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Sarah Crowning

Simply put, it's hard to follow rules if you don't know what they are. This thread is for all the rules, policies, agreements, and all that stuff so that we know what the rules are and what we need to hide. For now, I'm only putting down the ones that we seem to be operating off, even if no actual rule has been made.

1. Antimatter is strictly forbidden

5/16/2008 #1

2. No attacking without provocation or declaration.

5/16/2008 #2

3. Violence is forbidden in the Senate system.

5/16/2008 #3

4. To start a trial against a nation, your claim must be seconded by two other nations.

5/17/2008 #4

5. Once a trial has been brought before the Senate, neither the accuser nor the defendant have the right to vote on its outcome.

5/19/2008 #5

6. When you join the Senate, you are required to make a contribution of a squadron of ships to the High Guard Fleet.

5/28/2008 #6

7. The Senate must ask other planets to join them. The Senate has the right to exclude a nation if they are not invited by the Senate. The right to exclude a planet is voted upon.

6/2/2008 #7

8. Planets may be claimed by the first exploratory force that arrives there, but they must announce it in the senate.

6/10/2008 #8
awilla the hun

((Convenient, really, considering that you only just did just that.))

6/11/2008 #9

((Do you wish to dispute the rule, because I think that it is a good one))

6/14/2008 #10
awilla the hun

((No, its fine.))

6/15/2008 #11

((I wish to dispute it. You can't go down to Guam and then claim the entire planet Earth.))

6/15/2008 #12

((You could if no one else had laid claim to anything else on the planet: Squatters rights!))

6/15/2008 #13
Sarah Crowning

((Might I suggest that you dispute this in the galactic senate? It would make more sense, and the international law hasn't exactly been established yet. The only problem is the Vlak invasion that is currently happening.))

6/15/2008 #14
awilla the hun

((We need an ambassador for the natives if this is to work. And this means a concerted effort to coerce one of them onto a space ship, and take them to the senate, preferably with a dictionary and some idea of what the natives want. They have claimed this planet, and our people are just visiting. Despite the suspiciously large amount of raw materials and men that the HSA brought along: the largest army in the history of everything from one previously tiny nation. With precious few spare ships...))

6/16/2008 #15
Endless Autumn

9. You can only harvest resources from another Nations system if you have their permission or are at war with them.

((Trying to contribute something...))

9/1/2008 #16

10) Possession of weaponized antimatter by any single individual is punishable by forcible rehabitation work in Senate-approved projects for a length of time to be determined by the aggrieved party, in the event of a conflict, or else by the appropriate Senate subcommittee. Further punishments, such as fines and confiscations, may be exacted on a case-by-case basis.

9/12/2008 #17

11) Possession of antimatter by a state is dealt with on a case by case basis. As a rule of thumb, non-weaponized antimatter is ordered to be phased out with other appropriate technology within a specified timespan. Weaponized antimatter is confiscated and destroyed safely, and if used reparations must be made to the aggrieved party dependent upon Senate observers' findings of the afflicted area.

9/22/2008 #18
Sarah Crowning

12) Each nation gets one vote. There can be as many representatives and ambassadors from a nation as it desires, but their input still comes to a single nation vote.

3/4/2009 #19
United Systems Navy

12: Size of warships will not exceed those of the largest in the senate guard.

8/8/2011 #20

13: All new arrivals wishing to partake in this forum shall redirect their efforts to the following site:

http : // warping-empires . forummotion . com

8/9/2011 #21
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