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Sarah Crowning

((I was confused more about the part where you said melee weapons always punch through armor. That... doesn't make sense, the weapons were developed to punch through that armor was guns. You are correct that we are in a one-shot, one-kill environment.))

2/8/2009 #241

((yes, at 4 kelvin degrees and o atm's of pressure and melee weapons get better when armor gets better armor is only effective as long as no weapon is built to break through it, and lately that amount of time is becoming shorter and shorter. And something that I just thought about, a chainsaw would be fairly ineffective against my armor because of the high momentum of the chain, it would act in much the way of a bullet and activate the liquid armor.))

2/8/2009 #242

((I don't believe I responded to Awilla with Mitchell Henderson?))

Henderson was prepared for this "You may know where it is, but you have not the strength to destroy it, at least not alone. We are in, and can destroy the senate building from the inside, than you just have to swoop and take out the disorganized high guard fleet, easy. I am handing you this war on a silver platter. Consider my offer, I must take my leave now before anyone notices my absence. If you wish to accept simply bring my brother, Daniel Henderson, to this location, the location of the prison is also on that datadisc." The datadisc contaned teh coordinates to an empty system with an small HC space station in it.

2/8/2009 #243

((Kross, a knife can't penetrate power-armor. The whole point of power-armor is that it is an extremely strong and heavy armor that provides the user with the power to operate effectively in it!

However, if there are soft spots on the elbows, that will certainly be a problem for the Third Empire troops against the quick-thinking HC commandos.))

2/8/2009 #244
Sarah Crowning

Singularity's technitians had be working hard, and with the help of good equipment their efforts had paid off. A basic model of the Third Emipre's OS system had been developed, enough to allow them some basic hacking leeway. ECM measures were taken up with renewed vigor. Doors were opened and closed, information was copied off computer drives (to be decoded later), memories were wiped, viruses were planted, ads continued to be spammed on every possible channel. Most of it was random, as the technitians didn't have a good enough understanding of the system to be precise, but it was nonetheless disruptive.

((If those soldiers have networked suits, they're going to have ads popping up in their HUD, which could make fighting rather difficult.))

2/9/2009 #245
awilla the hun

((That was quick, MW!

And Kross: the major flaw with this plan is that the Third Empire cannot possible escape, because they have a warp jammer preventing them from doing so.))

2/9/2009 #246
Sarah Crowning

((Indeed it is, and I would not usually make it so. My justification is that if the Rakarskian inquisition can hack into shipboard speakers in minutes my crack team of Encryptologists should be able to do noticeably more. The Third Empire obviously has awful firewall protection.))

2/9/2009 #247

((I will simply repeat my last post, which continues to apply.))

As the penal battalion fled, heavy weapons covered their retreat; grenades landing among the enemies' feet, incinerating everything within a four meter radius, and blowing shrapnel even farther. Third Empire troops who survived the grenades were subject to heavy sniper fire, as .50-caliber explosive rifle rounds blew heads clean off. The GRM divisions held their ground: if the enemy managed to get past the Rakarskians, they would hit a rain of armor-piercing assault rifle rounds and shotgun slugs.

The missile-launchers and mortars, at the back of the GRM ranks, kept up fire onto enemy tanks, covering their hulls with fiery explosions. The GRM tank force also concentrated its efforts on the nearest opposing tank, sending hundreds of armor-piercing explosive shells boring into the Katze and bursting with superheated plasma.

2/9/2009 #248
awilla the hun

((It's now just attrition, isn't it? Personally, I would have thought that virtually all the defence would have been swept away before the Grenadiers even arrived-they have been under sustained bombardment from weapons that habitually blast through thick armour and shields, repeatedly, and yet struggle when the enemy go into fortresses.))

The Third Empire sent in a wave of nuke carrying aircraft, and unleashed their bombs. Their plan of capturing the asteroid and using its guns on the defenders had failed. They were now content to simply devestate it.

((And MW: the Inquisition are nearly as good with computers, if not as good, as the Singularity. They only hacked in for a moment, before being swatted away by their defences.))

2/10/2009 #249

((That doesn't seem right, awilla. The Inquisitors, and Rakarskians as a people, have far less experience with computers than Singularity. Computers are the pinnacle of Rakarskian technology, while Singularity is surrounded by the devices all the time as a norm.))

2/10/2009 #250

Most of the enemy nukes were targeted and destroyed before landing, but the sheer number of planes was enough to allow a few to land. Each of the eight or so bombs that detonated destroyed three to five redoubts, given their reduced blast radius on the airless rock. In all, sixteen forts were obliterated, nineteen heavily damaged.

The enemy aircraft continued to be fired upon by the remaining AA emplacements, albeit with reduced firepower. The artillery also continued its barrage, similarly reduced in effectiveness.

Most of the fire support now came from the GRM heavy weapons and tanks. The armor regiment, after losing twenty more of its own, finally destroyed a Katze tank. The GRM tanks then changed their course, turning and rushing to flank the charging Third Empire infantry. Once again, explosive grapeshot rounds were loaded, after firing one last barrage of AT shells into the enemy troops' ranks (they would be asa effective in blasting apart infantry as piercing armor).

The heavy weapons divisions kept up their volleys of grenades and of missiles.

2/10/2009 #251
Sarah Crowning

((And they did that within ten minutes, whereas Singularity has been trying since the battle started. We don't really have a set time frame here, but with all the action that's been going on it must have been at least half a day in standard time, possibly even a whole day or more. I don't mind the Third Empire having a good firewall (I expect it actually), but you could mention it instead of leaving me fishing in the dark.))

2/10/2009 #252
awilla the hun

Wave after wave of nukes were simply hurled at the asteroid. Dropships were sent to evacuate the Imperial soldiers still fighting for it, but some had already been killed.

2/11/2009 #253

((Can we assume the nuke went off in the bridge?))

2/11/2009 #254

As more nukes landed, every weapon on every fort still intact, including all artillery and even snipers and small arms concentrated all firepower on the enemy planes. All GRM troops were ordered to retreat to the opposite side of the asteroid, where fleet starships could fire upon enemy fighters and bombers.

The GRM heavy weapons Colonel informed the Rakarskians of the order, so as that they would not shoot him or his soldiers, before ordering a full withdrawal. The tanks and redoubt troops did the same.

2/11/2009 #255

Two frigates, one battleship, one dreadnought, and one AI Commando Vessel warped as close to the Galerii system as possible, with Commander Jokanti presiding over the League's fleet in the command bridge of the Dreadnought, "There is no point in moving in manually, send in the AI command vessel at just under light speed, it should reach it in just over two days.

2/12/2009 #256
awilla the hun

The Grenadiers began their withdrawal, scavenging as much discarded foreign equipment as possible. The dropships came for them quickly. But even so, they lost a full quarter of their numbers in the engagement.

The penal battallions were simply herded forward for one last, grand bayonet charge. The Third Empire were withdrawring their troops to avoid as much radiation as possible, but the Rakarskians denied this to their own prisoners.

Thirty thousand men engaged the brigade left to rearguard the retreat in close quarter fighting whilst nukes continued to rain down on the asteroid. They had lost ten thousand to bombs, and five thousand to their desperate small arms fire.

And still they died, as prison toughs with bayonets and rifle butts raged against taller, stronger, tougher, better armed, better trained enemies. But the enemies were outnumbered ten to one.

2/25/2009 #257

((So did the nuke in the third empire ship go off, I'm going off the assumption that it did but if you can think of a reasonable counter to this than I will edit this post))

Mitchell Henderson radioed a final message to the third empire ship as his dropship nearly exited radio space, "You would be stupid to not take my offer, ready your ships to jump and I will take care of the rest." Micthell Henderson's ship returning was not unnoticed. Kent Jefferys was watching the scanners and after having a small blip so fast and insignificant that they only recognized it because they were extremely familiar with their own ships pointed out to him by a spotter he saw that it led to Mitchell Henderson's ship. "Bring me a dropship and some commandos, something's not right here."


"Thank you Commander Henderson." Stated Captain Smith, captain of one of the smaller pirate vessels in the HC fleet, "I'm glad we caught this engine and steering malfunction quickly and could have it fixed by one of your personal engineers." "It was my pleasure sir, I take pride in making sure my crew is in tip top shape, even in battle. I'm just glad they finished by now." "Yes, it was taking so long I never thought we would get into the battle!" "Yes well, take care," The video feed ended, "So do we now have complete control of their steering and engines, chief engineer?" "Yes sir, as long as we stay within 1km of their ship we should be okay, and their long range communication is still jammed, by the time they can tell that ship what's happening it will be too late." "Good, than execute the plan, put me in touch with Jefferys. Kent, Captain Smith has gone rogue, I believe he is working for this enemy we are fighting. I have no time to explain, I am in pursuit now." And with this Micthell moved out of range of communications. "Damn it," screamed Kent Jefferys. "I don't believe this for a second, no man in their right mind would go rogue at a moment like this, I don't even remember the Hungerer being in the battle, this isn't right. I want 16 dropships to chase down both these ships and board them, neither leave without some questions being answered. I will be joining this crew and I want a fighter escort." The dropships and fighters joined the already under way chase, though far behind.


The 750m long Hungerer turned towards the Singularity ship with the warp jammer. "Who ordered you to turn around, turn back towards the battle!" "I can't Captain Smith, the controls are locked! Something else is controlling us and barreling us towards that one ship!" "Mitchell Henderson is still within communication range, put me into communication with him now!" "Sir, they are denying our transmission!" Suddenly the command bridge rocked intensely, "Sir, Mitchell Henderson has open fired on us!" "Tell the crew to put on their space suits and assume crash positions, prepare the escape pods." "Sir, the escape pods are not responding, they have been locked into place!" "Tell the crew to seal themselves in the pods anyway, hopefully they will shield us anyway!"

2/25/2009 . Edited 2/26/2009 #258

((kross, the jammer ships is Singularity, not Detech.))

The majority of the heavy weapons double-division and about half of the former main force made it safely to the other side of the asteroid, where most of the defenses remained intact and the allied GRM fleet protected the skies (per se, being that there is no atmosphere on the asteroid). Forts were manned with the latter group, while the former remained at the ready to be sent to any front required of it.

2/25/2009 #259

((Sorry my mistake, the post has been edited))

2/26/2009 #260
awilla the hun

Comrade General Stock recieved the news from home, and requested to speak with General Thaegnuri.

"Comrade General," he said. "Rakarskia is loath to abandon its allies in their hour of need. However, I have just recieved word that a foreign power is currently threatening Rakarskia itself with a military offensive on its own soil. It is calling for a withdrawal of our personnel stationed here. I shall not withdraw our Ironclads, but I respectfully request permission for the warp blocker to be lowered so as we can withdraw our ground troops in transport vessels, to reinforce our homeland defence. I have also recieved word from the Inquisition that they wish to withdraw their forces. I have no knowledge of why, and I very much doubt that I shall ever recieve it."

2/26/2009 #261

((awilla you cannot speak with home, all communications are blocked and warping is also blocked, there is no way to speak with people outside of tyhe system))

2/26/2009 #262

((I didn't think about that at first, but Kross is right.))

2/26/2009 #263
awilla the hun

((That is convenient. Also it is mind blowingly stupid for the Singularity. And Kross; if your effort works, it won't be for much longer.))

2/27/2009 #264
Sarah Crowning

((Not necessarily. The invading fleet cannot communicate either, so back in the Third Empire they're hearing absolutely nothing from them except for that little blurb when the gate was dropped for a few moments.))

2/27/2009 #265
awilla the hun

((MW, the tension mounts. What is going to happen when that ship hits your Jammer ship? Is there only one Jammer ship?))

2/27/2009 #266
Sarah Crowning

Alarms automatically went off as Smith's ship hurtled towards the Singularity flagship. The admiral took one glance at what was going on and didn't hesitate. "Take evasive action!" He roared. "Open fire!" Smith's ship was being shot at by his own faction, but that was irrelevent in the circumstances. Shots fired out from all three Singularity ships as the Flagship's thrusters and afterburners roared into life and tried to evade the oncoming ship. One of the Battleships maneuvered to put itself between the Hungerer and the Flagship.

2/27/2009 #267

((Yes well all the same, Mitchell Henderson is and extremist idiot who doesnt understand long term ramifications. And long term communicatiosn is blocked, but not short term, and thats how i told the third empire of this plan.))

MItchell Henderson kept firing at the ship as it spiraled in a direct path towards the singularity ship, it was soon inevitable the two ships would collide. Mitchell Henderson's ship fired at it, but never close enough to get a good hit. Soon Jefferys got close enough to the Hungerer to receive radio transmission, "Mayday mayday 'static' ship out of 'static' MItchell Henderson took contro...." At this point transmission was lost as the Henderson's ship suddenly had a good hit on their communications array. "I knew something was wrong, I want full rescue teams standing by for the Hungerer, there is nothing we can do now to stop this collision. The rest of us follow me, we are going to board Henderson's ship and arrest him for treason. The dropships hooked onto the airlocks as squads of four hundred men flooded into the HC frigate at two different points. "Commander Henderson, Kent Jefferys has boarded us!" "Open fire on those bastards, They will see later that what I did was necessary for the HC. Try to capture any you can alive." The men were open fired upon, something they were unprepared for, as 35 fell in the initial attack. The men took cover as the squads split up and an all out firefight ensued on the frigate.

2/27/2009 #268

((Sorry, started post in morning and just posted, this a response to Mindwarp's post))

"Commander Henderson, one of their battleships is moving into position between them." "The Hungerer is a smaller more agile ship, and no matter. Maybe a stray shot can accidentally hit the singularity ship. See to it that happens" "YTes sir, but also, some of our crew ahs defected and joined Kent Jefferys side of the firefight, we are losing men fast, it does not seem we will be able to keep the ship." "Right, than bring me to my stealth escape pod, pity though to lose such a great ship. You stay here and ensure that ship is destroyed, and know that you will be making this sacrifice for the safety of the galaxy." After a quick salute Mitchell loaded into an escape pod with a squad of eight men and they sped unnoticed towards the HC fleet, where Mitchell Henderson had already prepared ships loyal to him for the jump back home.

2/27/2009 #269

Two League frigates, one battleship, one dreadnought, and one AI Commando Vessel warped as close to the Galerii system as possible, with Commander Joli presiding over the League's fleet in the command bridge of the Dreadnought, "There is no point in moving in manually, send in the AI command vessel at just under light speed, it should reach it in just over two days.

2/27/2009 #270
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