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Name of nation: Galaerii

Capital city or planet: Galaer

Type of government: Republic (leaning more towards democracy than republic)

Basic info about the government: The Galerii (the name of the nation is the same as that of the people) are Survaekom that broke away from the oligarchy to form a more humanitarian state. The government consists of the four Senates: the Executive Senate, the Senate of Morals, the Senate of the People, and the Emergency Senate. The Executive Senate is the smallest, with strictly 50 members (10 for each planet). It is built to enforce the laws and is head of security (votes on acts of police involvement and new measures for security systems). The Senate of Morals, the next largest senate (100 members), is head of the judiciary system, punsihments, pardons, and can veto laws passed by any other senate if voted to be immoral (unless the veto is overriden by a 3/4 majority vote). The Senate of the People, 5000 members (10 per each of the 100 provinces per planet), creates and votes on all manner of laws (but not the punishment for breaking them). The Emergency Senate, of 500,000 people (it is a collaboration of the top political and historical scholars in Galaerii), is for the sole purposes of deciding when intervention in foreign affairs or use of military is needed.

Brief history: The moment the Survaek Empire formed at the beginning of the Oligarchy, the 6 planets of one of the Brigiaz solar systems seceded and formed Galaerii in response to the complete loss of the power of the populace. After a brutal 27-year war for re-control, Survaek came away with one of the planets but agreed to a treaty to leave the rest of the solar system in peace. Galerii is a peaceful nation: it has yet to ever attack another planet and the military is present for defense but not glorified the way it is in Survaek.

# of planets: 5

Economic info: The Galaerii found that too much capitalism just lead to more oppression as well as corruption, so all "non-luxury" businesses were socialized: health care, energy, water, agriculture, transportation, mining, and arms production. Even "luxury" businesses are well-regulated and required to include at least 50% workers and union members on their boards of directors. This ensures that the population gets all it needs and can live generally comfortably, but businesses suffer (of course, the CEO's aren't exactly beggars, still significantly richer than the average Galerii). The government funds several infrastructure, wellfare, and scientific programs for the people along with the socialized businesses, but to pay for this, taxes are high, especially for the rich (who, again, still remain at the top economically, but just barely). With all of this, large corporations are not formed often and are hard to expand, so the market in general suffers. With all that is provided, so that people aren't encouraged not to work, it is illegal not to be working or in school for more than six months unless there are absolutely no jobs available or health problems interfere.

-Type: Socialism/Social Market Economy

-Str: Practically everyone works (unless they are physically disabled or past retirmenet age), and practically everyone lives comfortably. Like in Survaek, there are few shortages, but there are also few surpluses except for staple foods; small businesses are very strong as a good pay rates allow for much money to be recirculated into local economies

-weak: Somewhat weak large private corporations and a weak international market.

-Unique products: Medecines for various diseases.

Basic info of major technologies: Basically standard: solar power plants for power, steel for building, etc. except for that they share Survaek's plasma technology, but not the superconductors (no equivalent of the planet of Irii)

-Interstellar technolochy: same as Survaek

Interstellar communication: "

Military info: Military is chiefly for defence, totaling c. 1 billion troops. Armed forces use railguns, lasers, plasma, and gunpowder (for small arms; coilguns are somewhat inefficient without superconductors).

-Str: Plasma (same system as Survaek's), small number of planets is easy to defend, extensive heavy fortifications

-Weak: Does not take offensive measures outside its system

-# of space going vessels and their type: 800 military starships (400 destroyers, 240 cruisers, 160 battleships), 100,000 starfighters; 10,000 commercial starships. Ships are made of weaker metals than those of Survaek but ar laarger and better-shielded. They are otherwise the same (for example, they use plasma windows).

5000 space-stations (about thrice the size and capability of SEM models)

Basic info about your people: The Galerii are of several races and cultures. All, though, seem to be content and are generally united behind the government except for a few minor divisions on small issues. The main races are:

The Galaeren: The original inhabitants of Galaer, these are a warm-blooded species comparable to Earth species as a cross between lizards and bees. They have reptilian scales of varying colors, four legs (each with three dull-clawed fingers and one opposable thumb), beelike jet-black eyes, antennae, and wings capable of powering levitation but not high or extended flight. The race is known for its strong sense of community, flexibility, and willingness to forgive, unlike many other species. However, the Galaeren are not universally gullible, as some might assume from these traits.

The Galaeren make up about 15% of the population of Galerii.

Survaekom Pure: 25% of the population

Byrnians: 10% of population

Belluri: 40% of population

Treikkeians: 8%

Humans (newly immigrated): 1.5%

Other species: 0.5%

5/5/2008 . Edited 6/18/2009 #1

This nation is much more acceptable than your other nation but it still has one problem, the large number of space ships. other than that everything is fine, but you are going to have to choose between which nation you want too.

reduce by about a factor of ten then they are acceptable.

5/6/2008 . Edited 5/6/2008 #2

I intended Galerii to go hand-in-hand with Survaek. Under the circumstances, would it not be acceptable to have both? I cannot cheat with them, since they hate each other and would not ally under anything but dire circumstances (in which case Survaek would probably betray Galerii in the end anyway). I will reduce the ship numbers, but perhaps by just a factor of 5. 100 sounds very minimal for a whole 5 planets.

5/6/2008 #3

Or to make it sound better: I formally request your special permission to have 2 nations. I will not exceed this number nor abuse this right if given.

5/6/2008 #4

... I shall be fine, for now at least.

5/8/2008 #5

Thank you!!!!!

5/8/2008 #6

The H.S.A. Hope broke out of hyperspeed with a violent shudder. "Two ships dead ahead Captain, they appear to be a small patrol. What are your orders?" Captain Rosston, still slightly shaken from the re-entry, gathered that these must be the Galerii the trader was talking about. "Set up the comm link, and embed it in the Siridar language files, 'Attention vessels, this is the H.S.A. Hope. We come to your system for a peaceful trading mission, please respond'"

5/9/2008 #7

Captain Vjair of the Galaerii destroyer GM Kerkive was astonished to suddenly hear a message broadcast and jumped up from his seat.

"New captains are always annoying...but this one has absolutely no idea..." Lieutenant Ojiv mumbled to himself. Seeing that the captain was not reacting, Ojiv muttered to him, "Sir...should you activate the translator now?"

"Oh yes! Yes! Of course! Very right Lieutenant!" Vjair activated the translator panel in front of him. He now understood the message and responded, "We will have to send a party to inspect your ship, being that you came unannounced."

"Sir...ehr...shouldn't you open the Siridar language file and activate the two-way translator? They are speaking Siidar and most-likely don't understand our language..."

"Yes! Of course! Thank you lieutenant!" How did you know they were speaking Siridar?"

Ojiv barely contained himself from slapping his head, "Sir...its being displayed on the screen."

"Oh! Yes! Now translating our speech into Siridar..." The captain re-broadcasted the message, this time being translated into Siridar.

5/9/2008 #8

Captain Rosston jumped to his feet as the comm link started spitting out Siridar and was quickly translated. "That seems very reasonable, we will allow your boarding party on to our ship. And by the way, our native language is not Siridar, it is a language known as English. We are sending you a copy of the english dictionary so you can enter it in to your translator, and by the way, can we borrow one of your translators, all we can translate into is Siridar."

5/9/2008 #9

Upon recieving the dictionary, the translator quickly processed the information. Ojiv couldn't stand having to go through this helping-by-ordering-in-a-not-so-order-like-way, so he discreetly switched the translator from broadcasting Siridar to broadcasting English, as he had noticed the captain had forgotten as he spoke back,

"Thank you for your compliance. We are sending you our language file now, and we will then board." The Kerkive approached the larger ship and skimmed alongside it until it found the airlock to connect to and connected, now waiting for the traders to open it.

5/9/2008 #10

All of a sudden a gaping wormhole opened up in space approximately 100 km away from the ships and a large battleship accompanied by two cruiser class ships lunged out of the wormhole and suddenly The Hope's comm link started spitting out an alien dialect unknown to Captain Ross. " Break the airlock connection and prepare to jump to hyperspeed, I believe we have been double-crossed."

5/9/2008 #11

"Incoming Survaekom!" Ojiv yelled. Then, "CRAP!!! The traders have broken the airlock!"


Ojiv was surprised, this was the captain's first thought-out decision. "Yes sir," he replied, this time not grudgingly. The broadcast immediately was sent out.

The Survaekom ships were now firing, emitting plasma and lasers and projectiles, immediately destroying the other Galerii destroyer nearby, the Klikarn.

5/9/2008 #12

"Recieving transmission, apparently those are Survaekan, or something like that. Apparently them and the Gareli had a peace treaty and they have just broken it." Captain Rosston was starting to turn red, "We obviously cannot trust these Survaekan, we have to help the Gareli, they don't stand a chance without us. Transmit them the migrant fleets coordinates and see if they have some technology that will allow them to travel here, and step on it; we are going to need some reinforcements."

5/9/2008 #13

"They just sent us some coordinates, of the rest of their fleet, it seems. They want us to get their fleet over here." Ojiv stated.

"Tell them we will open a wormhole connecting those coordinates to here. Tell them to have their ships come through quickly to support us." Vjair ordered.

5/9/2008 #14

A wormhole opened up and the H.S.A. Hope quickly sped through the wormhole to its waiting fleet and explained to Daniel Henderson what was going on. "We have to go through the wormhole immediately and give them aid!" Daniel Henderson stated. "But sir, we are the only ship close enough to use the wormhole immediately, the rest of the fleet would take at least ten minutes to make it to the wormhole." "Fine, but the H.S.A. Freedom and Hope will make the jump now and wait for reinforcements. We cannot risk engaging them without a sure win, we cannot lose the flagship of the already tiny H.S.A. fleet."

((Oh and Daniel Henderson is my President and main military commander for anyone who didn't get that))

The H.S.A. Freedom had been watching the battle for three minutes when the Survaekan battleship shot a large plasma round straight through the Galeri destroyer, explosively decompressing the entire ship. "I can't sit here and do nothing any longer!" yelled Daniel as he grabbed the intercom system, "'All men to battle stations' prepare the charge laser and aim it at their battleship; hurry, while we still have the element of surprise."

5/9/2008 . Edited 5/10/2008 #15

Ojiv rsponed automatically, "Decompression alert! I am now blocking off the bridge from the rest of the ship!"

"But the men..."

"Captain, it's the lesser of two evils. Either we save ourselves or we all die."

Vjair sighed, "Fine. Go ahead."

5/9/2008 #16

The Freedom's charge laser was amazing, it shot straight through the battleship's hull and into it's plasma engines, creating a brilliant explosion that engulfed the entire ship. The gamma ray cannons were all aimed at one of the remaining cruisers. "Captain Rosston, it seems that some Galeri are still alive on the bridge of that wrecked ship. Pilot the Hope down there and see if you can rescue them." And Danny added mockingly, "we'll cover you." "Sir, our fighters are coming through the wormhole." "Right, send them at the enemy fighters the cruisers are deploying, they should easily be able to crush them."

5/9/2008 . Edited 5/9/2008 #17

The Survaekom cruisers desperately deployed all fighters to hold off those of the H.S.A.. Captain Tyve of the Ultri 42 confessed,

"We can't make a wormhole with all this debris, and if we try to escape we will be shot down by the great laser. While our fighters can still hold off those of the enemy, we'll board."

Captain Uire of the Ultri 58 agreed, "Let's waste no time." But suddenly, this ship was shot to pieces by the gamma rays, though there was time enough for Uire and several others to reach the escape pods bfore explosive decompression seized the entire ship.

"Crap...ALL POWER TO ENGINES!!! PREPARE NOT ONLY THE TROOPS, BUT ALL CREW MEMBERS TO BOARD!!! WE NEED EVERY PERSON AVAILABLE ARMED AND READY!!! GO!!!!!" Soon the Ultri 42 was alongside the Freedom and ready to board. A bridge was sealed to the side of the larger ship and a plasmaa bomb was set to blow open the enemy airlock door, by which the troops could enter. Tyve knew it was probably hopeless, but out of all the options, this was the only one that wasn't sure to fail. Surrender was failure on Tyve's ship, no such action was acceptable under this captain. As the bomb quietly beeped before detonation, Tyve cried out, "READY...." and as the door blew open, the shrapnel killing any of the HSA unlucky enough to be adjacent and revealing a small room with a few stunned crew members, Tyve ordered, "FIRE!!!!" The room was clear in seconds. "Now move in!!!"

5/9/2008 #18

"Mr. President! Survaekan have boarded and have already killed a room of gunners in Section D-6!, We have to get you out of here now!" "No. I will not abandon my ship and my men. Prepare my armor and gun, I'm going to fight next to my men. What sort of intelligence do we have on these cowards?" "They are using some sort of ceramic armor and a weapon systems we have never seen before, very fast but small caliber." "Ha, we surpassed ceramic armor centuries ago, and there weapons will never tear through the soldiers armor. They must feel very confident right now seeing as they have killed an unarmed turret team. Lock down Section D-6 and set up defensive barracades on the other side, it will be a massacre. Tell the troops to take prisoners and take their ship. Let's show what we humans can do."


The H.S.A. Hope was nearing the wreckage of the Kerkive. it attached it's airlock to the door of the bridge and it opened to reveal a very frightened looking crew. One of them pulled out a strange deveice Captain Rosston had never seen before. "Thank you for helping us. We owe our lives to you." "You speak English?" "No, this is a translator, and English has just been added to it." "Do you have any extra ones?"

5/10/2008 . Edited 5/10/2008 #19

Tyve yelled, "ALL MEN TAKE COVER!" He saw that these aliens were coming with troops. Immediately, a great hail of bullets ((enough to break HSA armor)) killed the first few of the enemy to enter, but slowly-but-surely the enemy forces began to build and overwhelm the Survaekom.

"AIM FOR THEIR VISORS!!! THEIR BODY-ARMOR IS TOO STRONG!!!" Tyve ordered. The soldiers complied, but even as they shot down a few enemies, the Survaekom were outnumbered and taking casualties faster than their opponents. Tyve was desperately shooting at all the incoming soldiers' heads with his sub-machine-coilgun, but there were too many. "FALL BACK TO THE SHIP!!! Let's have a fight on our own ground!!!" The humans rushed in after the Survaekom, who stopped briefly to shoot down the humans before rushing into the next room. But, once they reached the bridge, it became hopeless. The humans blew open the door with explosives and the first few through were shot down. Now only Tyve, fifty soldiers, and the crew were fighting. Finally, Tyve was shot through his own visor (ironically) and at that moment, the second-in-command Lieutenant Nikkji yelled, "WE SURRENDER!" dropping her weapons as the Survaekom soldiers followed suit. But the H.S.A. soldiers kept shooting in their frenzy until the President himself ordered the soldiers to stop. Left of the Survaekom were only nine soldiers, twelve crew-members, and Lieutenant Nikkji, missing an arm but keeping herself from screaming by maintaining a steady groan. The rest were either dead or wounded beyond saving, some of the latter still screaming as they bled on the ground. Some humans were also doing the same. The whole ship was filled with sounds of the wounded. Nikkji repeated, "We surrender...we surrender...we surrender...." She kept hoping these aliens would understand.


Vjair sighed, "This is the only one we have. But we may be able to supply you with more if bring us to Oleev, the nearest Galerii planet." The rest of the crew that had been lucky enough to be in the bridge boarded into the Hope.

5/10/2008 #20

"Tend to our wounded first, make sure the medical staff have enough medi-gel!" Daniel screamed over the cries of agony, "Fetch me those language files the Galerii gave us. You," he said as he pointed to Lieutenant Nikkji, " How does this ship use the wormhole generator that allowed you to get here and where is it on the ship?" The language files were translated into Survaekan and she responded by pointing to a screen on the dashboard of controls. "Bring me the best engineers here, i want that wormhole generator outfitted for the H.S.a. freedom and I want it to be copied and installed onto every ship in the H.S.A., but first open a wormhole to Oleev, lets do some negotiating. Alert the rest of the fleet and tell them to travel through the wormhole. Within a few months humans will be a dominant figure in the galactic world."

5/10/2008 #21

Nikkji begged, knowing now that they had a translator, "Please, tend to our wounded as well; don't leave us to die!"

Meanwhile, on Survaek, the information that the SEM Ultri 42 had been captured reached the Senate. "Send a virus to erase all information on the computers of ths ship and disable all systems."


On the Ultri 42, all the computers suddenly went blank, and one by one, systems shut down before the Survaekom and humans there. Nikkji wailed,


5/10/2008 #22

((Sorry 'bout the cliffhanger, but I'm gonna go. Don't worry, I'll use the rest of my half-hour tonight. ))

5/10/2008 #23

"Leave them, we have the wormhole generator, take those that aren't wounded, and this one, she seems like she'll be useful for negotiations, and we need them to testify to the senate. Our fleet will stay with the Garelli in their system, hopefully it's safe."

5/10/2008 . Edited 5/10/2008 #24

The speech went through the translator and Nikkji was horrified. "Don't leave the wounded!!! They need help!!!! You have enough time before the life support shuts off!!! You may have attacked us, but you don't look like savages!!!"

5/10/2008 #25

"Fine,we aren't savages you are right, but they are absolute last priority. You should have surrendered in the beginning and much of this bloodshed could have been avoided. Set course for Galear!"

Eventually the H.S.A. fleet arrived at Galear and were informed about the Gakerii's past with the Survaekom and about their war with them. "Well how well guarded is that sixth planet, what was it, Honar? Is it possible we could take it?" "No, not alone at least, and we will not help you." stated the Galerii representative,"We do not wish to further anger the Survaekom and drag ourselves further into a conflict we cannot possibly win. You may stay here as long as you would like, but that is all we will offer you. Good day." Danny sighed reluctantly and walked back to his hotel room, not knowing that his actions might have started a galactic civil war.

5/10/2008 . Edited 5/10/2008 #26

"Thank you for meeting me" said Danny to the two Galerii representatives "As you know we are at odds with the Survaekan and are looking for allies." "Go no further. Galerii will not support your cause against Survake unprovoked and that is final! Do not bring this matter up again!" The representatives stormed out of the room and Danny began to think, The Galerii could be a very valuable ally, but for them to fight with us we will have to get Survaek to attack their planet, maybe that will provoke them enough.

5/12/2008 . Edited 5/12/2008 #27

((I am very confused, the Survaekom have already attacked the Galerii and yet they are unwilling to strike back? This makes no sense to my fairly logical mind.))

5/12/2008 #28

sry, your right, changed it

5/12/2008 #29

((Let me explain: The Galerii are peaceful to an extreme. They almost never attack, though they will defend with all their hearts. They will most certainly provide the humans with weapons and supplies, though.))

5/12/2008 #30
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