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Name of nation/company/group: The Communist Empire of HRA

Participation in the Senate: No

Capital city or planet: Terra is the capital planet, and Hellraiser City Stronghold is the capital city

Type of government: Imperialism

Basic info about the government: There is one head of the entire government, known as the Emperor. However, there is a splitting of power. For every star system, there is one Führer. For every planet, there is a Reichführer who is under control of it. In a way, its like a governor and his mayors. The RFs(Reichführers) control the basics of the planet, watching over, caring for, and working with the citizens directly. For a new colony, the leader would be a Brigadier General, or something close to that. On military planets, the Reichführer is actually a Generalfeldmarschall (Field Marshal), with his staff under his control.

Brief history: HRA was created when a few military leaders decided to break off and rebel against the leaders of mankind. They chose the colony known as HRA, named after an old hero. They rebelled, and renamed the planet Terra, and then renamed the city Hellraiser City.

# of planets: around 20: 6 habitable planets, 20 moons, 4 gas giants, and 10 uninhabitable planets for military or private use.

Estimate of population: around 20 billion in the first system, and 10 billion in the second.

Economic info:

-Type: Communist

-Str: No repression, no economic depression. Only currency is that that is used for inter nation trade.

-weak: Riots, less motivation.

-Unique products: AI artillery, self sustaining crops

Basic info of major technologies:

-Interstellar technology: Short distance Slip Space Jump Drive, Long Distance Warp Drive

Interstellar communication: Empire Class Telecommunication Satellite, Aurora Class Telecommunication Space Stations

Military info: There is two classes of Four classes of infantry. Imperial Guardsmen, Marines, SS, and SA. The Imperial guardsmen use rather simple and light lasguns, and small arms of .50 caliber suppressed. The Marines stand eight feet tall, wear strong and heavy armor, and use Boltguns, or 21mm weapons. SS are elites that encompass both Marines and Guardsmen. SA are the police of the empire, and are composed of SS imperial guardsmen.

-Str: Many, many imperial guardsmen, very strong heavy infantry, light and fast assault vehicles and tanks, heavy, strong, and deadly heavy tanks, good fighters, good elites, large draft rate.

-Weak: Weak light infantry hard to communicate.

-# of space going vessels and their type: 5 Field Marshal class Battle Barges(Arrogence, Rogers, Matthew, Bismarck, and Vladimir), one Emperor Class Flagship Battle barge (Hellraiser), 5 Super Carriers(Yorktown, Devastator, Enterprise, Floyd, and Hellraiser 2), 20 battleships, 30 destroyers, 100 cruisers, 200,000 ThunderHawk Gunships, 10,000 Drop Planes, 1,000 Super Heavy Bombers, 5,000 Dive Bombers

-# of enlisted military personnel (ground troops): 100,000,000 Imperial Guardsmen, 100,000 Marines, 10,000 SS Marines, 100,000 SS Imperial Guards, 250,000 SA, 1,000,000 pilots

Basic info about your people: (What they look like, their customs, etc.) they look like, act like, and enjoy the same music as normal humans.

So, I don't really know how to do this, but I'm assuming this is it. If I did anything wrong, tell me please.

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