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((MW's company is known for computer skil; the Third Empire can't be good at everything. In addition, MW has been hacking wirelessly with a good deal of time to work out problems, while the Third Empire is trying to hack into systems right in the middle of a firefight.

The dropships will get to the asteroid because the Third Empire would only be attacking from one side, as Kross stated. Unless, of course, they want to sandwich themselves between 500 station AND the 10,000 plus-gun asteroid. So please edit your post about shooting the dropships, unless the Third Empire is fiftyfold more suicidal than I thought.

Next, if the Third Empire troops are oh-so strong and skilled and powerful, how does a small band of Rakarskians stand up to them when supposedly fifty-thousand Galerii plus 11,500 HC allies cannot? Plese don't give the "explosive shotgun" excuse; any advantage Rakarskia has in that is matched by Galerii's superior gunpowder formula and the destructive design of shredder shells. In addition, the Galerii have plasma-cored knives and short swords which will probably slice through any armor your troops can equip themselves with. I admit that one-to-one a Third Empire troop would beat a galerii, but fifty-to-one is an entirely different deal.

Remember also that the bombers and starships are being fired upon. Also, I take back that the lasers "cut through multiple Galerii," in fact ceramic armor has some heat-resistance that could, as you stated with carbon fibers, "turn a killing shot into a wounding one." Do not underestimate ceramics: they have twice the strength of steel at half the weight. Oh yes, and now that you are targeting the infantry force, that will mean less damage to the forts.

Lastly, I thought the Third Empire troops stopped to take cover. How are they suddenly moving forward again?))

The advancing enemy troops and tanks were met with a hurricane of .50-caliber machinegun bullets, hyper-heated exploding plasma beams, and 400 mm oxygen/plasma explosive railgun shells ((remember, this is still an airless environment -if you are wondering about how the guns work in space, the bullet-shells have been increased in size to house oxygen compartments-)). The gunnery was still operational even in fortresses under internal attack due to automated computer control.

The troops inside the redoubts continued to put up a valiant defence, using superiority in numbers to surround the enemy and force it into chokepoints. The defenders lost dozens of soldiers in minutes, but had enough reinforcements among them to make up for this, reinforcements the Third Empire would not have as long as the HC/Galerii infantry force kept blocking the main enemy infantry army from advancing further.

The heavy weapons regiment was not any different from the other defending forces as it kept up its own fire, albeit suffering greater casualties with the bombardment from starship lasers.

The starships and space stations continued their barrage against the Third Empire fleet, and in turn continued to suffer their own losses, but at a reduced number with so many enemy ships preoccupied with bombarding the asteroid. The asteroid batteries also kept giving their own fire.

1/22/2009 #151
Sarah Crowning

((I would point out that artillery spotting is hampered by communications jamming. The Third Empire would essentially be reduced to using flares or other simplistic signs, and that's assuming they would have brought any with them, rather than just assuming they would have whatever technology they usually bring along.))

1/22/2009 #152

((Wait awilla, are the Rakarskian ships that went in manually already there? THis process would take days if not weeks and would most definitely take up the entire battle, even from a neighboring system))

"Thank you for agreeing to lower your jammer. In exactly fifteen minutes, lower your warp jammer, and we will move in on the flank of the Third Empire." The party quickly left and soon after did the HSA Hope. It warped out of system to the HC and Rakarskian fleet at the edge of the system. "Attention leaders of these fleets," Captain Rosston radios to the heads of both fleets, "In exactly ten minutes and 32 seconds the warp jammer blocking you from entering the system will fall and you will warp to this location, which is the back of the enemy fleet; you should be receiving a file of what we know of this enemy and its position. You will flank the enemy and when the falter to protect their rear, the Galerii will move in and crush them. Prepare yourselves for battle, and to victory we ride!" The HSA Hope stayed to answer any questions and then warped back to inform the Galerii of this bold plan ((Pretend I answer any questions posed by the Rakarskians and then leave the system.)) Captain Rosston explained this plan to the Gaerii commander and hoped he would send his ships to war, for without them this plan would falter greatly.

1/22/2009 #153
awilla the hun

((It's always time consuming to respond in the Galerii category, but I will do my best. I will do one post at a time.))

The landing points of the drop pods were fired upon from the ships in orbit the moment they hit the ground of the asteroid.


The Mach Fighters attacking the warships recieved a very heavy defensive fire from the emplaced turrets, and attacks from fighters. If any boarding craft arrived, they would recieve an unpleasant surprise.

For Imperial Power Armour was fully capable of operating in a vacum environment. It was, in fact, fully capable of operating in most environments.


((Now for MW's post.))

Upon recieving the news, the Inquisitorial ships accelerated to full warp pace, and arrived near to the battle. Their Commissars were unloaded, and did their duty in the manner above described ((attempting to arm the citizens of Galerii.))

A request went to general HQ: "We have at our disposal a small number of extremely well trained soldiers, and seventy thousand cannon fodder. Where do you need them?"

((About Rakarskia vs Empire on the ship. The Rakarskians, you will notice, failed in their attack. This was desipte massive support from a very large amount of Mirevantian Marines, who brought small field guns with them alongside their rifles. The Rakarskians had the advantage of catching their enemy comparatively off guard, attacking them when their marines were scattered around numerous possible boarding points, rather than bringing full force against them. The Rakarskians also had their explosive shotguns from the start, whilst the Galerii had to re equip their soldiers. ((Can the standard Galerii assault rifle get shredder shells? Because if not, they will be simply slaughtered in land combat.)) The Rakarskian-Mirevantian force outnumbered the Imperial Marines by about three to one (before they could mobilise every one of them against their attack.) The Rakarskians and Mirevantians were also entirely consisting of experienced, veteran troops, who had engaged the enemy before (Rakarskia in countless wars before and during their colonisation of New Rakarskia, the Mirevantians in the Survaek and HSA wars- the Galerii have virtually no fighting experience as a race.) The Rakarskians had Commissars urging them on as well (morale is never to be underestimated.)

And yet the Empire still managed to not only minimise damage, but drive off their attackers and launch counter boarders (I seem to recall a battered platoon of Rakarskians, still numbering about thirty men, retreating from a mere squad of Imperial Marines), who (with the help of other ships) managed to tie up the entire Rakarskian-Mirevantian fleet. I am not being remotely unfair to the Empire when my men are fighting them. In their boarding action, the Empire does not have absolutely colossal amounts of fire support from the air and from space, which you seem to have forgotten about in the context of the asteroid skirmish. The ability to call down orbital fire support to cripple any organised enemy defence is a useful one.

I thought that the entire asteroid was a giant network of trenches and trench fighting. Certainly you seemed to describe it that way, so I presumed that the Imperial troops attacked through trenches and forts, with tanks rumbling over the surface. In this sort of environment, one to one combat is far more important; the benefit of numbers is more difficult to have in a narrow corridor.

And don't even modern soldiers, with all their radio sets and Land Warrior systems, still carry flares around? In any case, battle ships have got some extremely big scanners on them, which they can use to target with a high degree of accuracy. Our warships probably do roughly the same sort of thing; only the Mirevant League can make sufficiently huge telescopes to actually aim and fire by eye at targets which are likely to be thousands of miles away.))

"Order denied, Comrade Captain Rosston. We have troops to unload." The Dreadnoughts did the above mentioned action.


((Empire troops are moving forward because A) I thought they were in trenches and B) they have had a change in oders and C) not all of them are doing the same thing. Oh, and more than half of the Imperial Fleet is still blasting away at the enemy ships.))

The troops in the redoubts were forced out with room to room fighting by greatly superior enemy soldiers, backed up by orbital fire support and tanks.

Another division of men was sent into the Asteroid to help out, as losses continued to mount among the Imperial troops (who were engaged in yet another line of trench fighting and storm attacks, many of which were successful, but very costly; two hundred dead, and twenty wrecked tanks.) They landed on the Imperial controlled area of the asteroid ((I think that there is one now)), where there was probably going to be no AA Fire. Once down, twelve thousand men reinforced their comrades. ((They have a massive land army with them, in case you haven't noticed, as well as their marines. They are using it well.))


Six ships were crippled by enemy gunfire.


But, finally, the warp jammer was down. No one knew why, but red lights had stopped blinking, and reinforcements could be unleashed.

Fifty warships- the last of the fleet reserves- materialised by the outermost Galerii world, and immediately began to pound it to ruin. Their order of attack was thus: Firstly, any defence ships near to it. Secondly, and defences. Thirdly, the urban areas. Fourthly, anything else that they could find.

1/23/2009 #154
Sarah Crowning

((Scanners which are also being blocked, jammed, and distracted by ECM and interference drones.))

Seeing that the great power of the orbital attacks was slowly wearing the asteroid defenses down, Admiral Helm had another useful trick implemented. Two dozen interference drones broke off from their task of harrassing and jamming the enemy vessels and sped down own the asteroid's defenders. As they streaked above the ground they released a mass of superdense, sensor-jamming smoke. Not only would the smokescreen block nearly any kind of sensors, including visible light, infrared, ultraviolet and radar, but the screen's thickness would dilute the energy of laser fire, rendering even blind bombardments useless.

The small Singularity fleet was forced to engage for the first time when reinforcement vessels came at the small fleet. Rather than engage, the fleet utilized its superior speed to simply fly off away from its attackers, battleships launching volleys of Gauss shells from a safe distance as a parting gift.

((And I find it hilarious that you're all using shotguns, which have pultry penetration power. If you want a high-damage weapon in a short-range environment, use slugs or carbines.))

1/23/2009 . Edited 1/23/2009 #155

The Galerii citizens were suspicious of the gun-carrying Rakarskians. The police soon stepped in and requested that the Rakarskians deposit the arms in designated storage areas. If the guns were needed, they would be distributed, but at the moment the defense was strictly under military, not civilian control.


((MW, shotguns with shredder shells have an incredible amount of power, enough to literally knock inches thick metal doors off their hinges and riddle the plate with holes.

As for the asteroid, I did mention that the extent of the defense network was lesser than that of the main planet. Also, I mentioned that the trenches have been emptied of troops, and are now the target of massive shelling. And half of the Third Empire fleet is a lot less than it was at the beginning. Also, the forts'ceramic and steel composite walls will likely resist orbital laser fire for some time. Remember, they were designed to hold off the Survaekom, which means holding off plasma, explosives, and lasers. Oh yes, and the orbital support cannot aid the paratroopers while they are inside the actual forts, with scanners jammed.

Also, the Third Empire main army isn't even in the forts, not even close to the forts that they haven't already taken, ever since the HC/Galerii infantry were sent to intercept them. The paratroopers are alone...))

The enemy troops continued to be surrounded and pushed at by walls of bayonets and semi-automatic shotgun fire, even as the Galerii death toll mounted. All soldiers in the forts were busy trying to contain the small numbers of extremely powerful enemies.

1/23/2009 . Edited 1/23/2009 #156

((MW, a slug is a type of round that is loaded into A SHOTGUN!!! Also, carbines have no more power than assault rifles: in fact, they are assault rifles, just compact. My proof? The M4 carbine: it uses the same magazines with the same ammo as the M16, which is an assault rifle!!! Not to say that assault rifles don't have an extremely high amount of penetration power, which awilla seems to want to deny for some reason...))

1/23/2009 #157
Sarah Crowning

((I know all that, which is exactly my point. A single, heavy slug has much more penetration power than shot, and Carbines give the penetration power of an assault rifle without being as unwieldly in close combat.))

1/23/2009 #158

((Yes, but a shredder shell, as I explained, is still more powerful. Otherwise, they would use assault rifles to punch through and blow down metal doors. And either way, as long as awilla keeps assuming that assault rifles are just run-of-the-mill guns with average penetration power, which we both know is not true, we will have to use shotguns.))

1/23/2009 #159

((AWILLA!! Empire reinforcements could not have arrived for two reasons, 1) Communications are jammed! any reinforcements prepared would not know you need help and 2) the warp jammer would be down for simply a few minutes and reinforcements would not be prepared to jump like the HC and Rakarskian troops))

Mitchell Henderson cursed into his comm link, "Damn you you Rakarskian imbeciles, you are sending you're ships and best men to slaughter!" He tiurned to his navigator, "Warp us closer to the Galerii planet, let these idiots die. Activate our stealth systems and then put me in contact with Kent Jefferys." The fleet of 20 ships warped in system between the planet and the Imperial fleet. "Jefferys, this is Mitch, where do you want us?" "Hit those ships over the asteroid! we will send more fighters to support you." All twenty ships opened fire on the closest third empire ship near the asteroid, with the frigates stealth systems active. Nukes fired from HC vessels flew off of the Imperial ships.


Captain Rosston cursed, "Those idiots will die if they don't follow this strategy." Captain Rosston warped in system and warned the Galerii of the change in strategy, "Just hold your troops back and focus on your defense," He looked at the monitors of the battle and saw an Imperial vessel being badly damaged by a nuke, "Wait, the Rakarskians aren't on this front," that was when he noticed the HC ships fire another nuke. "Warp to Survaek command in this system."

1/23/2009 #160
awilla the hun

((Once again, I respond one post at a time.))

Now that the interference drones were, at last, visible, they could be engaged. Fighters swept in and fired at them as the flew low over the asteroid.

((Oh, and does smoke actually coil etc in an airless environment?))


((I always took the computer gamer's view that shotguns had a good short ranged penetration power. I also took the genunine view that powered armour was quite able to withstand normal rifle bullets, even fired from your unconfirmedly superior rifles. Yes, they could get dented by repeated fire. But in trenches you don't get the chance for repeated fire.))

The Singularity vessels found themselves attacked by fighters, and then by laser fire from the main warships. (Each of which were large and extremely heavily gunned.) One of them had been hit heavily by the small volley, managing to lose its drive, and forcing the bridge to be evacuated. But they were now pouring massive amounts of fire into the Singularity flotilla.


A Commissar turned to a policeman. "You, citizen! You have arms, you are of able body and mind! Why are you not preparing yourself for war? Why are you not assisting your comrades on the Asteroids, or on Untreu? An armed people is a strong people!"

"Get your rifles, citizens! You, sir! Your name is Edwikk, is it not? I thought as much. You resemble your brother in law closely, who is now dead. Avenge him!"

"Prepare to defend your homes against the Imperialists!"

Most of the Commissars had drawn weapons upon seeing the police. "Your fight is not with us, but with the enemy of civilization and peace! We are trying to render your planets strong and incorruptible! There may not be time, when the drop pods are landing, and the fire raging through your fair lands, for the lorries to load up and drive out!"

"You, young citizen! Here is how to clean a wound! Yes, that's the way! Exactly so!" This Commissar looked at the child's suspicious parents. "A bright child, that one. It would be a shame for such a child to be slaughtered by the Imperialists."


((More to come.))

((Here I go...))

((So, the trenches and the forts are entirely separate entities? I see now. I wish that this had been made clear earlier.))

The paratroopers fought on, but were being slowly driven out by sheer weight of enemy numbers. However, tanks were slowly making their way towards the forts, whilst under heavy enemy fire; and infantry were following (now reinforced), whilst naval guns continued to fire down upon any Galerii targets that could be found.


((Kross time.))

((The fleet is quite able to jump. Doesn't it just take the push of a button? They also had signals telling them that they couldn't suddenly turning off.))

((And I presume that the HC aren't going to do anything incredibly stupid like telling the HSA where their arms supplies came from? Because if they do, they stop recieving them. And if they stop recieving weapons, they may as well just surrender. Presumably they're stretched at the moment using their limited industrial resources to keep their crack infantrymen armed and readied. They couldn't easily add naval guns and shells onto that list.))

"Comrade Henderson! We have seventy thousand men on board who lack respirators. We have no desire to risk them in naval combat." The Seventy thousand men were now being unloaded onto Untreu, where Commissars kept an extremely close watch on them.

When they finished unloading, the Dreadnoughts began to make their way to the battlfield in Space.

((Similarly, is there any proof that the Rakarskians are providing atomic weapons to terrorists? No. Pretty much every nation in the galaxy as the capability to construct nuculear weaponry. Whilst Rakarskia uses it as main line naval weapons, for many races it would be a cheap, easy to mass produce technology that would be easy to simply throw away to terrorists whilst they fit their own ships with more effective guns. You can be sure that the Inquisition has removed any markings that could mark them out as Rakarskian. They are also largely sending them old naval guns, which aren't used by their fleet any more. These would be unfamiliar to Survaek observers.))

The atomic rounds were as inneffective as those that had preceeded them, only these were even older than the Rakarskian ones.

1/24/2009 . Edited 1/24/2009 #161
Sarah Crowning

((Info on fighters would be useful.))

Much of the laser fire was absorbed by plasma shielding, sending blobs of plasma into space as the battleships continually pumped more plasma into their shields. The Singularity vessels simply kept going, quickly leaving effective laser range and heading towards the fortified protection of the next planet, having received for their troubles only weakened shields and a few holes blown in one of the battleship's outer hull.

The fighters were more trouble. Constant point-defense fire roared out from the battleships, and when that was found insufficient a volley of torch-missiles was released, flying out seemingly every piece of the flagship's hull and picking out a specific fighter. Combat drones were released shortly after the volley, to mop up any surviving fighters and keep them scattered.

Fourteen decoy drones were destroyed in their strafe, but not before they left a thick screen over much of the fighting on the asteroid.

((It would simply dissipate due to the vacuum, although in this case it's a screen consciously designed for space operations. Still, it won't be as effective as it could, and it'll last maybe a few hours at most. Still, in this case it gives the defenders that much more time without being bombarded from above.))

1/24/2009 #162
awilla the hun

((I'll get their info up presently.))

((300 fighters per ship, 50 ships is about... 15000 fighters, I'd say. Add in Uberstuka attacks-500 or so-and we have a lot of them flying around. And how exactly do these plasma shields work? Is there a limited amount of plasma? (As I see it, they pump out plasma, which deflects lasers. This eventually runs out.)

Oh, and I forgot that they had railguns all along. I'm sorry about that.))

((And are they all contributing to the jamming, or is it just one? And will one weaken the jamming?))

The Fighters withdrew, having lost 2500 craft (as did the Uberstukas), but not without inflicting significant damage upon the enemy. The battleships now contented themselves with raining fire down on the outermost planet, and launching bombers at the same.

((This will hurt, I think.))

1/24/2009 #163

((Okay awilla, warping is NOT just pushing a button. It is a complicated mathematical equation to input coordinates so you don't accidentally warp into the middle of a ship, and althpugh this is done by the computer it generally takes a lot of computing. And they would not know that warping was jammed unless they were trying to warp in system, no lights would flahsh at all, they just wouldn't be able to warp in. And because they do not have any communications with the fleet it is unreasonable to assume they even know that warping is jammed, let alone they need to send in reinforcements.))

1/24/2009 #164

((And now the nukes, 'sigh'. Only Rakarskians use nukes at the moment, only the Rakarskians would risk their status in the senate by selling nukes to known terrorists, the distinguishing marks point is moot becuase they are not looking at the cannons or armaments, but the explosions, and last but not least, who says they need proof? Captain Rosston does not like the Rakarskians, and he made an assumption that he now wants to convince Survaek of because he feels that many more humans will die because of their boldness in not following his plan in the Galerii and they want their space on Isai, killing two birds with one stone))

1/24/2009 #165
Sarah Crowning

((I disagree. Singularity uses fusion warheads on its projectiles, and they'd be perfectly willing to sell weapons to anyone with cash in hand. The Siridar also have fusion weapons. and just because they're not used doesn't mean they can't be sold (e.g. the Israelis still produce and sell the Uzi, even though they aren't issuing it any more). That said, it's perfectly true that accusing the Rakarskians is a fine way to pick a fight. I suspected that motivation myself...))

1/24/2009 #166

((Even if that were so, how would the Survaek or the HSA know that they still produced nuclear weapons, they have never tried to buy them and the only ones they've seen use them are the Rakarskians))

1/24/2009 #167
awilla the hun

((A) The Mirevant League use nukes. The Singularity also do so. Both have, in some areas, demonstrated a lack of committment to moral principles-Singularity working for profit, Rakarskia being a nasty dictatorship (and the Mirevant League for various reasons.) It is not impossible that either will provide nukes.

B) The Russians provided truckloads of AK47s to their allies, even when they could produce better stuff. Many people do the same.

C) The Survaek themselves provided old fashioned (by their standards) rifles to Isthani allies.

D) It goes by logic that any race can produce anything miles down the technological ladder-the USA could produce swords, for example. Especially if it's comparatively cheap, but is still effective against most ships.

And about warping: firstly, they have computers to do the calculations for them (these still work, won't they?) Secondly, having a weapon that can strike without any warning and defence may be overpowered- for example:

Massive fleet is in the warp.

Singularity pop up in same point in realspace, trigger their anti warp thing, laugh manically as entire fleet blows up without any defence whatsoever against any of it.

And they have ways of detecting them. They just do.))

1/24/2009 . Edited 1/24/2009 #168
awilla the hun

((And also, there seems to be a pattern in Survaek/HSA foreign policy.

HSA humiliates/angers a country.

Country opens fire at HSA.

HSA complain to their allies, who blow the hell out of said country, and take over small parts of it, whilst claiming that it was a defensive war.

Repeat until a giant Survaek flag and HSA flag waves over the smouldering ruins of Mirevant League/Rakarskia/whoever they try it on next.))

1/24/2009 #169

((This is turning into, aspen's asteroid is under concerted attack; laser fire does not necessarily have to damage forts and tunnel/trench systems themselves; laser fire is hot enough to melt and flash-vaporize rock, after all - TBH I had the idea that Awilla's Odin fleet would simply carve pieces off the asteroid, giving us a lovely new set of problems on the planet below... With the whole shotgun farrago, I have to agree about the shredder shells (if they're anything at all like the gas-expanders I've used). Such things put serious holes in most armour - they hole (though not severely) tank armour at close range. Let's have them at least able to hole Power Armour at close range - a buckshot spread of the things would be deadly. As to atomic weaponry - most places - with higher technology - will still have huge stocks of the things. They're good for trading to the lower-tech chaps too - powerful weapons to them and one doesn't arm potential enemies with one's newest toys after all. Will try and sort this out more permanently later on when I have time - bloody summative assessments.))

1/24/2009 #170

((Nukes: In fact, most nations do NOT produce nukes at all. It might actually be more expensive just to build the factories necessary for the weapons than to just sell something of higher quality. Rakarskia is the only nation known to sell low-grade nukes to other nations, such as the Mirevant. Singularity is known to sell only its high-quality products, when it has sold products it has never put nukes up for sale, and also it has not been a major player on the galactic stage for long. The Mirevant have only had their nukes as long as Rakarskia has given them, and that has been a very short time: not long enough for the HC to install them on multiple ships. Rakarskia HAS sold weapons in the past, it DOES sell low-quality nukes, and it has given the same distinguishable type to both the Mirevant and the HC. There is little argument for any other nation to have provided the HC with the weapons.

Shotguns: Video games aren't always right. A shotgun's effectiveness at close range is due to the number of shots it fires at one, not always their power. Of course, a military shotgun is quite powerful, but so is an assault rifle. And yes, there is time for multiple shots at close range when the gun is an automatic. But, for the sake of the game, let's have the shredder shells and explosive shells be the best small-arm shots against the Third Empire and their powered armor. But please do not underestimate the power of a regular shot at point blank range, where even a .22 pistol can sometimes pierce a flak jacket.

Forts: yes, the forts and trenches are seperate. To get between the two, the Galerii use the tunnels. I am sorry for being unclear.

Warping: It is understandable that their might be a light to signal ability/inability to jump, but the problem is that the Third Empire would not be able to request reinforcements at all with the communications jammed.))

The forts continued their barrage, but the force of fire was weakening as more and more guns were cut apart by orbital strikes and tank counter-fire. The infantry in the buildings were barely holding themselves together in the face of such firepower: only their noticeable advance in ground kept them on.

The heavy weapons division attempted to stop the tanks' advance by concentrating their explosives fire on such, while depending on the HC force to fend off the enemy troops.

A signal was sent out (with the correct code to override Singularity's jamming signal) requesting reinforcements from anyone around that could provide them.


Rather than being urged on, much of the crowd grew angry at the rakarskians suddenly having come to tell them to deny their own laws. The nearest policeman to the Comissars explained,

"If we are to proliferate arms throughout our population, even if in good intent, criminals will certainly get ahold of some. For the time being, the enemy is being successfully held off. We trust our allies and our goo government to protect us. If bad does come to worse, we will have the gun stored in depots near cities to distribute at a moment's notice, but for now we must respect our gun-control regulations. Come, help us bring these rifles to the storehouse."

1/24/2009 #171
awilla the hun

((Video games are wrong? Disaster! And I never doubted that shredders could take Imperial Troops at close range i.e. in trench warfare. Can you use them with the normal rifle?))

((To use another analogy: it is within the ability of mankind to produce swords. We can do it with massive factories that can make them fairly well, or we can train up lots of people to make them in the old way owing to larger population. Now, if we were to meet an alien race that wanted four feet of cold steel and a hilt, we could easily give it to them.

This is doubly the case in a galaxy when the atomic bomb is still a hideously potent weapon capable of damaging capital ships, and is far simpler to make than quantum-plasma-carbon-crystal-laser implements.))

The Katze Tanks were very well armoured vehicles, but they were beginning to go down in the face of massed Galerii fire. Three were destroyed ((I never confirmed the numbers-sorry! About ten left in the asteroid engagement.))

Slowly, the Imperial paratroopers were being driven back, selling their lives dearly as they did so. Their comrades on the ground below pushed on towards any breaches caused by orbital fire support.


The Inquisitorial Dreadnoughts began their attack now. They went first to the planet side of the asteroid, and began to unload their troops.

Two thousand Inquisitorial Grenadiers marched out and began to move towards the front. They were the finest troops in Rakarskia. They were meant to be able to outfight any Rakarskian unit that showed disloyalty, and they were entirely capable of doing so. They were the best armed, the best armoured, the most experienced, and the most indoctrinated soldiers. In their two centuries of history, they had never fled from cowardice.


The Dreadnoughts themselves then began to make their way to the outermost planet, firing volley after volley of hydrogen shot as they did so at the fleet pounding it. One warship was destroyed instantly, the rest sent a picket line of ten to intercept.

Only to find that two of them simply shut down from an EMP volley. A third found that its loudspeakers, rather than conveying orders, instead were filled with orders to stand down in the name of the revolution. The remaining seven pushed on and commenced firing.

((Is the outermost planet destroyed? Or are there defences?))


On the outermost planet, a Commissar's radio sounded. He snatched it up.

"The enemy is pounding at us even now, comrade," he said.

A nearby city block was blasted apart as a laser shot sliced through it. This only underlined his words. "Defend your homes!" the Commissars here cried, with renewed vigour, as a hot wind swept through the square.

On the other three planets, the Commissars suggested setting up "Civil Defence Committees." Rakarskia knew how to mobilise a population for war, as the galaxy knew after witnessing earlier conscriptions.


The Gkalian flotilla arrived in the system.

1/25/2009 . Edited 1/25/2009 #172

((No: shredder shells are shotgun-specific. But, for rifles, there are always armor-piercing and explosive rounds, but these tend to be expensive.

Yes, I get yor analogy, but the problem is that no one else has been making the swords! Only Rakarskia! Of course, if you want me to make extra-sure, remember that SEM cameras are extremely high-quality. All they need to do is pause a 1/10,000-second image and zoom in on the nuclear shell to inspect its exact design and markings. There!

Oh yes, the outermost planet is Brigiaz, which is the Survaekom-controlled one. It is also one of their most heavily-armed outside of the central systems. Expect heavy reistance.

I thought Katze tanks were regular-sized, but now I realize that they are leviathan-class vehicles.

An, like I said, how did reinforcements arrive if they couldn't have been communictaed to? Oh well, I'll just go with it.))

The Rakarskian Grenadiers were given instructions via-radio to either form up with the HC and Galerii composite group to hold off the advancing Third Empire tanks and infantry, or to aid in the defense of the paratrooper-raided forts. Or, the force could be split into two groups, one for each purpose. A digital map with the locations of battlements and traps was also sent.

The arrival of new troops, both by sight and indirect announcement, helped to bolster the failing morale of the Galerii forces in battle.


The remaining anti-starship railguns on the asteroid (outside of the Third Empire-controlled zone) finally received through tunnels what they had been requesting for near an hour: EMP shells. Soon these were directed en masse, or as close to such as possible, to the attacking starships.


The Brigiaz defensive network, already had weapons and systems ready for an attack. The moment the fifty battleships entered, they were met by a massive hailstorm of plasma-explosive/shrapnel 1000 mm coilgun shells, destructive plasma beams ((better than the somewhat outdated Galerii versions, though the weapon is probably one of the best available to either nation in any case)), and precise laser shots (aimed at engines and bridges) from 500 space stations (with 500 more on the way from the other side of the planet), 1 capital ship, 100 battleships, 300 cruisers, and 900 destroyers. Immense planetary anti-starship guns added to this barrage shortly afterwards. The starships, as they fired, were moving to flank the enemy. The one obsrving destroyer with the telescopic camera retreated down to the planet under cover of the defensive fleet. All of this occured within ten seconds of the Third Empire entering the vicinity of Brigiaz.

1/25/2009 #173
awilla the hun

((I have already mentioned that the Inquisition specifically removed any identifying markings. And that the guns (and the shells that they fire) are all of an old pattern that the Survaek would never have seen the Rakarskians using! My actual reply on the events in the system will come shortly.))

1/26/2009 #174
awilla the hun

((Katzes are between leviathan (Land Ironclad) and normal tank-sort of like your own Survaek Heavy Tanks, I think.

And we've already seen how many other people make the sword equivalents.

It was in the battle plan that they attack somewhere else.))

Commissar-Colonel Hawk nodded at the order. "Regiment one, to the front. Regiment to, to the redoubts." That was all. They knew full well what was expected of them.

The troops directed to the front arrived to find large bodies of troops slowly withdrawing before the enemy attack. A squad of them immediately levelled their guns at retreating soldiers. "Anyone who retreats," their Apprentice Commissar bawled, "will be shot!" He translated this into both HC and Galerii, although his meaning was clear enough by his men firing short bursts over the heads of soldiers. "You will defend your positions to the last breath in your bodies, and if that proves insufficient I shall see to it that you don't even recieve a grave stone for your troubles!"

The rest of the regiment marched up to the firing lines, and to the enemy held sections, and began their counter attack. Here, for a while, they proved their quality. Rakarskian Sections met Imperial Squads head on, and the Rakarskians-fresh troops, and as fanatical as their foes- managed to equal their opponents. Lasers were met with disciplined bursts of explosive rifle fire ((these are the best in the Rakarskian arsenal until the Gauss guns show up)) that managed to blast through power armour. Grenade after grenade was blasted into next sections, even as they died from enemy grenades. And bayonet and sword met powered gauntlet and chain blade when ammunition began to run dry.

But screaming in pain was forbidden. Screaming in anger was forbidden. Screaming in fear was forbidden. It was like, as an Imperial Officer noted, fighting shadows.

On the firing lines, they added their own weight of automatic rifle fire to the guns of the defenders, and brought up their own superior Lainsby Missile launchers-weapons upgraded in order to bring down the Rakarskian Ceramic Gronzy tank, the most resilient vehicle in their arsenal. These did damage to the Katzes, but those vehicles proved extremely difficult to destroy.

At the forts, the regiment did much the same. One whole company of men was tasked with ensuring that there were now cowards and traitors in the armies of the Galerii and HC. The rest made their advance. Any HC or Galerii soldeirs found loitering or holding back were ordered forward at the muzzle of a rifle.

In the forts themselves, they fought with their usual tenacity, but added a new level of horror to the fighting: the flame thrower. ((I'm presuming that the forts themselves aren't completely airless, especially as the paratroopers got quite a way in before being halted.)) Whilst Powered Armour was capable of withstanding it for a while, the howls of unlucky enemies over their communicators proved a blow to morale (especially as a Rakarskian "Field Communications Unit" managed to move it into the comms systems of every Imperial unit on the battlefield.)


The EMP railguns fired. The Empire had precautions against such weapons (enabling them to "restart" ships minutes after such an attack), but they took time to get going again. Fourty ships were affected, and these were open to attack. The rest now poured fire down onto the enemy positions.


The 50 ship Imperial Flotilla was taking heavy casualties to the enemy onslaught. They followed their protocol and focussed what fire they had on the enemy ships. Their fire was significant. But in this first phase, eight Battleships were blasted into fragment by the fusillade, and four others sustained heavy damage. Fighters swept out to engage the enemy ships, with UberStukas and Bombers in support.

1/26/2009 #175
Sarah Crowning

((argh! EMP doesn't work like that. It actually superheats and damages electrical components. You can't restart a blob of melted silicon, someone would have to go and pull out all the fried chips and stick new ones in there.))

1/26/2009 #176
awilla the hun

((They have mechanisms that can weaken the impact of EMP, but not wholly remove it. It doesn't take as long to fix the computing systems as it may normally, but it can be done in mid battle, especially if they concentrate on gun controls first.

Thanks for the info, though. I thought EMP just made a computer "lose its memory".))

1/26/2009 #177

The Galerii troops now fought with renewed vigor in the redoubts and in the outside battlements with the help of the ever-bold Rakarskian Grenadiers. Soon, another morale booster arrived: two fresh divisions of marine-troops drawn from the nearest Galerii planet, one close-quarters division and one heavy weapons division. Some dropships were shot down, but the majority made it to th surface and unloaded their forces by the use of successful evasive maneuvers and well-planned routes to the asteroid surface.

Another helpful factor was the arrival of another full twenty battleships, forty cruisers, and fifty destroyers with guns ablaze. Fire was concentrated on the enemy vessels bombarding the asteroid.


The Survaekom defense had been prepared for a 425-ship warfleet like that attacking the Galerii: the power of this mere fifty-ship flotilla was almost laughable in the face of the over nine-hundred defending vessels. The enemy did some damage, destroying fourteen destroyers, five cruisers, two battleships, and a space station, with many more vessels damaged, but the return-fire was greater by the measure of several exponents.

Tens of thousands of various projectiles ready to explode, cut, slice, and crush were streaming towards the Third Empire warships from two sides in a perpetual barrage. Certain coilguns were loaded with EMP or naphalm and oxygen rather than plasma to beat down the enemy in deactivating their systems and weakening their structure (respectively). Fighters sped out of cruisers, battleships, space stations, and the capital ship to intercept the extremely outnumbered enemy fighters.

The capital ship, in the middle-back of the SEM formation, let loose its two 300,000 mm ballistic missiles through gaps among its fellow vessels into the massed center of destruction that was the opposing flotilla, while the dwindling Third Empire force concentrated everything it had on the space stations and closer vessels.

The capital ship, after firing its missiles, also let out its dropships, which all headed, through a path as far away from the fighter battle as possible, to the most isolated enemy battleship able to be found.

1/26/2009 #178
awilla the hun

((Yay! I don't have to argue over any technical details! Is this a first in the battle of Galerii?

And are any HSA troops still there?))

The enemy vessels bombarding the asteroid were protected by a wall of over one hundred Odin Class Warships, which didn't take kindly to their aggressors, and began to fire at them along with the other assorted enemy fleets.

Another grand push was made towards the forts. Imperial Infantry didn't drive the Grenadiers back. They had to kill their way through every trench section, which were all defended by elite troops. Casualties were high, but superior numbers meant that they began to force their way in.

In the forts, the Imperial paratroopers readied themselves for a final defence of their footholds. What few heavy weapons they had were deployed in corridors, where they couldn't be devestated by massive Galerii heavy weapons fire. They rigidly held out against enemy attacks, blazing away with lasers. Inquisitorial Grenadiers soon took to shooting the last man to attack, regardless of his nation, only to see many of them fall, and the survivors simply cower behind whatever cover could be found, unable to withdraw or to advance.


In a long battle ((which will probably take the Survaek defenders several "rounds" of posts to do properly, but I don't have the heart to do anything so one sided)), the Flotilla inflicted heavy damage on the enemy fleet, but were almost annihilated. Just six ships withdrew out of fifty, all heavily damaged.

((This will raise the question afterwards: why didn't the Survaek fight?))

1/27/2009 #179

Major Daniels spoke again to the Galerii commander, "We need to be loading men off this rock, not putting more on it! pull all your men back slowly, tell the Rakarskians to guard the forward forts and for them to retreat last. My ships above us got the jump on the enemy and will provide sufficient cover for us to leave, but we must go soon, before the enemy undoubtedly gains the upper hand. My men have already begun leaving, and I will be the last of them. We are regrouping in the HC frigate New Hope, where we plan to board and take control of an enemy ship to gain its technological wonders. I beg of you to come with us, but will understand if you do not." HC troops in the middle forts began falling back and some in the rear began evacuating in dropships to the ships just above, not enough time between loading and landing to be shot down. Other HC soldiers, fighting alongside Rakarskians, began prodding and making fun of Rakarskian soldiers until they screamed in anger, and were consequently shot by the commisars. Commanders attempted to control marines, and any marines caught doing this were immediately send to the rear forts but the marines still found the game quite hilarious.

1/27/2009 #180
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