P. moves the sound almost at the same rate as the ships eliminating the wait time.

Military info:

-Str: Biological weapons, A.P., cloning, L.F.

-Weak: Because most soldiers are cloned specifically for that purpose there is little to no national unity and often open resentment of the Triarchy. Environment controls need to be set very specifically and are soft spot on any ship

-# of space going vessels and their type: 3,000,000, destroyer - fighter size

-# of enlisted military personnel: 900,000,000

Basic info about your people: Delurans are hominids with blue skin, silver hair, and very low metabolism making the cold absolutely necessary for their way of life. Somewhat hostile, but un-united because of the power of the Triarchy. They are fairly religious and contrary to most religious beliefs their Death is extremely kind and benign whereas Life is wicked and cruel. The Triarchy is currently made of two males, Null and Fiare, and one female, Yash.

(edit) I really hope I didn't just over do the military

6/12/2010 . Edited 6/12/2010 #1

Yet another relatively small if all the 1-10 planet nations should band together, they might make a powerful bloc.

I don't know for sure what Mindwarp will say, but I find no issue with this nation. In fact, I rather like it; their government will get along quite well with Survaek's.

6/12/2010 #2
Sarah Crowning

Looks great. I see nothing overpowered here. However, I do recommend that you ramp up the number of fighters you have drastically, or get some larger ships. Otherwise you might get steamrolled by one of the more aggressive, militant powers on the forum.

6/12/2010 #3
madwoman with a box

Thank you for the advice, I did not realize the sheer size of some of these nations despite that I've been lurking here for a week. Thats one of those things that really makes me feel unintelligent. Either way, I hope I sort of fixed it.

6/12/2010 #4

I don't see anything wrong with it either, though a 600,000 troop military for a 15 billion population is in my opinion small. I guess I should stop pointing that out. Some people are more focused on military than others.

Edit: btw nice pic mad, gotta love the Weeping Angels.

6/12/2010 . Edited 6/12/2010 #5

(( Love the Weeping Angels! XDXDXDXD))

A heavy cruiser-class spaceship named Gorjah flying the insignia of the Oyiam Goods dropped out of hyper drive and accelerated towards a solar system.

"You had to set the coordinates off by a light year, did you?" Weial, the captain of the Gorjah, turned to his navigator who merely shrugged.

"I didn't do it on purpose," the navigator, Quintop, grumbled.

6/25/2010 . Edited 6/25/2010 #6
madwoman with a box

(Thanks! A lot of people say that for some reason.)

The Corvette class ship, Lepsog, patrolling the outskirts of the Triarch picked up on ship heading into thier system.

"Captian we have an unidentified ship entering the system. Should we send them one of our new bacterias?" Asked the somewhat excitable officer of weapons development.

The Captain smiled coolly," Patience, Lucrez. Unidentified does not mean enemy neccesarily. Follow them and open an anchron frequency. Wait for them to answer."

6/29/2010 #7

When a frequency was opened for the Lakasians, Weial raised an eyebrow. "I certainly didn't expect someone to be here already..." he said.

"I am Captain Weial of the Heavy Assault Cruiser Gorjah. I am a explorer from the First Lakas Empire, please respond," he broadcasted.

6/29/2010 #8
madwoman with a box

"This is Captain Iteni of the Corvette Lepsog. You are entering Deluran space." The captain answered signalling for her technicians to locate the life support systems on the other ship, purely precautionary of course.

6/29/2010 #9

The Heavy Cruiser Gorjah drifted slowly -if you call 50 AU per second SLOW- towards the Delurian Space. "Are we allowed to enter?" Weial asked over the channel as he ordered his navigator to slow the ship down, even though he didn't need to do so.

6/29/2010 #10
madwoman with a box

"We should contact the Triarch." A younger crew member said, some one scoffed but was glared down by Iteni.

"You may enter our space, but we will have to ask that you redirect your course to Delure. We are sending you coordinates." Iteni replied as her communications technician sent a notice to the triarch and sent the coordinates.

6/29/2010 #11

"Alright," the captain replied. He turned his com off and turned to his navigator. "All we allowed to do this?"


"Then contact the nearby Navy! I ain't a diplomat!"


"A new species was found?" A Lakasian Commodore said as he sipped on his coffee with his exoskeletal mouth. "Tell me about them."

"We do not know much sir, except that they have something called Triarchy..."

"Three kings?"

"I guess, sir."

Enflamed Commdore Trynap stood up from his metal chair and ordered that a Szark-class battleship be ready for him and have him Mat-Transed to it.


"Commdore Trynap is coming," Weial broadcasted back to Iteni.

6/30/2010 #12
madwoman with a box

"The Commodore's presence will be appreciated. Death be with you." Iteni answered ending the communications with the proper blessing.

6/30/2010 #13

"Death...? Probably their own culture or something," he muttered.


The battleship easily crossed the distance between the two empire within half of a minute. Then it began to broadcast.

"This is Maruder class battleship Falek of the First Lakasian Empire, requesting to enter Delurian space.

7/1/2010 #14
madwoman with a box

"Granted." Iteni answered, " The Triarch is glad you have come."


"Lakasians, Fiare when was the last contact with a new species?" Yash asked considering the message they had just recieved.

"Before our terms, three hundred years or so." Faire answered.

"We must be careful then." Null added.

7/1/2010 #15

"Is there a space station we should dock at, or should we land on a chosen spot on your planet?" one of the navigators asked.


Weial sighed as the Commdore forced him to dock into his battleship and get a repair on his ship.

7/2/2010 #16
madwoman with a box

"The space station Nenhar orbits Delure. You may dock there and then be shuttled down Planet side." Iteni answered, having the coordinates sent to the other ship.

7/2/2010 #17

In a instant, the Lakasian BS was orbiting Nenhar and Commdore Trynar was on the planet, on the coordinates.

7/3/2010 #18
madwoman with a box
"Commdore Trynar? You may wish to wear this." Yash said. Standing up from her chair, holding up a therma-weave robe,"The entire planet is made of ice, This will keep your body temperature what you would consider normal."
7/3/2010 #19

"I thank you for your consideration," Trynar made a smile on his exoskeletal mask as he took the robe with a slight nod/bow. "But this planet is not that cold in my opinion," he said. "Well will the diplomatic meeting take place?"

7/3/2010 #20
madwoman with a box

"Of course, Null and Fiare are waiting." Yash said leading Trynap into another room with a large table.

Null and Fiare stood up from looking at a large starmap. Yash walked over and took up her position between them.

"Please sit Commdore. We will begin." Null said.

7/3/2010 #21

Trynar nodded and took a seat. "Thank you for having me here for the diplomatic meeting between our two nations," he said as his exoskeletal mask made a natural smile. But for some reason, it looked more like a smiling skull.

7/4/2010 #22
madwoman with a box

" You have a visage like, Death." Yash remarked earning her a glare from Fiare,"It is a compliment."

"It is sacrilege." Fiare hissed Yash looked like she was going to say something back for a minute.

"You both need to focus we must establish borders between our territories, trade routes, we may to have maps redrawn, certainly they will have to be expanded. There is plenty to do without you at each others throats. We are all terribly sorry Commdore, is there somewhere you would like to start?" Null cut in, glancing at his companions.

7/5/2010 #23

(um sorry to ask but can i join, and may i join the RPG it seems like its getting off to a nice start, besides, i'd give you permission to control my characters as long as you don't make them do anything stupid and positively idiotic to the tenth degree)

11/9/2010 . Edited 11/9/2010 #24

(Hey there. This forum is, unfortunately, more or less dead. However, you are free to join another sci fi nation roleplay we have ongoing with its own website:

http:// warping-empires . forummotion . com )

11/10/2010 #25
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