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The Galerii replied to the HC Commander,

"We apologize that the asteroid cannot be abandoned, for it would be too useful to the enemy. We urge you to keep your troops on it. Our new reinforcements will allow us to outnumber the enemy by an even greater margin, especially now with the help of the Rakarskian Grenadiers. If it comforts you, we have an armored regiment coming in to the asteroid in a minute or so. Please, do not retreat."


The Rakarskian Grenadiers alone were indeed outnumbered, but with the heavy-weapons division and the HC troops, they were not. These gave the Rakarskians the support of numbers they needed, in addition to powerful fire from explosive missiles, grenades, and armor-piercing bullets ((heavy weapons troops use armor-piercing rounds in rifles and machineguns)).


The Survaekom lost a total of thirty-one destroyers, sixteen cruisers, six battleships, and five space stations. However, they managed to inflict worse on the enemy from sheer weight of numbers and projectiles.

The victory was pompously announced with glorious exaggeration to all news stations (except for the Central Systems Press, which was allowed accurate coverage).

((The Survaekom didn't fight because they don't really care one way or another what happens to the Galerii, to state it bluntly. It is a win-win situation for them: their foes get weakened, or their other foes get weakened!))

1/27/2009 #181

"Commander, this asteroid can be destroyed by our suitcase nukes being lowered into the small hole now. I assure you, evacuate ll things of worth and personnel and prepare for a counter attack, it is time we take this fight to them."

1/27/2009 #182

The operator sighed.

"Sir, our engineers have now denied your workers the right to lower the nuke into the asteroid. Drilling has been suspended. As much as the idea sounds reasonable in theory, you must remember that if you destroy the asteroid, huge chunks of rock will bombard our own fleet, not to mention the planet Untreu itself! There is simply no way to avoid massive collateral from such an action, and thus it is entirely unacceptable."

1/27/2009 #183

"Than I have no choice. I will leave you some men, and stay here to die valiantly with them, but the bulk of men will abandon this hopeless rock to try and take air superiority, if we succeed we can save this asteroid and your troops."

1/27/2009 #184

"I repeat, you will not die, and this rock is not hopeless! The enemy is having much more trouble advancing than you may think. They were outnumbered before, and now even more so with the arrival of fresh troops. They are suffering extremely heavy casualties, and their paratroopers are making their very last stands in the fort interiors. We are winning!"

1/27/2009 #185

"I will stay with enough troops to hold the line, but we need to take out those ships to win this battle."

1/27/2009 #186

"Then use your ships to tak the ships, but keep the troops here! Boarding a Third Empire craft is suicide! Haven't you received reports on the failures of the Rakarskians and the Mireventians to do just that?"

1/27/2009 #187

"They just don't have the right strategy." Five full dropships lifted from the asteroids surface and and ten more from the HC ships, each with at least fifty commandos, raced towards the Third Empire ships bridge carrying the nukes and covered by one hundred fighters. nine made it past Third Empire defenses to hug the enemy bridge from the outside and they set the nuke on the outside behind the shield, ((Shields only protect against projectiles and explosions much like kevlar protects against bullets but not knives.)) and detonated and prepared to break through the remainder of the weakened armor with high tech equipment while the remaining fighters held off defenders.

1/27/2009 #188

"Well, good luck. Please do keep the forward-force with our heavy weapons division, at least."

1/27/2009 #189



1/27/2009 #190
awilla the hun

The ship's armour was capable of dealing with a single nuke ((thin though said armour is)), and armoured boots thundered towards that spot in the ship.

Two hundred fighters attacked the HSA fighters.

((Well done!))

1/28/2009 #191

The weakened but not destroyed armor was being broken apart by specialists using welding and explosive materials, a dropship blew off the side as more fighters were sent into the mix. Soon there was a small crack in the ships hull that began depressurizing the cabin.

1/28/2009 #192
awilla the hun

The crew had already donned helmets (as had their slaves), so damage was minimised.


A probe from the much admired Federation for Democracy arrived in the system, and after scanning, decided that there was much to be done in the name of democracy throughout the galaxy; but not until the conflict here had died down.

1/28/2009 #193

The crack was easily widened as the bridge depressurized, no doubt sealing emergency doors in the bridge. as 250 troops stormed the bridge firing and advancing quickly through the bridge. Knowing they would not have much time until the emergency doors opened so they moved quickly towards what looked like the command center of the bridge, moving through many exploded bodies of people who weren't fast enough with their suits and helmets.

1/28/2009 #194

The now idle SEM fleet picked up the Federation probe on radar and scanners. The capital ship immediately sent the Survaekom language files to the probe. Then the communications officer onboard broadcast,

"This is the SEM Brigiaz, fleet leader of the planet Brigiaz, to unidentified probe. Please send us your language or languages in return for our files that we have just sent you. Then, please state your origin and intentions in this space. If you do not respond in thirty seconds, you will be fired upon." By now fifty fighters had flown in and surrounded the probe from all sides, weapons at the ready.

1/28/2009 #195
awilla the hun

The bridge contained the ship's captain in full armour, as well as his officers (similarly armoured) and ten squads (100 men) of recently arrived soldiers. ((They were already in full armour at the start of the battle.)) These all gave a rapid fire with their laser rifles at their aggressors, several automatic turrets sliding down from the ceiling and joining in.

1/29/2009 #196
awilla the hun

The probe, perhaps wisely, triggered its Glass Malleability Machine ((I will think of a more elegant name)) and vanished on the spot. Seconds later, it reformed by Tarterick (the current "Conference World" of the Federation), and began to transmit its findings.

1/29/2009 #197

The troops moved forward and hid behind some electrical components. They fired on any turrets that had a vantage point on them. The commando carried the second nuke to the men behind the components as another soldier with a small welder cut a hole in the metal. The nuke was activated for fifteen minutes and the welder sealed the hole, "12 more minutes, lets move!!" The soldiers lobbed their grenades,smoke grenades, frag grenades and flashbang grenades, and ran for the hole. They jumped out of the hole suffering minimal casualties and kept the Imperial troops busy until they ran the clock down to three minutes. The five surviving dropships quickly left while fighters still hammered the bridge, shuddering it enough to rattle the Imperial troops so they could not stand still long enough to find let alone disarm the bomb in three minutes.

1/29/2009 #198
awilla the hun

((Are the fighters using solid weapons? I don't think they are. Are they hitting the shield? Probably. There is unlikely to be much "shuddering".))

The Imperial Marines and Officers responded to the attack with, under the cover of repeated fire from their turrets (which kept HSA heads down), as well as one squad throwing grenades, a chain-bayonet charge into the enemy boarders (with them firing as they advanced.) Flashbang grenades failed to stop them owing to filters in their helmets. If the charge hit, they would butcher the HSA. Captain von Enschlacht led the way with his chain schlaeger drawn and gripped in both hands.

((Oh, and were you god modding again?))

((And it is possible that the Imperial Soldiers could outrun your guys: power assisted running+genetic enhancements.))

1/30/2009 #199

((If you have forgotten my men have genetic enhancements as well and yes there is shuddering, if anything on a ship is hit there is always shuddering around the impact. And you cant filter out flashbangs without filtering out all light and sound. And my men are not close enough to your men for a charge to work that quickly. and you would have less men than me because emergency doors would be sealed, unless you dont have emergency doors in which case your entire ship is depressurized.))

1/30/2009 #200
awilla the hun

((They charged whilst your men were "Keeping them busy"- I'm sorry that I didn't make that clear.

I haven't denied that I have less men than you. Not all bayonet charges are massive human waves involving millions of men walking into German machine gun fire.

The filters trigger when a flashbang goes off nearby-reducing the impact.

And the ship's shield is still going strong, absorbing your weaponry.

My men have a combination of genetic enhancements, and electric assistance from powered armour making them run faster. This is beginning to sound like a childish one upmanship argument, so can we stop this aspect?))

1/31/2009 #201

((Awilla is correct about the powered armor, but perhaps not about the shields. If the blast radius of an incoming projectile/energy beam exceeds the distance between the shield and the ship, even if it does not damage the ship, it could cause vibrations.))

1/31/2009 #202

Galerii HQ demanded that the seventy-thousand "cannon-fodder" join the Rakarskian forces on Untreu to bolster their relatively small numbers.

The Galerii reinforcement fleet continued to press heavy fire onto the Third Empire ships nearest to the asteroid. The Untreu main fleet continued its barrage on the enemy main fleet's flank, while the space stations kept up their perpetual volley on the enemy front.


After massive losses, and with the help of the Rakarskian Inquistorial Grenadiers and the reinforcing close-quarters division, the Galerii fortress troops eventually killed or routed all Third Empire paratroopers. The troops, after a thirty-second period of "breathing time," were sent to repair guns and walls from within.

The heavy weapons force was running low on explosives, and after using the last of such, troops began shooting their regular guns. The missile-grenade launcher soldiers withdrew submachineguns strapped to their backs, while the assault riflemen moved their hands away from the grenade-launcher triggers and to their grips to aim as they fired armor-piercing bullets into the Third Empire infantry ranks in bursts.

Fortunately, more explosives soon came, in the form of an entire additional heavy weapons division at the front along with an armored regiment of eight-hundred main battle tanks, all of which formed up with the barricade to add their own firepower to the barrage. If the enemy showed signs of wavering or suffered enough casualties, the order would be given to advance.

((Short description of GRM main battle tanks: average size, use 150 mm cannon, railgun, or laser, use antigravity engines, faster than most tanks, armored enough to withstand a few shots from field artillery.))

1/31/2009 #203
awilla the hun

The request was firmly denied. The Rakarskian Penal Battallions had no respirators, let alone the training, to actually fight in combat in an airless environment; they weren't to be slaughtered quite that uselessly.

"But," their Commissar General concluded, "if we were to be issued with respirators, we could make a fight of it, at least."

The Galerii reinforcement fleet had to fight their way past the Imperial ships forming their protective line. This line was now suffering heavy losses.

((Because, in part, I'm beginning to get bored of this particular slug fest. Next time, foolish galaxy-*evil cackle*))

By now the general Imperial advance had managed to fight its way dangerously close to the forts. The Katzes that remained rumbled towards the enemy tank regiment, orbital lasers raining down all the while.

Their great infantry still pushed on, and on, first through trenches, then over ground, never flinching from the great volleys of fire, never withdrawing. It got to the stage that the "Marksman" company of the Grenadiers- soldiers ordered to shoot any stragglers- had to be sent into open battle to try and hold them back, bolts working frantically at their rifles. It seemed that, no matter how many rounds were poured into them, no matter bulky, black armoured shapes were shot to pieces (for that was often what was required), they still continued, still firing, still throwing grenades, still ramming chain bayonets and clubbed rifles into their foes.

"The enemy," a Rakarskian Commissar said of the battle, "was gallant in the extreme." And that such an indoctrinated man as he could ever admit as much speaks more volumes than any memorial.

1/31/2009 #204

The HQ Commander sighed heavily.

"I said Untreu, not the asteroid. But, if you would rather deploy them on the asteroid, which could be quite useful, we can provide seventy-thousand respirators and space suits."

The Imperial advance was cut off by the Galerii heavy weapons force and tanks combined with the Rakarskian Grenadiers and the HC troops: that was the purpose of the combined force, after all, to keep the enemy from getting any closer to the redoubts.

A Galerii Colonel replied to the Comissar, "The enemy may be gallant, but let that not lower our spirits! Are you not the best of the best of Rakarskia? Are you not supported by near twenty-thousand of my nation's infantry, eight-hundred tanks, and over ten-thousand troops from our human allies? And, in addition, I have received a report that our forts have been rid of the enemy paratroopers! The other half of your force may join us, and we may now have the full support of Galerii's fortress artillery! We can win! We will win!"

The Rakarskian Grenadiers in the now secured dedoubts were ordered to join their comrades on the field. The fortress systems were rebooted, and the guns once again began hammering explosive shells, laser beams, and fiery plasma onto the Third Empire, concentrating particularly on the tanks. Snipers once again set up posts through fort firing slots and began acurately downing enemies with .50-caliber rifles.

1/31/2009 . Edited 1/31/2009 #205
awilla the hun

((I meant that he said it later. But if you really want to take it to now...))

The Commissar unerringly raised his revolver and shot the Galerii Colonel for his insolence. "Anyone else?" he barked. "It seems not. Engage, comrades!"

The Rakarskian Grenadiers began a counter attack of their own. In another of the defining gestures of the battle, one of their Commissars managed to get their marching song playing down communications as they advanced- the Rakarskian Grenadier.

Despite bravado, their counter attack achieved little actual gains. The enemy offensive was still extremely strong, resulting in them getting bogged down mere metres from their starting point.


The Penal Battallions were taken to the supply posts, where they were equipped with the respirators. Commissars fortunately found the system not dissimilar to Rakarskia's, which enabled their squads to be at least capable to survive the climate and environment.

They were taken in any ship they had to spare up to the asteroid, and were ordered to attack any Imperial in sight.

They formed up into their close order lines, a Commissar behind each squad, with a sub machine gun readied, and the attack began.

1/31/2009 #206
Sarah Crowning

Singularity's crack team of encryption experts had been hard at work trying to copy and crack the Third Empire's computer systems. Thanks to the skill of the technicians and the advanced computer systems available to them, some advances had been made. All the jamming sytems were still being implemented, slowing the third empire's cohesian throughout the battlefield, but now other measures were set up. A very large amount of popup advertisements started appearing on Third Empire computer terminals everywhere, and a few primitive viruses were uploaded whenever the opportunity arose.

((Spam as warfare; Hahahahahaha!))

1/31/2009 #207

The other Colonel, wide-eyed, stood agape at the death of his comrade.

"You killed the Colonel of our reinforcing division! Who will lead it now?!" He desperately wanted to gun down the Comissar right then, but decided that such action would not be wise in the midst of battle. "Troops! Give covering fire for the Rakarskians! Concentrate on the enemy infantry, not tanks! Division Two! You are under my command now! Do the same!" The infantry complied without question, showering the enemies with bullets, grenades, and missiles (making sure not to land any explosives close to the Rakarskians).

The Major of the armored regiment ordered her tanks to charge. They gave one last volley of explosive shot before switching for grapeshot shells and setting off at full speed towards the enemy ranks.

1/31/2009 #208

((MW, respond on the Detech!!!))

1/31/2009 . Edited 1/31/2009 #209

((Awilla, Bayonet charges are the worst kind of attack and have been outdated since world war I, even the japanese, the only ones to use bayonets effectively in WW2, didn't use bayonet charges, they used surprise 'bonsai' attacks that were basically a suicide attack. A bayonet charge can be completely gunned down by a few men because of their close range, but still not close enough for bayonets, and if a soldier missed a jab with his bayonet, which occurred more often than not, and the other soldier got close enough where the bayonet couldn't touch him because it was attached to the gun the man could be easily slashed by a knife))

The men with the bayonets were demoralized by some of their men being killed buy grenades, and when they were just out of range of the bayonets the HSA troops opened fire with their machine guns, slaughtering them at point blank range where any armor would be ineffective and the bayonets could not reach, and in a vacuum environment any hit anywhere was deadly. The few men who got through were met with the HSA's strong knives, which if a soldier missed his jab with a bayonet than he would be defenseless against the knife.

1/31/2009 #210
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