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Sarah Crowning

I have noticed that the forum is full of heavily centralized empires and such, which strikes me as something simplistic. To remedy this, I bring up this totally anarchist nation in a sink-hole region that nobody would want. It's like Afghanistan in space, so let's see how long it takes until someone tries to invade.

Name: The Crimson Nebula Confederacy

Participation in the Senate: No. They don't have any central authority that could represent them.

Capital city: There is no central government or capital, although the city-state of Cybele on Taktis could be considered one of several de-facto capitals, due to its relative wealth and power.

Type of government: Confederate Anarchy

Basic info about the government: Rather than a single, centralized government, there are a large number of city-states, clans, syndicates, and organizations within the nebula, all competing and cooperating for power. They all share a common culture, with a common code of honor and a universal suspicion of outsiders, that holds them together.

Brief history: The Crimson Nebula was never a very hospitable place, and no sapient species ever evolved there. The first inhabitants were people for whom the danger and difficulty of living inside the nebula was worth the unbridled freedom; they were refugees, outlaws, malcontents. Generations have grown up in the nebula since then, but the rough-and-ready lifestyle is still evident; people who can't stomach it usually leave on the first ship they can find, and freedom lovers from nearby nations still gravitate towards the nebula. The inhabitants have formed their own culture through the generations, as evident to anyone who has visited.

Number of planets: 4 Terrestrial planets, but the inhabitants of those planets is only a fraction of the nebula's total population. Space stations, colonies, wandering fleets and settlements hold the majority of the population. Even with such a large number of people living in extraterrestrial habitats, there are still areas of the nebula that are nearly empty, or hold abandoned settlements that were evacuated with some event made them unlivable.

Estimate of population: More than 120 million

Economic info: Anarchic, unorganized, with a heavy emphasis on entrepreneurship and invention. The inhabitants of the nebula have an amazing ability to build spaceships out of scrap metal, loot, and random parts.

-Type: Capitalistic Anarchy.

-Strengths: Absolutely no regulation, the economic environment is extremely inviting to entrepreneurs, inventors, anyone with an idea. If the purchaser has the resources to buy or barter, there's nothing he can't get. Different groups have different levels of regulation, so there are layers of control and freedom.

-weaknesses: Quality control is so far away that one would have to use the Hubble telescope just to find it. There's no such thing as copyright protection, no regulations, schedules are few and far between. High intensity industry is unsustainable due to the near anarchy, and much relies on people rather than organization. There is little or no standardization between groups and industries.

-Unique products:

Concussion Shells- Shells which, instead of simply exploding, create a powerful shockwave when they detonate on an enemy vessel. The shockwave can often damage a ship's internal structure, break delicate components, and destroy vital systems without having to punch through armor. They are especially dangerous when used on vital targets such as a ship's engine (the most common tactic; a good concussion shot on the engine will bust pipes and put the entire ship in danger of explosion).

Communication Jammers- Vital for raiders of any kind. These jammers vary widely in capabilities and design, but most of them work by warping and absorbing enemy signals so that they cannot escape. Smart raiders will copy the frequency and messages sent from the ship, then jam the ship and send a fake cover signal.

Ship Stealth- Stealth systems are spread far and wide in the nebula. They work through a combination of heat and signal sinks to absorb active sensors, and distortion tricks to fool enemies. While they cannot make a ship entirely invisible to enemy detection, such stealth systems can render a vessel nearly indistinguishable from background radiation.

Universal Hacking- Considering that just about every city-state and organization has its own OS, the evolution of universal hacking was hardly unexpected. Such hacking techniques cannot do such finite things as usual techniques, such as close a door or shut down a specific system, but can do more basic things like overclock a computer, directly access a system's binary coding, or copy data off of a drive (although not decode it).

Basic info of major technologies: Amazingly varied depending on what's available at the moment. Ships and machinery are often built from scraps, loot, and maybe a few pieces that the engineer actually bought or stole. A ship might use a particle accelerator for a weapon, but the navigator may rely on an astrolabe and a calculator. One might travel from one of the nebula to the other and never she a ship that was entirely pre-assembled.

-Interstellar technology: Several types of jump drive are used within the Nebula, including wormhole, hyperspace, and subspace drives. Other, more exotic systems are also in use, albeit rarely. hyperspace drives are the most common, as they are subject to the least interference from the Nebula.

-Interstellar communication: Communications, too, are varied depending on the faction and required function. Hyperwave communication is the most commonplace, but quantum entanglement is universally preferred for more private or secure dialogue.

Military info: The confederacy has no centralized government, and thus no true military. However, while this is true, many organizations and city states have police, city guards, paramilitary groups, or even actual armies in some rare cases. Furthermore, due to the culture of the nebula, just about every person within the confederacy is armed and capable of combat, and its members have an almost universal suspicion of outsiders. Perhaps the best defense, though, is the gangs of pirates and raiders constantly preying looking for vulnerable targets.

Disorganization has other effects. Weapons come in many, many different varieties in the confederacy. On one end are simple gunpowder and chemical weapons, still quite common for their reliability and low cost; on the other, particle cannons, impulse lasers, plasma warheads, whatever fancy equipment can be looted or rigged up by skilled technicians. Technology does have a bit of a concentration on the lower end of the spectrum though, simply due to the costs equated with high technology.

-Strengths: With no definitive army that can be crushed, truly occupying or defeating the confederacy is nearly impossible. The inhabitants of the Nebula fight often and on average have much more combat experience than most military personnel. Confederate forces are easily capable of adapting and jury-rigging available materials, whereas enemies often rely on regular maintenance and supplies, making them vulnerable to raids.

-Weaknesses: No centralized chain of command to organize military operations, and any sort of inter-organization alliance relies solely on cooperation. Without organized, high-end, industrial capabilities building ships larger than a cruiser is impossible, as is mass producing expensive weapons or vehicles. Most ships are designed for raiding rather than straight-up fighting, and few soldiers are trained for head-on engagements.

-Number of space going vessels and their type: Hard to tell, due to the nebula's anarchaic status. Estimates would run around 22,000 or slightly above, with around 18,000 fighters; possibly more or less depending on what one defines as military as opposed to civilian, since even the most heavily armed ships aren't part of a military, and even simple freighters are armed. Note that most of those ships are around the size of a destroyer, and very few are the size of a heavy cruiser or capital ship.

-Number of enlisted military personnel (ground troops): Extremely difficult to estimate. One would be hard pressed to find an inhabitant who couldn't hold his own in a firefight, yet standing armies account for only a couple tens of thousands of soldiers.

Basic info about your people: The Crimson Nebula is a treacherous place; the entire area is thick with plasma and diffused matter of a density unimaginable in open space. Planetoids; roving asteroids; massive, fast-burning stars; gas giants and infant stars load the nebula with planetary activity. The plasma and matter in the nebula itself flows in gigantic "winds" and "currents" that can create massive electrical storms and destructive radiation. The activity in the nebula makes travel treacherous, and its density makes sensors unreliable at best. Navigation is difficult, and it takes a local with a good knowledge of the area and a keen gut to be truly safe. For ages, many areas of the nebula have been safe from invasion simply because enemies entered the nebula and got lost and disoriented, unable to navigate the clouds of gas and plasma, or worse, fell victim to a savage wind.

The people who live in such a treacherous region have adapted, forming their own culture and ideals. There is no single dominant species or organization, everything from Humans to Siridar to Detech can be found (although some are more rare than others). Organizations vary too; many of the larger settlements are city-states, such as Cybele, and rule over the nearby area. Sometimes settlements govern themselves, or band together into a region. Pirate syndicates and regional clans form less static organizations, focused more on the people within them than a certain region, and of course there are plenty of loners and mercenaries who travel wherever the going is good.

There are a few key culture points about the confederates worth noting. First and forement, they are adamantly independent, and highly suspicious of any outsiders trying to tame the Nebula region (although they don't seem to mind insiders trying so much). There's also a rather odd code of honor; killing in cold blood is fine, as is breaking whatever the local laws are, but never, never shoot, stab, or kill someone while their back is turned. Being polite is also important; enemies should at least be able to share a game of cards and a drink without trying to kill each other. Honesty is another key point; people are expected to keep their word, although twisting it is usually allowed. Note that these ideals aren't always lived up to, but they are certainly taken seriously.

((Note that I won't actually play a Siridar or another person's race from the confederacy unless given permission, I just want to emphasize the fact that there are malcontents from just about every nation here.))

1/16/2009 . Edited 1/17/2009 #1

((Hmmm...malcontents. I won't post it now, but expect a large shipment of former Survaekom rebels, mostly Belluri and Treikkeian. And then expect the SEM to come after them.))

1/16/2009 #2
awilla the hun

((An entire Rakarskian City-Vessel- the RTS Galactic Justice, of two hundred thousand people- defected from the People's Republic, in a dispute over ration distribution. The starving populace ended up killing every Inquisitor and Commissar they could find, before steering the ship away from the main fleet, and into the unknown. Such occurrances were more common than the Government would like to admit.

They are now in the Crimson Nebula Confederacy, under the banner of the Republic of True Liberty, and very much better fed than in Rakarskian rule; partly because even a Rakarskian Trading Vessel was a fairly heavily gunned warship, entirely capable of holding off pirate raids. The Rakarskian Conscription system has meant (now that the armoury has been unlocked) a near universal availability of military grade firearms, and even battle tanks of the Whittaker Mark II design. As a result, they are entirely capable of defending themselves, and their new homeland-a City State on one of the Nebula's worlds.

Why do I note this down? Well, for the sake of coolness really. And who knows which gems of plot ideas might I use later on...))

((Of course, Mirevantian bandits, mercenaries and explorers are pretty common round here. This could be the Mirevant League-or, at least, Regario- if they get any more beaten up.))

1/17/2009 . Edited 1/17/2009 #3
Sarah Crowning

((Sounds like we'll be having people from everywhere coming in to get away from all these despotic governments. I think it says something about this galaxy that so many people are willing to risk anarchy and a hostile environment just to get away from their own governments. I look forward to watching admirals rip their hair out in frustration as they try to invade.))

((Oh, added a little to the info page there; the population has been modified to over 120 million; a rough estimate I'm still not sure about, and I filled in the intersteller technology/communications spots. I think the Confederacy is the only group that uses more than one technology.))

1/17/2009 #4
awilla the hun

((It would be interesting to see the founding of the Republic of True Liberty. Maybe I'll write about it some time. This entire system sounds like an RP on its own, let alone all the galactic powers around it...))

1/17/2009 #5
Sarah Crowning

((Feel free to. I have had the exact same thought about it being its own RP, that's why I added the common culture. As long as they at least share a common set of ideals they'll act as some sort of cohesive unit, even if they are anarchists. It lets me play a disorganized nation without having a load of difficulty trying to keep track of all the factions and squabbles.))

1/17/2009 #6

Good, good. Approved - I'm assuming a hotchpotch of everything going here for things like communications (although radio would probably not be a good idea...) Oh, and feel free to play a Siridar if you like.

1/24/2009 #7

A somewhat large (5 km long) but rag-tag-looking vessel opened a wormhole into the Crimson Nebula. The starship carried fifty broadside guns of various types on each side with fifteen guns on frunt and on back. As the wormhole close, the orange glow of the ship's five great engines marke its path through the void.

Hello...hello?! This is the Belluri-Treikkeian Freedom Alliance!!! We are being hunted down by the Survaek Empire Military, and have heard that this space is a refuge for fugitives like ourselves! This vessel contains the last of our members, the last survivors! Please, anyone, show us to a place to stay, or offer us some sort of protection! We have gold, food, and weapons to trade for services!

1/27/2009 #8
Sarah Crowning

A reply came through, although extremely warped with static and interference from the thick clouds of plasma that bloomed and flowed around the system.

"Hello ther! This is Purgatory city, we hear you. Head towards galactic south until you reach a gap in the plasma clouds and follow the coordinates I am sending precisely. There's a rather nasty wind to the galactic west I suggest you avoid. I'll leave the channel open and keep you updated." The coordinates sent were surprisingly complicated, but allowed the refugees to avoid the dangers of the system, including asteroids, the massive gravity well of a nearby superstar, and most importantly, the thick plasma clouds that flowed around.

When the refugee ship finally cleared the last coordinate point the occupants found themselves on the edge of a massive asteroid ring, circing a very large gas giant. The entire system was around a supersun, which could have been dangerous if the refugees had blindly tried to fly into the system. There were streams of ships departing or entering the ring, and Purgatory city could be seen among the asteroids: A large space station moving among the rocks. Several of the asteroids had smaller settlements on them, and there was a ring of defensive stations around the edge of the field which scanned the incoming ship as it approached.

1/28/2009 #9

Once the vessel was at the proper coordinates, the voice on the radio responded,

"We thank you dearly for your help. Now, could you most kindly provide us with docking instructions? And more importantly, what payment would you like in return for your benevolence?"

1/28/2009 #10
Sarah Crowning

"I'm transmitting the key for docking beacon twelve, you'll see flashing approach lights when you get within sight. The Mayor would like to speak with whoever's running your operation as soon as you land." The response came.

1/29/2009 #11

The great rebel ship carefully landed inside the hangar as instructed. After its engines were shut off and ramparts let down, a delegation of fifteen people, 8 Bellurians and 7 Treikkeians, all dressed in white robes, came out to meet the Mayor. The fifteen Grand Counselors were accompanied by the captain of their vessel -the Liberty-, a Byrnian clad in what seemed to be a combination of individual parts, each from a different armor suit, inculding carbon fibers, kevlar, ceramics, steel, and duraplastics. Only his head was uncovered, revealing a face ravaged by scars, bumps, and swellings. He was the first to bow to and approach the Mayor.

"Captain Huj Biedou, at your service," he greeted in a harsh, raspy whisper which lacked any sign of voice (this was not his own fault, for he had received injuries to the throat and lungs at various times). "Here's the Grand Council of the magnificent United Belluri-Treikkeian Freedom Alliance," the captain then announced, before setpping asie for the robed figures.

A Treikkeian wearing a crested golden cap, the spokesman of the group, was the first to speak. A Bellurian woman wearing a tall velvet hat stood beside him. "Greetings to you, oh benefactor. I am Spokesman-Counselor Truign, and she beside me is Head-Counselor Cereria of our United Alliance. Plea, inform us as to your wishes concerning our arrival here."

1/29/2009 #12
Sarah Crowning

Considering that the mayor was a rather short human in a pair of khaki pants and a navy blue jacket with a matching fedora, he received the saintly clad ruling council quite well. "I am simply here to welcome you to purgatory," He said, "and hopefully to hear any news you may have as to what's going on outside. You're all welcome to stay here as long as you like, the city is open to everyone; although you might want to tell your people to be careful not to get lost at first."

1/30/2009 #13

Counselor Cereria was speaking in Bellurian to the Head Spokesman, the only person aside from Captain Biedou with a translator, who would relay the speech to the Mayor Counselor Truign began,

"The Survaek Empire has long oppressed the Bellurian and Treikkeian peoples, robbing them of ther rightful wealth and freedom. For years we have tried to fight the evil Empire, first by direct force, then by sabotage, but neither to any long-term avail. Facing the increasing extermination of our members, we have decided to escape with those we have with us and to set up a nation of our own. If we can grown in power, perhaps we will one day be able to stand to the feared Survaek Empire Military and save our people. We humbly ask you to provide a temporary abode for us, and then, if you can, to guide us to an area we may settle in. If this can be done, you may consider Purgatory City to be the first ally of the Freedom Alliance.

Now, in order to prevent getting 'lost,' as you stated, could you provide us with a map of your city?"


The SEM cruiser Ultrii 18 along with ten destroyers entered the Crimson Nebula, following the path of the escaped rebels. Immediately upon, entrance, one destroyer was entirely engulfed in a plasma cloud and vaporized.

"We lost destroyer seven!!! Repeat, destroyer seven has been lost!!!" went the message to Command. Then, the cruiser messaged the rest of the fleet, "Run a diagnostic of the entire max area of your scanners. Build a digital map, ASAP!" The task took a few minutes to complete. After the map had been contructed, the hunt continued. A message was broadcast to the nearest signs of technology,

"This is the Survaek Empire Military cruiser SEM Ultrii 18. We are pursuing an escaped rebel vessel. If there is any information as to the location a recently entered three-kilometer long, one-hundred-thirty-gun vessel, please give it now. Rewards are available for those who comply."

1/30/2009 . Edited 1/30/2009 #14
Sarah Crowning

The mayor had heard many such stories, although usually from much smaller groups of people; the repitition had jaded him slightly, but even though he gave only a token expression of sobriety and the touch of his hat, his sympathy was real.

"Purgatory City is open to all peoples. Stay as long as you like. Here." He picked up a handful of brochures and passed them along to the council. Boxes were on the way from the printing room as they spoke. Considering that many city-states in the Nebula had their own operating systems, brochures were far simpler and easier than trying to supply each computer sytem with its own map.


The plasma proved to be disruptive to most scan techniques, giving off static and making the scan results tentative. This forced the Survaekom ships to physically explore the area to find gaps where their sensors could see past, or risk flying half blind.

A weak radio message came bck to the Surveak though. A female voice coming through the Nebula's constant static: "What kind of reward are we talking about here?" It asked.

1/30/2009 #15

The entire Grand Counsel bowed to the Mayor, communicating all without need of words. The bulk of the actual Freedom Alliance, a mix of mostly civilians in tattered clothes, as well as brigands, defected soldiers, and a few wealthy-looking merchants. Every one of the ten thousand ((yes, ten thousand, quite cramped inside the ship)) Freedom Alliance members carried some sort of firearm, except for the unarmed Grand Council.

Captain Huj Biedou waved his arm to the citizenry and started handing out pamphlets to assigned leaders among the population, distinguishable by stars attached to their hats or helmets -such stars could be anything from golden studs to rough cloth-. He along with these guided the citizens through the city to the nearest open habitations.


"Reward consists of one tonne of pure silver in bars, or any reward equivalent to such in value."

1/30/2009 #16
Sarah Crowning

The refugees spread their way through the city. Thanks to the fact that they were armed, stayed together, and avoided the more shady parts of Purgatory there were no incidents of crime; although there were those people who simply had to mock or belittle the newcomers. Far more were rather welcoming in their own gruff way. The inhabitants of Purgatory were sympathetic to those who wanted freedom, whatever their strange mannerisms.

Many of the city's hotels and appartments were filled up that day. Their owners still charged the refugees for the privilege, but in the Crimson Nebula expense meant something different. Several rooms were rented in exchange for computer chips, guns, ammunition, loaves of bread, stories, or simply the promise of favors at a later date.


". . . tempting, how do I know you'll actually pay up?" The voice said.

2/1/2009 #17

Most of the refugees got in somehow. Out of general paranoia (normal for rebels on the run), most would not give arms or munitions, but food and (stolen) money were plentiful to be given out, as were stories of intense battles, daring escapes, and brave heroes, very real to the tellers.


"Simple. We will give you the silver now, but it is traceable. If you lie, we will come and take back the silver by force, annihilating any resistance in the process. If you tell the truth, we will send you the codes to deactivate the tracers inside the bars and you can run free with your silver. Agreed?"

2/1/2009 #18
Sarah Crowning


"Sounds good, dump it out the airlock and I'..." The warbled transmission was suddenly cut off by a burst of static, followed by an ominous absence of cohesion.


((Purgatory City))

The events outside had been well within Purgatory city's surveilance range, and the closeness of a Survaek fleet was cause for a small bit of alarm. The City Guard was partially mobilized, and the Mayor made a call to the city's new guests to explain that they had been followed.

Meanwhile, the news that the Survaek were entering the Nebula was spreading like fire throughout the city. This was a cause for many of the pilots within to start plotting brilliant plans to get a hold of a Survaek destroyer (worth untold riches), contact their associated groups (every pirate syndicate had at least one contact in Purgatory), and sometimes to simply jump up and head to their ships to show those darn foreigners what the locals thought of them.

2/3/2009 #19

"D***it, the connection's been broken," muttered the cruiser's communications officer. The admiral nearby grew wary, especially as scanners picked up incoming vessels.

"I doubt that this is a party on the way for silver, at least not to acquire it peacefully. Worthless pirates...The connection was broken without warning and several vessels are incoming. Standard protol dictates our next decision. Captain, open fire. Communications, contact all vessels and order them to do the same. Then request some reinforcements, at least enough to double our force."

The cruiser and ten detsroyers let out a barrage first with their heavy guns, sending laser and plasma beams cutting across space, and thousands of coilgun shells speeding in a metal wave towards the oncoming vessels. All fighters among the enemy group would receive punishment from anti-fighter coil-miniguns and rapid lasers. The cruiser witheld its fighter and dropship complements, as they would do little more than get in the way in what was, at the moment, such a small-scale skirmish.

2/3/2009 #20
Sarah Crowning

The incoming Reapers (they were all Reapers) split away and skirted the edge of the plasma clouds. One was destroyed and another crippled by the Survaek fire, but the other dozen or so made it away unscathed, mostly because they were going so fast and were so incredibly small. The vessels took quick shots from railguns, particle beams and other weapons before disappearing around a cloud, where they would come about for another strafe.

2/4/2009 #21

One destroyer was hit multiple times at once. The vessel collapsed into itself under the heavy fire before exploding. The other eight destroyers and the cruiser suffered little damage with the protection of their heavy armor and shields. Plasma barriers caused explosives to detonate before hitting the actual plating of the SEM vessels, and EM shielding reduced the effectiveness of kinetic weapons and lasers alike.

Targeting computers calculated predicted enemy positions as they dove behind plasma clouds and also targeted the required amount of space ahead the speeding ships to fire in order for coilgun shots to hit their marks. With constant computerized targeting correction, the vessels kept up their perpetual volleys onto the circling Reapers.

2/4/2009 #22
Sarah Crowning

Two Reapers were destroyed, and the rest quickly broke off their strafe, and pulled back to fire at safer distances. They were still firing at the Survaek ships, but the distance affected their own accuracy negatively as well. The combat had turned more into a constantly nuisance than a serious threat.

2/7/2009 #23

The admiral smiled. This was perfect: the SEM exceled in long-range combat. While the enemy loosed off a few, very powerful shots, the SEM flotilla fired off thousands of projectiles with good accuracy (but not great). Lasers were especially effective, as distance did little to effect the time of travel for them to reach their targets, which remained consistently near-instant.

The remaining eight destroyers and one cruiser continued their barrage, now suffering no significant damage. Reinforcements were due to arrive in three minutes.

2/7/2009 #24
Sarah Crowning

Most of Survaek's shots were evaded by the small, extremely fast ships (if one could call them ships). They were simply too small and the distance too great; even great volleys of projectile weapons were spread wide enough for the ships to slip through the gaps at the long ranges. Nothing more than a few unlucky scars was gained.

This event was preceeded by another, much more organized attack though. Sixteen Reapers rocketed out from behind the nearest cloud. These ships all bore the same logo under one wing, and instead of strafing at a safe distance they rushed straight towards the Survaek so fast there was very little time to respond, focusing a barrage of EMP shells on the cruiser. Even if the shells didn't penetrate the shield, the EMP waves would still be a threat.


Back at Purgatory city, the Mayor, Captain of the Guard and anyone else who was interested listened to the battle, if it could be called that, on the radio. They had had this experience before. The Survaek were too occupied to be searching for their city, a job which would be risky even when not under fire. Purgatory would sit safe while the Survaek dealt with an ever growing hoard of pirates.

2/8/2009 #25

((Wouldn't at least the lasers hit something?))

As was standard procedure in SEM flet formations, the two destroyers on the flank undeer attack absorbed the vast majority of enemy fire. Both vessels immediately lost all systems for a few seconds before the backup systems (life-support, navigation, and targeting) activated and kicked-in, after which more EMP shells cuased even the backup to fail. All inside the vessels quickly sought spacesuits to face the imminent lack of oxygen to come. The cruiser remained comfortably intact and operational.

The rest of the fleet, six destroyers and the one cruiser, attempted to fall back while they concentrated all fire on the incoming vessels. The cruiser released its one-hundred fighters to deal with the other enemy fleet while energy was put to defending against the newcomers. The squadron hurtled towards the Reapers, ill-fit with their enormous heavy weapons to take on even smaller and more agile craft. Once at close range (about one kilometer), the fighters let all hell loose as they released hundreds of EMP bomblets while strafing their heavy machineguns and shooting out their most destructive weapons, plasma beams, with deadly accuracy at enemy engines and heavy guns.

2/8/2009 #26
Sarah Crowning

((Now that I think about it... yes. And how exactly do the destroyers take the hits? That's quite a feat of maneuvering considering the scales we're talking about.))

The attacking pirates roared past the cruiser and destroyers and kept going, the rush turning into a retreat. Seven of the sixteen rushing ships were destroyed in the attack, and several more were seriously damaged to the point that they would not be making any kind of attack in the near future.

The ten (two had been destroyed in the barrage) unaffiliated ships that had been skirmishing say an opportunity in the Survaek's maneuvering. They rushed inward and unleashed their only weaponry as the Survaek concentrated their fire inward, then fled back out as soon as retaliation began.

2/9/2009 #27

((Not really large-scale, just sixteen Reapers. Two 450 by 450 meter ships could take that.

Unfortunately, there is something you are forgetting....Muhahahahaha!!!))

The ten "unaffiliated" Reapers were certainly unable to make an advance, for they were being hit by a full one-hundred fighters, weapons a blazing: EMP bomblets by the hundreds, .60-caliber machinegun armor-piercing explosive rounds to the tens of thousands, and deathly plasma beams lighting up the scene as they cut into engines and the delicate workings of exposed heavy weapons and exploding hundreds of times their size upon contact.

The main fleet, meanwhile, held off the "affiliated" group with its barrage of heavier guns as it halted its fallback and began to chase after the fleeing enemies. Just then, a new wormhole opened with the reinforements: another cruiser and ten destroyers, with an unexpected gift - a battleship. These added their own volleys as they joined with their counterparts. The barrage then ended abruptly as 500 fighters, 100 from the new cruiser and 400 from the battleship, raced out of their hangars and out to pursue the retreating pirates. Once these had been dealt with, they would turn back and finish off any Reapers not destroyed by the 100 fighters from the other cruiser.

The battle was quickly becoming a massacre.

2/9/2009 #28
Sarah Crowning

((I was referring to the fact that space is freaking huge, and that intercepting projectiles is like trying to throw yourself infront of bullets before they hit someone. And weren't these fighting attacking the 'affiliated' Reapers? They can't be in both places at once.))

The Reapers were not to be caught so easily. Rather than fight the approaching fighters, they burst through the line before pulling upward, forcing the entire collection of fighters to turn around before they could pursue the now-distant ships that were taking refuge in the miasma of floating plasma.

The affiliated Reapers were quickly outpacing the Survaekom warships, and the destroyers were slowly falling behind. Only the fighters were slowly gaining, but they were having their own difficulties. The fleeing pirates were leaving a collection of gifts in their wake: Mines of every description. The Reapers were leading their pursuers deeper into the dangerous clouds of the Nebula, and only they knew what was in there.

2/10/2009 #29

((No: I said they were attacking the non-affiliated Reapers. Perhaps I didn't make that clear. What term did I use?))

As the unaffiliated Reapers attempted to "burst through" the SEM fighter ranks, the squadron opened fire with everything it had. As the enemy turned, the fighters were quick to turn and follow, not caught quite so off-guard by familiar pirate maneuvers, although they fell a little behind. The squadron pushed towards these vessels at full speed, again trying to come into close range.

The affiliated Reapers gave the five new fighter squadrons quite a few problems. The large numbers involved caused every good maneuver and dodge, usually executed by the front line, to be matched by mine detonations on the back lines, who had no time to avoid the projectiles as they suddenly came in from beside maneuvering fighters ahead. However, the large numbers also gave an advantage. Even in stagger formation, an entire squadron's worth of fighters were destroyed, but there were another four squadrons' worth still intact by the time their weapons came in firing range for the Reapers. About four-hundred SEM fighters unleashed their weapons onto the fleeing Reapers at once.

The starships halted their attempt at chase: they would leave this work to the fighters.

2/10/2009 #30
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