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Name: Aries Corporation

Participation in Senate: No (Willing to cooperate if asked)

Capital Planet: Zesiduis

Type of Government: Fascist totalitarian corporatism

Basic Government Information:

The Aries Corporation is a mega-corporation spanning six star systems and hundreds of billions of organic lives. Essentially a conglomeration of nation-states that answer to the grand power of the corporate will, the Aries Corporation retains a monopolistic control of all markets within its own state. Outside of Corporate Territory, Aries is aggressively pursuing commerce with foreign powers.

The Corporation itself is a ruled by a council of wealthy (and ruthless) businessmen. Under their authority all citizens fall in line. Seeing their people as "human resources" the Corporation maintains strict, military control of its "stock population." Free thought is prohibited, freedom does not exist within the Corporate State.

The Corporation is essentially divided into two groups. The Elite, and the Stock. The Elite are the leaders and soldiers of the Corporation. They retain total authority over their inferiors and live lives of luxury and materialistic wealth whilst oppressing the common men and women of the Stock. "Stock" as they are aptly named, are subjected to rigorous labor in return for housing and basic survival needs such as food, water, and medicine. These civilians are taught to serve the higher power, to be "willing participants to the building of the big picture" and "instruments of the state." In this manner the majority of Corporate population is drone-like, lacking free will or thought. Any traces of such things are quickly "terminated" by the Corporate police forces.

Brief History:

The Aries Corporation came into being during the "Globalization Era" on their home-world of Zesiduis. Pre-rule, the Corporation was a massively successful company maintaining profitable business across the globe as an arms manufacturer. This eventually grew to a full-blown monopoly of most, if not all markets on the planet.

A time came when the Corporation had become more powerful than any government on Zesiduis. At this point, through the use of Private Military Companies, the Aries Corporation began a campaign to dominate their planet. Given their total control of the global economy, this was not difficult. Militaries across the planet relied on the Corporations supply, and without it, quickly fell beneath their corporatist boots. Indeed, almost every system in which society needed to function fell under Corporate monopoly, therefore, violence was hardly needed to achieve dominance of Zesiduis.

With the Corporation achieving supreme power and instilling martial law upon its "stock labor" civilians, they quickly evolved to the space-faring age. Using their amassed resources and advanced technology, the Aries Corporation was quick to expand into the stars, taking many uninhabited worlds. Those that were not seen as useful for colonization ("Eden Worlds" as the Corporation calls them) were stripped of resources and left to exist as wasteland worlds.

Religion: Religion is forbidden within the Corporation. Holy books are burned in mass number. Believers are shot on sight.

Civil Rights: The Corporation laughs at such a silly pair of words!

The Incursion: An event known as "The Incursion" occurred approximately 26 years ago within Corporate space. During this period, six worlds on the fringes of Aries space rebelled. The war lasted for 9 months, but, needless to say, the resistance was brutally crushed. All suspected accomplices were executed. Two of the planets were utterly destroyed, one was raided of all food supply and natural resources. The people were left to die to be made an example of. Since this event, Corporate military and security funding has increased twenty percent. Needless to say, there have been no more uprisings.

Number of Planets:

16 Inhabitable Planets (6 Natural "Eden Worlds" 10 successfully terraformed planets)

5 Wasteland Planets (Under Corporate control but entirely useless, they have been stripped of all resources)

7 Gas Giants (Used purely for resource gathering)

6 Uninhabitable Planets (Used purely for resource gathering)

3 Mega-structures (Large manufactured planets)

Numerous space stations and moon-based laboratories (Current readings are at 46, more are being built)

Estimated Population: Apx. Six hundred billion sentient organic lifeforms

Economic Info:

Labor is payed in housing and basic survival needs, not money. In this way, all profit goes to the Corporation. The majority of Corporate funding is spent on research projects, manufacturing, and military.

Type: Command economy, Industrial. Has mastered primary, secondary, tertiary, and quaternary sectors of economy.


Specializes in weapons development

Also specializes in electronics, especially artificial intelligences

Capable of mass production

Has access to vast amounts or raw material

Has mastered the art of genetic agriculture

Free labor, all profit goes to the corporation


Vast amounts of resources must be spent in order to maintain strict control of the population

Mass consumption, the Corporation quickly uses up the planets it occupies. Every time a world is stripped in this manner, large sums of resources must be subverted to the colonization of new worlds, movement of old inhabitants, and the state suffers a short period of "agricultural depression"

Overproduction: the Corporation maintains a much larger military force then it necessarily needs. Vast amounts of equipment is manufactured and never used.

Over-replacement: the Corporation is constantly replacing old technology with the new. While this keeps the military and civilian infrastructure at its best, it is consumes large amounts of money and resources. It is not uncommon for the Aries Corporation to consider three year old tech "obsolete"

"Crackpot" experiments: large sums of money are spent by the Corporation on relatively useless experiments and technology development. Advanced? Yes. Innovative? Yes. Practical or useful? Not really.

Unique Products:

AI: The Aries Corporation is heavily focused on the production of Artificial Intelligence. In fact, the Corporation has succeeded in creating synthetic lifeforms deemed "superior" to organic life. Used for a multitude of purposes, these AI's can be found anywhere in Corporate space, performing menial tasks, calculating transactions, giving businessmen the edge in commerce, etc. Most importantly however, they are used excessively within the military in order to significantly bolster the number of ground forces as well as to provide space vessels with crew members capable of reacting and communicating at the speed of light.

Nanite Technology: The Aries Corporation uses Nanites for micro-construction, as well as a number of other small tasks. Most notably however, Corporate soldiers are injected with Nanites into their bloodstream. This makes them much more combat effective, the Nanites will stimulate healing, adrenaline bursts, muscle maintenance, skeletal support, and even still the pain from wounds. Specialized nanites are often used in Corporate anti-armor weapons, where they will essentially "eat" away components, weapons, and armor until there is nothing left of the structue.

Rare-material: Ezonite: A special liquid unique to Zesiduis and the Corporate home system, Ezonite reacts when it comes into contact with water, producing excessive amounts of harvestable energy. The reaction between five gallons of Ezonite and fifteen gallons of water is enough to launch a small space craft from a planet such as say, Earth. This extremely convenient and massively powerful energy source is used for most of the Corporation's technology, and is their primary export. (Note: Ezonite is extremely hard to control. Careful maintenance is required. A refined version, which is much more stable, but much less effective, is available for smaller, less energy consuming technologies)

Battlesuits: Powered by Ezonite, many Corporate soldiers are fitted with specialized battlesuits that bolster their combat effectiveness. These suits grant soldiers with any number of different abilities, from flight, to cloaking, to personal shielding, to mechanically bolstered strength, speed, and reflexes etc.

Titan Warship: Massive space-faring vessels, Titan Warships are used only in the invasion of heavily fortified, hostile worlds. Legend has it that these deadly superstructures cause a full-blown eclipse as they pass over planets, blocking out the sun and replacing its rays with storms of fire. Indeed, it was a Titan Warship that destroyed two of the rebellious planets in the event known as The Incursion. Each Titan Warship is large enough to house a full invasion force, and a skirmish fleet's worth of spacecraft. They also carry enough firepower to wipe out a planet from orbit (given time). Given their massive crew requirements, fuel consumption, and high maintenance cost however, Titan Warships are rarely mobilized. (The Corporation only having done so twice...the cost is dire) And there are only two in existence.

Infiniton: Massive land based mechs, Infiniton are symbols of Corporate power. They are superstructure weapons equivalent in size to space based dreadnoughts, walking the surface with their deadly array of weapons. An Infiniton carries enough firepower to level an small city within an hour, and retains shielding and armor powerful enough to withstand orbital bombardment. Even so, they primarily play a defensive role, warding off enemy invasions through sheer fear alone. Due to their massive size and cost, Infiniton exist only in small numbers. There are two on the homeworld of Zesiduis, and a total of four others spanning Corporate worlds (1 on each of 4 "vital" planets) along with one on board each Titan Warship.

Information on major technologies

Interstellar Technology: Warp fields are used for FTL travel (the whole bend space around you deal)

Interstellar Communication: Messages are sent through streaming wormholes created by specialized devices present on all space faring vessels and inhabited worlds

The media is entirely controlled by the Corporation in order to brainwash stock labor

Military Info


Planetary combat: Corporate forces are ruthless and unrelenting in their assaults of planets. First they will attempt to establish control of the space in orbit around the target. This will be accomplished via large fleets. Once this is accomplished, orbiting vessels will continue to pummel the planetary surface within weapons of mass destruction until all military and urban centers have been laid to ruin. Special tasks forces will then fall from orbit and eliminate remaining enemy supply lines, communications services, infrastructure, and food supply. Once the enemy is too weak to wage war, the Corporation deploys its land forces and exterminates all sentient life on the planet. The planet will then either be repurposed or left behind.

Space Combat: Corporate forces first begin by attempting to disrupt enemy core systems. This is what is known as the "hacking stage" where the corporate fleet will essentially attempt to bypass opposing firewalls and sabotage the fleet via cyberspace. In this way, enemy engines can be overheated, weapons can be malfunctioned, life support systems can be deactivated, communications can be disrupted etc. Successful or not, the fleet will then begin bombardment, firing long ranged weapons while steadily falling back. This forces enemies to focus on them with the lesser extent of their weapon systems, and allows the fleet to dodge incoming attacks at an easier pace. This also diverts the opponents attention while half the fleet (which by standard, all fleets are split in two) emerges from warp speed behind the opposing fleet weapons free. If this devastating surprise attack does not destroy the enemy fleet, this half holds its ground while the distant half moves in and begins to engage full use of weapons. Once both fleets have essentially sandwiched the enemy, they tear them to pieces with their large numbers of weapons.

Alternatively, there is a special division within the Corporate military known as the Tesla Korp. They are responsible for the sabotage stage of land based invasions. They are also used to stealthily board enemy ships and tear them apart from the inside out.


Corporate forces primarily use rail guns, plasma weapons, laser weapons, hypervelocity guns, and electric discharge weapons. Their infantry are infused with nanite bloodstreams and battlesuits in order to bolster their combat effectiveness. Artificially intelligent soldiers, combat drones, aircraft, mechs, and vehicles are commonplace on the battlefield, bolstering numbers. Mechs make up the majority of the land-based armor, but tanks and artillery batteries are still present in large numbers.

Space craft do not use energy weapons, except for in the bombardment stage of fleet vs. fleet battle, as they are deemed ineffective and too costly for their results where close combat weapons would be more effective. Space based weapons primarily consist of nuclear warheads, massive rail guns, and hypervelocity cannons in close encounters.


Resilient, nanite infused soldiers

AI crew members allow for inhuman reaction and calculation times, vital in space combat

Powerful and well developed weapons technology

Large numbers due to AI forces

Superior levels of combat awareness due to large use of UAV's and AI's


Over reliance on AI's, electronic interference can be fatal in the war effort

Over reliance on infrastructure, sabotage is a major weakpoint

Armor divisions are primarily made of mechs, while powerful, electronic interference again becomes a major problem

Soldier's lack free thought, think by the book, are unable to react effectively to unusual situations

Space Faring Vessels (further details will be listed in space vessels topic)

Star Fighters: 250, 000

Drop Ships: 250,000

Frigates: 1,000

Destroyers: 600

Cruisers: 350

Battleships: 100

Capital Ships: 25

Dreadnoughts: 25

Titan Warships: 2

Civilian/Commercial Vessels

Trading/Cargo: 500,000

Transport: 75,000

Other: 25,000

Basic Info:

Average Height: Elite: 6'0 Stock: 5'5

Average Weight: Elite: 180 Stock: 105

Average Lifespan: Elite: 90 Years Stock: 52 Years

Appearance: Human, but with three taloned, bird-like feet and no hair (rarely, thin layer of black hair on head or jawline) and more "edgy" bone structures.

(That's it. I guess I have to wait to be accepted or something? If I did anything wrong just tell me, this is my first time doing anything like this.)

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