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awilla the hun

((I'm thinking about this, so don't expect anything too fully formed. But it will come...))

Type of Government: Democracy, with elements of Federation. (Each race has a "Grand Representative" with a group of representatives under that Grand Representative for each world. They democratically make decisions.)

Capital Planets (one per race): Tarterick, Aeskedon, Sholarth, Fo, Prykene, Alemniat. ((races will be mentioned.))

Type of Economy: Free Market. (Yeehah!) Apart from healthcare, emergency services, and armed forces. (And, in times of emergency, the government has the power to over ride the supplies of vital services- power, food, water, etc.)

Strengths: Competition keeps prices in check. It has a moderately strong industrial base (but not the vast military industrial complexes of, say Survaek), and several key "agri worlds". Has some replication technology (i.e., using giant generators, it is possible to instantly turn a lump of coal into a diamond, or a pile of iron, rubber, etc into a car wheel-or, indeed, any product out of its constituent parts.)

Weaknesses: Little direct government control. Replication is also extremely expensive (although it is cost effective on a grand scale.)

Brief History: The Grand Democratic Federation of the Stars was formed by six races when they all agreed in the principle that democracy was the best form of government, and that unity was better than division (save for in economics, where free markets were found to be extremely proficient at generating wealth.) Their countries have prospered ever since.

However, they have found that numerous nations disagree with their ultimate desire for a peaceful Grand Democratic Federation of the Galaxy (which is, of course, for the good of all.) At first, they responded to these irrational thoughts with plees to the intellect and wisdom of the Federation's leaders. Then, when such plees (which involved the leaders of less democratic nations giving up their posts "Indefinitely" until such a time as they could be made into representatives), they have been given to responding with regrettable military force. After all, they reason, any amount of bloodshed in the short term would be a pittance when compared to the ultimate cause of long term peace, freedom, democracy, and happiness. Thus far, every one of their newly acquired systems (which have been, in the words of Representative Trethick, "occupied for their own good, and the ultimate betterment of freedom and democracy"-indefinitely, of course-) have agreed with these, after being thoroughly educated in the ways of the Federation. So, of course, they reasoned, the galaxy must agree too!

No. Planets: 42.

Military: The Federal Self Defence Force (FSDF) makes up all arms of the military.

Strengths: Massive close quarters firepower owing to Fusion weaponry. Mobility, stealth systems, and personal shields and jetpacks for every drone makes their infantry into a formidable force. Small numbers of guided missiles, rather than massive guns, form their artillery. Their armies fight a precise, deadly war, that focusses not on devestating enemy armies, but on their ability to prolong resistance.

Weaknesses: They fight a very expensive form of war, and their public has a loathing of casualties (even among drones; all that wasted capital!) Their armies are ill suited to prolonged actions; a lack of massed long range fire, or heavy tanks renders them vulnerable in open battle (as does comparatively low numbers of troops.) Their methods of war are also heavily restricted; anything "unethical" (killing civillians, using weapons that cause excessive pain, wasteful attacks, military defeats) are deeply frowned upon.

Other notes: The carrier, rather than the battleship, is considered the main instrument of the war in space. (Why waste perfectly good ships when you can send in hundreds of small, expendable drones instead? Especially when the majority of the enemy guns are designed for tackling large ships, rather than tiny fighter craft.)

((I'll make up the races soon.))

Races of the Grand Democratic Union of the Stars

Humanity (Tarterick.)

The human race of the Union has developed in two singular ways. Firstly, owing to a catastrophic war, their population has declined immensely. But, owing to their advanced robotics, they manage to remain an important race. Their planets (just two: Tarterick and Trethuwick) are now lush, green worlds, divided into massive estates for the surviving population, who rule over their robotic population with a firm, fair hand. (The humans still practice democracy, and elect representatives.) Their robots are second to none; almost as intelligent as a human being, save for their following of the mythical "Three point Five Laws" of Robotics.

As for the humans themselves, they are different to many aristocrats in that they consider life extremely dull without "a trade". Mostly, this comes in the form of small scale manufacture and agriculture (almost entirely for the amusement of the humans, who like to see themselves as useful; although there is a reasonable market for both.) Humans live a solitary existence, but are content with it. After all, robots are excellent servants, and holoscreens work extremely well for "viewing" their friends and neighbours, rather than "seeing" them in person. This is partly due to the long periods of time required to cross from estate to estate (whole hours!), and partly due to a lack of necessity.

The main role of the human race is to simply provide the robotics for the rest of the Union (which they do with great success, and general prosperity being obtained for all.) They are not, on the whole, a politicised people. Leave that to cranks like the Pryketh! They're in the Federation to make money, and to live a pleasant, secure life.

Pryketh (Prykene.)

The Pryketh have four planets. They are a dour, grim people, driven underground from repeated "freak" (or not, according to their popular rumours) asteroid strikes, and only now beginning to retake their planets (with the assistance of Aeskedonian terraforming technology.) They are, however, extremely populous (owing to their governments' repeated "five spawn policies" in order to maintain population.)

They are physically small creatures, with a scaled carapace on their backs that forces them into a hunched posture; and with four clawed arms each. Before their great decline, they were one of the greatest military powers in the sector, and they still design large proportions of the Federation's weaponry. They combine this with being perhaps the most democratic of the member races; voter turnouts are always at 100%. (This could be as a form of revenge for three centuries of being trapped underground under a temporary dictatorship.) They are extremely zealous in applying their own standards to all the nations of the galaxy, and- who knows?- beyond...

The Trelarn (Aeskedon, after one of their old gods.) Ten planets.

The Trelarn were, once, a staunch opponent of democracy (being an absolute monarchy, and the most powerful nation in the system.) This was until the Grand King-Emperor of Aeskedon, along with the Theocrat, Mechaminister, Prime Minister, and all their Cabinet, led the worlds into a civil war.

By the end, all of the above persons were dead, and the people were quite happy to embrace anything that would get them out of the hell storm that they had unleashed. For, as a race that had massive terraforming technology, they had the power to do great good, and great damage, to each others' worlds.

They are a tall race, looking a little like walking trees in appearance (owing to their having leaves as opposed to hair), and tough, brown skin. They are expert at terraforming planets, which has meant that the Federation's industrial base is capable of using the most polluting, innefficient, but productive and cheap methods, only to have any damage instantly removed. This has made them extremely wealthy.

They are the only race to maintain an organised religion (led by High Priest Aeskarch), which worships a pantheon of Gods under Aeske (God/Goddess of Nature.) They are renowned, thus, as story tellers and artists, as well as terraformers; some of their myths have been turned into extravagantly expensive, and utterly spectacular, holodramas (under the renowned human director Stani Chubrick.)

Sholat (Sholarth)

The Sholarth had the good fortune to evolve on worlds with ninety per cent water coverage. They have several similarities to fish: fins on their backs, tentacles above and below the mouth, and blueish-grey speckled scales. Their underwater cities are architectural wonders of the galaxy, and their experience with submersibles and giant underwater buildings has led them to become expert at building vehicles designed to go through hostile environments-in this case, Space.

They are represented by Representative Greyscale Til-Folarth. Their representatives are elected from the ruling aristocracy of Greyscales, by the non Greyscaled people (for the Greyscales are inherently more intelligent than the rest.) (ten planets.)

The Concor-thar (Fo) (nine planets.)

The Concor-thar's origin remains shrouded in mystery. Ancient legend has it that they were originally travellers, whose ship managed to crash land on the backward planet of Fo. They since managed to conquer it, and rule it with a velvet glove, that swiftly turned to democracy once the works of one Vladmir Mukovitch miraculously made their way over.

The Concor themselves are a tall, thin species, with wings growing out of their backs, and vestigal ones also growing out of them. They value courtesy, refinement, elegance, and extravagantly beautiful things of all types. The Thar form 99% of the population, and are their backbone: solid, short, workers, with literally thick, green skin and tusks.

Aleem (Alemniat.) (6 worlds.)

The Aleem are a mysterious, insular race. They have some of the missionary spirit of the Federation in them; their worlds voluntarily submitted to the sacred wisdom of the Aleem.

They appear humanoid, but wear heavy, body concealing robes. Little is known about their customs.

Their skill with glass working is unsurpassed; they make everything out of it, from hover cars to palaces.

((Any comments? They are ready. Although, after the Third Empire battle fiasco, I'm not sure if I want to unleash another race...))

Population: 252 billion (earthX42, some worlds being heavily populated, some not-including Human Robots.)

((EDITED NUMBERS so as it makes more sense)) Military: 0.33 billion soldiers per planet=14 billion (more or less) including drones, who make up about one third of the total army. The other two thirds are Planetary defence units, and consist of a wide variety of troop types. The Concor use serf levies, officered by the nobility, the Pryketh prefer long serving conscripts (which are extremely well trained), the Trelarn use small, elite volunteer forces, the Sholarth conscript by lot, the Aleem appear to have a professional army, and Humanity simply throws wave after wave of drones (most armed, some not) at the problem until it is, literally, "not in my estate's back yard". The Federal Self Defence Force is the elite, all drone arm of the military.

Navy: 5000 Carriers, with attendant fighters etc.

Approx 21000 defence Frigates (defending planets, trade routes etc.) ((Increased from 4200 because I realised how stupid it was that the main navy, with a few expensive ships, was bigger than the defensive one. Don't worry: these ships are only designed to carry out purely defensive operations, preferably alongside gun emplacements, mines etc. They are distinctly average craft, not able to stand up to anyone's main ships of the line if it comes to broadsides.))

Communications System: Each race contributed one for testing. The most popular by far was the Aleem Glass Resonater: a device that sends signals from glass to glass, via a highly secretive method that they do not wish to reveal.

((Translation: same in effect as Quantum Entanglement. But I wanted to make it seem cooler.))

FTL Drive: Another Aleem system: "Glass Malleability" makes a ship instantly dissasemble itself at one point, and reassemble at another in the galaxy mere moments later-the only thing neccessary to be present is some form of matter. (It is subject to the general difficulties of caluclating figures, etc.)

1/12/2009 . Edited 10/27/2009 #1

I fell like these people would make the first yet viable ally to the Galerii! But then again, I may be mistaken.

1/14/2009 #2
awilla the hun

I haven't finished them yet. But they probably will like the Galerii far more than everyone else (a band of tinpot dictators, aristocrats, undemocratic republics, tribal chiefs, warlords...)

1/15/2009 #3

Speaking of the Galerii, I should finally list their races (the ones that do not exist within Survaek).

1/15/2009 #4
awilla the hun

Could you list those races, Apsen? I'm thinking of the other ones for the Federation, then I'll be (hopefully) ready.

1/23/2009 #5

OK, I listed the races. I decided only to create one new species, since the majority of Galerii are immigrants anyway.

1/23/2009 #6
awilla the hun

Any comments, anyone?

1/24/2009 #7

Very interesting races, and more of them than anybody else. I look forward to Galerii relations with the federation.

1/24/2009 #8

Sounds very interesting - I like it. Is there any Federation capital? Communications systems? Jumpdrive?

1/24/2009 #9
awilla the hun

The Federation Capitals are the Capital worlds of each race (a single capital was decided as slightly undemocratic in spirit.) The Representatives take turns to meet on different worlds.

1/25/2009 #10
awilla the hun

Can I use this nation now?

1/27/2009 #11

Mmkay. Go ahead. Play nice now, awilla...

1/27/2009 #12
awilla the hun

((Off I go!))

1/28/2009 #13
awilla the hun

Tarterick, the Greyscale thought to himself, was a beautiful world.

Miles upon miles of uncultivated greenery rolled out before his very eyes as the holoscreen hummed into life. For one last moment, he drank in the view-the grass, the sun drenched earth, the trees-and then the lens was turned towards the less appealing face of Trethick Halm.

Trethick Halm, like almost ever human in existence, had never actually been properly out of doors. He had never met any other people. His entire experience of life was occasionally pottering to a workshop to work on some creation or other, before spending ten hours per day exploring the galaxy in virtual. He met his friends-"viewed" them, as he called it-without ever touching them. And yet they knew each other intimately. Indeed, he and a female friend, Rhodra, had tried to ensure that their fluids met each other in the Artificial Insemnation clinic-much like in romantic days of old. (Of course, the Greyscale thought, just triggering the old pheromones and rutting someplace comfortable with a Bluescale tart was far more civilized.)

As a result of never going outside, his face was a bright orange from false tanning-why he did so, the Greyscale didn't know. Nevertheless, he was forced to admit that he was as charming and sociable as anyone he had ever met.

"Representative Halm."

"Greyscale Til-Folarth."

Halm smiled aimiably at the other Representatives, as if to apologise for his absence. And then: "So, what did our probe pick up?"

"Another few systems, Representatives. We discussed this ten minutes ago."

"Ah. But you see, the connection faltered." The smile flickered again. "Anything more precise?"

"The systems are violent." This was Representative Aleem, muttering from its robes. "The systems are intimate."

Halm paled at the prospect.

"The systems practice varying forms of government."

"Not entirely democratic?"

"No, Representative."

"This will be looked in to. Our trade must be protected from any Totalitarian Intervention." This was the Pryketh Representative, one Freyj Smalt. "I suggest sending a Carrier to investigate further."

The council agreed.

The only comment from the Concor-Thar Representative, one Lord Aurelius Concor, is that it was good that the matter was dealt with so quickly; he had some slaves to make love to, and a massage to recieve. He was blunt honest, it had to be said (unlike his peers.)

2/1/2009 #14
Sarah Crowning

Not all of the Crimson Nebula's inhabitants were pirates, raiders, and smugglers; many were simply traders and explorers. Such people were Michaelo Florentino (named after his father, a rather dashing Mirevant explorer who had charmed more than one woman in the Nebula), and his wife, who's modest trading vessel warped into the system around Tarterick in their continuing mission to find valuable resources to but or prospect. What they found was far different from what they had expected.

2/3/2009 #15
awilla the hun

A message crackled onto their ship's communicator. "The Democratic Federation of the Stars bids you welcome," it said in a cheerful voice. "We invite you to state the purpose of your visit to the planet of"-electronic noises were heard-"Tarterick."

2/3/2009 #16
Sarah Crowning

"This is Captain Michaelo Florentino and crew." Came the response. "We are traders from the Crimson Nebula looking for goods."

2/3/2009 #17
awilla the hun

There was another whirring sound. "Please take your ship towards the marked beacon," said the voice.

2/5/2009 #18

A small exploration team from the Imperial Exploration Service - comprising a squadron of Imperia-class heavy cruisers and a Rubicon cruiser - the Rubicon Noir - burst up out of the sun of the Concor-thar capital system, broadcasting their greetings to any life in the area.

2/27/2009 #19
awilla the hun

The Council of Representatives were slightly startled to find greetings from a new civilization singing out of a computer bank.

Lord Concor, however, was even more surprised to find it in something approximating old Concorrite.

"Who is this?" he asked, his voice trembling, and formality forgotten.

((I have tried to drop a few hints about the nature of the Concor-Thar: a bunch of Siridar "Ancient Astronauts" crashing on some benightened hell hole and deciding to make it their's. Witness their being indulgent, elegant, decadent winged men and women, lording it over large quantities of slaves. The latter is only a great feature of Lily, but I decided to bung it in anyway...))

2/27/2009 #20
Sarah Crowning

((Forgot I was in this thread...))

The Confederates piloted towards the beacon as instructed.

2/27/2009 #21

((I thought I detected Siridar...but I'm sure you've taken them in your own direction. This will be interesting...and I presume that Lord Concor sent a broadcast.))

Aboard the Rubicon Noir, activity redoubled. "What language was that in? Sounded vaguely familiar, b'gad!" exclaimed her captain, the Duke of Calraiso, Dawn Delphinion.

"Computer's chewing on it now, sir. Do we continue approach?"

"Yes, drop to half-speed and continue parade approach. Extend all gravity nets, let's light up the Noir." A flash of a smile. "Belie her namesake, what?"

"Very good, captain." The elegant, ostentatious cruiser - all Rubicon vessels had precious-metal hulls worked in elaborate mosaic designs - extended every gravity net she possessed and tuned them, making the myriad fine filaments glow a brilliant gold as it swept further into the system.

"Sir, the computer's having some difficulty with the language. It seems to be a corruption of old Siridanese. It's offering us some difficulties, but we think we've got the gist of it."

"I thought I recognized it. Classics at the University of Siridis, well well well. We can reply in kind?"

"In a few minutes. We should wait, sir?"

"Absolutely. If it's near Siridanese, I want it perfect. No sense in giving undue offenses through a mistranslation. And send a message to Faerin. Pronto! This is important. Well, more important than usual."

Some little while later, the technicians indicated to the Duke that the translators were ready. With a harrumph and a nervous cough - even seasoned Rubicon captains got nervous in the few seconds before their first contact - he readied himself.

"This is the IES Rubicon Noir - under the command of His Grace Dawn Delphinion, the Duke of Calraiso and Captain-Diplomat of the Imperial Exploration Service - a diplomatic cruiser of the Siridar Imperium, under the auspices of His Imperial Majesty Seras Violet XVII and his Government. We respectfully request to know with whom we are dealing and if a meeting could be set up to discuss matters of mutual interest - and to satisfy a personal curiosity which may have far-reaching implications."

2/27/2009 #22
awilla the hun

Lord Concor was forcibly dragged away from the communicator, as the protocol drone kicked in as a response:

"The Democratic Federation of the Stars bids your people welcome, foreign guests of the-insert name- Siridar Imperium."

Trethick Halm sighed to himself. They really must get that one fixed.

"If you would like to organise a meeting between our nations, please proceed to Docking Bay 1. If you would like to-"

But Lord Concor was already heading towards it with slightly beyond due haste. His wings, so long unused, opened and began to flap.

The other representatives followed at a respectable distance, marvelling at his sudden turn of energy.

2/28/2009 #23

The Rubicon Noir swept towards the indicated docking bay at all seemly speed, shimmering as it sped through space. Inside, decision and counter-decision filled the air.

"Do you go in the flesh? They were speaking Siridanese, honourable sir."

The Duke wrestled with the problem for several minutes. "No," he said at last. "We will take out the complement of exquisites - no-one can tell the difference between them and us anyway. If they're not as friendly as they first seem, we will at least have a chance. I'm sure no-one here wants to die."

There was a hurried chorus of denials - the Noir's crew were young, relatively speaking, and with the prospect of centuries of life before them they were loath to put themselves at risk.

"Docking bay in sight, sir!"

"Places, everyone! Activate the exquisites. Prepare to meet whatever's on the other side of the airlock."

Settling back into their chairs, every Siridar closed their eyes and woke their exquisites, forming them up before the airlock which irised open, allowing the Siridar the first glimpse of their hosts.

Such was their surprise at seeing a Siridar - the aged Lord Concor - that they nearly lost their grip on the drones. Finally, Dawn recovered his composure and concentration and strode down to the hangar bay floor.

He swept a deep bow. "Dawn Delphinion, Duke of Calraiso, at your service. Rubicon diplomat of the Siridar Imperium. I must confess, I find one of my own race so far from home, and from a House I do not recognize. But I forget my manners - might one enquire as to your name, sir? And to the names and auspices of these upstanding others?" He smiled, suddenly, brilliantly. "This is a great day, sir."

2/28/2009 #24
awilla the hun

For the first time*, the Council of Representatives actually saw Lord Aurelius Concor speechless.

And then, slightly timidly he bowed back. "I am Lord Aurelius Concor, sir," he said in a small voice. And then, raking in on his knowledge of classics ((I don't know about your tech back then, so I'm presuming a lot)): "Is that a... drone, or a real Sirid standing before me?"

The rest of the council were not introduced, and neither did they make any move to do so. For, standing before them, admittedly strangely dressed and oddly mannered and accented, was a member of the Concor-Thar.

((*Outside of mysterious rituals involving several comely wenches and assorted equipment that the forum's profanity rules will probably prevent me from going into, but they are beside the point.))

2/28/2009 #25

((Wouldn't the Concor-thar have forgotten about their heritage? They call Siridanese Concorrite - would they remember about the Siridar? I'll answer, but please tell me and I can retcon it.))

The Duke spread his hands. "Alas, this is but an exquisite drone. We do like to preserve ourselves if something goes wrong - not that it would here, of course - but it's standard procedure to greet any new acquaintance with a drone until we're sure of their amicability. I am very impressed you managed to notice, sir - most can't tell the difference between a flesh-and-blood Siridar and an ordinary drone, let alone an exquisite."

2/28/2009 #26
awilla the hun

((They remember parts of it, and they have been altered by the passage of time. Vague myths of an ancient, but sadly lost, empire. That sort of thing.))

"I merely speculate, sir, about the difference between mythical machine and real, mythical ancestor in the flesh!" Lord Aurelius Concor stepped forward, and to the surprise of all, embraced the Duke.

"We thought-" he began. "That is to say, we believed that-"

"Their race has became rich, as you can see," Greyscale Til-Folarth said dryly in pidgin ancient Concor. Halm was muttering into a communicator, summoning drones to his assistance.

2/28/2009 #27

Dawn closed his drone's arms about the Concor-thar. "Not alone," he murmured. "Never alone. The Imperium has endured, grown and prospered. Ancient Homeworld, Faerin herself, still whirls around Richolis, despite all the galaxy has thrown at her." He paused and released the Lord from his embrace. "I cannot in all faith negotiate from a drone, not now. Please, do me the courtesy of a short wait."

Scant minutes later, the flesh-and-blood Duke and his diplomatic staff hurried down the gangplank and sent their drones back to their ship. "You have no idea, sir, how-" his voice broke as he beheld the proud Siridar before him, quite as overwhelmed as he. "-how wondrous an encounter this is! Your people must have come from one of the most ancient ships. Lost in space, separated for six thousand years...Lord Concor, His Majesty himself will wish to celebrate our reunion! This is a great day for the Imperium, sir! I can see that I have much to discuss with you, Lord Concor, but I must not be discourteous," he said reluctantly, wanting to still talk with Aurelius. "I cannot neglect your companions. I note that at least one has passing command of our language."

2/28/2009 #28
awilla the hun

The drones Halm had requested returned. They were machines designed for translation and began to relay the Duke's speech.

"And this is a fine day for the people of Concor-Thar, sir!" Lord Concor had regained some of his self control now. "May I offer you a seat at the Castilleaux Aurelius for a banquet? It is not the wealthiest of homes, sir," he lied smoothly, "but it is all that I have to offer."

The Pryketh Representative, Freyj Smalt, cleared his throat pointedly, in between (according to his people) glaring at them. (The glare was, happily, incomprehensible to everyone else present.) "Ah. May I present, sir, the Council of Representatives? Trethick Halm, for the human race." Halm smiled aimiably, and his hologram offered its hand. He was quite the extrovert when viewing, especially as people's holograms touched each other there (at the last moment, he withdrew the hand, and tried to explain, but Lord Concor was already introducing the next Representative, irritably brushing aside such concerns.)

"Representative Smalt, for the Pryketh Race." Smalt just nodded stiffly. All of the Pryketh deeply dissaproved of the decidedly aristocratic forms of democracy practiced by some of the member races. "Representative Greyscale Til-Folarth, of the Sholat."

"Greetings, honoured one," the Greyscale said in his best old Siridar.

"Representative Brythwyt, of the Trelarn."

The tree like being simply inclined her body slightly in the Duke's direction.

"And Representative Aleem, of the... Aleem. I apologise, sir, but he has never provided us with his name."

If, indeed, the bundle of robes was a "he".

2/28/2009 #29

"I would be most honoured, Lord Concor," beamed Dawn. "I shall have to have you to a small dinner aboard the Rubicon Noir. I'm sure it won't compare to your palace, but it should suffice - until perhaps a twist of fate can allow your visit to Faerin."

In turn, Dawn offered polite greetings to the assembled representatives, complimenting the Greyscale on his mastery of old Siridanese and accepting the Aleem anomaly without so much as a flicker. "Am I to conclude you are the ruling body of your nation?" he enquired delicately. "You have quite a diverse populace, it seems. I look forward to a mutually-beneficial treaty of some sort in the near future - I'm sure you have many wonders to reveal to the galaxy at large."

2/28/2009 #30
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