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Name of nation/company/group: Mil' Tak Refugee Fleet

Participation in the Senate: No

Capital city or planet: Kurtlug (the oldest and largets of the Heg'lur 'living ship')

Type of government: Elder counsel

Basic info about the government: The Elder counsel is made up of all the Elder-captains of the Heg'lur. Most decisions are made on a ship to ship basis but every so often a grand counsel meeting is required for decisions that effect the whole race at which point every elder-captain must travel to Kurtlug.

Brief history: Thousands of years ago the Mil' Tak people began space travel. Soon after they began to explore the stars they discovered a race of gigantic 'space whale' type creatures living on the fringe of there home system. After studying these creatures it was discovered that with in there bodies there were Giant bladders that contained the same atmosphere as there home world. Through selective breeding and genetic manipulation they were able to turn the creatures in to the Heg'lur they now survive on. After the beginning of the Heg'lur breeding the Mil' Tak started antimatter research. Many of the population was of afraid of what would happen and fled with a fleet of Heg'lur. Their fears turned in to a reality as the experiments when horribly wrong resulting in the entire system being destroyed. Leaving those who fled with the Heg'lur the only sruving Mil' Tak. Recently the Heg'lur have begun to get sick with a strange illness and are slowly dieing.

# of planets: 0

Estimate of population: 20 billion

Economic info:

-Type: socialism

-Str: every one on a Heg'lur shares everything. There is some trade between Heg'lur trading goods for goods there is no currency in Mil' Tak society

-weak: food stores are growing low causeing some infighting with in the Heg'lur community

-Unique products: other than the technologies used to create and live with in a Heg'lur the Mil' Tak have no unique products

Basic info of major technologies:

-Interstellar technolochy: The Heg'lur 'swim' trough at sub light speeds making travel to food sources slow.

Interstellar communication: the Mil' Tak have harnessed the Heg'lur's ability to telepathically communicate with each other within 1AU to transmit messages to each other and other ships.

Military info: The Mil' Tak are Pacifists and have no military

-# of space going vessels and their type: 1000 Heg'lur

Basic info about your people: (What they look like, their customs, etc.) the Mil' Tak are humanoid n general appearance but are covered whit a copper colored exoskeleton. over the years there customs have been lost over the years of them just trying to survive.

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